JugiPelaa Casino Streamer

Jugi Pelaa Facts
Streamer Name: Jugi Pelaa
Real Name: Jukka Nyyssölä

Jugipelaa streamer avatar

Origin: Finland
Residence: Malta
Year of birth: Unknown
Followers: 69,097 (Twitch)
815 (Twitter)
26.600 + 8840 (Youtube)
16,500 (Instagram)
Jugi Pelaa Favorite provider: Caxino
Characteristics: Full-time streamer, now lives in Malta
Highest win: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown

If you follow the streaming scene on Twitch, you will certainly be familiar with Jugi Pelaa. Although he can be found in the lower places of our international top ranking, he has at least made it this far and also brings a lot of potential with him.

His passion for casino games Jukka Nyyssölä, as the Finnish-born provider is known in real life, now lives out his passion full-time. When he's not in front of the camera streaming live, he's doing something for his steely body, as you can easily see.

Jugi is a Twitch star who spends a lot of invests a lot of time in the live streams. He spends several hours a day in front of the cameras that have led him to success in just a few years. Despite this success, Jugi has remained absolutely down to earth, which gives him an advantage over many of his peers.

He loves to devote himself to slots, but has just as much of a knack for classics, live games and shooters. The mix of different genres is extremely well received by the ever-growing growing fan base. fan base.

General information about JugiPelaa

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Jukka Nyyssölä aka Jugi Pelaa is a person we can sign talent in good conscience. The man knows how to keep the people in front of the screen happy with his humorous manner. Nevertheless, he of course takes what he is doing seriously and knows as well as anyone that gambling always involves a certain risk. associated with gambling.

The streamer gladly accepts this risk in order to inspire his subscribers. The stakes are usually average, which means that – unlike some of his competitors – he is not sometimes no fake streaming streaming.

Since Jugi has chosen live streaming as his main profession, it was quickly decided that he would have to emigrate. In the meantime he lives together with his longtime girlfriend on Maltawhere they both seem to be doing very well. Said girlfriend appears now and then in the broadcasts. This shows how much she stands behind what Jugi does all day.

Especially popular are the Just Chatting moments. Spontaneously, Jugi Pelaa takes several hours of time for his fansJugi Pelaa spontaneously spends several hours with his fans, chats with them and simply puts the gaming as such on the back burner.

Jukka is not only a streamer, but also a very successful bodybuilder. quite successful bodybuilder. He shares his body with the world on Instagram and Twitter pictures as well as in real life at events.

JugiPelaa streaming on twitch

In which casinos does Jugi Pelaa play?

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At the latest now it becomes clear why Jukka left his home country Finland and moved to Malta. There you will find most of the licensed online casinoss, which not only offer a good selection of games, but which are also absolutely serious and fair work.

As far as they are concerned, someone like the Finnish streamer is literally spoiled for choice. Fortunately, Jugi Pelaa knows very well which of the many providers are most worthwhile.

Jugi is a bonus hunter of a special kind. This makes it all the more important for him to obtain from the companies the most attractive actions as possible from the companies. Our readers will also be familiar with most of the providers by now. Jugi Pelaa prefers to play here:

Best rated casino

+ 100 free spins

MGA Malta 2020test nowCaxino Test 2.

+ 50 free spins

MGA Malta
UK Gambling C.
2014test nowRizk Test 3.

+ 200 free spins

MGA Malta 2019test nowWildz Test 4.

MGA Malta
UK Gambling C.
2012test nowLeo Vegas Test

Since there are generally few opportunities to gamble online in Finland, the change of location was certainly well thought out. Jugi Pelaa simply knew what he wanted and that it was his calling as a live streamer as a live streamer.

With the aforementioned providers, that should at least be a breeze, as they all offer both him and his followers plenty of gaming options that are fun and can also be rewarding.

Jugi Pelaa's favorite games

Doghouse slot
This also brings us directly to the question of what games Jukka devotes himself to in the first place. He has become an expert in the field of "natural selection". That means that the Finn knows pretty well which slots and also classics pay off for him.

It's not so much about the financial aspect, but Jugi Pelaa wants to make sure that his subscribers enjoy watching him. This works on the one hand with innovative and new slotsbut of course also with live games. Here is a small selection of the titles that the streamer prefers to play:

  • Book of Ra 6 deluxe
  • Legacy of Dead
  • Reactoonz
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  • Fire Joker

The listed game titles are for an extreme athlete respectively bodybuilder like Jukka Nyyssölä the perfect balance. While he is busy at the shows or in his private life he likes to drive fast cars, he can relax while playing Book of Ra & Co. he can relax wonderfully. The winnings, as chance would have it, come all by themselves.

