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The first impression is always the decisive one. This is true in all situations in life – whether you are meeting new people, visiting a restaurant or playing at an online casino. If the other person doesn't leave a positive impression in whatever form, you will intuitively decide against it.

Of course, Mr. Play knows this just as well as we do. The website is therefore an aspect that simply has to be coherent, especially from the players' point of view. So far, the operators have succeeded in an impressive way, convince more and more players.

One of the reasons is certainly the eye-catching design, because the mustache is a very special – and apparently very effective – trademark here. Looking pretty, of course, is not enough for a casino website.

Besides the design, the structure plays a major role. Mr. Play makes sure that you can find your way around as easily as possible and that you can access exactly the games or information that are particularly important to you in just a few clicks.

Mr Play Jeton
Customers who are already logged into Mr. Play Casino will see the website from a slightly different perspective. But even guests without an account are able to get a quick overview of the quick overview of gaming opportunities, bonus offers from Mr. Play promotions and other factors. So it is not mandatory to decide to register right away – although there is nothing against it in principle.

At the very top right you will find the opportunity to log in or sign up. Right next to it is a small speech bubble. Click on it to open the live chat and You can bombard Mr. Play's support with all your questions without further ado.n that come to mind

If you are generally interested in info about the company, bonus conditions and aspects like security, just scroll down. There, the Mr. Play website provides you with all relevant links. This saves you a long search – by the way, this is another fact that is indicative for the transparency of the provider speaks for itself.

The entire website is very pleasantly designed. And although Mr. Play has decided to bring color into the game, the overview does not suffer in any way. This is certainly one of the reasons why the provider was able to win over thousands of players so soon after its launch.

So let's log in and see what awaits you there. Where the registration area was before, you will now find all information about your customer account. The account balance is displayed here as well as the level.

Like all customers, you will start at 0%. However, with the right commitment and a bit of luck, you will progress very quickly and secure new advantages with every VIP level. But that's just by the way. If you like, you can make a deposit directly via the link next to your account balance. Which methods Mr. Play Casino offers you, we will tell you in the separate test.

Well-structured Mr. Play website

At the top left of the MrPlay Casino website, you can navigate to the game sections with one click. The focus is on the Casino, Live Casino and scratch cards. In each category, there are more subcategories that make it easy for you to find your favorite games on the site. A preview is also available here, of course. This way, you can already get an idea of how versatile the offer of Mr. Casino is, how versatile the offer of Mr. Play actually is.

information icon
If you want to learn more about the provider as such, you just have to scroll to the very bottom of the website. Here you will find all sorts of links at your disposal – for example, an About Us page, the contact options, details about the gambling license, security and last but not least, the Mr. Play magazine, which has useful tips & tricks for you. In addition, there is once again the opportunity to access specific game sections.

Quick access to all games

Mr Play website menu
If scrolling through the Mr. Play Casino website is too tedious for you, then you can simply navigate through the menuwhich you will find in the top left corner. By the way, this makes it clear that the provider can also be used optimally on mobile.

In the aforementioned menu, you can change the language, there is all sorts of information and you can find out what exactly is going on with the Mr. Play Exclusive Club is all about. This is one of the biggest plus points for us, because everyone who plays with real money definitely gets their money's worth here. Even tips for beginners are not missing on the website. If you have little experience with online casinos, Mr. Play is ideal.

Mr. Play performance & loading times – our experiences

Who decides to play at an online casino, should not only have the game selection in mind. Especially the performance and loading times are two important aspectsthat we always test with. These factors are a sign of how serious the company actually is.

If games constantly hang up, jerk or don't load at all, then it is obvious that the servers and the associated technology were saved at the wrong end. Fortunately, at Mr. Play you don't have to worry about performance or loading times.

All games that we tested could be be played without problems after less than 20 seconds. There were rarely any limitations – at most when the internet reception at Mr. Play Mobile Casino was poor. When the slots and tables are started, you can expect unlimited entertainment. We could not identify any deficits in the test.

settings icon
The operators have obviously great value on a flawless performance. performance. The homepage alone shows how much work has been put into the Mr. Play online casino. High-performance servers ensure that you will have no trouble accessing, launching and playing games whenever you feel like it, even during core hours.

Of course, the loading loading times depend on the device you are using, of course.. If your PC is already 10 years old, the performance might suffer. The strength of the Internet line also plays a role. However, Mr. Play has done everything to keep the technical requirements as low as possible.

Thus, everyone who chooses this provider will really benefit from the loading times and performance. Speed is definitely one of the biggest strengths that Mr. Play Online Casino knows how to shine with. By the way, you can also see how pleasant it is to play here for free.

There is no deposit requirement here at any time – unless you want to test the Mr. Play Live Casino.

Mr. Play Casino website – our conclusion

The design of the site is not just chic and inviting, but has obviously been thought out perfectly thought out down to the last detail. The menu alone is ingenious, because it allows you to games and information with just a few clicks, without having towithout having to search for a long time.

Overall, Mr. Play its website very appealingly designed. Despite many game images and details, you will by no means lose the overview here. Even as a layman you will find the way to Slots, Live Gaming, Roulette & Co. without any problems. However, if help is needed, the support will assist you. As already mentioned, the live chat is easy to start.

plus icon
Actually, there is not much more to say, because even at a closer look, there is definitely definitely nothing that could be criticized on the MrPlay website. By the way, you will also benefit from it when it comes to loading times and overall performance.

Both values leave nothing to be desired. You can find out more about this on our pages. All in all, Mr. Play manages to keep up with companies that have been on the market for many years longer. We can't think of any suggestions for improvement at this point – so a clear praise to the designers!

The concept of Mr. Play Casino is really impressive. Especially the performance shows impressively that the operators are very a high quality of play is very important to quality. The loading times also clearly speak for the company, which does not have to hide behind the competition in either point.

Whenever questions arise on the subject or there are technical problems, the Mr. Play customer service will be happy to answer your questions. As a rule, however, you should generally not have any problems loading the games, which all run smoothly. That's what makes playing fun!

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 87% very good Mr. Play odds
Game offer 91% excellent Mr. Play game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent Mr. Play Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 88% very good Mr. Play deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 90% excellent Mr. Play Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Mr. Play Website
Gaming App 90% excellent Mr. Play App
New customer bonus 85% very good Mr. Play Bonus
Security 94% excellent Mr. Play Security
Experience 90% excellent Mr. Play Experience
Overall rating 90% excellent Mr. Play Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Mr. Play websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%