Rich through online casinos – is that possible?

Every person dreams of leading a carefree life. Money, as we all know, does not make you happy, but it still calms you down immensely. The question arises how to achieve financial freedom and whether it is even possible to get rich by playing in an online casino by playing in an online casino?

Financial security does not come by chance. Most of the time, hard work and sweat are required to finally be able to lead the life you have hoped for so long after many years. And it could be so simple. Once you bet on the right number at the roulette table, all your financial worries vanish into thin air. Is that really true? Or does the dream burst like a soap bubble in the end? The editorial team explains whether and how you can actually earn money with online gambling can make money.

How can I be successful in the casino?

The fact is that just online casinos with EU license bring with them an incredible profit potential. If you want to be successful in the casino, you need above all a lot of luck and the willingness to invest at least a little money. Freely according to the motto "nothing comes from nothing". Whereby also this corresponds only conditionally to the truth, how our many years of expertise shows.

To success in gambling gambling, it is often enough to find the right casino provider. Especially the big companies in the industry give new customers considerable bonuses. Sometimes there are even free spins for the first day as a gift. From this alone, theoretically high profits can be achieved – if chance so wills it.

One thing you should always be aware of: As the name suggests, online casino is a game of chance. Therefore winnings are not completely predictable and it is not feasible for everyone to become successful with online games. Uncertainties often lead to the opposite, the loss of large sums. Therefore, extreme caution is always advised.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips to increase the chance of earning money in the casino. has tested and proven the strategies and possibilities for years and our contribution is intended as a guide.

  1. Winning money at online gambling – this is how it works
  2. Risks and chances when playing in online casinos
  3. Million dollar jackpots especially coveted
  4. Getting rich from gaming – only realistic for professional gamblers?
  5. It all depends on the right management
  6. Winning in the casino with strategy – especially popular with classics.
  7. With which games can I earn the most money?
  8. Online casinos are more profitable than local providers

1.) Winning money in online gambling – this is how it works

As our casino pros have already noted, there are basically two ways to start making money at the casino. The first and clearly cheaper solution is to, compare casino providers and choose the ones that offer solid bonus offers make available. Every now and then, the focus is on promotions in which new customers can participate without making a deposit. You won't get rich, but at least you can save a lot of money with the right casino. save a lot of money with the right casino.

The second option is a deposit, whereby the amount can be quite variable. A lot brings a lot? Not necessarily. There have factually already players skimmed millions, by just investing a few euros. That, too, is ultimately a matter of chance and personal luck.

For all the anticipation and hope of Getting rich in the online casino it should be said that the choice of the right provider already lays the most important foundation. If you choose a company with an EU license, you can count on fair odds and strictly controlled payout rates. count on. The situation is different with the black sheep, which can usually be unmasked immediately due to the lack of licenses.

Our recommendation: The expert reviews on will help you choose the right provider. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances may sound appealing at first glance, but in the end, only the facts count. These are exactly what shows in detail and bluntly. So it is significantly easier recognize good casinos – just those where it is much more realistic to get rich.

2.) Risks and opportunities when playing at online casinos

A common problem of casino gamblers who aim to wealth with the help of gambling are too high expectations. However, no one will be able to guarantee them winnings – not even the providers in the industry, who really do their best to act fairly and where high payout rates are a given. Those who expect too much automatically tend to invest more money than they have in the first place.

With all hope, the dangers that lurk on the path to riches in online casinos should not simply be ignored. If, on the other hand, you lower your expectations, you can also enjoy be happy about smaller winnings. In fact, very few players become millionaires anyway – regardless of which casino they choose. On the other hand, there is always the risk of losing money. Only those who have this awareness will get a feeling for when it is better to quit the game in the long run.

The art of getting rich and winning thus consists primarily in being happy even about small sums. In any case, it is impossible to define what can be called wealth at all. While some chase after millions, another casino player is already happy about 200 or 300 euros.

3.) Million-dollar jackpots are particularly coveted

Nowadays, it is the order of the day that online casinos lure their customers with high jackpots. Providers like NetEnt, Microgaming and many others integrate progressive main winningswhich are growing visibly. It is not uncommon for sums to be involved here which exceed the million mark by far. This is where many players see their chance.


Jackpot games at Betamo Casino

In this context, we would like to take a closer look the topic of payout rates. deal with. These are often over 96% in online casinos, which in turn accounts for the percentage of funds that flow back to customers in the form of winnings. Progressive machines usually have a significantly smaller RTP, as we know from experience.

That even 2% makes a big

difference should be obvious. For example, if the chosen casino takes in 100,000 euros per day with slot machines like Mega Moolah, then we are talking about several thousand euros determined by the RTP. And the higher the jackpot, the lower the probability of hitting it in the end.

jackpot icon
Despite the awareness that the chance of winning millions is dwindlingly small, countless players today prefer to devote themselves to such slots. In fact, it's much easier to get rich playing games that only yield a few hundred or thousand euros, but have a much higher payout rate overall.

Or to put it another way: Sometimes less is more.

4.) Getting rich at gaming – only realistic for professional players?

