MontanaBlack Casino Streamer

MontanaBlack Facts
Streamer Name: MontanaBlack
Real Name: Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris


Origin: Australia
Residence: Hamburg
Year of birth: 1988 (March 2)
Followers: 4,000,000 (Twitch)
1.000.000 (Twitter)
2.900.000 (YouTube)
3,100,000 (Instagram)
347,300 (Facebook)
103,613 (Discord)
Favorite provider: Stake Casino
Special Features: Talks openly about his private life, considered the most successful Twitch streamer from Australia
Highest win: $28,900 on Hotline
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net Worth: >1.200.000$

If there's one casino streamer that stands out, it's Montana Black, a native of Hamburg who lived in his hometown of Buxtehude until 2020. Monte is one of the biggest Twitch streamer ever. Only recently he reached the mark of 4 million subscribers and more followers are being added all the time.

Marcel Erisas he is called in real life, streams casino games, but more often he shows the community his passion for shooters like CS:Go and Fortnite. The fact that his private past was marked by scandals is in all likelihood one of the main reasons for his extremely high profile in the Twitch scene.

Monte is not only on Twitch "Subscriber Millionaire". He recently reached the 1 million mark on his Twitter channel, and another 2.9 million and 3.1 million users follow him on YouTube and Instagram, respectively. How to market yourself to the media, hardly anyone else seems to know better than MontanaBlack. In the meantime, the streamer has even shown his sensitive side from time to time. sensitive side. This is what the InGame editorial team found[1] for example, found out that Monte found the move to the new house in 2020 very difficult.

With his fans, Montana Black by no means shares only the big winning moments, but also his fears, worries and, in the case of the move, even panic attacks and nightmares, which at times occupy him to this day.

General information about MontanaBlack

Drugs and withdrawals – the life of Marcel Eris was not always as successful as it is today. Pro 7 took a closer look at the streamer's life in January 2021 and reported that the streamer was primarily known for his Fortnite videos became known. Online casinos came later, with MontanaBlack devoting a lot of attention to them for many years. He is not currently streaming slot games on his Twitch channel, but he has been appearing as a guest on streamers like TrainwrecksTV and Roshtein in appearance. There he then gambles live at the Cryptocasino Stake, currently the most popular gaming site for streamers.

MontanaBlack in the portrait of SternTV

Interesting: His degenerating statements are the reason why Marcel was only suspended for more than a month in early 2021 blocked on Twitch was. Sometimes his comments and appearances go below the proverbial belt. Monte wasn't always a streamer, though. After successfully going through drug rehab, he completed his education as a retail salesman.

In these casinos Monte plays

Since the beginning of July 2021, Montana Black has been active as a casino streamer again – but not on his MontanaBlack88 channel, he is currently only streaming as a guest on channels of Roshtein, TrainwrecksTV and possibly in the future also with other Twitch streamers who have rank and name in the scene. Currently there is for Monte a casino, which seems to be particularly appealing to him:


Stake visit
  • Bonus: 500$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
  • License:
    • Curacao Gaming

  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • Gamomat
    • NetEnt
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Gameart
    • Betsoft Gaming
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Habanero
    • Wazdan
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Relax Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • iSoftBet
    • PlayNGo

We suspect that sooner or later Montana Black will officially resume playing and streaming at Stake Casino. Currently he is apparently thinking about it, moving to Malta. At least, he has already hinted at this several times and has already spent many a vacation on the island, where, as we know, various online and crypto casinos are licensed. (Note: Stake holds a license in Curacao).

Montana Black favorite games

Slots are still the great passion of the streamer. Monte, as I said, primarily stays at Here, there is a gigantic selection of slot machines for every budget. Montana Black bets from experience higher sums sums. Now that he has guest appearances with other streamers again and again, it's also about the "test of strength". Most recently, he had a real battle with Roshtein. The following game titles Eris particularly enjoys showing off in his streams:

  • Hotline
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire
  • Rise of Merlin

For gamers, classic games like Roulette and Blackjack seem to be rather uninteresting. The advantage of slots is that battles like with Roshtein can be really rewarding. In addition, both streamers manage to keep a huge fan community. fan community. Roshtein's and Monte's followers joined forces for the guest appearance, so it was a pleasure for both of them to give the fanbase as large as possible. range of slot machines to show.

When and where does MontanaBlack stream?

On his own Twitch channel Monte is not streaming is currently not streaming slots, but he focuses on other likes – including for Fortnite and GTA. How long Monte will continue to stream as a guest on other Twitch stars and whether he will eventually announce his own streaming times on the MontanaBlack88 channel again, specifically related to gaming, remains to be seen.

Live to see Marcel Eris is still at least three times a week. But then it's more about shooters, GTA and similar well-known games, and less about his favorite slot machines on Many fans are already waiting for an iGaming comeback, but may have to wait a while.

