PokerStars Vegas Bonus 2024 – $500 Bonus

Important notice: The offer of PokerStars Vegas has changed due to the new regulations since July 1, 2021. This mainly concerns the game options and the deposit or the stake, where there is a clear limitation. But there are also adjustments to the odds, which have a massive impact on fairness. The average payout ratios have been reduced from the former ~96% to values around 84%.

Providers that continue to operate with win rates of ~96%, we have listed here:

Casinos with high odds


PokerStars Vegas Bonus Terms:

  • bonus
    Exclusive offer from

  • 20 Euro minimum deposit required
  • 500$ maximum starting balance
  • Additional 50 free spins
  • Per euro bonus 5 free points
  • Credit varies depending on game type
  • No Max Bet rule
  • General 1$ bet limit consider!

PokerStars Vegas Bonus Review June 2024:

Our editorial team has managed to negotiate a very exclusive bonus offer for our readers. New customers now have the chance to receive a Starting credit in the amount of 500 Euro. In addition to this, PokerStars Vegas grants every newly registered user 50 free spins for one of the most popular slot machines. These are distributed over two days and are valid for a total of one week. Who has desire on the offer, which must only Deposit $20 and enter the bonus code "SPECIAL500"..

The said 50 PokerStars Vegas Free Spins are tied to the deposit, just like the real money bonus, and can only be played through on the specified slot. Any resulting winnings and of course the cash bonus must be wagered according to the conditions set by PokerStars Vegas. More about how exactly this works in a moment.

Advantages and disadvantages of the PokerStars Vegas bonus offer

  • Just $20 is enough to qualify for the PokerStars Vegas new customer package. A higher investment is possible, but not mandatory. Free spins are activated automatically after the funds are in the account. Winnings end up in a separate rewards account.
  • has the honor of being able to offer players more bonus credits than is otherwise the rule. If you like, you can take home a whole 500 euros instead of the usual 50. This amount is the maximum, which of course does not necessarily have to be completely exhausted.
  • Disadvantage are the quite complicated bonus conditions. You should look at them in peace before depositing money. A comprehensive information page with explanations is of course available to players.
  • PokerStars also offers its users a lot of campaigns that are worthwhile in the long run. Particularly appealing are the Daily Drops, from which customers profit every day anew. Slot races are also a way of boosting your own account balance in no time at all – provided you have perseverance and a portion of luck.

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The editorial team recommends:
Since the bonus conditions at PokerStars Vegas differ greatly from what players are used to, the first deposit should be postponed a bit. In order to prevent misunderstandings and to be able to fulfill the conditions without any problems, it makes the most sense to read through the T&Cs first.

Questions can be asked to the customer service at any time. The trained team really does a great job in this regard and helps even beginners to progress effortlessly.

PokerStars Vegas unlock points explained simply

Usually, slot providers expect players to wager a bonus amount x times. The variable x can be replaced by different values, because in fact these requirements sometimes differ greatly from each other. PokerStars Vegas however goes a completely new and different way – one that doesn't necessarily seem comprehensible right away.

We would now like to try to put the conditions into simple words. According to the provider, every euro granted as bonus credit or won through free spins must be replaced by five free spins points. So, for example, if you have claimed 50 euros and won 20 euros during the PokerStars Vegas free spins, you must then reach 350 unlock points must be reached.

PokerStars Free Spins Points

These unlock points have nothing to do with the bonus points that are also available. Players achieve the latter through their regular activity as well as the use of their own balance. But that's only in passing. Basically, the necessary unlock points can be achieved with all game types and categories. However, there is a clear difference in the crediting.

How many cents or euros per point are necessary here depends on the RTP of the selected slot. If the RTP is below 78.67%, 1 euro is enough. If the RTP is higher, more must be invested accordingly.

More offers for regular customers

PokerStars Daily Drops
Even though the wagering requirements for the PokerStars Vegas Start Credit may seem complicated, it is relatively easy to achieve the requirements within the 28-day period. Once you have achieved this, you can look forward to further promotions and campaigns with the provider. Particularly appealing to us are the Daily Drops. Only a few requirements have to be met in order to secure the chance of daily winnings. However, chance alone decides who will be lucky enough to win.

The PokerStars Vegas bonus points have already been mentioned. They are collected automatically even without a bonus, although the conversion is a little different than with the unlock points. The more bonus points you have saved up, the more attractive the rewards become. So diligence clearly pays off here.

Our conclusion on the PokerStars Vegas bonus

500 euros is a proud sum that new customers will certainly enjoy for quite a while. However, it is of course not a must to invest the same amount right away. If you want to minimize the risk, you can comes from 20 euros in the enjoyment of the starting balance and can also look forward to the promised 50 free spins.

Thanks to the huge variety of games, it should not be difficult for anyone to meet the turnover requirements set by PokerStar Vegas. set up turnover conditions set by PokerStar Vegas. They are anything but typical, but at least players can rely on a clear and transparent explanation on the topic of free points. If you keep at it and focus on slots for a few days, you should have no trouble with the challenge.

At this point we can only recommend once again to increase the turnover in the Slots section to fulfill. For the first time, the payout ratios have to be taken into account. If you make the right choice, the faster you will reach your goal.

FAQs about the PokerStars Vegas bonus

  1. What are unlock points?
  2. Which PokerStars bonus code applies to me?
  3. What is the minimum deposit?
  4. Can I withdraw the PokerStars Vegas bonus?

1.) What are Unlock Points?

For every euro bonus claimed at PokerStars Vegas, 5 Unlock Points must be collected. This works in all sections, although the exact conversion varies greatly depending on the game type and RTP. The conditions are factually different than what you are used to from most other providers. A solvable task is definitely offered to customers here – provided that one manages to collect the corresponding number of unlock points within 28 days.

2.) Which PokerStars bonus code applies to me?

money-bag readers receive a special and exclusive offer from us. Only with the PokerStars Vegas voucher code "SPECIAL500 you will receive 500 Euro starting credit as well as 50 free spins. The code, which can be found on the PokerStars Vegas website, can therefore be safely neglected. If you generally want to do without bonus money, the coupon field is simply left blank during the deposit.

3.) How high is the minimum deposit?

New players need to bring just 20 euros to not only play to their heart's content in the PokerStars Vegas but also to secure the welcome package. So there is no question of a high risk here. If you want the full 500 euro bonus, you have to invest the same amount. However, you are not obligated to do anything here either.

4.) Can I withdraw the PokerStars Vegas bonus?

Once all conditions are met, the bonus amount is deducted again. The good news is that at the same time as the activation points, bonus points also land in a separate account. These in turn can be be exchanged for a new bonus. PokerStars Vegas is always ready for surprises. It is therefore all the more worthwhile to pay the provider a visit and see for yourself what offers are currently beckoning in addition to the welcome bonus.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 80% good PokerStars Vegas odds
Game offer 94% excellent PokerStars Vegas game offer
deposit/withdrawal 90% excellent PokerStars Vegas deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 89% very good PokerStars Vegas Customer Service
Gaming App 95% excellent PokerStars Vegas App
New customer bonus 90% excellent PokerStars Vegas Bonus
Security 90% excellent PokerStars Vegas Security
Experience 80% good PokerStars Vegas Experience
Overall rating 89% very good PokerStars Vegas Test

Author: William BrownRated: PokerStars Vegas BonusAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%