Casino Bad Wiessee

Important information: After the temporary closure due to political measures, the casino Bad Wiessee is open again from May 11, 2020.

The offer is limited, machine play is z.B.möglich. Strict hygiene regulations apply. The wearing of masks is mandatory. Admission is free.

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Opening hours and details


Big Game Sun – Thu, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Fri & Sat, 3 pm to 3 am
French Roulette daily from 15.00
Black Jack daily from 16.00
American Roulette

daily from 15.00 o'clock
Poker Texas Hold'em Cash Game
(registration by phone in advance)
Fri from 20.00
Sat from 19.30
Sun from 18.00
Slot machine game Sun – Thu, 12 to 2 p.m.
Fri & Sat, 12 to 3 p.m.
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • All Saints' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Day of repentance and prayer
  • Sunday of the dead
  • Christmas Eve
Address Casino Bad Wiessee
Winner 1
83707 Bad Wiessee
Minimum age 21 years of age
With company already from 18 years – play prohibition must be kept
Admission free of charge
Restaurant Burner in the casino
daily from 15 o'clock
Bar Lounge daily from 12 o'clock
Tel. reservation:

If you've never been to Lake Tegernsee, you've clearly missed out. Our trip led us not only into the nature, but of course also to the Casino Bad Wiesseewhich has existed already since 1957 in Upper Bavaria there.

The casino has already undergone two moves, as it was much better received and visited right at the start than the casinos of Bavaria had hoped for.

Today, you will find the casino at Winner 1, where you can enjoy more than 6,000 square meters of space not only with numerous play possibilities with mood are held, but also with various Events, draws and not to forget five house-own Jackpots.

If you like, you can not only be a guest, but also give friends and relatives a visit to the casino. The different packages have been put together exclusively for you. You have the free choice!

On the website, the company presents you with all the important information.

And you are not alone on site either. Trained employees are always at your side and help you with your first steps on the "Casino parquet" – so that everything works as you would hope from a well-designed casino.

So let's get straight to the big Spielbank Bad Wiessee test and take a look at what the casino has to offer in addition to games, culinary delights and more.

Pure nature – one of the best locations in Bavaria

The Bad Wiessee casino is located in Upper Bavaria, directly adjacent to the famous Tegernsee, which is known far beyond the Australian borders and appreciated not least as a vacation destination. The region offers many entertainment options for the whole family.

In addition, there is the nature, which invites to extensive walks. There is always something new to discover here, for which it is worth worth the trip. Once you have arrived here, you should seize the opportunity and visit the Casino Bad Wiessee, which has moved several times, but where you can still experience old traditions. Groups are also cordially invited.

The Winner's Lounge at Spielbank Wiessee can be booked free of charge for private parties or corporate events.

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The Winner's Lounge in the Casino Wiessee

Place becomes full in the Casino Bad Wiessee offered for all those who see themselves as real winners. In the Winner's Lounge the completely large Events take placewhich are organized by the casinos of Bavaria. In addition, you have the opportunity to host private festivities here – as well as business ones, of course, such as Christmas parties and the like.

As in all areas, the Winner's Lounge of the Casino Bad Wiessee is subject to the following regulations minimum age of 21 years. Provided the weather is good, some of the events mentioned by the operator are hosted outside – on the Waldbühne, which offers space for numerous guests.

Italy and Asia at the Brenner Restaurant

The restaurant "Brenner in the Casino" is directly connected to the casino and opens daily from 15 o'clock for you. Here, in addition to all the excitement that the casino brings, you will experience culinary delicacies from Italy and Asia – a mix that you certainly won't find a second time in a casino.

Of course you have a clear view of the gaming roomsWhile you enjoy a hearty meal or a snack, including champagne and sparkling wine, you can take a short break. The physical well-being is catered for here on a very high level high level. We have in the casino test above all the Frontcooking because thanks to this, you have the chance to watch the chefs live as they prepare your favorite dish.

Next to the restaurant, there is a bar that opens daily at 12 noon. Here you can get alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of your choice until 2 a.m. respectively. 3 o'clock on Fridays and Saturdays. Due to the fact that the gastronomy is very busy, it makes absolute sense, to reserve a table in time. You can do this by phone – at the number 08022 – 18850.

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Events in the casino Bad Wiessee

On the website of the gambling hall Bad Wiessee you get the opportunity to view the extensive event calendar look at. Here it is by far not only about tournaments, which provide excitement and best entertainment. Raffles also take place on a regular basis. On these special days the entry to the casino is free. The prizes, mostly non-cash prizes, vary depending on the event. Soon the next raffles will start. On occasions such as St. Nicholas and Christmas you can expect in the Casino Bad Wiessee a special gift if you decide to buy a raffle ticket.

Real stars also make regular appearances at the casino. So you almost feel a bit like you're in Las Vegas. However, it is not only singing and dancing, but also cabaret artists have their big appearance here. Thus was Jörg Knorr as a guest, who had celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Carpendale and Karl Lagerfeld on the kicker.

What distinguishes the Bad Wiessee casino?

