Nelk Boys Casino Streamer

Nelk Boys facts
Streamer Name: Nelk Boys
Real Names: Kyle, Jesse, Stephen, Salim, Sirur, Aaron and more.

Nelk avatar

Origin: Canada
Residence: Los Angeles
Year of birth: /
Followers: 345,600 (Twitch)
538,400 (Twitter)
7.380.000 (YouTube)
1.600.000 (Facebook)
4,400,000 (Instagram)
Favorite provider: Stake
Specialties: Always specialized in pranks, mostly high alcohol consumption in videos, experienced on social media
Highest gain: n/a
Highest Multiplier: n/a
Net worth: Estimated several 100 million USD

The Nelk Boys have been officially streaming from Stake Casino since late May 2022. They gained notoriety as YouTubers and filmmakerswho specialize in Pranks specialized their videos again and again. controversies within the community.

The Nelk Boys were founded by Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani Jesse Sebastiani, but the YouTube channel also features other other well-known streamers and and personalities such as SteveWillDoIt. As different as the Nelk Boys are character-wise: The humor is the greatest common denominator of the young men.

At May 23, 2022 the Nelk Boys announced to their Twitch community that from now on they would regularly to play regularly at the Stake Casino. In the video they openly talk about their contract with the provider and that for their casino streams they receive a monthly sum for their casino streams.

In their decision, which bets and in what amount they place bets, they are, however, according to their own statements, relatively free and they would bear the risk of profits as well as losses themselves.

house icon
By the way: Both Kyle and Jesse have been living in the 2020 Full Send Housea huge mansion in Los Angeles. Whether Stevewilldoit and other Nelkboys members have also moved in there is not known. However, it is clear that the villa rented and not bought. The approximately 8,800 square meters let themselves the men allegedly each month around 23,000 US dollars cost.

General information about the Nelk Boys

Since time immemorial, NelkFilmz, now usually just referred to as Nelk, dedicated to pranks. The "Boys" from Canada are really colorful, which is attributed to co-founder Jesse Sebastiani. Jesse Sebastiani, among others. among others. Kyle Forgeard is considered the "head of the gang", he apparently has a particularly big influence on what gets shot and also on who gets to be part of the Nelk Boys.

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In the videos, the Nelk Boys regularly test the limits of good the limits of good taste and sometimes even come into conflict with the conflict with the law. Again and again, the pranks, which the team comes up with, lead to police operations. Kyle and Jesse have even been in court. The warning shot apparently had no effect, because even as the corona pandemic brought many restrictions, the young men carried on as usual, having their parties and crazy pranks. from them.

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It was due to the lack of insight that YouTube for a while the right to monetize their videos through advertising. monetize their videos through advertising. In general, it can be said that the content shown by Nelk, foreign embarrassment is the order of the day. Before misogynistic statements they also do not shy away from misogynistic statements.

What the Nelk Boys deliver on YouTube and other social media channels is often referred to as "frat humor. frat humor called. What is meant is the kind of humor that is cultivated in American fraternities. As far as our experts know, however, none of the Nelk members are currently studying.

Since Stevewilldoit / Stevewillsendit has joined Nelk, not only the pranks run below the beltbut also the Alcohol flows in streams. To "exen" liters of beer and liquor, is no problem for Stephen. Although Nelk has a similar number of fans as critics, there are always well-known personalities in front of the camera for prank videos, including Donald Trump, Snoop Dog and Bradly Martin, to name a few.just to name a few.

Nelk Boys – members and guest appearances

Behind the Nelk Boys are not only two or three, but a whole series of peoplewhich in the Prank videos as well as now also with the Stake Streaming different roles take over. The most important members are presented below.

Kyle Forgeard

kyle forgeard insta


  • Role at Nelk: Founder of the NelkFilmz brand
  • Origin: Mississiauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Residence: Los Angeles (Full Send Villa)
  • Date of Birth: 12.07.1994

Built Nelk along with Jesse Sebastiani. Considered to have the most say. Makes major decisions, including the one to end the collaboration with former Nelk member "905shooter".

Jesse Sebastiani

mtvjesse on Instagram


  • Role at Nelk: Co-founder of the brand
  • Origin: Orangeville, Canada
  • Residence: Los Angeles (Full Send Villa)
  • Date of Birth: 27.06.1993

Draws for the particularly shocking film content. Considered someone who likes to go over the top and who seems to know no limits when it comes to jokes. Currently works primarily behind the camera, in January 2020 Sebastiani confesses to have lost interest in Pranks. Is currently primarily active for Full Send, a Nelk Boys brand under which podcasts, videos, and merchandise are distributed.