Jugi Pelaa streaming times and platforms

live streaming
For Jukka, streaming on Twitch is not hard work as it seems. He himself states that he made a conscious decision to quit his real job and become a streamer. He is having fun with this new challenge fun and is clearly happy, even though – even if he may not be at the top of the rankings yet.

For someone who generates income as specifically from live streaming as Jugi Pelaa, the only platform that really comes into question is Twitch. The function on YouTube, on the other hand, he uses as little as his competitors, because here simply lacks the appropriate income structure.

According to the Twitch schedule, Jugi is live seven days a week – namely every afternoon from around 3 p.m.. Once started, the streams run regularly until 1 am. So he starts his job exactly when most of his subscribers call it a day.

The times are ideal for night owls who join spontaneously. These times alone enable Jugi Pelaa to address several target groups at once.

JugiPelaa on social media

  1. Jukka on Twitch
  2. Jugi on YouTube
  3. Jugi Pelaa on Instagram
  4. Jugi on Twitter

The Finn has a knack for selling himself well on social media. He makes use of all the popular channels to promote his streams on the one hand and share his passion for bodybuilding with the world on the other.

In between, fans can even expect the one or other private photoFor example, at the side of his girlfriend, who is obviously behind what Jugi is doing today. Quitting his original job and taking the risk of turning social media into a source of income probably wouldn't have been something every woman would have simply gone along with.

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Jukka, in effect, never misses an opportunity to share content that pertains to his streams. But the Finn has also long since made a name for himself as a bodybuilder on most platforms. Anyone who has trained his body in such a way goes down well with the ladies in particular – which doesn't mean that Jugi Pelaa would lack male fans. Let's take the best look at how the streamer is positioned in detail.

Jukka on Twitch

A lot of his time is actually spent by Jugi on Twitch. Here he announces daily slot streams that make an impact. After all, the gamer from Finland has managed to attract thousands of new fans within a few weeks. thousands of new fans in just a few weeks. within a few weeks. It's not far now to the 70,000 subscriber mark.

To reach this, Jugi Pelaa invests up to nine hours on Mondays to Sundays in his live broadcasts. in his live broadcasts. He doesn't stop until 1 a.m., because in the meantime he also has to devote himself to other things – and above all to the other platforms and social media channels.

JugiPelaa on twitch

The "crazy guy from Finland"as Jugi Pelaa calls himself, must really be crazy. Hardly anyone else invests so many hours in the streams, and that's without any support from other providers.

His girlfriend is by his side in between, but she doesn't replace Jukka. It's surprising that there's any free time left at all. But in fact, Jugi knows how to enjoy them to the fullest.

Jugi on YouTube

Unlike many leading streamers, Jugi Pelaa is incredibly hardworking, posting new videos almost new videos almost daily to his livestreams from Twitch. On the other hand, he does not use the streaming function offered here, as already mentioned. It is noticeable that Jukka various playlists on the legs has put.

It's not always about casino games. Also his passion for bodybuilding and music finds its place here. This explains the figure of 26,600 subscribers, because the Jukka Nyyssölä channel actually appeals to more than just one target group.


Just for understanding: Jukka does not produce music himself. In the YouTube playlist, he merely introduces people to the bands and artists that are close to his personal heart. As always, the topic is purely a matter of taste.

So if you don't feel like it, you'll find it in lists like Casino, Minecraft, Monkey Island 2 and the like. Here is the opportunity to look over Jugi Pelaa's shoulder while he plays.

Jugi Pelaa on Instagram

You don't get much information on Insta, unfortunately. Visible are on the private channel only the subscribers are visible. From around 14,800 in late summer, the number has now grown to 16,500. That's definitely something to be proud of.

Jugi Pulaa Instagram Vorschau nur für Fans

©nstagram.com/jukkanyyssola | Anyone who wants to see the well-trained streamer's Instagram posts has to subscribe to him.

The only drawback is that if you want to get a private glimpse of Jugi Pelaa, you have no choice but to send him a request. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether this request will be answered.

Of course, the Instagram star is allowed a little privacy. As it seems, the Finn shows himself here preferred bodybuilder. Online gaming, on the other hand, seems to take a back seat.

