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Details about Crazy Time


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Min. bet: 0,10 $
Max. Bet: 1.000 $
Payout Percentage: 96,08
Max. Win: 500.000 $
Free Spins: ❌ 
Free: ❌ 

In June 2020, Crazy Time Live Wheel officially went online, having already caused a stir at the ICE Gaming trade show a few weeks earlier.

At first glance, the live game strongly reminds us of Dream Catcher the provider's first live game show.

Here however it goes much crazier to do. In particular the bonus rounds in particularbecause if they run, can up to 500.000 Euro profit be made.

The most important facts about Evolution Gaming Crazy Time

  • Like all Evolution Gaming games, Crazy Time is offered in standard and HD quality
  • The purpose-built live studio is located in Riga
  • Trained live dealers provide crazy and funny moments
  • The game language of Crazy Time Live is English
  • Simple rules are given, the betting range is from 10 cents to 1000 euros

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The idea of Crazy Time – the wheel was not reinvented

After the Dream Catcher Live Wheel of Fortune was very well received, it made sense to redesign it – which Evolution Gaming says it did with Crazy Time. The motto that you don't have to reinvent the wheel is absolutely true here. Again it's about a money wheel, which is equipped with 54 segments. segments. They differ from each other both in color and in value.

Like all Evolution Gaming Live games Crazy Time also takes place in real time takes place. Therefore, players cannot enter a current round. Those who want to participate simply have to wait for the next spin and then have the opportunity to place their own bets and tap on one of the fields. Special skills are not required – this is a great advantage of the wheels of fortune developed by the provider.

Game rules and special features of Crazy Time Live

The basics are similar to Dream Catcher – apart from the special bonus rounds. First of all, however, when playing Crazy Time, it is also necessary to sign up at the preferred casino and make a deposit. The participation is possible from 10 cents per game round possible.

Players can choose from a total of eight betting fields: On the one hand, these are the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. On the other hand, there is the possibility to bet on one of the four available bonus features available. If the wheel would come to a stop on these fields, the user should directly look forward to the corresponding game round and additional chances of winning.

Another option is to bet on all four number fields at the same time or on all four bonus rounds. The bet is then increased accordingly.

> For example, if $1 was selected, the round in which all bonus features or number fields are covered will cost a total of $4.

Once all participants have made their bets, the wheel is spun by the live dealer. First, the ladies and gentlemen at the Crazy Time wheel provide entertaining moments. However, if this slows down, the camera focuses specifically on the segment on which the wheel stops. With audiovisual effects, the excitement increases a little more right away.

Crazy Time – game segments and odds

The similarities with Dream Catcher become apparent in Crazy Time as soon as you take a closer look at the wheel of fortune. As already mentioned, there are several several number fields in different colors. The odds ultimately remain the same. For example, if you bet on 5 and the wheel stays there, Crazy Time pays out five times the amount. The same is true for the other numbers, which, however, end at 10 – and not at 40 as on the Dream Catcher Live Wheel.

Color Number How many times available? Quote
Blue 1 21 times 1:1
Yellow 2 14 times 2:1
Pink 5 7 times 5:1
Purple 10 4 times 10:1
Dark blue Coin Flip 3 times Coin Flip Bonus
Pink Pachinko 2 times Pachinko Bonus
Green Cash Hunt 2 times Cash Hunt Bonus
Red Crazy Time 1 time Crazy Time Bonus

The higher the number, the lower the probability of winning. The table already shows that the chance of easy wins is the highest. Bonus rounds, on the other hand, are hard to hit. However, if this is successful, then there is much more at stake here than just 10x payouts.

Crazy Time bonus games – what's behind them?

Coin Flip Bonus: As the number of available bonus fields suggests, the Coin Flip is not the most lucrative of the bonus games offered. Nevertheless, solid winnings are possible here.

If you bet on Coin Flip and the wheel stays there, the live dealer will flip a coin with a red and a blue one. coin with a red and a blue side..

The color chosen by the player must be on top, because then the multiplier shown on the screen is added to the bet. multiplier shown on the screen will be added to the and the corresponding amount is paid out.

Pachinko Bonus: This round is based on a popular game of chance in Asia. If the bonus is active, a purple screen will open and random chance will decide in which of the lower fields the thrown ball will land. So there is no influence on this.

When the ball reaches the bottom, the ball will reveal the bonus amountwhich will be credited to the player.

Cash Hunt Bonus:
Once again, the game takes place on a separate screen. There you can find numerous multipliers. Randomly, they become classic slot symbols, which are shuffled through by the machine.

Now players should shoot at the fields. What multiplier will end up in the account, it is difficult to predict.

