NFT Megaways 2024 – slot game with retro look and crypto theme

Details about NFT Megaways


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 6
Rows: 7
Paylines: 200.704
Min. bet: 0,10 $
Max. Bet: 40,00 $
Payout Ratio: 95,66 %
Max. Win: 419.984,00 $
Free Spins: ✔ 
Megaways: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 

NFT Megaways is a unique retro bonus slot machine. retro bonus slot machine from the house of Red Tiger Gaming, which since its official official launch in September 2021 has been turning the entire gaming industry upside down. For the first time provider has introduced the so-called Non fungible Tokens, or NFThas addressed the issue. These are a special form of decentralized cryptos, namely real collectibles with incredible value.

As usual, the value of the profits to be made at NFT Megaways depends on the stake depends on the stake. Interestingly, not all online casinos offer players the same betting range. Depending on the provider this can range from 10 or 20 cents up to 10 or even 40 euros. range. Always available, however, are the maximum of 200,704 possible combinationswhich is significantly more than usual for Megaways slots.

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Fun Fact: One of the most valuable NFTsa Twitter Tweet, was sold a few years ago for a whopping 3 million US dollars under the hammer.

Quite so much money is at stake with NFT Megaways is not quite that much money, but up to 419,984 euros per round. can be achieved.

The best NFT Megaways casinos 2024

Both the Megaways slots licensor Big Time Gaming as well as Red Tiger Gamingthe makers of the NFT Megaways machine, enjoy a very good reputation in the digital gaming industry. very good reputation. This is crucial for online casinos that place a lot of emphasis on seriousness and fairness put. Especially the unusual crypto theme should inspire players.

How NFT Megaways works

While most of the Big Time Gaming licensed Megaways slots reach their limit at 117,649 ways to win, with NFT Megaways you have the chance, more than 200,000 combinations to form. This results from the optimized gameplay. Although Red Tiger Gaming also relies on six reels and up to seven symbolsthe additional reel above differs from typical slots with Megaways mechanics.

NFT Megaways - Symbol Mona Lisa
The reels themselves offer prominent motifslike the Shiba Inuthe central figure of the Shiba Coin the Twitter bird and even Mona Lisa is included. In constellation with the main reel set, the number of winning ways varies up to the said limit. Due to the fact that the additional five symbols instead of the usual four the variety of combinations is significantly greater.

The bet can be set be set as desired. All you have to do is click the corresponding button and choose one of the betting options shown. Afterwards, the reels will spin at the push of a button or via autoplay mode.

NFT Megaways demo version: try the slot for free.

Getting involved with non fungible tokens, collectibles of the crypto world, can be very entertaining. To get a personal impression of the matter, you can use the NFT Megaways Simulation which is provided free of charge by Red Tiger Gaming.

In some online casinosthat cooperate with the studio, you can play NFT Megaways for free without having to make any commitments. A comparison of several providers is useful if you also want to avoid the requirement of a registration registration, as some companies do not require this for reasons of security and prevention of gambling addiction even for the use of the demo version.

NFT Megaways bonus features and specials

When playing NFT Megaways you immediately feel the retro punkand Red Tiger Gaming has made this punk especially in the selection of its bonus symbols bonus symbols. While Mona Lisa, Tweet and Bitcoins as standard symbols the following motifs make for particularly appealing moments, as well as for interesting winning prospects.

  1. Joker
  2. Free spins
  3. Avalanche Feature


All four Retro Punkswhich are part of the symbolism, function in NFT Megaways as universal wild cards with increasing multipliers.. Their central task is to, to complete combinations of all kinds. Joker cannot appear on the main reels of the slot machine, however, but show up only on the additional reel. From there, they are connected with any standard symbols.

The four wild symbols:

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What's special about the Krypto Punks bar: Each punk has its own color and brings with it a fixed number of winning ways. The greatest possible variety of combinationsnamely 8,143 ways, results from the Retro Punk with blue hairfollowed by the red, purple and green punk.

Free spins

NFT Megaways Krypto Drehs Symbol
In line with the game theme Free Spins are called Crypto Spins the triggering scatters have the same inscription. Three bonus symbols must be at least be visible in any position of the slot machine to get 10 free spins or more to start. For each additional scatter symbol, 5 free spins are added on top.

Now, during the bonus round increased crypto punks with multipliers on. All factors will remain until the end of this game mode and will be reset only after the last free spin expires. The total winnings are multiplied automatically by the added factor resulting from all punks in the subsequent payout.

Avalanche Feature

A feature typical for Megaways Slots feature are the Avalanches, also called Tumble Bonus. If groups of symbols are found, the entire combination is resolved after the entire combination is resolved. Subsequent symbols come from the additional reel, so the images shown here slide into the game field, the bar itself is subsequently filled with new symbols. Any remaining symbols from the additional reel are moved to the left in the process.

