Kyle Forgeard Casino Streamer

Kyle Forgeard Facts
Streamer Name: Kyle
Real Name: Kyle Forgeard


Origin: Canada
Residence: Los Angeles
Year of birth: 1994
Followers: 346,000 (Twitch with Nelkboys)
285.000 (Twitter)
7.380.000 (YouTube with Nelk)
288,600 (TikTok)
2.400.000 (Instagram)
229,000 (Discord with Full Send NFT)
Favorite Casino: Stake
Specialties: Still unknown as a casino streamer, apparently planning new career at Stake, co-founder of prank team "Nelk Boys"
Highest win: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: Approx. 1.5 million USD

In addition to Jesse Sebastiani, Canadian-born Kyle Forgeard is a is a member of the Nelk Boys, a team of young men who Pranks dedicated have. Through this merger, Forgeard became famous above all as a world famous as a YouTuberHe and his Nelk Boys have a whopping 7.38 million followers on the platform.

But what does the Canadian's YouTube career have to do with casino streaming? At first glance, perhaps not much. But his success on the video platform has certainly contributed to the fact that he and the Nelk Boys are now also active on Twitch. active on Twitch and have been active there since May 2022 streams that show him playing at the Stake Casino show.

That there is a connection to the crypto casino the Canadian was the first to reveal on his Instagram channel. The cooperation is certainly a win-win situation, because the reach of the Nelkboys founder is enormous.

Like a change from pranks to casino content Nelk Boys colleague SteveWillSendIt has already demonstrated SteveWillSendIt has already shown how it works. The latter has also recently returned with casino streams, and he seems to be going down well with fans with his gambling content.

Under these circumstances, it seems almost foreseeable that Kyle will also have an equally successful career as a casino streamer is in store for him.

General information about Kyle Forgeard

kyle forgeard insta


The YouTuber's full name is Kyle John Forgeard. He does not have his own user profile on Twitch, instead he streams he streams together with others on the Nelkboys channel. Before he and his friends started Nelk Studios, Forgeard trained in film production. Since the very beginning, Nelk has stood not only for funny pranksscaring passers-by on the street, but also for wild stunts wild stuntswhich Kyle likes to perform in front of the camera.

When asked how Kyle came up with his business idea, he explained that since they were young, both he and his buddy Jesse have been fun making funny videos since they were since they were young. The streamer learned early on how to edit footage, and the quality of his videos is correspondingly high. But he didn't originally expect to be so successful.

As Forgeard himself says fans encouraged himencouraged him to continue. In his early 20s, he came up with the idea of founding Nelk Filmznow known as NELK. The project started Kyle Forgeard together with friends.

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To this day, Kyle puts all his energy into the videos, which provide entertainment worldwide. For this, he and his friends even put up with having to answer have to answer to the in court. The Nelk Boys' jokes occasionally overshoot the mark, and not everyone is thrilled about it, involuntarily become the protagonist or to become the victim of a prank.

Regular conflicts with the law

In September 2017, Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani were reportedly arrested by the police in Toronto. have been arrested. The duo spent a night in jail. The two never commented on the question of why.

Months later, they revealed in one of their videos that they were were on trial and won the won the won the case. To this day, it's unclear what the two had to answer for, but the assumption is that the Nelk Boys went might have gone too far with one of their pranks. with one of their pranks.

Only two years later it hit Sebastiani again. This time he was imprisoned and found guilty. The charge was disorderly conduct, after entering a bookstore smeared with fake blood for the Nelk Boys and appearing to have committed a violent act.

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In court, the Nelk Boys stated that it was a joke. joke. They had wanted to know from customers of the store if there were books on how to disguise a crime. Sebastiani was given a minor fine fine.

It seems that Kyle Forgeard consciously accepts such consequences. Kyle Forgeard consciously acceptswhich may well be one reason for the YouTuber's success. While the judiciary is not known for its humor, the harsher the pranks, the better they are received by the Nelk Boys' fan base. the harder they are, the better they are.

Kyle Forgeard Favorite Games

Since Kyle doesn't stream alone on the Nelkboys channel, it's unclear if the games are also his personal favorites. Probably the selection of games is determined by the preferences of the entire Nelk team. determined. In any case, it can be stated that very often often classic casino games are played. Mainly Blackjack but also Roulette are on the program.