Stephen Deleonardis (Stevewilldoit)

Stephen Deleonardis


  • Role in Nelk: Comedian, performer in prank videos.
  • Origin: Oviedo, Florida, USA
  • Place of residence: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: 26.08.1998

Usually drinks a lot of alcohol in the videos and teases pranks to the point of pain. Brings experience in casino streaming.

Salim Sirur (Salim the Dream)



  • Role at Nelk: One of the main actors in videos, is often in front of the camera
  • Origin: San Jose, California
  • Place of residence: Unknown
  • Date of birth: 21.11.2001

Prank Pro. Adds a special touch to the videos with his humor.

Aaron Steinberg (Steiny)



  • Role at Nelk: Lead actor, regular contributor
  • Origin:$/
  • Place of residence: /
  • Date of birth: 15.08.1990

Worked as a personal assistant to Stevewilldoit, so knows a lot about pranks and how to make people laugh. For him, working with Stephen was a dream job, as he says himself.

The success that the Nelk Boys have enjoyed since their inception is due in no small part to a strong team team, which has been in the background and is rarely seen in front of the cameras. These include:

  • John Shahidi, Nelk President
  • Sam Shahidi, Happy Dead Hard Seltzer CEO
  • Austin "Ausgod" ErmesNelk Content Director
  • Adrian Verdult, Producer
  • Jordan "Cousin Jay" Nwanne, Videographer
  • Drew Hill, Nelk Manager
  • Gabriel Poncio, Nelk Manager
  • As well as Lucas Gasparini, Arthur Kulik and Bob Menery

In addition to the permanent team, it is above all guests who give the prank videos their charm. Here, the stars literally give each other a run for their money. Not even former US President Trump shied away from appearing in front of the camera with Nelk. In addition to him, other celebrities have been the focus of funny videos, including. UFC President Dana White.

Rumors of Stake Drop at Nelkboys Shop

According to all indications there will soon be a drop of exclusive Full Send & Stake Merch will take place. Hints of this can be found in live streams, which show Nelkboys member Gabriel Poncio wearing a corresponding hoodie with Full Send and Stake logo.

kyle forgeard snoop dog

© | Snoop Dog and Kyle

So, if suspicions are confirmed, Stake gear may soon be available at the Full Send Shop available. This is already broadly positioned and, in addition to products from the brands founded by Nelk, also offers promotional items from Snoop Dog as well as Stevewilldoit. The latter, while now part of the team, has built his career independently of the Nelk Boys and has become a household name on the social media scene over the years.

The apparently planned drop is special because Nelk is severely limiting the the number of units of the individual products. wants. A later re-release is not planned. As a result, each individual item of clothing that is put up for sale will gain significantly in value. In view of the large number of fans, it can even be assumed that the products will sold out within a short sold out within a short time.

The Nelk Boys play in this casino


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  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
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Nelk Boys favorite casino games

The main focus of the Nelk Boys is clearly on the classics in the casino, including primarily blackjack and roulette. Again and again, the boys, who are usually seen together in front of the camera, choose one of the table games. Overall, it is noticeable that the selection of games on which the casino streamers is significantly smaller than that of other streamers. Also some slots and crypto games can be found among them:

Obviously the young men especially Plinko because in each of the live streams filmed so far, the simple mini-game several times in front of the camera shown.

When and where do the Nelk Boys stream?

Although the Nelk Boys only started in May 2022 started, Streams from the Stake Casino but they have been familiar with Twitch for years. Some of the wacky broadcasts additionally find their way onto the YouTube channel of the Nelk Boysbut there it is only about publishing videos and not about streaming as such.

The question, how many hours the Nelk Boys spend in front of the camera on a daily or weekly basis cannot be not be answered in a general way. There are streams that only last an hour and a half, but there are also streams for which the young men take considerably more time. So it's safe to say that Nelk has the casino portfolio according to his whim as time permits, in addition to the pranks to which the team continues to devote itself.

In their first Stake Stream that their contract with the casino obliges them to work a certain number of hours. a certain number of hours per month. No further details are known.

