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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: TWIN Casino will no longer accept deposits from Australia as of June 23, 2021 and will withdraw from the Australian market entirely as of June 25.

Who wants to continue to play in the online casino, can find on a list with reputable and fair providers as an alternative to the closed offers.

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The beauty of Twin Casino is that both the games and bonus promotions and conditions are almost self-explanatory here. Accordingly, it rarely happens that questions arise. Should this still be the case, then you can rely on a comprehensively trained, friendly and of course easily accessible customer service rely on.

How exactly the service is set up and which contact options are available is exactly what we will clarify in detail here.

In fact, the provider does not provide any clear information about the service hours. However, we know from our own experience that the employees are on duty almost around the clock to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. maximum customer satisfaction customer satisfaction.

If the live chat is not active at the moment, there are several alternatives. And if you like, you can even send the company a letter – but this is only an option for those who would like to voice their praise and criticism.

If you only want to get information about the company, its licenses, quality features, safety precautions and the like, you will find various links below links at the bottom of the Twin website. are open. One click is all it takes, and the operator transparently reveals everything you need to know. Clear lines are a matter of course for those responsible, because it is precisely these that customers expect. Let's take a brief look at how the support can be reached:

Email [email protected]
Live Chat Response time 30 sec
Online form under "Contact us

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Registration in the online casino is not mandatory to be assisted by the experienced team. Also guests the support will answer all questions at any time – be it on the subject of games and betting options, payment methods, technical concerns or whatever is on one's mind at the moment. The advantage is that Twin offers its prospective customers the same help as all those who have already made a decision and signed up.

We ourselves were so free to ask various questions to the employees. We experienced the customer service as super fast, friendly and above all open. Even for technical issues, they always had a suitable answer ready. In addition, the support takes a lot of time for all those who have little experience and therefore need more support than customers with a certain level of expertise.

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We already mentioned that the website alone provides a lot of input. If you take a look at the subpages, you can learn a lot already learn a lot without personal contact and, last but not least, learn how much value the operators place on responsible and fair gambling. If even the FAQs do not provide any information, then it makes sense to click on "Contact us". Here you will be shown all contact options in detail.

How to contact Twin Support?

Contact option at Twin Casino on offer?
Live Chat
Social networks
Other alternatives

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If questions arise at all, then there are the aforementioned options. The advantage is that customer service usually gets back to you directly and does everything in its power to quickly find a solution or simply answer the questions posed by the customer. They do this in a way that even non-experts can immediately understand. And in case of need, there is always the opportunity to ask further questions. As long as help is needed, the team is there to provide unrestricted support.

Twin now has quite a large fan base on social networks such as Facebook. quite a large fan base. Here, however, it's actually less about supporting players. Rather, they want to reach all users and regularly show them which offers are particularly worthwhile in the casino and what the chances are for each individual. This is certainly also a form of service that many players want quite consciously.

E-mail support

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The e-mail contact always makes sense when you have questions that do not necessarily have to be answered within a few minutes, for example, so that you can continue playing at all. Twin has decided to provide to provide customers with two options. On the one hand, there is a contact form directly on the corresponding page. A few details are enough before you can send it off. If you like, you can also use the e-mail address [email protected] to take up contact.

In both cases it is recommended to check your mailbox from time to time. Questions are usually answered in the e-mail support within 24 hoursand often even much faster. In our experience, two to three hours is the rule. So if you have a little patience, this is a good opportunity to communicate with the expert staff.

Live Chat

twin live chat
If technical problems occur or it is a matter of topics such as deposits and withdrawals, then it makes sense to directly choose the faster way and accordingly rely on the live chat. The window can be opened without any problems while games are open. The fact that you don't necessarily have to pause is just one of many advantages that the chat brings with it.

Another helpful feature is the fact that answers are usually provided within two to five minutes. after two to five minutes. are provided. And if you have any further questions, you can ask them at the same time without having to log into your e-mail inbox again.

In the practical test, we subjected the customer service in the chat to a real test of patience. Despite everything, the employees remain very calm, show understanding and prove to be absolutely friendly – no matter how nonsensical the questions may be. The operator obviously cares a lot about satisfying customers in every respect.

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Since there are even specialists for technical issues in the live chat, there are usually no questions left unanswered and you can return to your favorite games after just a few minutes, or implement the tips of the staff.

Verification and contact by mail

Like any company, of course, Twin likes to receive praise. And even if you have something to criticize, you are welcome to say so. The operators are always open to such things. Since these topics, like suggestions, have little to do with classic support, you are welcome to send them to the responsible persons by mail.

However, the postal route takes more time, so it is only suitable as a customer service solution to a limited extent. The following address belongs on the envelope.

Oring Ltd.
30 Princess Elizabeth
Ta'Xbiex, XBX1104, Malta

Our conclusion on Twin Casino customer support and service

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For the company, it is a matter of course to support players to the best of their knowledge. This applies just as much to those who have not yet set up a customer account and would like to find out about various things first. For all these people, the support has an open ear, shows itself to be empathetic, friendly and above all the employees seem to be very well trained. So the more precisely you describe your concerns here, the more effectively you can be helped.

As already mentioned, it is rare that you have any questions at all. Most of the time they answer themselves during the game, during the payment or when looking at the bonus conditions, because there are appropriate links to all topics on the Twin Casino site. links with numerous assistance. And if things do get stuck, the good-humored employees ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Documents that are needed for verification can be quickly forwarded via e-mail. Data reconciliation does not take any more time than necessary. This also clearly speaks in favor of the provider. The aim is to ensure that customers are permanently are satisfied. You will hardly find a better service anywhere else.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent Twin odds
Game offer 95% excellent Twin game offer
Live Casino 94% excellent Twin Live Casino
Deposit/payment 92% excellent Twin deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 91% excellent Twin Customer Service
Website 97% excellent Twin website
gaming app 92% excellent Twin App
New customer bonus 96% excellent Twin Bonus
Security 92% excellent Twin Security
Experience 92% excellent Twin experience
Overall rating 93% excellent Twin Test

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Twin customer serviceAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%