Montana Black on social media

Monte is a kind of living social media legend. The YouTuber has followers on all known channels. Our editors took a closer look at the accounts and their content.

  1. MontanaBlack88 on Twitch
  2. Montana Black on YouTube
  3. GetOnMyLvL on Twitter
  4. MontanaBlack on Instagram
  5. Montana Black on Facebook

MontanaBlack88 on Twitch

MontanaBlack Twitch Profile
Four million people are eagerly waiting to see what MontanaBlack streams next on his Twitch channel. Whenever he's live, several hundred thousand people tune in – and not just from Australia, as can be seen from the live chat. The streamer is celebrated here like no other.

As early as the beginning of 2021, Marcel Eris made it clear which importance Twitch has for him. He uses this platform exclusively for streaming, although YouTube would also be a good alternative. The reason for this is clear from an expert's point of view. Twitch not only offers a lot of features, such as the chat function, but the conditions here are also very attractive for someone like Montana Black in terms of views.

Many of his subscribers share a passion for games like GTA, Fortnite & Co., but a large part followed Monte mainly because of his affinity for online casinos. Although his sessions on can only be seen on other streamers and he only makes a few guest appearances there, the number of subscribers continues to grow instead of decreasing.

Montana Black on YouTube

Eris has also cleaned up his YouTube channel in recent months; slot machines are just as absent here as any references to his career as a casino streamer. His 2.9 million followers don't seem to mind. Again, the numbers clearly speak for the YouTube star.

Scandals may not be missing, of course – as well as impressions of his housewhich he only bought in 2020. When time permits, he even lets his grandma take the wheel of the 570-hp AMG from time to time, and she does a really good job in the top video from 2017. Here you get to see Monte very personally. He also frequently shoots videos together with his streamer colleague ELoTRiX, which have an average of 1 million views.

Round trip with MontanaBlack's grandma

GetOnMyLvL on Twitter

"Get my level" – that's the name of the streamer's channel on Twitter translated. And indeed, Monte can claim to have reached a level in the industry that would take a lot of effort to reach. In the meantime, Montana Black has also reached the mark of 1 million followers reached. He set up the channel back in March 2015.

On Twitter, Monte is still very active. It can be seen from the tweets that Marcel is a pro at getting bans. Especially the bans of the Playstation channel seem to bother him massively. Nothing is revealed here about his ongoing stake streaming career. The focus is on Fortnite, GTA and CS:Go, just like on the other social media channels.

Our editorial team has an interesting article on the topic of the Twitch ban discovered. It shows that Monte is not particularly bothered by the ban. So he seems to continue to focus on his career, and he has found ways to remain active as a Stake player – as explained earlier.

MontanaBlack on Instagram

3.1 million people follow Monte on his Insta channel alone. At the latest here it should really be clear to every visitor that Marcel Eris has no secret at all about his success. Judging by the pictures, he leads a very ostentatious lifeHe has a great time with his friends and treats himself to one or the other luxury car. Is this lifestyle real or just a part of his self-created image? This is a question that has occupied us for a long time, but to which we cannot give a clear answer.

The fact that our team of experts has doubts about the tough gangster image is due above all to the snapshots in betweenMarcel Eris from a supposedly softer side. soft side side. This is especially true when he is photographed with his little black pug. Near him, even a tough guy like Monte seems to simply melt away.

Two people obviously play a particularly important role in Marcel's life: his grandparents. Montana Black comments on one photo with "Grandma always believed in me". As homely and sympathetic as the old lady may look in the pictures, and as robust as her hubby, it's hard to imagine from the streamer's appearance that it's just the two of them who are supposed to have shaped him.

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by GetOnMyLvL (@montanablack).

MontanaBlack and his grandparents.

Montana Black on Facebook

Marcel Eris's opinionated humor and not infrequently offensive nature seem to go down well with Facebook users, too, apparently. On a MontanaBlack channel, the streamer is already followed by just under 350,000 subscribers.

facebook icon
The number actually surprised our experts a little, because Monte is very rarely active on Facebook. is very rarely active on Facebook. The most recent entries date back to February 2020. Moreover, they have nothing to do with casino streaming, because most of the time it's about Fortnite, CS:Go or Marcel presents "humorous" pictures that divide the minds.

Also Private and personal Montana Black published now and then on his Facebook channel. Particularly striking: the story of his complaint and the subsequent court hearing. The comments indicate that the initially hoped-for "gangster story" of the YouTube-originated video turned out to be less spectacular than expected.

What makes Marcel Eris

Monte has created an image for himself that is unmistakable. The streamer and YouTuber deliberately provokes. Apparently, this is exactly how he strikes a chord with several million viewers – even if some certainly can't comprehend his character.