These streamers play NFT Megaways on Twitch

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The Hype around the first game based on Cryptocurrencies and special non fungible tokens based Megaways game is less big among Twitch streamers. less big than expected. However, some experienced gamers on the scene have already discovered NFT for themselves and provide viewers with ample opportunity to see the winning potential of the slot under real conditions, risk-free, through live broadcasts:

Watching experienced streamers on Twitch playing NFT Megaways live can be quite beneficial. For example you can find outwhether the release of Red Tiger Gaming with real or crypto real money or crypto wagering offers similar chances of winning as the alternatively provided demo version. Even just watching the game is a lot of fun, because the developers have come up with some surprises, especially in terms of symbols.

Big Win from the guys at CasinoDaddy with NFT Megaways

NFT Megaways FAQ

  1. Does any casino offer a NFT Megaways demo version?
  2. How is NFT Megaways different from other Red Tiger slots?
  3. How can I get free spins on NFT Megaways?
  4. What is the connection between NFT Megaways and cryptos?
  5. How do I find reputable NFT Megaways casinos?

1.) Does every casino offer a NFT Megaways demo version?

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Crypto Casinos like Stake and also real money providers like Lucky Dreams offer their customers basically two gaming options: a demo version and a version where you play for a cash stake. If you are infected by retro fever, you can directly deposit funds, cryptos or real money, after successfully registering to play NFT Megaways.

The demo version of NFT Megaways is available available for free. It also offers the advantage to find out without obligation, which functions can occur, which betting options are available and last but not least, how high the probability of winning is.

2.) How is NFT Megaways different from other Red Tiger slots?

The developer has already released slot machines without the Megaways slots mechanics licensed by Big Time Gaming. An important difference here is the number of paylines, respectively winning ways. Mostly Red Tiger machines come with five reels and a fixed number of lines. lines. NFT Megaways, on the other hand, offers players up to 200,704 waysto achieve payouts.

Even even more striking is the designthat the studio has chosen for NFT Megaways. All motifs come in pixelated graphics which is deliberately used for the retro punk theme. However, the focus is not on cars or the Mona Lisa, but primarily on decentralized cryptos.

3.) How can free spins be achieved at NFT Megaways?

In order to be allowed to play 10 or more free spins, you need some patience. Solely through Scatter symbols with the inscription "Crypto Spins". in at least triplicate will grant NFT Megaways Free Spins. A bonus purchaseas it is known from slot machines of other manufacturers, does not exist.

This means that only personal luck decides on the activation of free spins, but at the same time users save themselves a lot of money, because the bonus buy feature provided by providers such as Big Time Gaming Bonus Buy Feature goes usually comes with high costs costs. Such an investment is not needed when playing NFT Megaways.

4.) What is the connection between NFT Megaways and cryptos?

Non Fungible Tokenswith which NFT Megaways deals withare valuable collectibles in the valuable collectibles. The Tweet token sold for 3 million US dollars is a good example of how much owning such NFTs can be worthwhile.

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Fun Fact: One of the most bizarre NFTs ever was digital toilet paper with flowers printed on it. The token had a value of an incredible 4,100 US dollars, and was developed in 2021 by Charmin, one of the manufacturers of toilet paper also known in this country.

Non fungible basically means nothing other than that the tokens that the tokens are not exchangeable. This applies to the toilet paper, which was bought by a collector, as well as to the first digital perfume, which found a buyer for as much as $18,000.

5.) How do I find reputable NFT Megaways casinos?

Seriousness can be determined by various factors when playing NFT Megaways. various factors factors. A good online casino, regardless of whether cryptos or real money are used, is characterized first and foremost by official gambling licenses licenses. These, solid Payment provider, high limits and certainly also the quickly accessible support indicate a secure basis.

NFT Megaways slot machine – Conclusion

NFT Megaways Logo
NFT Megaways can't score with the digital blossom blossom paper, but it can with 200,704 ways to win, payouts beyond the 10,000 times the betting amount as well as with a selection of symbols that you certainly won't find a second time in this kind.

The retro punk look chosen by Red Tiger Gaming retro punk look immediately creates a nostalgic gaming feeling although the Megaways mechanics do not remind us much of the first slot machines. Instead, the slot makes us remember the time of the earliest computer games paired with symbols of the symbols of the crypto world, which have only been around for a few years.

Uniqueness we can sign NFT Megaways right away, and also when it comes to winning potential, the Red Tiger release can keep up with other Megaways slots. All in all, it offers a attractive scenerywhich hours of fun promises.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: NFT MegawaysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%