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Important Notice: We are currently not conducting any ongoing quality tests at Bwin and therefore cannot present the brand in question in more detail to our readers at the moment, nor can we recommend it.

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Bwin is a provider that deliberately focuses on simple elegance elegance. The design of the website can almost be almost as minimalist because, with the exception of a banner insert, there is not too much movement here. The colors black and dark gray dominate.

The contrast is provided by colorful thumbnails in the slot machine area. Otherwise, there is not much to say about the visuals. Ultimately, Bwin's goal is to creating clear structures – a goal that the operators absolutely achieve with their website.

However, we were much more interested in the sorting of the gaming sorting of the gaming areas, categories and subcategories. is ordered. After all, the main focus should be on simple handling and menu navigation.

In the test, the company did not perform outstandingly in terms of structure. What is clearly lacking are options for sorting games. For example, if you open Slots, you will find yourself in front of an almost endless preview list. However, the slot machines cannot be sorted by manufacturer, features or the like – which would make things much easier for many customers.

It is advantageous that at Bwin, just like at most companies in the industry a search function is offered. Of course, this will only help you if you already know which slots you want to use. Otherwise, you only have to look around on the Bwin website and browse until you find suitable slots for you.

As already mentioned, the list is long especially in the slots section. Besides it, there are of course other categories, namely: Sports Betting, Download, Mobile and a link to the promotions as well as news about the provider. Right above these links you have the option to choose between the slots offer, sports betting and poker (note – poker is not available in some countries). At the very top right you can log in or register.

As already mentioned, the website is very minimalistic. However, this assessment does not apply to the game offer. But back to the website. If you need help or would like to contact the Bwin support for other reasons, you will find the corresponding options at the top of the page. Under Help, you will find game descriptions, FAQ, tips and tricks on how to get started.

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Should this not be sufficient, an experienced support team will be happy to help you. experienced support team at your side. Our editorial team has also tested the customer service in detail.

The best thing to do now is to wander with you to the end of the Bwin website – where you will be transparently informed about licensors, partners and the company as such. The links below will help you get an impression of the provider and see for yourself where and how the licenses were issued.

A lot of transparent information

Bwin makes no secret about details like the company headquarters, the history and relevant details like the Bwin odds or even payout rates. Everything you need and want to know can be found clearly sorted on the website.

We think that Bwin is rightly patting itself on the back. Not only "great sports" are promised here, but of course also plenty of thrills. The operators see themselves as doers, and ultimately we can only agree with that. The website in particular makes it clear that Bwin understands its craft.

With the transparency, Bwin can score points especially with big skeptics. Even the slightest doubt about factors such as security, prevention of gambling addiction or the like is immediately dispelled thanks to the open website. So there are clearly good reasons to take a closer look at the site. This is exactly what guests are allowed to do for free – another aspect that speaks for the seriousness of Bwin Online.

Our team has its own experiences with the company, which we will show you in the corresponding test section.

Bwin would stand more color

We really don't want to call Bwin number 1 in the industry. In the meantime, there are some competitors who could easily prevail against the company. For the operators, it's about time to bring a little color into the game – literally. Simple elegance may appeal to players, but the colorful dazzling world of slot play is completely missing here.

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A clear plus point of the Bwin website: you can look at it and get information whenever you feel like it. The Registration is not absolutely necessary for thisbecause the operators attach great importance to absolute transparency. This was also reflected in our detailed experience report.

Bwin performance & loading times – our experience

Bwin is a very experienced provider that has mastered the gambling industry for years. Therefore, we were all the more eager to take a closer look at the performance as well as the loading times. Provided that there is a stable internet connection, Bwin can easily keep up with the competition.

However, the provider is rather plain in terms of appearance and performance – which which seems a bit old-fashioned, but ultimately has a particularly positive effect on the loading times. Stable servers are a matter of course for the company. Thus, there are no difficulties even when playing on the go.

Those who decide to play at Bwin benefit from a Good performance. The company lacks a bit of innovation, but we can still sign it a solid base. When a slot machine is selected, it only takes a few seconds before playing is possible – regardless of whether your choice is the PC at home or the apps and the mobile Bwin website falls. Of course, these loading times are also somewhat dependent on your own technology.

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The more up-to-date you keep your browser, Java and co., the sooner you can start fighting for rich winnings at Bwin Online. As plain as the Bwin website looks, it is beneficial for performance & loading times.

Book of Dead
Most of the slot machines can be directly and without detours in the browser. browser without any detours. If you want to enjoy an even better performance, you should decide to install the Bwin software. This is no longer top modern, but ensures a pleasant game flow – even if your PC is no longer the very latest.

Should you actually have problems loading the Bwin game offer you can contact the Bwin technical support at any time. technical support of Bwin. The team will be happy to assist you with anything that is required during the specified service hours.

We can only sign perfect values to a limited extent. Nevertheless, Bwin is very concerned about meeting the high demands of its customers, especially in terms of performance as well as loading times. As a registered user, you should be able to start playing without any ifs and buts.

The more up-to-date the necessary programs – including Java – are, the better it works with the games. Once slots and co. are loaded, the game is rarely interrupted, even with a poor connection.

Bwin website – our conclusion

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Certainly, a simple structure has many advantages. Nevertheless, Bwin's website now looks a bit outdated. At least a little more design would certainly suit the company. The whole thing looks rather plain and almost austere.

The website in particular cannot keep up with today's innovative competitors – even if Bwin is a very good company with many advantages. a very good company with many advantages advantages.

Players are still offered the opportunity to start the download from the website. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary, because almost the entire Bwin game offer is available for download. Bwin game offer are available directly in the browser.

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Bwin is also cutting a better and better figure when it comes to mobile performance and loading times. Of course, we hope that the company will be able to maintain its good standing in the long run and maybe even improve a few small things.

All in all, we still think that a change of style would certainly not hurt the company. It remains to be seen whether a relaunch will take place here just as it has in many other long-established providers.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 91% excellent Bwin odds
Game offer 90% excellent Bwin game offer
deposit/withdrawal 92% excellent Bwin deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 86% very good Bwin Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Bwin website
Gaming App 91% excellent Bwin App
New customer bonus 93% excellent Bwin Bonus
Security 92% excellent Bwin Security
Sports betting 92% excellent Bwin Sports Betting
Experience 92% excellent Bwin Experience
Overall rating 91% excellent Bwin Test

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Bwin websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%