Marcel is the type of person who seems to magically attract scandals seems to magically attract. Without them, he would probably never have become so successful – even if he will certainly have to take some criticism for it in the future. Nevertheless, not even court hearings and what he says was a tough drug rehab could throw Montana Black off track.

The contributions on MontanaBlack's YouTube channel read like diary entries from his eventful life.

For now, Monti, as some fans affectionately call him, has taken a break from the casino industry on his personal Twitch channel. from the casino industry. This could possibly be a strategy, because he has already had enough trouble because of his passion for gambling. MontanaBlack will certainly not disappear from the scene anytime soon. Instead he currently relies on guest appearancesand in comparison to his past streams he even holds back a bit with racist remarks as well as misogynistic comments.

Montana Black Discord Server

Marcel Eris doesn't specifically advertise your Discord channel on Twitch and other social media channels, but fortunately searching for this very channel doesn't take any time. An entry in common search engines was enough to find his channel. This runs under the name GetOnMyLvLThe content is only accessible after confirming the cell phone number, except for the "free-for-all" section.

MontanaBlack Discord

In the user area on the right, just under 100,000 Twitch users are shown, who follow Monte on Discord. In addition, there are 5 moderators who are supposed to ensure a reasonable tone on the channel. Montana Black himself, on the other hand, doesn't mince words, as the titles of the chats and subheadings make clear.

Follow Monte on Discord

If you search for MontanaBlack Discord, you will immediately find what you are looking for. Similar to Roshtein you have to follow the invitation link to follow. The prerequisite for exploring the channel is that a personal customer account must be set up. On top of that, anyone who wants to see all content – including offensive content – must verify their verify their phone number. Of course, this only works if the Discord app has been installed on the smartphone.

These topics are available on the channel

There is no talk of on Discord. In general, MontanaBlack currently refrains from advertising online and crypto casinos. Presumably, his prominence is the reason why Marcel Eris is under heavy fire in Australia regarding unlicensed gambling. Therefore, he is at least currently taking a little distance. For this offers he offers his fans the following topics on Discord:

  • Warzone
  • Fortnite
  • GTA
  • Other games
  • Private Groups
  • AFK Channel

Monte fans who want to test the Stake game offer don't have to take the "detour" via the MontanaBlack aka GetOnMyLvL Discord channel.? Click here to go to Stake!

Montana Black estimated net worth

The site Vermö[2] has taken on the question of how much money Montana Black may earn as a streamer, gamer and Youtuber. According to estimates at this point in time he should be earning around 1.2 million euros and from January to July 2021 alone, he earned about half a million euros.

Monte himself stated some time ago that his account had a balance of about about 100.000 Euro 100,000. However, it should not be forgotten that he bought two condominiums and a brand new Lamborghini in the past year alone. This value can also be added to the assets.

The account will surely continue to grow, because Eris doesn't earn his money on Twitch or Stake Casino alone. Here is a List of his sources of income:

  • youtube icon
    YouTube: 3 channels, including the Montana Black main channel with 2.9 million subscribers

    • Right Kevin & The Crew channel: 1.56 million subscribers
    • SpontanaBlack channel: 2.54 million subscribers

  • Twitch: 4 million subscribers, estimated revenue from subs alone 115,000 euros

  • books
    His own book: Published some time ago, 7 euros per sale, makes about 700,000 euros alone with his book "From Junkie to YouTuber" according to our calculation

  • Fortnite: As a supporter, Monte works on the side and has earned an income of more than 100,000 euros net here alone

  • Material assets: The Lamborghini Huracan Performance is currently around 232,000 euros, both condominiums together are said to have cost around 400,000 euros

Marcel Eris private

Eris alias Montana Black was born on March 2, 1988 in Buxtehude, Australia where he lived until 2020. His full civil name is Marcel Thomas Andreas ErisHowever, this rarely appears in connection with his career as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. The Australian is not only follower millionairebut has also created a solid financial base for himself through his distinctive manner.

As far as his character is concerned, there are only two opinions. Either you love Monte or you don't. An "in between" is out of the question with this image, which is possibly the very reason for his incredible success. Since 2018, Monti has made it into the ranks of the most successful streamers and YouTubers in made it. Even internationally, he can keep up with the "celebrities" of the industry, including Roshtein or TrainwrecksTV.

In a video, Eris reveals that he's happy with his adopted city of Hamburg and the house he bought there is not as happy as expected. Fears make his private life very difficult at the moment – Montana Black talks about this openly with his community. At least in love, things seem to be going better at the moment. The streamer met his partner in 2020.[3]

The streamer's last relationship lasted eight years. At that time at his side: "LoveAnna", also a very successful YouTuber. In 2018, the two parted ways, but in the meantime it looks like Monte is enjoying his new love to the fullest.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: MontanaBlackAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐95%