Pius Heinz - poker pro 2011

Pius Heinz – Poker pro 2011

poker chip
You may remember the Australian poker pro Pius Heinz. In 2011, he literally put all his eggs in one basket and secured victory. The prize money at that time in Las Vegas was around 8.7 million US dollars.

So if anyone is financially set, it's Heinz. But even before that, the professional player was incredibly good. Time and again he took the top places and won incredible prize money.

The question is whether you can only become rich in an online casino if you are a professional gambler. gambling professionally. In the case of Poker this may even be true, since it is not only about luck, but also about skill. Basically, however, online every player has good chancesto achieve wealth.

Unlike Pius Heinz, hobby gamblers do not need "fixed working hours" and do not have to learn any strategies to win a lot of money in one go. Instead, it is enough to trust in your own luck and in tested random generators. Once again, it becomes clear why players should rely exclusively on licensed and secure online casinos.

5.) Keep an eye on your money and set limits

If luck has its way, then virtually anyone can become rich with online games become rich. It is helpful to think about the money that is freely available beforehand – and to allocate it cleverly. We are not talking about classic strategies here, but rather about using the topic of money management to internalize.

betting limits
If you use your existing credit balance wisely, you will be able to manage it for longer. It makes no difference whether you deposit 10 or 10,000 euros. We recommend everyone to start small. This way you can play different games with a low risk and it is and it is much easier to distinguish between lucrative and less profitable games.

When the first winnings appear, it makes sense to increase the stakes. In this case, priority is given to the balance of the casino is invested and at the same time you save your own wallet. If luck should leave you again, you can lower the stakes.

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The exact ratio is difficult to put into figures here. In the long run, you will get a feeling for yourself when which bet makes sense – and when it is better to take it easy.

6.) Using tricks and strategies

The fact is that professional players use certain tactics to make a considerable sum of money at the end of the month. If you want to get rich with online casinos, you need a little more than just the desire to play. However, you should not immediately quit your job and focus exclusively on slots or table games. As already mentioned, with all the chances of winning, the risks of losing a lot of money are also very high.

Strategies have been popular for many years. This is especially true for classics like Blackjack and the famous card counting or even at the roulette table. From systems like that of Martingale probably everyone who deals with the matter has heard of. Here, the bet is to be placed exclusively on one color. If the other color falls, the bet is doubled. This goes on endlessly until a profit is made after all.

However, the example of the Martingale roulette system shows that the profit that usually comes out is exactly as big as the initial bet. To get it, you sometimes risk hundreds of euros. With a bit of bad luck, the money is gone faster than you think.

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Strategic skill helps especially poker players who earn their money professionally with the game. All others should know that it is advisable not to be tempted by roulette systems and similar tricks. Getting rich in the online casino simply requires much more than a few simple strategies.

7.) Which casino games have the best payout rates?

We will go into more detail in a separate article, which games are particularly profitable are particularly profitable. We can already reveal that it is indeed the classics that offer the best chances in terms of payout rates. In blackjack, the RTP is usually around 97%, which is far above the average that modern slot games deliver to their users.


Live Roulette at 20Bet

Roulette is also one of the games that make it possible to earn a lot of money in the online casino. The advantage here: You yourself have an influence on the chances and risks. For example, if you bet on colors, you have a probability of winning just under 50%. to expect.

This is in contrast to the payout ratio, which is 2:1. The more risk you take and the fewer numbers you bet on, the more money you can make. When it comes to slot machines, you should prefer to pay attention to the RTP instead of focusing too much on jackpots. A higher payout rate means that you are most likely to win quickly even win quickly even with a small stake – although not necessarily the millions.

8.) Higher chances of winning at the online casino

Rich through online casinos – which sounds at first once exaggerated, is – as many large winners prove – quite realistic. quite realistic. Above all, it becomes clear that playing in a virtual casino is by far more worthwhile than visiting a local gaming hall. Also in this context, you can take a look at the RTP. Land-based companies pay out a maximum of half of their revenue, while in the online casino, as I said, it is well over 90%.

However, this fact is only one reason to opt for online gaming. Besides the higher chances of winning the net offers a significantly larger selection of games. After all, good entertainment should always come first. Whether you end up rich or not quickly becomes a minor matter thanks to the huge variety of themes, exciting features and profitable bonus promotions.

plus icon
Which brings us to the next plus point: The betting risk is very low online. Especially when you are a new customer, you benefit from rich bonus offers in a reputable online casino. So basically, you only have to invest a little in order to additionally have solid chances of getting a little richer very quickly.

Conclusion: Wealth is not plannable

Getting rich through online casinos may sound nice, but it only becomes a reality for a few players. The important thing is to keep your joy in playing and be happy even about small winnings. Sometimes exciting hours in good company are worth more than the million in your bank account. And if it should work out with the wealth nevertheless: all the better! Planning and strategically working towards it is virtually impossible.

Editor's tip: As a player, don't let yourself be put under pressure and simply trust in chance with not too high hopes. Sooner or later Fortuna means well with almost everyone once!

Author: Peter McCollinRated: Rich through online casinosAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%