In the short info, we learn that Jukka is both a bodybuilder and an entertainer. He refers to his own website, Twitch and all the other sites that might be interesting for his followers.

Basically, Jugi Pelaa does everything right here as well, because his declared goal is to promote his own career in a likeable way. The fact that he shows a deep view with a half-naked profile picture is certainly intentional.

Jugi on Twitter

Especially here Jukka Nyysölä presents himself as a real all-round talent. He himself says in the short statement beforehand that he is not only an entertainer, but also a bodybuilder, media professional and of course Twitch partner.

The total package Jugi Pelaa has led him to success. The account on Twitter has been around since 2017. However, we are surprised by the fact that only just over 800 people follow him here. Even our experts don't have an answer to why that is.

JugiPleaa on twitter

It is clear that the tweets are not exclusively about gaming. Jugi provides his subscribers with a bit of everything.

Professional and private matters are cleverly mixed here.without the streamer revealing much about himself. For example, you can see what goes wrong for him when he's eating. Bread with half a can of pepper is not to everyone's taste.

What makes Juli Pelaa special

Wherever "Jugi" appears, the Finn simply spreads good humor. With him, connoisseurs no fake accusations because when he plays, it's always for real stakes. The stakes are not exaggeratedly high, but they still bring excitement to the game.

jackpot icon
In the meantime, Jugi Pelaa has developed into a real jackpot hunter developed. At least he doesn't have to worry about the money, it seems. Especially the funny videos in between lighten the mood on Twitter. He obviously strikes a chord with his followers with these.

This channel in particular shows once again how multifaceted the life of the Finn, who lives in Malta, is. All the more reason for us to wish him more subscribers who appreciate his humorous and authentic manner as much as we do.

Bonushunts – Jukka's website in test

The site jugibonus.com is program, because there Jugi Pelaa presents us, which bonus offers are particularly worthwhile for players and how it is about the conditions. Basically, he does nothing else than our editorial team, whereby the focus is very much on campaigns.

MGA Malta Gaming Authority
Our readers should already be familiar with most of the companies presented. In keeping with his new adopted country, Jukka also selects the providers who have a Maltese license and can therefore be classified as safe.

Jugi Pelaa has summarized what his followers from Malta and Finland need to know about the providers. Especially because he himself is a passionate bonus hunter on Twitch it is a pleasure for him to find out the coolest and fairest promotions with his fans. In the end, however, the site is only a secondary matter, because he simply lacks the time to constantly fill it with new content.

Streamer with a sporty attitude



As a bodybuilder, Jukka Nyyssölä has a very sporty attitude, which helps him to do well in live streaming as well. He just takes the losses sportingly and holds on to his previous successes.

In the bodybuilder scene, the Finn is extremely in demand. Already several times he has won various prizeswhich are the reward for his daily commitment. Fitness is simply a must for him, but of course he also allows himself a break now and then.

The beauty of his career is that he can live it to the fullest in Malta. And when another bodybuilding event is coming up, Jugi likes to travel around the world with his girlfriend. It's actually a pity that you see so little of him online in the role of an athlete.

If you want to, you should make a note of the next events and be there live. By the way, Jukka has already traveled to Australia several times for his competitions.

Jukka in private – talented, humorous and likeable

Jugipelaa streamer avatar
As already mentioned, Nyssölä is a real all-rounder. real all-rounderHe may not have been born with talent, but he has the ability to assert himself. He proves that on the one hand in the Twitch scene, because of course Jugi Pelaa is not without good reason in our Top Streamer Ranking not without good reason.

On the other hand, he invests a lot of time in his fitness, and this has also brought him many a success.

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Jukka in website programming appreciate his stamina as well as energy to this day. Although he has renounced the classic job, he is still remembered by his partners as a media professional.

Bodybuilders are often said to have no brains. But Jukka has been proving for years that there is another way. It is precisely the know-how he gained in his original profession that still helps him today to skillfully coordinate his private and professional life. So despite streaming sessions of up to nine hours He has plenty of free time, which he likes to spend at his sweetheart's side.

While other streamers draw attention to themselves through volume and scandals, Jugi Pelaa prefers to focus on professionalism. His target audience is therefore predominantly serious followers who admire his calmness and concentration in the game and who know that there is a lot of work behind a career on Twitch.

Jukka doesn't have to pretend, either professionally or privately, because people – especially his girlfriend – love him just the way he is.

Author: Joshua Davidson