With the large selection of games at Stake Casino, it is then only understandable that Kyle also tries out some here. Besides well-known online slots like Wanted – Dead or a Wild or Fruit Party there are also every now and then new slot machines. In addition, of course, also the represented at Stake crypto games. From this category, especially Plinko is played more often.

What is unusual for some casino streamers, Kyle also gives during the live streams the one or the other sports bet during the live streams. In some cases, he does so on less popular sports. In one stream, the Nelk Boys bet on the outcome of a live table tennis match.

Currently, Kyle prefers to play at Stake Casino:


Visit Stake
  • Bonus: 500$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
  • License:
    • Curacao Gaming

  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • Gamomat
    • NetEnt
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
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    • Wazdan
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    • Relax Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • iSoftBet
    • PlayNGo

When and where does Kyle stream?

twitch logo
Kyle Forgeard uses Twitch as a platform for his gaming live streamsHe mainly presents his pranks with the Nelk Boys on his YouTube channel. Since the Canadian currently has an exclusive agreement with the Stake Casino it can be assumed that his followers can look forward to more slot streams in the future.

Kyle and the Nelkboys usually start the streams around 21.00 or 22.00 o'clock of our time and then spend several hours in front of the computer and the camera. Partly they are live for over five hours on Twitch, which of course seems little compared to other casino streamers. But for that the time for the fans is all the more entertaining. Also, you have to keep in mind that Kyle has plenty of other projects with NELK and his other obligations other projects.

Kyle Forgeard in the social media

Kyle is a true social media prowho knows how best to present himself and what his fans want to see from him. This is not only true for the live streaming sessions at the Stake Casino but especially for the pranks filmed with the Nelk Boys. This is how he manages to gain new followers.

  1. Kyle on Twitch
  2. Kyle on YouTube
  3. Kyle on Twitter
  4. Kyle Forgeard on Instagram
  5. Kyle Forgeard on TikTok
  6. Kyle on Discord

1.) Kyle on Twitch

nelkboys twitch
Kyle Forgeard does not have his own Twitch channel. Instead, he is active on the streaming platform, as well as on Youtube, together with NELK, that is, via the Nelkboys account active. In the past, in 2020, the group operated already once as a casino streamerat that time in the Roobet Casino. After that, the channel lay fallow for a while, until it was reactivated for the Stake Streams reactivated was reactivated.

The reason for the temporary withdrawal was a Shitstormafter it had become known that Kyle at Roobet with his own money had played. The streams were deleted at that time. With the Stake Casino Kyle and Nelk start now a new beginning. Even if only a few hundred thousand fans are currently following, it can be assumed that the numbers will increase quickly. Especially because apparently it is planned not only to publish Stake Streams but also to cover other topics.

2.) Kyle on YouTube

Along with Jesse, SteveWillDoIt and other social media stars, Kyle presents new pranks as the NelkBoys regularly presents new pranks on their joint YouTube channel. These are not only received by the 7.38 million followers followers, but but some of them are viewed more than twelve million times.

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You have to take NELK's performances with humor – which is probably easier for the viewer than for the participants, who unintentionally become victims of the pranks. For example, on May 25, 2022, the Nelk Boys published a video in which they destroy a wedding. destroy a wedding. Let's hope that the bride and groom have as much humor as Kyle Forgeard and his friends.

It's much funnier when the Nelk Boys joke around with supposed "experts". Most recently, the Nelk Boys have taken on the the role of Big Foot and and made fun of a self-proclaimed expert.

The Big Foot video of the Nelk Boys:

In addition to Kyle in his position as NELK co-founder is. SteveWillDoIt aka SteveWillSendIt who is known to have a similar sense of humor, is certainly one of the most best known faces of the Nelk Boys. He is also very often seen in the videos on Youtube. If Forgeard is one thing, then extremely versatile. Not only can he bring mythical figures to life, but he can also transform into a ghost when needed, when he's not fighting for his life in the Amazon jungle.

