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Important Notice: We are not currently conducting any ongoing quality tests at Wildz and therefore cannot present the brand in question in more detail to our readers at the moment, nor can we recommend it.

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Support, players experience at the young Wildz provider around the clock. In addition to the availability, it is above all the know-how of the support team that completely convinced us in the test. Questions on topics such as payment methods, bonus conditions and even technical problems are solved here by expert employees whose patience apparently knows no bounds. In addition, one is spared a long wait.

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At seven days a week the customer service of the innovative online provider is available for its users. Even weekends or holidays are no reason for the employees to rest.

Better yet, the service here, as is already evident from the e-mail address, especially for players from Australia set up. Thus, there is no need to worry about communication at all, because it has been running smoothly at Wildz since the very first hour.

At the very bottom of the provider's website, you can already find numerous useful as well as informative links. In addition, there is of course a FAQ sectionThanks to this, experience has shown that it is rarely necessary to contact support personally. The operators address all typical questions here and try their best to answer them in an easily comprehensible way. If that alone is not enough, the service can be reached as follows:

Email [email protected]
Live Chat 24/7

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Once you've registered with Wildz, you don't have to worry about being left alone with problems – especially since they rarely occur anyway. Nevertheless, it is good to know that experienced helpers are available to assist you in case of a problem. As the practical test clearly showed, the employees are up to date with the latest developments.

They surprise us with their particularly open and friendly mannerwhich we personally would like to see from any online provider. So you don't have to be afraid to contact the Wildz Online team even with supposedly "stupid" or self-explanatory questions. The customer service always has an open ear for topics that are related to the offer.

If you just want to find out more about the company and keep up to date with the latest offers, you can do so on social networks like Facebook. The special thing about the fan page is that it is written in Australian.

Although there are now countless online providers in this country, only a few focus as much as Wildz on providing accessible information for local players – information that does not require a degree in English. For this alone, we would like to commend the provider.

How to contact Wildz support?

How to contact at Wildz on offer?
Online form
E-mail support
Live Chat
Free Hotline
Social networks
Letter contact

As quickly becomes clear, help is rarely needed. Nevertheless, there is information on all topics – especially when it comes to informing players about the security offered, licenses, payment methods and the like.

As already mentioned, the Facebook page, for example, is only suitable as a support solution to a limited extent. Here, however, you can easily find out what is new at this popular online provider and what highlights you can look forward to in the near future.

We would like to praise the customer service first and foremost for the fact that it responds super fast on really all channels. This makes it all the easier for players to promptly return to their Wildz favorite games to play your favorite Wildz games, make a deposit or simply do what you are most busy with at the moment.

Email Support

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Less urgent concerns, feedback, praise and of course criticism can be sent wonderfully via email to the company's customer service. Here players usually receive within one day the answers that are desired. Often it is even significantly faster than expected.

So if the topic is not too urgent, it makes sense to simply send a message to [email protected] to send a message. We have found the employees to be friendly and helpful here as well. However, there is one drawback. If further inquiries arise, communication in this way can sometimes take longer than hoped.

If you have already registered as a player at Wildz Online, it helps the team behind the scenes if they know not only your username (or your e-mail address), but also what the issue is. The mail will then be forwarded directly to the appropriate employee with very good expertise. Other people are responsible for technical issues here than for questions relating to payment methods or bonus turnover. It is therefore worthwhile to be as specific as possible about your concerns in order to receive experienced answers.

The disadvantage of e-mail traffic is that you have to keep an eye on your personal mailbox. This fact distracts a bit from the game, which does not happen with live chat – because in this case both can run in parallel. Nevertheless, there are customers who prefer this way. All the more reason for us to be pleased that Wildz is thinking about this target group.

Live Chat

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When things have to move quickly, live chat is clearly the best choice. In our experience, this applies to most online providers, as the response times here are significantly shorter than with the previously named email support. In the test, we rarely had to rarely had to wait longer than five minutes for answers.

If further questions arise, they are also answered reliably. Of course, you can close the chat at any time – when there are no more open questions. Until then, the employees are faithfully at your side and prove to be extremely patient.

As soon as you click on the corresponding link, the chat window opens. Here you have to enter your name, an e-mail address and the desired language of the support. You then have the option of communicating your request. A few minutes later, a member of staff will contact the customer and ensure that there are soon no more uncertainties. Accordingly, it is easy to get right back to the game. By the way, this does not have to be interrupted during the live chat, but can simply continue running alongside.

Letter contact

If you feel like praising the company personally for the performance, the successful game offer, the web presence or whatever, you can of course do this at any time by mail.

This way has little to do with a classic customer service, because it usually takes several days, since Wildz has set up its headquarters in Malta. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to simply get rid of everything that comes to mind about Wildz Online.

If you see things the same way we do, just send your mail to the following address:

Rootz Ltd.
Ewropa Business Centre
Dun Karm Street, Level 3 – 701
Birkirkara, BKR 9034, Malta,

Our conclusion about Wildz customer support and service

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We can already assure that no one is left on their own at Wildz either. In our opinion, the support does a great job, is easy to reach, and proves to be extremely competent even with complex and technical questions.

This is exactly how the company scores points, because customers know that such a high high-quality service appreciate. Overall, as I said, you rarely need help anyway. But if you do need help, at least you know you can get it without having to wait too long. Even mail is responded to, by the way. Here, however, you have to be patient due to the long distances.

For the team at Wildz Online, service also means verifying customer accounts quickly. Uploading documents is not only fast, but also secure. It does not take more than three days for the data to be matched. As soon as the support team has carried out this, nothing stands in the way of winnings payments.

Of course, it is nice that you are reliably supported even at night and on weekends. All in all, a customer service that leaves nothing to be desired.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 91% excellent Wildz odds
Game offer 91% excellent Wildz game offer
deposit/withdrawal 89% very good Wildz deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 89% very good Wildz Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Wildz Website
Gaming App 90% excellent Wildz App
New customer bonus 89% very good Wildz Bonus
Security 90% excellent Wildz Security
Experience 80% good Wildz Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Wildz Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Wildz customer serviceAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%