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PLEASE NOTE: Sloty is withdrawing from the Australian market as of 01.07.21 and closing its doors.

"Gaming accounts of players from Australia who try to sign up and play through this site will be automatically blocked."

Unfortunately, Sloty is no longer open for players from Australia. Those looking for a good and reputable online casino will always find what they are looking for on, as we test and present the best providers in the industry.

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The mobile gaming offer of Sloty is simply outstanding. Already on the website it becomes immediately clear that Sloty is focused on the specialized in the field of mobile gaming has specialized in. If you want to gamble on the go, all you have to do is register with the provider and you can hit the ground running. In this day and age, gambling companies can't do without a mobile app. Sloty has cleverly solved the whole thing. The focus is on mobile entertainment. So that every player really gets something out of it, native apps have been completely dispensed with.

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Instead, Sloty provides you with a mobile website that can be opened on all popular devices – whether iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this decision, you can also access Sloty's mobile games on your Windows Phone or Blackberry at any time.

With over 500 mobile games the Sloty Casino is really very well positioned. In addition to the slots mentioned by name, you will of course also experience many a classic game on the go. Although the provider has only been on the market since 2017, there are already some of the best live games for your smartphone here. Thus, you don't have to miss out on anything even when you are far away from your own four walls. New slots and classics are added regularly. So variety is definitely provided here. Since no app download is requiredyou can get started in seconds.

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Although registration is not mandatory, we still recommend it to our readers – if only because registered customers are always informed about new bonuses and promotions as well as brand-new games.

Test report on the mobile games of Sloty

Sloty app home page
The fact that Sloty deliberately does without Android and iOS apps, that is not necessarily a disadvantage. As we know by now, mobile websites are significantly more comprehensive. At Sloty Mobile Casino, you benefit from a first-class performance as well as fast loading times.

To keep everything running smoothly, you should update the software on your device regularly. This applies not only to the operating system, but also to Java, Flash and of course the installed mobile browser. As soon as you open it and enter the URL, nothing will stand in the way of carefree gaming fun at Sloty Mobile.

Mobile availability of Sloty

Sloty Mobile is actually available anytime and anywhere – no matter which smartphone or tablet you use to play at the provider. On the other hand, you will search in vain for special apps. With the mobile website, Sloty makes sure that really no one has to miss out on their favorite games. After all, for the web app there are already more than 500 slot machines and classicsthat cover almost every taste.

Spinit Mobile for Apple customers

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As an iPhone and iPad user, you can open the mobile website just as easily and quickly as any other customer who chooses Sloty. There is no dedicated app on the main site or in the App Store. This makes it all the easier to get started with City of Slots.

Android App from Sloty

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For Android owners, the same conditions apply. It is enough to use the available HMTL5 capable browser – usually Google Chrome – and enter the Sloty Mobile Casino there. So, you won't really have to do much effort to access the games. Here too, however, there is: pay attention to the updates, so that the best possible performance can be guaranteed in the long term.

Sloty mobile website with HTML5

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If you are in possession of a tablet or smartphone, you should actually be able to start without any problems. The prerequisite for Sloty is a browser that supports the HTML5 based mobile website can read. This is actually always the case with the devices available on the market today. Should technical problems actually occur, it is best to contact the provider's support. Trained employees almost always manage to ensure smooth gameplay.

Advantages of the Sloty Casino website

Native apps are always such a thing. Mobile casinos that focus specifically on iOS and Apple can usually only provide a limited number of games. On top of that, as a user, you have to constantly check for possible updates and launch them manually.

With the Sloty Casino website the whole thing becomes a bit easier. If new games are added to the mobile portfolio, they are automatically included and do not have to be added by you via an update. The overall game selection is also much larger, of course. On top of that, you save a lot of storage space on your device. All these were certainly reasons for Sloty Casino to exclusively offer a web app. The success here clearly speaks for itself.

The gaming offer of Sloty Mobile

Sloty mobile games
In the City of Slots way up in the sky, slot machines are particularly high on the list. However, the game offer ultimately covers every taste, as some top classics as well as live games are also represented at Sloty Mobile. Thanks to more than 500 game options, boredom is guaranteed – no matter when and how often you play on the go.

Conclusion about Sloty Mobile

Dedicated mobile casinos are the future – that much is already certain. With its mobile concept, Sloty has created the perfect basis for compete with the competition in the long run. Playing on the home PC is becoming more and more a secondary matter.

A large part of all players in Europe have now "tuned in" to smartphones and tablets, so mobile gaming options are becoming more and more prominent. Sloty Casino is well prepared for this part of the future. There are already more than enough games for every budget, exciting promotions and a Sloty service which can be seen.

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You have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection at Sloty Mobile itself. But that is already the only disadvantage compared to native apps. If you want to convince yourself of the excellence of the website, you can start right away – without any obligations, of course.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 90% excellent Sloty odds
Game offer 94% excellent Sloty game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent Sloty Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 89% Very good Sloty deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 92% excellent Sloty Customer Service
Website 91% excellent Sloty Website
gaming app 92% excellent Sloty App
New customer bonus 90% excellent Sloty Bonus
Security 94% excellent Sloty Security
Experience 88% very good Sloty experience
Overall rating 91% excellent Sloty Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Sloty AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%