The stream, in which the Nelk Boys talk about their deal with Stake:

Nelk Boys on social media

The Nelk Boys, ranging from Kyle to Jesse to Stevewilldoit, are experienced social media starsWho know how to entertain their fans. The team leaves no platform because with Twitter, Insta and Co. it reaches different target groups in each case. The reach can definitely be described as outstanding. Provocation is the trademark of the of the Nelk Boys, which brings them a lot of attention.

  1. Nelk Boys on Twitch
  2. NelkFilmz on YouTube
  3. Nelk Boys on Twitter
  4. Nelk Boys on Instagram
  5. Nelk Boys on Facebook

1.) Nelk Boys on Twitch

The Nelk Boys' Twitch channel seems very tidy at the moment. It hasn't just been there since Nelk decided to collaborate with Stake. Already in the past there were streams from the Roobet Casino. However, when it became known that the guys were not playing with their own money, they earned a lot of criticism from their fans. The streaming was stopped, the videos were deleted and the channel lay fallow since then. So now there is plenty of room for exciting Stake Casino streamswhich have been since May 23, 2022 are offered.

Around 350,000 viewers can already be found on the channel, and this number will certainly continue to grow. So far, the Nelk Boys have been known as humorous guys whose pranks certainly don't go down well with everyone. In their new role as casino streamers the young men have to first find their way. However, both Kyle and the other Nelk members know how they can cleverly put themselves in the limelight while Twitch is running.

The one or other streaming highlight from times gone by can still be found on the Nelk Twitch channel. This includes in particular the Debut of the Nelk Boyswhen they started streaming in 2020, alongside their actual work as YouTubers and comedians. More content has already been announced, though it's not entirely clear if it's more casino content or if the young men are looking to implement new ideas.

2.) NelkFilmz on YouTube

The group operates its primary channel under the name NelkFilmz since as early as July 6, 2010. At that time it was not yet so big, the beginning was made by Kyle Forgeard and some friends, who obviously knew each other before this project. Quite early Jesse joined them and together with Kyle and Luce they became the "Nelk Boys". They skillfully put their accumulated knowledge from film production to use, the first prank videos and funny scenes were were quickly shot.

In the meantime, the channel has established itself and is followed by around 7.4 million YouTube users. While critics can laugh little at the sometimes nasty jokes, Nelk as a group strikes a chord with all the followers. nerve of all the followerssome of whom have been loyal followers for years. What is offered mainly pranksCasino streams have not yet found a place here.

Rummaging through the team's past led us to the NelkFilmz2 YouTube channel, which has the motto "LifeofNelk". However, there is nothing new to report about this, because the last videos the team has in the year 2017 uploaded. The channel has been idle since then.

3.) Nelk Boys on Twitter

nelk twitter


The channel was one of the first, along with Instagram, on which the cooperation with Stake was was made known. In the meantime, the Nelk Boys some promotions around the casino on Twitter, whereby these campaigns are primarily aimed at followers from the USA are likely to be aimed at. After all, there are more than half a million people who follow the Nelk Boys on Twitter.

The focus of the content is clearly on Kyle Forgeardwho delivers tweets and retweets. He almost seems to be having a dialogue with himself, as it's safe to assume that it's he who personally creates much of the Twitter content as Nelk Boy.

In general, the Nelk Boys use their Twitter reach to promote products and their own brands more widely known, from the Full Send Metacard to condoms, which are sold under the Full Send brand.

4.) Nelk Boys on Instagram

nelk insta


Those who are exposed to this channel, as it already has 4.4 million Instagram followers definitely need strong nerves. At the latest when opening the video previews, it should become clear why the Nelk Boys regularly get into trouble. It is quite amazing that the content is openly accessible at all and that there is no blocking. Whether it's really funny to introduce yourself to your neighbors as a sex offender is debatable.

With the often sexist content it may come as a bit of a surprise who the young men are reaching out to with just such Insta posts. In addition to Donald Trump celebrities who are apparently not too shy to join in with the pranks and let themselves be taken for a ride.

And the Nelk Boys themselves also show literally full physical effort. Most recently, Stevewilldoit simply had his hair shaved off. His colleagues seem to like it, the video is titled "Steve, you look pretty."

5.) Nelk Boys on Facebook

nelk facebook


The Nelk Boys' Facebook channel is also doing well, with about about 1.6 million fans. The comedians do not just deliver funny videos or encounters with Donald Trump, but here is also the Full Send Shop integrated. Fans can conveniently order products from the brands Full Send, Stevewilldoit LLC, Happy Dad and many more items while they are on Facebook anyway.

