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Important Notice: We are not currently conducting any ongoing quality tests at Wildz and therefore cannot present the brand in question in more detail to our readers at the moment, nor can we recommend it.

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Although, or perhaps because Wildz Online is quite fresh on the market, it offers its customers ample opportunity to engage in attractive as well as profitable games on the go. The Wildz app provides users with everything their hearts desire – from an ingenious bonus package to numerous campaigns and a a range of games that leaves nothing to be desired.

The operators were obviously aware of the importance of cell phones and tablets for customers today. Turning a smartphone into a virtual gaming site is possible in just a few simple steps in this day and age.

Those responsible are keen to provide their users with popular games of all kinds as comprehensively as possible. Of course, our experts immediately checked how securely transactions work in the mobile app. More on that later. A big plus: It doesn't matter which device you prefer. The web app is compatible with all popular systems.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Wildz app

The strengthsThe weaknesses

  • Optimized for all popular devices
  • Direct game entry without tedious app download
  • Welcome package can also be used on the go
  • Several thousand games for the pocket
  • None worth mentioning

The mobile games in the Wildz test

We can already anticipate that customers will want for nothing. There is plenty of opportunity to explore games of all kinds on the go around the clock. If you like, you can set up your personal Wildz customer account on your cell phone or tablet right away.

Skeptics, however, are just as free to postpone the registration to a later point in time and first take a look at the aspects that speak in favor of this offer. More than half of the games offered on the desktop are available in the app. The fact that the portfolio is so extensive is due to the fact that the operators do not require an app download.

There are hardly any restrictions in the game selectionwhich of course clearly speaks for this provider. The quality has the highest priority. Customers benefit in particular from fast loading times and first-class performance – regardless of whether the iPhone, an Android device or other alternatives are preferred.

The mobile availability of Wildz Online

html5 icon
As already indicated, the app is compatible with almost all popular smartphones and, of course, tablets. In order to make exactly that possible, a conscious decision was made here in favor of the mobile website and against native apps. Provided that the device is HTML5-capable, nothing stands in the way of carefree gaming fun at Wildz Mobile. Especially customers who prefer Windows or HTC devices will find this solution very convenient.

It is important to update your smartphone or tablet regularly in order to benefit from the high quality of the website in every situation. New games, on the other hand, are added automatically and can be explored at will when visiting Wildz Mobile – not only with real wagers, of course, but also gladly for free.

How does the Wildz app download work?

That's exactly what you don't have to worry about here at all, since there is effectively no download. As mentioned, it was important to the operators to reach all users equally – even those who do not use an Android device or an iPhone or iPad to play. That is why native apps were dispensed with. The advantage is not only the better availability, but you can also save storage space and time in the end. In addition, you hardly have to do without a game.

Wildz iOS App

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Both iPhone and iPad owners are one of the largest target groups that Wildz Mobile regularly supplies with successful games. If you use such a device, you can simply open the installed browser and access the provider's website. Nothing more stands in the way of the gaming fun. No one has to download an app here, because the responsible persons want to make it as easy as possible for their customers.

Wildz Android App

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The same applies to all those who prefer the Samsung Galaxy or other devices with Android software. They too are provided with the web app instead of a native app download. The nice thing is that it automatically adapts to the preferred phone or tablet. We would like to emphasize the usability in a positive way. It takes just a few simple steps to set up an account on the mobile site, make payments and open all the games on offer. You really can't make it any easier for your customers.

The range of games on offer at Wildz Mobile

Wildz App Games
Basically, the provider's mobile portfolio is only marginally different from what we experience at home. While not all 2,000+ games are available in the app available, but most of the popular titles that have also been given a permanent place on mobile devices.

In addition, you can count on the fact that the range of games is constantly growing. So, technologically, the provider is definitely very well positioned, so that boredom is guaranteed to never arise.

Those who have already gained a little experience will be familiar with the offered categories.

Use real money with the Wildz app

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Of course, you don't have to miss out on the chance to secure real winnings even far away from your own four walls. Once you have opened the Wildz app, you can register directly as a customer if necessary. This is only necessary if an account has not already been set up.

If such exists, the login is sufficient. After that it is possible to make Wildz deposits at Wildz. These work just like on the desktop with common payment methods.

Thanks to the secure options, there is nothing to stop you from investing 10 euros or more in the mobile app. Those who opt for an online wallet, instant transfer or other alternatives can access the funds in real time and start playing for real winnings right away.

Winning requires a bit of luck here as well, but at least the renowned provider offers the best conditions in terms of odds and payout rates – mobile as well as at home.

What to do if the Wildz app does not work?

As a rule, you should not encounter any problems when opening the web app. After all, it is a normal website that only requires a stable Internet connection. However, it can sometimes happen that updates are performed in the background. If this is the case, then it makes sense to exercise patience and simply try again a few minutes later.

We know from experience that it is best for players to make a note of the contact details for customer service. If the smartphone or tablet is the reason why the app does not run smoothly, the technical support can quickly help you on the go. As already explained in the separate test, they are available around the clock via live chat and e-mail. Restarting the device can help to find out where exactly the problem is. You can also try to open the website on the desktop.

Our conclusion about the Wildz app

If you take a closer look, one thing immediately becomes clear: In terms of selection and quality, the mobile Wildz offer is in no way inferior to the desktop alternative. The best slots of all time can also be tested on the go.

Another advantage is the fact that the mobile offer adapts perfectly to the screen size. It doesn't matter whether you choose to play on a smartphone or tablet.

For those who only use a short break during work to play, we can especially recommend the mobile slot games. They neither require strategy nor are they tedious.

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There is something for everyone, and the best thing is that Windows Phone and HTC users can also access the web app at any time. With the offer, Wildz Mobile really reaches everyone who wants high-quality gaming fun and fair chances of winning. You even don't have to do without the well thought-out support. So if you have any questions, you'll get the same support on the go as you would at home.

Test category Score Recommendation More info
Odds 91% excellent Wildz odds
Game offer 91% excellent Wildz game offer
deposit/withdrawal 89% very good Wildz deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 89% very good Wildz Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Wildz website
Gaming App 90% excellent Wildz App
New customer bonus 89% very good Wildz Bonus
Security 90% excellent Wildz Security
Experience 80% good Wildz Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Wildz Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Wildz AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%