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PLEASE NOTE: Casino Club is withdrawing from the Australian market due to the new regulations. Registered players can continue to play with a limited range of games for the time being. Players from Austria are not affected by these restrictions.

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Casino Club enjoys a first-class reputation as a roulette casino. However, this of course does not say much about the website. Exactly this was tested by our editors down to the last detail – with an expected positive result.

The good news: There are no weaknesses whatsoever in the handling. The sections and subpages are clearly defined. Actually, there is really no need for long explanations – and that even if you are playing in a casino for the first time.

Especially on the website, there is no lack of clarity, as the majority of the games offered are only available after the software download anyway. But the software has also been able to fully convince our editorial team.

The categories help you to find games according to your taste. For example, you can choose between jackpot games, the live casino of Casino Club, roulette or video poker. Through this structure, it is actually directly clear what exactly awaits you in which category.

Casino Club Website
$Figure: The website of Casino Club impresses with its clarity and ease of use. The entire design is kept in wine red.

A good website is determined not least by its design. At Casino Club, a very noble shade of red dominates the background. The operators have deliberately avoided an excess of advertisements or other "disturbing factors". Here one concentrates on the essentials – for which the enterprise earned directly a plus point.

Information is not missing naturally nevertheless. All subpages are linked at the very bottom and at the very top of the home page. They lead, for example, to promotions or payment methods. Also gives you the Casino Club transparent information about licenses and seals of approval..

The clever design immediately creates the atmosphere of real casinos. Casino Club is clearly more oriented towards the real world than most online casinos. This is evidenced by the many local events that are held on a regular basis. The idea is to give them the feeling that they are dealing with a full-fledged casino – and that's exactly what the designers are obviously real experts at.

The most important areas at a glance

At the very top right, all details about your personal customer account are listed. To do this, of course, you first have to register and log in. The account balance is of great importance. Namely, it decides which games you can use and whether it might make sense to schedule a new deposit. Also, there is the link to the help page as well as the option to change the language.

Casino Club Help Menu
In the line above there are various other links. You can find out about your first steps, software download or promotions.

You also have direct access to the informative VIP blog here – one of the best we have experienced in the past, by the way. The topic of security has such a high relevance for the operators of Casino Club that it is also listed right at the top.

Casino Club sections
In the line below you will now find all the gaming sections. As already mentioned in the corresponding test section, the offer is quite extensive – and therefore all the more specifically structured. Even as a layman, you should be able to cope with these sections without any problems. If assistance is needed, however, take a look at the "Help" link at the very top. This will lead you to the competent supportwho always has an open ear for your concerns.

For even easier usability, the aforementioned game sections can be found again in the left margin. Here you have access to the entire website portfolio. The structure of the software is a little different, but is as easy to use as the website itself.

Good overview despite a lot of information

Casino Club is very keen on not leaving out any information. Transparency has the highest priority for the company. So much input, of course, first wants to be accommodated somewhere. As we find, the responsible persons have solved exactly that perfectly. You don't feel overrun with information by any means, but you still have an insight into all essential areas.

Casino Club Smash the pig

Game top: Each game, whether slot or roulette, is launched in a separate new window.

The games are started directly in the window without disturbing the structure. Above all, the extremely fast loading times of Casino Club are convincing. Of course, a little patience is needed every now and then, but ultimately this waiting period is perfect to collect oneself once and mentally prepare for the upcoming excitement. Criticism, we must actually express in one point. With the security the casino club takes it simply too exactly, as we find.

What do we mean? Well, as soon as there is no activity for a few minutes, you are immediately logged out. Logging in over and over again can be very tedious at times. So you should definitely be focused on what you are doing in the casino – and if possible, don't let any interruptions occur for too long. Difficult to implement for our editors, because after all, we have written a test report on every detail.

Player protection starts for Casino Club already on the website – and that's before you even deposit money for the first time. Actually, we can only praise the company, because misuse of the personal account is excluded by this measure. However, as long as you play, you of course do not have to fear being "kicked out".

By the way, the lower part of the Casino Club website is also well sorted. Here, the many links are subdivided once again, in order to really not withhold any information from you – starting with contact options, and ending with the topic of "responsible gaming".

Casino Club performance & loading times – our experience

Casino Club is well frequented from early morning to late at night. This made it all the more important for the operators to deliver good performance. In fact, we had to put up with minimal waiting times quite a few times. However, these are only to be feared in the browser. If you are hoping for optimal performance as well as faster than average loading times, then the best thing to do is to opt for the software download.

Only recently the company has decided to do so, Net Entertainment slot machines into the portfolio. These usually stand for very good loading times, and the performance is also convincing. The server seems to handle the rush of the new range well. Despite everything, there can be delays every now and then – for example, when you want to view a subpage. The Casino Club games themselves, on the other hand, load through immediately.

In order to provide you with optimal values, Casino Club basically requires registration. Unfortunately, playing the demo versions without logging in first is not possible here.

clock icon
Using the example of "Smash the Pig" from Gtech, our editorial team checked the loading times a bit more closely. Until the game was completely visible on the screen, about 30 seconds – an average value, which we are quite satisfied with as testers.

Of course, there are companies that deliver a bit better loading times. However, we clearly have to give preference to the performance here, because it is more than successful.

Casino Club is backed by an immensely high level of technology, which has to be displayed in the browser. Especially graphically, the operators and developers try to meet the demands of the players. Now, especially with the loading times, various other factors resonate. A 16,000 line will not be able to show you the games and subpages as fast as the modern fiber optic network. From a purely technical point of view, Casino Club at least no disturbances – and that alone speaks for very well set up servers.

Casino Club website – our conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that the website is very pleasantly designed. It looks traditional and not as colorful as you are used to from other online casinos.

Casino Club sees itself as a real casino, and it makes this clear with its website structure. The probability that you will miss information is very low thanks to this concept. Even in the margins, depending on the subpage, you will find various details about ongoing promotions and bonuses.

We were able to complete the test series on loading times and performance with satisfactory results. In direct comparison with other providers, Casino Club performs well, but it is not the fastest casino we have ever put to the test. The values cannot be criticized in any way, because the games are already active after a few seconds. The most important thing is that Slots and classics run smoothly – which is absolutely the case here.

Also the performance of the Casino Club Live Casino can be rated as very good. Evolution Gaming has set new standards technologically – and that is exactly what you can now benefit from at Casino Club.

Some online casinos we reviewed were difficult to use, at least for inexperienced players. Casino Club is different, because on this website really every area is self-explanatory. For this, the provider has earned a particularly earned a particularly high score.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 96% excellent Casino Club odds
Game offer 93% excellent Casino Club game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent Casino Club Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 94% excellent Casino Club deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 93% excellent Casino Club Customer Service
Website 91% excellent Casino Club Website
Gaming App 93% excellent Casino Club App
New customer bonus 94% excellent Casino Club Bonus
Security 94% excellent Casino Club Security
Experience 93% excellent Casino Club Experience
Overall rating 93% excellent Casino Club Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Casino Club websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%