Pranks, of course, can't be missing, just like on all the other social media channels. Just at the end of May 2022, for example, the guys turned a wine tasting on its head. 11 minutes is the video in which they make the organizers sweat.

It's fair to mention that Steve in particular always shows a different side of himself. Most recently, he bought an old man, whom he chose at random, his dream car.

The scandals and hardest pranks of the Nelk Boys

At October 2019 the breakup of Jason "905shooter Breakup of Jason "905shooter" Pagaduan., originally one of the first Nelk Boys, attracted the attention of the YouTube community. The reason given for the decision, which was primarily the responsibility of Kyle Forgeard, was that Jason was indecent photos to female fans to female fans. In addition, his work ethic would no longer meet Nelk's standards.

However, this is only one item in a long list of scandals and and scandals surrounding the Nelk Boys and their pranks. The foundation stone for their reputation as well as their success was laid in the year 2015 with the so-called Coke prank. In the course of a police check they declared, "a load of Coke in the trunk"in the trunk. For minutes they let the cops in the beliefthat they were carrying cocaine (English Coke) had with them. In fact, it was only only Coca Cola.

The famous Coke prank of the Nelk Boys:

The police subsequently warned potential imitators that even the Pretending to commit a crimewhich would have been the case if cocaine had been possessed, is punishable. However, the telling off didn't stop Kyle and his team from using the same prank on police officers in Colombia and Mexico.

libra icon
In the January 2019 Nelkboy Jesse Sebastiani had to answer to the court. For his prank he went covered in blood into a Barnes & Noble store and asked sales clerks for books that would help him cover up a murder. The charge was disorderly conduct. The video of the trial was published by the Nelk Boys on their YouTube channel, starting at minute 9:08 the prank is also shown:

Scandalous it went in April 2019 continued. Without further ado, the Nelk Boys had arranged to meet their fans in Ireland. Problematic was the place, a public park. This was too small for the large number of fans who had arrived, so the police had to intervene and disperse the and disperse the the crowd.

important icon
A suspended sentence is to date the highlight of the career as a prankster. As punishment, an appearance in May 2022. Kyle as well as Salim and Steve were arrested together with the cameraman for trespassing committed.

The Nelk Boys were in particularly frequent trouble with the law during the Corona Pandemic. Although there were strict restrictions on contact in the U.S. as well, these did not stop the team, flash mobs of 200 people and a 1,500-person house party. house party. The men faced consequences in several countries at once. YouTube subsequently made a clear decision and stopped monetizing the Nelk videos.

In March 2021 there was another fan meeting, which escalated. In addition to a tow truck driver, the police who were called in were also assaulted by the fans. attacked by the fans.

Getting arrested has become something of a habit for Kyle Forgeard. Not until April 2021 was the time again. He posed in front of the camera as a security guard and caused trouble in the shopping center. Once again the police had to intervene.

Of all things first attempt to gain a foothold as a casino streamer also ended in scandal for the Nelkboys. At the end of 2020 the boys started playing at Roobet Casino. It didn't take long before it turned out that they weren't using their not betting their own money. The anger was accordingly great, many fans rightly felt cheated. Today it looks a bit different, because at Stake the Nelk Boys are using cryptos and their own capital. in.

Shortly thereafter, in January 2022, the Nelk Boys planned their next gig. On a cruise ship ship, they caused a stir with their bad behavior; their aim was to be goal was to be thrown off the ship. from the ship. As usual, they also released this performance as a video:

smiley-sad icon
Especially the group came into focus because of their Full Send clothes. Sales are said to have been anything but good in the beginning. In order to to boost businessthe Nelk Boys suggested that everything was sold out. sold out sold out. They then offered the products on platforms such as eBay for many times of the original price.

Products and brands of the casino streamer Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys, led by Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, have built an empire of brands and products. empire of brands and products products. Nelk is particularly thick in the business with its own Full Send Shop. Initially it was about the the sale of clothinghoodies, for example. Today, the online store offers countless other merchandise articlesstarting with umbrellas and ending with fitness supplements. For the latter, a separate store,, was created.

