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Details about Deal or No Deal


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Most people will be familiar with the game show Deal or No Deal, produced by Endemol.

She has the established provider Evolution Gaming has now dedicated its own live game to it, which is based on identical principles and procedures.

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The challenge is to find the most the most valuable of a total of 16 suitcases. suitcases. Deals can be made or rejected in exciting rounds.

After round 4, the revelation takes place – and in the best case, payouts of up to 500 times the bet amount.

Not only fans of the game show from Endemol will get their money's worth playing Deal or No Deal.

The most important facts:

  • The live game show has been licensed by the creator Endemol.
  • Evolution Gaming relies on specially equipped studios in Malta.
  • Playing is possible around the clock in live casinos.
  • 2 qualities are offered – standard and HD.
  • Audio-visual effects increase the excitement.
  • The rules are similar to the original game.

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The history of the Game Show in Australia

Basis of the game show developed by Evolution Gaming is the eponymous game show Deal or No Deal, which, however, was not invented in the USA itself, but in the Netherlands. Behind the idea and its implementation is the production company Endemolwhich has already aired various formats on TV besides Deal or No Deal – including, for example, "Traumhochzeit" with Linda De Mol.

Deal or No Deal Live
The first season of the TV show, in which the candidates had to choose the suitcase containing the main prize from up to 26 suitcases, ran from 2004 to 2008 in Australia, Austria and Switzerland. Six years later, viz. 2014Endemol decided to run a second season. This, however, ran for only one year.

Said suitcases contained various amounts of moneywhich were displayed on a board. However, no one knew where the main prize was hidden. A banker made the candidates offers. If they accepted them, the amount offered was paid out and the suitcase chosen by the player was opened.

Sometimes the deal paid off, but sometimes the candidates went home with significantly less money than was in the chosen suitcase. That's exactly what made participation so incredibly exciting. In fact, with every opened and unselected suitcase that contained a low amount, the banker's offer became more appealing.

Gameplay – from qualification to the first deal.

The game is played Deal or No Deal Live in several rounds. The exact procedure is as follows:

1. the qualification round

In order to participate at all, players must qualify for the individual rounds. A wheel is displayed, which is composed of three rings. Once the bet is selected, the wheel starts moving.. The round is unlocked when all three segments in the upper field are gold. If you want to increase your chances, you can bet at the point not only on one, but on two rings – with double the amount.

2. the recharge round

After successful qualification, the next wheel is displayed. Here you can now any money suitcases can be selected which contain the maximum 50-fold stake. The preferred amount is now bet and the wheel is spun. If the load succeeds, it goes to the actual game concept of Deal or No Deal.

3. the first main round

Your own suitcase is now set. In the first round, the bank opens three of the remaining suitcases and reveals their contents. Once this has happened, the first deal is presented. Players can accept it directly and end the round, or they can choose No Deal and automatically stay with the set suitcase. 4.

4. the second deal round

Deal or No Deal
This time the bank reveals four of the remaining suitcases. Once this is done, only 9 suitcases remain and participants must once again decide whether to make a deal or continue playing. The decision can be made depending on, which multipliers has been opened so far. If it is the higher winnings, the deal may already make sense.

5. the third deal round

Once again the bank opens four of the suitcases, leaving five in the running. The offer follows as in the previous rounds, and again the decision lies solely with the participant.

6. the showdown in the fourth round

Finally, three of the remaining five suitcases are revealed. At this point the player has several options. A latter deal can be accepted, the initially chosen suitcase can be kept, or it can be exchanged for one of the remaining three suitcases. Once the choice is made, all suitcases still in play are opened and the contents of the chosen one are paid out. Now you can see whether a deal would have been more lucrative.

What's in the money suitcases

Like all of Evolution's live game shows, Deal or No Deal has of course been adapted a bit to the realities of the industry. Instead of cash amounts there are therefore multipliers in the 16 suitcases.

How high the payout is, therefore, depends first and foremost on the stakes played played. This can be re-selected for each round – after successful qualification. Let's take a look at the contents of the suitcases:

Suitcase Multiplier
1 x0,1
2 x0,2
3 x0,5
4 x0,7
5 x1
6 x2
7 x3
8 x5
9 x8
10 x10
11 x12
12 x15
13 x20
14 x25
15 x50
16 x75 – x500

The sorting of odds and suitcases is of course done at random. Otherwise, you would have to do nothing more than select case number 16. However, the provider does not make it quite that easy when playing Deal or No Deal live.

