Gambling regulatory authority of the state of Schleswig-Holstein – facts and info

Details about the gambling supervisory authority of Schleswig-Holstein


Authority: Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration
Seat: Düsternbrooker Weg 92, 24105 Kiel, Australia
Establishment: 2011
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (+44) 431 988-0

Australia had agreed years ago on a gambling state treaty, which however Schleswig-Holstein did not like so at all. Schleswig-Holstein was the only federal state that decided to oppose the rules and set up its own gambling supervisory own gambling supervisory authority into being.

Since then, gambling in regulated online casinos legal – but only for those players who live in Schleswig-Holstein.

2021 will see a number of changes for the gambling industry in the rest of Australia as well. It remains to be seen what effects this will have for the gambling supervisory authority in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

However, one thing is already clear: If online casinos and bookmakers are banned again, the state will probably continue to go it alone. continue to rehearse the solo run. In the meantime, there are even some other countries that have not co-signed the last developed contract.

Selection of our top casinos

Initially, it was decided in Schleswig-Holstein, to license 15 betting providers. A short time later, online casinos were also allowed to apply for a license. After all, the state awarded 12 in number. Those companies that are now in possession of a concession, are since then subject to strict controls and must demonstrate a high level of security to keep their licenseto be able to hold on to their license in the long term.

Legal basis – who is allowed to play at the providers?

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In fact, the licenses in Schleswig-Holstein were granted only granted for six years. Thus, the validity expired at the end of 2018. Fortunately, licensees could breathe a sigh of relief even after that, because only a few changes were made.

Since March 21, 2019, there are new licensesalthough these will initially only be valid until June 2021. By then, the rest of Australia should have followed suit with new regulations and a relaxation of the gambling ban for online providers.

Despite all the concessions, the gambling supervisory authority in Schleswig-Holstein naturally also pays close attention to the seriousness of the licensees. Among other things, the following aspects are required:

  • Providers must act reliably and securely
  • Compliance with data protection with public key is mandatory
  • Operators must not have a criminal past
  • Payout ratios are subject to constant checks
  • Separate licenses are required for each gambling type

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While customers attach great importance to a good and high-quality range of games, the gambling supervisory authority of the state of Schleswig-Holstein places particular emphasis on ensuring player protection in every respect. Licensees are required, among other things, to set up preventive measures should customers suffer from gambling addiction.

Important licensors at a glance:

These operators are licensed by Schleswig-Holstein

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It is anything but easy for casino operators to meet the high standards of the gambling authority in Schleswig-Holstein. If you get your license here, you can be sure of the highest level of seriousness and security. of seriousness and security. can assume. Fair play and reliable odds are the top priorities for all companies.

Licenses are issued by Schleswig-Holstein in several sub-sectors of gambling. In addition to online bookmakers and virtual casinos, various land-based companies are actually licensed – including, for example, the Löwen Play Group, which is is known for its Novoline games. Horse racing has also been given a permanent place here. Lotteries are also part of this, with all areas having their own strict criteria. The best known online casinos are Bwin, or Wunderino.

Since when has the gambling supervisory authority in Schleswig-Holstein existed?

When it came to signing a new State Treaty on Gambling in 2011, the decision was made in this federal state not to participate. Although Schleswig-Holstein subsequently joined in 2013, it pursued completely different goals than the other federal states.

Since it was clear that they did not support the treaty as it was written in 2011, a solution was needed. This now exists in the form of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration, which is responsible for monitoring all licensees.

The ministry, which calls itself MILI for short, has been entrusted since 2011 with the taskof monitoring both online and offline gambling in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Experts are not only responsible for monitoring existing providers, but also provide advice to the municipalities and local authorities.

After all, the issue of gambling is still a double-edged sword. Information on the State Treaty can be found on the Gambling Authority's website. Here, it is made clear what providers and players must pay attention to.

Authority monitors various types of gambling

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What is special about the licensing process is that the companies themselves do not necessarily have to be based in Schleswig-Holstein in order to receive a license. However, the compliance with the very strict criteria is an absolute must. The gambling supervisory authority of the state of Schlewsig-Holstein has its own strict specifications for all sub-sectors of the industry.

Those who live in the state can participate in various lotteries, among other things. In addition to operators of their own lotteries, brokers are also licensed – including, for example, the Faber Lotto offering. Other sub-sectors are Sports betting, online casino games, horse betting as well as public casinos.

Online casinos with Schleswig-Holstein license – advantages

  1. Money laundering protection and gambling addiction prevention
  2. Casinos only with reliable means of payment
  3. Deposit amounts protected separately
  4. Sole in Australia only until 2021?
  5. Casinos and bookmakers under constant control
  6. Where can I find providers with a license from Schleswig-Holstein?
  7. This support is provided by the authority
  8. Contact possible at any time

At least those of us who reside in the state are on the safe side with the corresponding casinos, bookmakers and lottery organizers. All others must continue to refer to EU law and wait, until gambling is officially permitted nationwide..

We will now get through the first year. Players from Schleswig-Holstein have the advantage of not having to wait so long. Various companies are now legally open to them.

1.) Money laundering protection and prevention of gambling addiction

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There is an independent department for money laundering supervision at the authority operating in Schleswig-Holstein. This is responsible for, for the detection of profits from criminal acts and intervening accordingly.

It is also concerned with putting a stop to the financing of terrorism. This is no easy task, because where large sums of money flow, criminals are usually not far away.