  1. Full Send
  2. Happy Dad
  3. Shithole

Full Send

fullsend logo
The biggest brand besides Nelk itself is its own storebut also a YouTube channel under the name Full Send, which is a bit like the Nelk Boys content. Also here are Pranks and Fakes in the foreground. The response to this is quite decent, 837,000 subscribers get to see new content regularly, although not as often as on the main channel of the Canadians.

fullsend podcast
Under the name Full Send, many other products and services are provided, including the Full Send Podcastwhich even features celebrities, most notably former U.S. President Donald Trump, with whom Kyle has a special connection. The Nelk Boys also offer clips of this podcast on specially created social media channels, including Twitter, Insta, TikTok and Facebook.

The size of this brand alone is shown by the fact that already a Full Send Metacard already exists. This is an NFT based on Ethereum, which at the same time is a kind of exclusive membership membership. As the Non-Fungible Token, it brought the Nelk Boys gigantic revenues within a very short time.

Full Send Fights as well as Full Send Golf round off the brand concept. Behind it are also YouTube channelswhich apparently focus on two great passions of the streamers. So far, both channels have only a few contents. On the main channel, however, there are already several videos in which golf thematized is discussed. Among others, one in which the guys play golf against Caitlyn Jenner.

Happy Dad

Happy Dad logo
Although Nelk founder Kyle Forgeard doesn't have children, he and the Nelk Boys came up with the idea to create the Happy Dad brand. Behind this is primarily a so-called "Hard Seltzer", which in turn is known as Alkopop is to be understood. In the drink, which is sold in cans, you can find the aroma of various fruitspaired with carbonic acid and of course a good portion of Alcohol.

Happy Dad is advertised with the hint that it is full of "f**cking electrolytes" is. In terms of taste, too, the mix would stand out from all other hard seltzers on the market – at least that's what the inventors claim. The drink is currently available in the wild cherry, lemon-lime, watermelon and pineapple flavors..

Happy Dad is represented as a brand in the Full Send Shop, where various items from sweaters to parasols are available. The Nelk Boys are distributing both these and drink cans on popular social media channels, from Instagram to TikTok to Twitter and Facebook.


For a change, merchandising items, drinks or the like are not sold under the name. The whole thing looks more like a kind of comedy show which was produced by the Nelk Boys by the Nelk Boys in seasons. by the Nelk Boys. Here, Jesse Sebastiani is at the forefront and is properly celebrated by the fans.

You can find the Shithole seasons on the Full Send YouTube channel, currently running Season 3.

information icon
In addition to the self-developed and Nelk Art staged brands there are various cooperationfrom which both the Canadians with their store and cooperation partners profit. Full Send distributes among others products from Stevewilldoita true prank legend, as well as from Snoop Dog.

Nelk with its own NFT

nelk nft
The topic of Full Send Metacard has already been briefly touched upon. Due to the interesting background, it is time to talk about this in detail as well. The whole thing is to be understood as NFT, i.e. non-exchangeable token, based on the blockchain of the prominent cryptocurrency Ethereum.

In parallel with NFTs, Nelk offers the exclusive membership whereby this entails various benefits. One of them is the early access to full send drops. In addition, Full Send Metacard holders benefit from coupons and discounts for exclusive fashion and restaurants.

In addition, a key advantage of the Full Send NFT is that it can be traded in ETH ETH. The volatility is quite high. Full Send Metacard celebrated its launch at the beginning of 2022, the circulation consists of only 10,000 tokens.

rich icon
When the NFT was launched, the price for it was set at the equivalent of 2,300 US dollars per piece set. Mining was hardly completed when Nelk Nelk sold the entire stock. Within only 10 minutes the group was a whopping 23 million dollars richer.

The Nelk Boys have set themselves the goal of investing the proceeds in new projects. new projects, also to be able toalso to be able to present members with further bonus benefits and collaborations. The initial fears that Full Send Metacard was a pump-and-dump pump-and-dump scamand the rapid sale of insiders, leaving the majority of buyers with worthless tokens, was not confirmed.

The rumor was, among other things, triggered by a podcastin which the Nelk Boys with GaryVee about the topic of NFT and NFT fraud, probably because it was in the public eye at that time. The problem was that, on top of that, some influencers decided to buy and sell the NFTs directly. In order to make a profit in the process, some stirred the advertising drum properly.

Video: Full Send Metacard NFT

Only time will tell how many of the promised membership benefits will take effect in the future, and whether the Nelk Boys are really as serious about buyers as advertised. After all, the NFT is still at the very beginning.