Crazy Time Bonus: The name says it all, because this bonus round developed by Evolution Gaming promises really crazy seconds. Once again, it involves a wheel of fortune. However, this only contains Multipliers that go up to x20,000.

If things go well, there is a chance to win half a million euros here alone – depending on the stake. For this to work, players have to show courage and pull twice on the flaps shown. The risk is higher than in the single round, but in return the winnings are doubled.

What betting limits does Crazy Time Live offer?

Evolution Gaming itself speaks of a minimum bet of $1 – which can be read in the short Crazy Time description on the company's website. However, the provider has long since adapted to the values that are common in this country. Thus it is possible to play Crazy Time Live from 10 cents per round to play. This applies to all live casinos that offer games from the developer in Australia. Here are all other betting values in short form:

  • 10 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 euro
  • 2 Euro
  • 5 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 500 Euro
  • 1000 Euro

The upper limit is probably something for the very brave, but even without being a high roller, you can look forward to Crazy Time games of excitement and entertaining moments with the live dealers. The wheel of fortune is especially lucrative in the bonus rounds and thus accommodates not least those who do not want to invest more than a few euros.

Is Evolution Gaming Crazy Time licensed?

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The developer Evolution Gaming is not only simply licensed, but now has three gambling authorities with official licenses behind it – namely the following:

Due to the strict supervision, the games offered – in this case Crazy Time – are subject to strict regulations. Such regulations refer in particular to fair odds and last but not least reliable payout winnings are paid out reliably.

Crazy Time Live Features

Evolution Gaming fans can familiarize themselves with the game features at their leisure, without having to invest much. However, the bonus rounds are not the only reason why Crazy Time is very well received.

In addition, the release offers the following special features:

  • Play in HD quality or standard (for faster loading times)
  • Various camera perspectives possible
  • Direct contact with other players and live dealers
  • Four exciting bonus rounds
  • Online and mobile playable

The change of perspective of the cameras creates a very realistic atmosphere. The hosts and hostesses at the Crazy Time Live Wheel are constantly in contact with the players. While the latter can also share their conversation with other participants in the live chat While the latter can also conduct their conversation with other participants in the live chat, the live dealer simply speaks into the microphone and can thus respond relatively specifically to questions or comments – almost as if he were standing in the living room at home.

What are the disadvantages of Crazy Time for players

As with all live games, the only thing that counts in Crazy Time is luck. only luck counts. However, the fact that no strategies help is not a disadvantage. In the end, it is precisely this that creates the special excitement that makes up Evolution Gaming games. However, we did discover one small shortcoming: At times, all live dealers speak only English. Communication is therefore only possible to a limited extent for casino customers who do not speak the language.

Technical requirements

Whether on the desktop or mobile: Crazy Time only works when the Internet connection is stable. It is basically the most important prerequisite for carefree gaming fun. The faster the line, the better. The selected device should also not be too old, because in this case loading problems – or even interruptions – can sometimes occur.

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If the game is actually canceled, the casino usually tries to book the amount back. This works only partiallyso that you as a player should make sure that the entire technology runs smoothly. Otherwise, it can happen that you have to accept a loss.

As usual, we advise you to update both the browser and the operating system if necessary before playing Crazy Time Online. This way, the most common problems can be avoided right away and nothing will stand in the way of exciting rounds.

Can Crazy Time be played for free?

In addition to the technical requirements mentioned above, a deposit is essential. This can be completed within seconds in renowned online casinos. Players do not have to invest much to play Crazy Time. So far, however, there is no possibility to try out live games like this one without wagering.

What, on the other hand, does work: After logging into the preferred live casino, you can take the the perspective of the spectator and watch other players place their bets. If the active participation in the game is more important to you, you cannot avoid the transaction in the end. However, as expected, Crazy Time is very accommodating, as 10 cents bet per round is enough here.

Our conclusion about Crazy Time Live

Crazy Wheel of Fortune, which is based on the fundamentals of Dream Catcher, is definitely crazy. By the way, this is not only true for dhe winning possibilities and unique bonus rounds. The live dealers are also great entertainers in the truest sense of the word. great entertainers. Their outfits clearly stand out, because even in terms of appearance, the motto "crazy" is perfectly implemented.

Crazy Time promises entertaining entertainment that requires neither skill nor ability. Evolution Gaming's wheels of fortune are just made for switching off. After a stressful day, not least winnings of up to 500,000 euroswhich Crazy Time Live Wheel holds out the prospect of.

However, whether the game really succeeds in eliciting such sums is, as always, only a matter of chance. And even if not: the atmosphere alone is a reason to test the Live Wheel of Fortune in person.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Crazy TimeAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐96%