Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – Facts and Info

Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Info


Authority: Gambling Division H.M Government of Gibraltar
Registered Office: Suite 812 & 813, Europort Road, GX11 1AA Gibraltar
Incorporation 2000
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In order to provide a trustworthy environment, online gambling is strictly regulated. A particularly important factor for reputable web casinos is the are approvals by licensing authorities such as the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner's office, or GGC for short.

The Gibraltar-based authority is is considered to be very strict and therefore checks licensees extremely conscientiously.

Besides the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA), regulation by the GGC is one of the preferred by providers in the industry.

If the casino is approved by the Gibraltar licensing authority, the customer knows that the casino can be trusted and that the online service places the highest value on player protection. highest value on player protection is placed.

The responsibility of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner is clearly defined. The authority is primarily concerned with online casinos and providers of other games of chance. Lotteries tend to be the exception here, although operators based in Gibraltar are certainly given the opportunity to have these licensed according to strict criteria as well.

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As a rule, a reference to the license can also be found on the respective page of the online provider. In most cases at the bottom of the page in the footer area.

Nowadays there are several operators who hold multiple licenses. The most important licensing authorities besides the GGC are:

Contact the authority in case of problems

The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner's office is available to players and casino operators alike. A common problem is the technology. If, for example, there is a disconnection, casinos usually take care that the money is not lost. If they do – or even if there is a dispute with the provider about winnings and payments – the Gambling Commissioner mediates.

Especially in the case of more frequent incidents, the licensee will be closely scrutinized by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

If a player wants to make problems known, he can do so via a form or mail. The more specific you are about the concern, the more likely the authority will be able to help you find a solution. As a rule, you will receive a response within a few hours. If the complaint is justified, an employee of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner will immediately take appropriate action. By the way, this also applies if bonus conditions seem unfair or are simply not communicated clearly enough.

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Often, however, the focus is on communication problems regarding winnings payouts or bonus conditions. Here, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner acts as a mediator and makes sure that any misunderstandings are cleared up.

Our conclusion on the license by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

If an online casino wants to be successful and be classified as reputable, the operators naturally cannot get around a license. The regulatory authority from Gibraltar is one of the strictest and most reliable on the market.

Fairness and security are basic requirements for a provider license by the GGC. A casino licensed by the Gibraltar authority also meets the strict player and data protection criteria. The license of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner is therefore in any case a sign of quality and a sign that the customer is dealing with a reputable company in the gambling industry.

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