The history of the Nelk Boys – a journey through time

The foundation of Nelk took place in 2010. From the first day Kyle Forgeard and Lukas Gasparini were theand a short time later also Jesse Sebastiani for Nelk Boys in front of the camera. Kyle and Lucas grew up on the same street and have known each other almost their entire lives. The fact that Lucas is mentioned less often than Jesse is probably due to the fact that he is mostly behind the camera, while Kyle seeks the limelight seeks the spotlight.

Jesse emerged when NelkFilmz had just about 30,000 subscribers, no comparison to the 7.4 million who regularly tune in to the Nelk YouTube channel today. There were two other protagonists at the beginning, namely Nick and Elliot. However, they are no longer with the Nelk Boys today, and little is known about their careers.

question-1 icon
Fact or Fake? The brand name NELK is made up of the first letters of the of the first four Nelk Boys, namely Nick, Elliot, Kylenamely Nick, Elliot, Kyle and Lucas. This statement comes from Kyle himself, however, he contradicts himself elsewhere by saying that the name is simply coincidence.

Nevertheless, the name Nelk might remind Kyle a little of his childhood. remind Kyle of his childhoodbecause the four friends of that time are immortalized in it, even if Elliot and Nick disappeared from the scene quite quickly. For perfect replacement was with Jesse Sebastiani was provided. The latter had already gained experience, as he had own show, "Careless Teens" on MTV Canada. had.

Also Niko and Marko also shaped the beginnings of the Nelk Boys. In the middle of 2015, the two left the left the team. As we know today, they turned to their own projects. The great success failed to materialize.

Nelk has been in a constant state of flux since its inception in a constant state of changeespecially with regard to the composition of the team team. When Lucas reached 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, he left the Nelk Boys chapter behind at the request of his parents. They were against Lucas constantly moving through the world, especially since the prank videos at that time hardly brought in any money. At that time, Lucas was training to be a plumber. During the corona pandemic Lucas returned to Nelk. He had finished school in the meantime, but lost his job due to the political restrictions during the pandemic.

While Lucas was celebrating his comeback with the Nelk Boys, fans were treated to 905 Shooter to see a new face. In 2019, it came to a breakup, because obscene photos sent to female fans were too much of a good thing even for the rest of the Nelk Boys team.

Some stations in the history of the NelkBoys:

  • Until 2015, Nelk with YouTube videos about 500 dollars a month not a large sum, especially since it always had to be split. The big breakthrough came with the Coke prank. This went viral and suddenly the income increased tenfold. Two years later, around mid July 2017Nelk reached the first milestone of one million one million subscribers.
  • Since 2017 there is the Full Send brand with merchandise items and extensive online store. A year later joined Stevewilldoit joined the Nelk Boys. And also behind the camera some things were changed, which had the consequence that the videos were produced than ever before. In addition, it happened more and more often that stars were were present.
  • 2020 a lot has happened not only in the business area and in the background, there has also been a big change in front of the camera. With Salim "Salim The Dream" Sirur a new face appeared new face appeared in the videos. He was received positively by the fans and is now part of the team. He did not come alone, but had "Cousin Jay" with him in tow.. He can be seen in front of the camera from time to time – like all the other members of the team – but he mainly works as a cameraman. Before Salim and Jay joined NELK, the two had to live in their car for a while, because they obviously didn't have much money.

    The high level of professionalism of the videos, which by now more reminiscent of a TV show than classic spontaneous recordings, is thanks to a steadily growing team. Since the end of 2020, Nelk has added in John Shahidi an external, very successful successful manager. Shahidi's experience paid off quite quickly. Together with his brother Sam, he was responsible for the successful launch of "Happy Dad" in 2021. launch of "Happy Dad" in 2021. responsible.

  • 2022 Nelk then had an incredibly successful start with the launch of its first NFT. first NFTthe Full Send Metacard. Just as with Happy Dad, Shahidi is likely to have played a large part in this. Who is the mastermind behind the cooperation with Stake in May 2022 is not entirely clear. SteveWillDoIt has been playing in the Crypto Casino and the team's past with casino streams is also known.

It can be assumed that this is far from over. Many experts predict a great future for NELK and Full Send. great future. If those responsible continue to succeed in retaining fans in this way and serving them with suitable products, then there is still a lot of potential in the Nelk Boys.