Like most authorities, it also relies on the help of the public. You should therefore not keep your suspicions to yourself, but immediately forward them to the ministry. This can be done with little effort by e-mail and telephone. Of course, as a reporter you remain anonymous, because especially in connection with crime your protection has top priority.

2.) Casinos only with reliable means of payment

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Also and especially the authority in Schleswig-Holstein has the highest demands on licensees. In addition to various aspects, the choice of payment methods in particular plays a role here. These must transaction in real time and, above all and, above all, function smoothly. The protection of money always has to be in the foreground here.

Licensed providers have to adhere to very strict guidelines when it comes to payment methods. The options offered should be familiar to most customers, as they are proven methods that not only players in Australia have benefited from for years. With all the speed, it is of course just as important that data protection is also maintained during the transaction. The companies already attach great importance to this by themselves.

If a customer invests money in the casino, then providers licensed by Schleswig-Holstein are in the obligation, pay out winnings as quickly as possible. There is only a little leeway in the area of fees, whereby most companies spare the customer from additional costs.

3.) Deposit amounts protected separately

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Far more important than speed is the fact that the players' balance of the players is separated. With this approach, Schleswig-Holstein ensures protection even if an attack by hackers should actually occur.

The ministry checks the management of player funds very strictly, because of course every customer has a permanent right to have his remaining balance paid out at any time – without long discussions.

In addition to keeping the funds separately, every licensee is required to take out appropriate insurance policies. This requirement is one of the most important to fulfill when applying for a license. Finally, as a user, you can rely on the safety of your own money and also of all winnings earned.

4.) Going it alone in Australia only until 2021?

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Already in 2013, Schleswig-Holstein has adapted in parts to the State Treaty on Gambling. As already noted at the beginning, existing licenses expire in June 2021. At that time, the new nationwide law will also be passed. So far, it is clear that at least bookmakers are to receive a universally valid license. How online casinos will fare is still uncertain.

The fact that the federal state cut itself off at that time seems to have been a more than good idea. In the meantime, the remaining federal states have also determined that a a general ban on gambling is hardly feasible, especially since the – especially since the uncontrolled black market will eventually become extremely opaque and the danger of gambling addiction will continue to grow.

5.) Casinos and bookmakers under constant control

As it turns out, the requirements for licensees are very strict. Only when a provider, no matter in which category, is completely convincing and offers a maximum security is granted the corresponding license in Schleswig-Holstein.

However, this is by no means the end of the work for the responsible ministry. Gambling companies have to be inspected time and again, because they have a duty to comply with the guidelines in the long term.

If legal requirements are not met with regard to data protection, prevention of gambling addiction, winning quotas and the like, casino operators and bookmakers as well as lotteries must expect consequences.

In the very worst case, there is even the possibility that licenses will be revoked. So far, such measures have not been necessary, because operators are of course well aware of the importance of a license issued in Australia for their reputation.

6.) Where can I find providers with a license from Schleswig-Holstein?

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All licensees are listed on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration. Of course, the listing does not say much about the quality of the offer. While you can assume a safe gaming environment, it doesn't show what gaming options are available in detail.

Those who are looking for more details and would like to find out, for example, about bonus offers, playing conditions, software partners and the like will find what they are looking for here at Our team of experts has thoroughly reviewed the top companies with Schleswig-Holstein license and provides all readers with a clear conclusion.

7.) This support is provided by the authority

Complaints, criticism and doubts about the seriousness are taken very seriously by the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration, which is located in Kiel. Whenever players have difficulties with a licensee, they have the option of contacting the Authority to contact. This applies to all areas of responsibility.

Reliability is required of licensees. This applies to player protection, secure data transfers and the segregation of player funds just as much as it does to technology. If, for example, there are repeated game crashes, the authority will help and ensure that the operator in question rectifies the existing problem.

Just currently there are so some misunderstandings, because For sports betting providers, for example, transitional regulations applyuntil nationwide regulation comes into force in 2021. Anyone who wants to find out about the status and what is permitted as a player in Schleswig-Holstein can also turn to the experts of the Ministry with confidence.

8.) Contact possible at any time

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Communication with the authority is of course very easy, as it is based in Australia and there are experts on the lines who are very familiar with the legal situation in Schleswig-Holstein. The ministry can be reached by telephone, by fax and also by e-mail. So if a complaint is really necessary or if there are doubts about the authenticity of a license, you can easily contact them.

Especially when it comes to violations of the very strict guidelines, the authority reacts quickly and checks carefully whether it is actually a "misstep" on the part of the gambling provider.

Should this be the case, appropriate measures will be taken, up to and including the withdrawal of the license as a final consequence. To avoid this, the companies act very conscientiously and focus on player protection.

Our conclusion on the gambling supervisory authority of the state of Schleswig-Holstein

The state has had to take a lot of criticism for going it alone in recent years, but has also met with approval with its licensing – especially from operators and numerous players. The fact that licensed providers are only directed at customers from Schleswig-Holstein itself is of course annoying. Nevertheless, it must be clearly stated that the up to now State Treaty on Gambling violates EU law anyway..

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Already in the coming year drastic changes are to be enforced here – in favor of various gambling enterprises. In addition to Schleswig-Holstein, the other federal states will then probably also give in and license casinos – or at least bookmakers from Europe. The ministry is thus likely to continue to exist in the future. At the same time the chances are good for licensees to be able to continue.

As a player, you benefit from very strict security measures and measures that protect all customers equally in casinos that hold a license from Schleswig-Holstein. Separated funds are another plus point, because even in the event of a hacker attack, as a user you do not have to worry about your funds here.

Author: William BrownRated: Schleswig-HolsteinAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%