3.) Kyle on Twitter

kyle forgeard twitter


Kyle officially joined Twitter in October 2011. He lives by his motto "I dont stop", as Forgeard delivers new tweets to his approximately 285,000 followers almost new tweets almost dailywhich show the Canadian from an astonishingly serious side. For the first time, it becomes clear what Kyle associates with Stake's gambling offer, because in the posts he repeatedly shows betting slips with sports betting, which he has completed.

Tweets that Kyle posted alongside Donald Trump are controversial. He and the Nelk Boys have met the former US president several times and seem to be big fans. On the other hand, they make fun of Trump supporters in one video or another. In addition to Trump, there are many other familiar faces in the Twitter feed can be found. Among others. Snoop Dogg, Dana White or Jamie Foxx..

4.) Kyle Forgeard on Instagram

kyle forgeard snoop dog

© – Snoop Dog can always be seen on Instagram pics of Kyle.

Quite private insights Kyle presents to his 2.4 million followers on Insta when his time allows him. Apparently he enjoys his life to the fullest. At least he doesn't seem to have anything against female company in the pool.

Strikingly often the posts coincide with those Kyle shared with the community on Twitter to the community. There are many matching photos here, and the reactions to them are also quite similar. Kyle does not Kyle does not call himself a YouTuber, but a comedian. Humorous pictures are definitely the order of the day on the channel, and there are regular references to Kyle being acquainted with Snoop Dog and other stars here as well.

Of course, Forgeard doesn't miss any opportunity to also present on this channel to present pranks. For example, in March 2022 he introduced himself to a neighbor and made him understand that he was a registered sex offender. At least he was kind enough to invite him to a BBQ.

5.) Kyle Forgeard on TikTok

Funny and entertaining things also happen on TikTok, when Kyle together with the Nelk Boys Kyle performs his pranks together with the Nelk Boys. The short videos showing the Canadian in action have already been viewed 105.7 million times. He shares many of these TikTok impressions on his own channel, but other users are also spreading the videos and stories like wildfire. spread like wildfire.

kyle forgeard tiktok

Kyle himself doesn't have as many followers on TikTok as he thinks. He currently has just under 300,000 registered users following him, 8.1 million likes the young man has recorded with his pranks. He proves that a few seconds are enough to reach countless people. Surely also Stevewilldoit also contributes to this success, because he appears again and again together with Kyle for TikTok in front of the camera.

6.) Kyle on Discord

Discord Logo
Kyle Forgeard doesn't have his own Discord server, which wouldn't make much sense. After all, he appears on different platforms with NELK or Full Send. So it is accordingly also on Discord. Here you can find the Full Send NFT Server – a previously used NELK Discord server is no longer active. Almost a quarter of a million fans are active on this server, and there are often ten thousand or more online.

So there is enough entertainment on Discord, even if it is not about Kyle Forgeard himself. What is unusual, however, is that even the topic of casinos is not really current and dealt with. Rather, the server is dedicated to the topic of NFT and especially the Nelk's own NFT Full Send Metacard.

What is the Fullsend Shop all about?

Together with the Nelk Team Kyle Forgeard founded the Full Send Merchandise brand The online portal offers fans of the prank stars a wide range of promotional promotional items and accessorieswhich can be purchased through the store. In said store there are interesting references to a celebrity partner, which also repeatedly appears on the Twitter channel of Kyle: Snoop Dog.

kyle forgeard happydad


Not only did Kyle launch Full Send, but he also launched the Happy Dad brand. Sold in addition to the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer – a kind of alcopop – Happy Dad baseball caps, cooler bags, candles in the design of beer cans, flags, stickers and lots of other items are sold.

Just like Snoop Dog. Stevewilldoit as merchandising partner for further fan articles in the Full Send Shop. The portfolio of products is now huge and NELK should not least with it achieve high sales.

Less known facts about Kyle Forgeard

Originally the YouTube channel was created by Kyle and his friends as "NelkFilmz" . Most fans call the group of young men, which has since grown, the Nelk Boys. In order to become a successful YouTuber, Kyle decided to drop out of college. drop out of college and instead concentrate fully on his career. his career.

