in test – is the content serious?

Betrugstest is one of the most well-known test platforms for casino and other online offers in the English-speaking world. In doing so, the editors are only too happy to ask the question. "is offer XY serious?" We have now turned the tables and started looking for clues: What is the historical development of the site? Who are the acting persons like operators, authors and owners? And we finally get to the bottom of the all-important question: Is serious?

Table of contents

  1. Facts, figures and data – the historical development
  2. What content does offer?
  3. Online casino cheat test – evaluation criteria & quality
  4. Fraud test strengths and weaknesses
  5. The authors of
  6. What else we noticed about Betrugstest
  7. Our conclusion: How credible is

Facts, figures and data – the historical development

According to the copyright in the footer of the page, the test portal has existed since 2015. We have of course tried to check this and indeed: the first traces on the Internet can be found in the online archives on 11.2.2015. At that time, admittedly, there was no talk of a major appearance.

A handful of pages were dedicated to the topic of binary options. A then newly emerging product, which is simply formulated based on bets on stock prices and their development.

What was originally a promising idea, has unfortunately developed over the years in a rather dubious direction. Many black sheep with fraudulent intentions have damaged the reputation of the industry. In the meantime binaries are banned in most countries.

The idea for Betrugstest probably originated a bit earlier, because the web address was already registered on June 25, 2014. To date, there are a total of 3 registrars, which means that the site has virtually "moved" three times.

The actual owner cannot be determined, because the hosting provider has a so-called Whois-Protection has been set up. We consider this not too unusual, especially since the new EU General Data Protection Regulation allows anonymization of the owner's data in this country as well, and many website operators now do this.

The only thing left to do is to look at the imprint: This shows that the site is officially operated by Online Broadcasting Limited based in The Valley, in the British overseas territory of the Caribbean. The acting person is Shirley Van Kerkhove.

What content does offer?

As the name suggests, the site is about testing web portals and services on the Internet. Among others, the following products are taken into consideration:

  • Online Casino
  • Sports betting
  • Lotto
  • Forex and binary options
  • Shares
  • Singlebörsen

If you take a closer look at Betrugstest, it quickly becomes clear. The operators place a great emphasis on the topic of online casinos. Because the content on the area has been massively expanded since 2015. As many as 275 Internet gaming halls were tested and evaluated until December 2020! menu

Restrictions for visitors from Australia

There is a small catch for visitors to the website residing in Australia. For some time now, many of the test reports are no longer accessible. The creators of the page have installed a Geoblocker installed. During our tests, we only had access to 58 test reports. Called from Austria, there were no restrictions.

Australia icon
We assume that this has to do with the development on the Australian market. After all, since the transition phase to the new State Treaty on Gaming was ushered in with October 2020, some casino brands have completely disappeared from the market, or have massively restricted their offerings. Bottom line: Betrugstest seems anxious to comply to adhere to the current legal regulations!

Online Casino Fraud Test – Evaluation Criteria & Quality

When evaluating the individual casino sites, Betrugstest, similar to us at FindCasinoBonus, places a great deal of emphasis on the topic of seriousness and security of the brands. Among other things, the following points are examined by the authors:

  • Licenses of the casinos
  • Operators of the casinos
  • Game offer
  • Bonus offers and promotions
  • Payment transactions
  • Customer service
  • Website

There is one striking difference to While the customer is informed about the results in the individual categories, Betrugstest presents only the overall rating of the casino provider. In addition, we provide our rating as a percentage, with a maximum of 100% to be achieved, whereas Betrugstest awards 5 points as the top score.

idea icon
Test winner in December 2020, Vulkan Vegas, has a score of 4.3, our current test winner Luckydays makes it to 96%. If we were to convert our rating key, that would be comparable to a score of 4.8!

Strengths and weaknesses of Betrugstest


  • Very detailed test reports on online casinos
  • Obviously connoisseurs of the industry as authors with great know-how
  • Linguistically well and easily understandable formulated content
  • Extensive information on payments, bonus offers
  • Implementation of the relevant security standards in Australia
  • Secure surfing through SSL encryption
  • Ongoing revision of tests, new content
  • Many of the 215+ tests currently not available in Australia
  • Partially rapidly changing Top 10 list
  • Somewhat confusing due to the large amount of content
  • No specialization on one topic
  • Rating key somewhat intransparent, as no points are visible in the individual categories
  • Company headquarters in the Caribbean
  • Operator only reachable via contact form, no mail address, no phone support

The authors

Steffen Breitner author
The operator of the site, Shirley Van Kerkhoveseems to act only in the background. Mainly responsible for the content seems to be Steffen Breitner. As an author and casino expert, he appears in many articles with quotes, tips and ratings.

With our searches we could still Lars Vollmer and Roland Herrmann find. However, we assume that the team of authors must be much larger due to the large number of test reports.

Basically, one thing is certain: The acting or writing persons have a solid knowledge on the topics presented and convey competence.

What else we noticed at Betrugstest

  1. Increasing search queries on Google
  2. Possible change in the rating key

Searching for terms like Trustly Casinos cheat test.

Recently, searches on Google for various content on the Fraud Test page seem to have increased. How we come up with this: For example, if one enters "Trustly Casinos" in the search query box, the keyword fraud test is automatically added to this beta term. This also shows that the topic is gaining in importance with the user.

We have also tested and rated the best Trustly Casinos 2024 in detail.

Best rated casino

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MGA Malta 2019test nowBetamo Test 2.


MGA Maltatest nowDreamz Casino Test 3.

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MGA Malta
2015test nowTriggerGlück Test

Other search terms where we noticed this "phenomenon" include:

  • Online Casino Fraud Test
  • Skrill Casino fraud test
  • Neteller Casino fraud test

How does Betrugstest rate & are there any new criteria?

A nevertheless very striking feature are the sometimes quite drastic changes of direction in the ratings. As an example we draw the Top 10 list of casinos to take as an example.

What was still valid in the Top 10 in July 2020 was completely overturned by the authors in December, just a few weeks later.

At that time, there were still well-known brands and "traditional houses", such as Netbet, William Hill, Pokerstars or the Casino Club in the ranking, lead at the time of our research lesser-known brands and newcomers such as Boom, Vulkan Vegas and Casinoin top the rankings.

  • top 10 casinos cheat test july 2020

    Top 10 casino list found on Internet Archive by Betrugstest as of July, 2020.

  • top 10 casinos cheat test january 2021

    Casino Top 10 ranking on Betrugstest – screenshot from January 2021.

A possible explanation for this would once again be the changed market conditions in Australia. The attentive reader would perhaps wish for a bit more information here. How, for example, get Casinos without limit or with live casino in the offer a higher ranking? If points were broken down into the individual categories, that would possibly provide information about it!

Our conclusion: How credible is

Over the years, the former binary options site has developed into a really extensive test portal developed. Not without reason, Betrugstest is one of the best-known test sites on the market today. The content is extensive and the team of authors seems to be well versed in the respective industries.

It feels like the editors could be a bit more rigorous in their evaluation of the individual brands. And there is a little there is room for improvement in the area of transparency. We were unable to answer one question until the very end: What exactly is the composition of the rating key?

Author: Jake ErvingReviewed: under testAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%