Deal or No Deal Live Strategy

In fact, there is no possibility to influence the winnings. So here, too, you have to rely solely on chance and the right gut feeling. Nevertheless, it is important to play Deal or No Deal live with maximum concentration. We would like to briefly explain why this is so:

loss icon
In the table above, all odds are listed. For four rounds, suitcases are repeatedly taken out of the game, which the bank reveals. The more high odds are out of the racelogically, the greater the probability that one's own suitcase will not contain too much profit. The best way to react to this is to make a deal. However, this is not a must.

rich icon
Conversely the bank's offer becomes more attractive with every suitcase that contains a low odds. For the casino, the probability is then high that the players "go home" with a significantly higher profit. If the removed suitcases or the profits contained in them are balanced, things get a bit more complicated. However, as mentioned at the beginning, your gut feeling can be a good advisor.

What are the betting limits when playing Deal or No Deal?

In terms of limits, Deal or No Deal Live caters to every target group. It is made especially easy for beginners, with 10 cents per round and at least get to grips with the special features of the game without taking any risks. In addition, there are of course various other options this time as well – namely the following:

  • 10 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 Euro
  • 2 Euro
  • 5 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 500 Euro
  • 900 Euro

It goes without saying that the choice of stake has an impact on potential winnings. So if you are willing to take a little risk, you also have the chance to win a few thousand euros with Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming – provided that you choose the right suitcase. The important thing is, to weigh up the risks and rewards. Even with less high bets, the highest excitement as well as entertainment in a pleasant ambience awaits you here.

How safe is Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming?

safe icon
The Dutch producer Endemol enjoys a very good reputation in Europe. The fact that he got involved in the cooperation with Evolution Gaming and gave the green light for the development of Deal or No Deal speaks for itself. This also applies to the licensing of the provider by these regulatory authorities:


Such licenses are not easily obtained by game developers. Strict conditionssuch as a very good player protection concept, solid win rates and the like must be fulfilled for the concession. In addition, the developer is also subject to long-term regular controls of all three authorities.

Other game features

Those who already know the Deal or No Deal show and are familiar with the procedures will usually have no trouble acting as a contestant in the live game themselves. However, this is not the only thing casino customers can look forward to. In addition, Evolution Gaming offers further special features – including this one:

  • Entertaining live chats with moderators and players
  • Innovative broadcasting in HD quality
  • Extensive explanations of the gameplay
  • Mobile availability on smartphones and tablets

chat icon
Especially the social component in the form of the chat is what makes live games from Evolution Gaming stand out. Here, in fact, no one is alone, but you can talk to your heart's content with other participants during the rounds – and of course direct questions or comments to the hosts in the same way.

Play Deal or No Deal live on the go

As usual, the developer relies on a mobile variant of the popular live game. Deal or No Deal Mobile can be played on all devices played without an app download – provided the right casino, of course. Today, most companies in the industry focus on the modern HTML5 technology, which allows playing on the go for Android and iOS users as well as those who prefer Windows Phone, for example.

Playing Deal or No Deal on the go thus works directly in the browser of the smartphone or tablet. Similar to the desktop, a stable Internet connection is the most important prerequisite. The faster the performance and the more up-to-date the device, the less likely interruptions or loading jams are in the end during gameplay.

If the connection is interrupted, the use is often refunded. However, it still makes sense to avoid such situations altogether in the best case.

Is it possible to test Deal or No Deal for free?

register icon
No, but at least renowned Evolution Gaming live casinos offer the possibility to play the game for free. after successful registration and familiarize yourself with the basics before making a planned deposit.

The provider relies on clear rules of the gameThe provider relies on clear game rules, which are explained in simple steps and are thus comprehensible even for those who have not yet heard of the game show Deal or No Deal.

Our conclusion about Deal or No Deal Live

The publication of the renowned provider provides excitement, thrills and is also incredibly entertaining. Even after hours, there is virtually no boredom here, as each round is extremely exciting in itself – and the pulse rises with each run.

thumb-up icon
The live game is in no way inferior to the original from Endemol. On top of that, once you get the hang of it, the gameplay is super easy to follow. From qualification to showdown, players are allowed to make their own decisions. This form of interactive entertainment is novel and obviously very well received.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Deal or No DealAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%