Already 2010 Kyle came up with the idea to create Nelk Filmz. The brand was later renamed NELK. Before this happened, Kyle was just one YouTuber out of many. It wasn't until entry of Jesse Sebastiani and the new NELK concept the success came. The focus was on from this point on were crazy pranks. The first video is titled "McDonalds Job Interview Prank“.

info icon
Kyle knows with his Pranks no limits. In 2015, a video went viral in which he and his colleagues pranked the Los Angeles police police in Los Angeles by the nose. They told them they were in possession of "Cokecoke. As a result, the officers were convinced that they were dealing with criminals. However, the NELK Boys soon revealed that the talk was about Coca Cola.

In fact, even a comedian like Kyle Forgeard has a serious side. serious side. After he founded the brand Full Send Merchandising together with NELK in 2017, started the sale of various fan articles. By October 2018, the first success was already evident and Kyle decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. has dedicated.

Youtube GoldPlayButton
The Canadian and his work is literally excellent, because on January 2, 2018 he and the NELK Boys were awarded the golden YouTube button Award, an honor the team received for having 1 million followers received. Two years later, in February 2020, the NELK Boys moved to a mansion in Los Angeles, which they appropriately call the "Full Send House."

Since July 2020, there has been the "Send Club", another big project of Kyle and his friends. Behind it is a private paid platformthat gives fans access to exclusive merch and other things which are inaccessible to the general public.

Enormous reach as ideal basis for casino streaming

The Canadian's fan base is incredibly large. If Kyle is smart about it, he will surely manage to focus his subscribers' attention on gambling. The first streams in mid-May managed thousands of views thousands of views. And that is certainly just the beginning. Especially if the casino content is followed by other content on Twitch, it can be assumed that the number of followers will explode here as well.

Also in terms of character Kyle brings everything with himwhat it takes for entertaining casino streams needed. The young man is in a good mood every second and can hardly be ruffled, even if he is arrested by the police or threatened by some prank victims, as in some pranks. The ideal basis, therefore, to challenge his luck at Stake Casino and also share such moments with the Twitch community.

idea icon
In any case, it's clear that Kyle generally has experience with slots can show. After all, he and the NELK Boys already worked together with Roobet some time ago. Nevertheless, the cooperation with Stake should be much closer and we can assume that not only will be streamed on Twitch, but more joint projects will follow.

Kyle Forgeard valued asset

Since the founding of the Nelk Boys YouTube channel, Kyle and the guys have built up a huge fan base gathered. More than 7 million subscribers on YouTube alone, as well as others on social media channels like Twitch, Twitter, and even Instagram, are effectively making influencers like him money, and in this particular case, a lot of it. Several celebrity portals agree on projections according to which Kyle Forgeard has a fortune of at least 1.5 million US dollars might possess.

Apart from that, the stakes in the companies behind Nelk, Happy Dad etc. are worth tens of millions of dollars. are worth. He also owns a Lamborghini Huracán, which is available in this country for around 190,000 euros. It is unclear whether Forgeard also owns his own home and what other material assets he has.

information icon
However, he definitely can't live off his earnings as a YouTuber. After a few too many parties during the Corona period, the the Nelk channel was deprived of monetization was withdrawn. This means that it currently does not yield anything.

The New York Times reported in 2021that the revenues from the full send merchandising in 2020 will be around 50 million US dollars were.

Kyle Forgeard private

At July 12, 1994 Kyle Forgeard was born in Mississigaua, Ontario, saw the light of day. The Canadian is the son of Rick and Gayle Forgeard, and he also has a sister, Chantal. Kyle is considered unmarried, he also has no children. Before the YouTuber became successful with the Nelk Boys, which he was mainly responsible for founding, Forgeard interrupted his education at Ryerson College.

kyle forgeard full send


His real plan was to, to study film production. However, it can not come to that, because while Kyle was still in college, it already came to the founding of the YouTube channel "Nelk Boys"which was dedicated to pranks and other funny actions.

That this would hit like a bomb, the team members and also Kyle himself would certainly not have dreamed of. So instead of studying as planned, the Canadian invested all his energy in the YouTube channel as well as in his later founded brand "Full Send Entertainment“.

Kyle Forgeard doesn't reveal anything about partnerships or his free time. All social media channels are largely devoted to his activities with Nelk, while his private life is kept under wraps. private life is kept under is kept under wraps. A typical decision of successful social media celebrities. The only thing that is clear is that Kyle lives together with the NELK Boys in a mansion in Los Angeles, the "Full Send House".

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