The Nelk Empire – all the facts

The Nelk Boys are not just a couple of crazy guys who test the limits of their fellow men and the law. Nelk is more than a brand; what started as a joint project has grown into a real empire within the last 10 years. empirewhich is joined by numerous other brands, products and services products and services.

  1. Nelk Inc.: The company is located in Canada, more specifically in Ontario. Kyle Forgeard as well as Jesse Sebastiani and Robin Lee were registered as directors and may still be. No details could be obtained on the current situation.
  2. Nelk USA Inc.: The second site of the Nelk brand, located in Delaware as well as in California. Kyle Forgeard is apparently behind this one as well.
  3. Full Send: This is not a separate company, but a brand of Nelk Inc. It also includes the brands Full Send Fitness, Make America Send Again and Send Club.
  4. Bloody Sunday Inc.: The company is apparently also connected to Nelk, as can be inferred from its location. Bloody Sunday is operated by Jesse Sebastiani and Robin Lee. What exactly is done with this company is not clear. In any case, it owns the trademark rights to Bloody Sunday for the apparel sector.
  5. Metacard LLC: Based in Delaware and California, its own Nelk NFT currency Included membership with special benefits. CEO of the Metacard brand, founded in early 2022, is once again Kyle Forgeard.
  6. Happy Dad LLC: Like Metacard, the company is operated in California and Delaware. The manager's brother, Sam Shadidi, is a registered director. The company owns the rights to Happy Dad and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.
  7. Senders Chicken LLC: The California-based company lets itself be associated with the food service and beverage industry. food industry. Nothing else has leaked out yet, but it seems that CEO Kyle Forgeard has a new project in the works.
  8. Stevewilldoit LLC: Operated and owned by Stephen Deleonardis as well as his mother Marybeth. While the brand is not owned directly by Nelk, the group does profit from the distribution of the Stevewilldoit branded products in the Full Send Shop. The Deleonardis team also appears to own other companies, including TheRealDELEO LLC.

arrow icon
A quick look at the empire is basically enough to identify Kyle Forgeard as the head as the head of the empire. To all appearances, he owns most of the shares in all brands, with the exception of Stevewilldoit LCC and the other brands attributable to Stephen. Kyle is now supported by manager John Shahidi, who is responsible for the administration of the empire.

Nelk Boys estimated assets

Concrete figures can't be given for Nelk, because no sooner has a sentence been written than Kyle and his team have already made earned several million dollars. All in all, one can only estimate that the value of the entire Nelk empire amounts to a three-digit million in the triple-digit millions.

Happy Dad Hart Seltzer
It is difficult to explain how the Nelk Boys manage to reach millions of people within seconds and persuade them to buy new products. This even goes so far that fans camped out in front of the stores at night have to be the first to get their hands on the then-launched Happy Dad Hart Seltzer.

Even more impressive was the sale of the limited edition 10,000 Metacard NFTs. It took the Nelk Boys less than ten minutes to get them out there. ten minutes. Who can say that in this short moment they were able to sell 23 million dollars in that brief moment?

rich-people icon
Hayden Bowles claims to have caught a glimpse of the Nelk Shopify store. According to him, the Nelk Boys earn between 8 and 12 million dollars per drop, on average every two months they come up with something new.

It is difficult to verify whether the figures are correct, but they sound realistic, especially when compared with the statements in the New York Times. In 2020, Nelk is supposed to have succeeded, with Full Send alone alone is expected to generate sales worth 50 million US dollars for the middle of 2021, experts have forecast sales of up to up to 70 million dollars projected.

Taking into account all sources of revenue and the fact that Nelk has millions of fans all over the world, it is quite possible to assume that the value of the empire at several hundred million dollars dollars. Nelk even has the potential to become a billion-dollar corporation.

Nelk private

The boys of Nelk Boys do not share their private lives with the public, or only with the public, or only to a limited extent. After all, such fortunes always involve envy. A life in the public has certain dangers, but Nelk seems to have understood how to minimize this risk.

Despite very close scrutiny of Nelk, it was not possible to clarify the extent to which the the men knew each other before Nelk and what exactly connects them. Exceptions, related to Kyle, Jesse and Lucas, confirm this rule.

If you look at how the young men live, then it is clear: The Nelk Boys, who have remained to this day, have made the right decision. At least for the sake of money they do not have to worry aboutand this creates the ideal basis for them to enjoy their private lives to the fullest.

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