  • Natural environment – perfect for a vacation with the whole family
  • Events of all kinds all year round
  • Exclusive cuisine in the Brenner restaurant
  • 4 house jackpots
  • Interesting group offers

Give away happiness – as an attractive package

You would like to surprise your loved ones? Then Casino Bad Wiessee has the right gift packages ready! In this casino alone, you can choose between five different packages, which, depending on the offer and specials between 22 and 99 euros per person. cost. Included are among other things some play chips, beverages and depending upon offer also a Dinner.

The casinos of Bavaria – successful for years

Alone the history of the Casino Bad Wiessee can be read interestingly. The casino has been in existence since June 4, 1957.. At that time it was opened in the former Café Bauer. At that time it was not yet clear how well the concept would be received by the guests. Just a few years later, the operators had to contend with a lack of space and then decided to expand their offering. The new building on the shore of the lake was completed in 1969. In 2005, there was another move. The construction took a total of almost two years, but was more than worth it for operators and guests.

Today you have in the Bad Wiessee casino you have around 6,000 square meters of spacewhich invite you to play, eat and spend an entertaining evening with friends. The games themselves have of course become more and more modern over the years. Nevertheless, the casino can be described as a traditional house that does everything in its power to preserve its tradition in the long term. This is reflected in the style of the modern but still classic design.

Roomtour through the casino Bad Wiessee

The gaming offer at Casino Bad Wiessee

An area of 800 square meters alone offers space to play with slot machines of all kinds to occupy yourself. The advantage here is that you no high risk of betting is demanded of you. Various multi-roulette and other slot machines are already available from 30 cents bet. Also Keno and Hyperlink machines are available in the The games on offer at the Bad Wiessee casino in large selection available. Special attention is paid in the slot casino of the Casino Bad Wiessee of course the house jackpots. We will tell you a few more interesting details about them later.

roulette icon
Who prefers the classical variant, which may its luck gladly in the Roulette Casino, at Blackjack and poker. Here, especially high rollers are in good hands, because depending on the table, bets of up to up to 12,000 euros. An important part of the gaming offer are the poker tournaments that take place regularly. In order to be able to participate, however, you must register in good time at the casino. The buy-ins are variable and can be found on the website of Spielbanken Bayern.

Four jackpots are waiting for you

No good casino without a jackpot. Strictly speaking, there are four of them, on which you can count in the Spielothek Bad Wiessee may hope. This is certainly one of several reasons why the casino has made it to 6th place in our Australia-wide rankings. rankings. Three of the jackpots include several thousand euros.

The highest one was at around 4 a.m. on April 23, 2018 at over 19,500 euros. Since these are progressive jackpots, it will be significantly higher in the meantime. After the gigantic hyperlink jackpot, it is mainly the house jackpot that causes excitement. Also here are usually 10.000 Euro and more for you.. But that's just the beginning, because if you're a little lucky, you can win the car jackpot. Content this year: a VW Golf Join.

In the casino itself is explained to you on request exactly which of the several hundred games are connected to the respective jackpots of Spielbanken Bayern. Of course, chance alone decides when and which prizes are awarded. If you simply want to experience excitement and fun, we can recommend a regional speciality at this point.

At Casino Bad Wiessee, you can play Bavarian Texas Hold'em a very special poker version which you will only find in this form in Bavaria. Hence the name. What exactly is behind the Casino Bad Wiessee Poker variant, the dealers at the gaming tables will be happy to tell you.

What is the dress code at Casino Bad Wiessee?

casino dress code
As in most casinos in Australia, the the Bad Wiessee dress code has been relaxed a bit.. Nevertheless, there is an obligation to wear a shirt as well as a jacket. The latter you can borrow at the checkroom of the casino, should you spontaneously decide to visit.

You are welcome to be a little more formal. After all, the casino is a real traditional house, where well-dressed guests are simply a must. So easily, moreover, you can transfer the very special atmosphere to yourself and feel like a real star guest.

In the slot casino is neat casual clothes is allowed, but of course there is nothing to be said against the jacket, which must be worn in the classic area. Whether you tie a tie or not, that is up to you.

What are the opening hours in the casino Bad Wiessee?

Bavaria is a predominantly Catholic state with quite a few holidays. On these (also to be seen in the listing above) the Casino Bad Wiessee is generally closed. The big game opens on all other days at 3 pm and closes on Fridays as well as Saturdays at 3 and Sundays to Thursdays each at 2. The slot machine area is already open from 11 am. Here, too, you can challenge your luck daily until 2 or 3 o'clock.

The admission to the Casino Bad Wiessee is free of charge. Meanwhile, the casino points out another special feature. Gambling here is only permitted from the age of 21. However, the visit is already allowed at the age of 18, provided that an accompanying person over 21 years is present. Anyone wishing to visit the casino needs a valid photo ID to present.


How does the Casino Bad Wiessee perform in our test?

Both in terms of Game selection and gastronomically the casino knows how to convince. The flair is uniqueAbove all, the view of the beautiful lake puts you in a good mood. Whenever you are traveling in Bavaria, you should take the opportunity to visit the Bad Wiessee casino in person.

Fair gaming stakes and exciting jackpots are two more good reasons to do so. The casino rightly occupies sixth place, as it offers a mix of gaming, entertainment and culinary delights that is in no way inferior to the higher rankings. Particularly recommendable is the offer "Tegernsee by night". When it gets dark, the entire lake is illuminated. You should not miss this color spectacle!

Author: William BrownRated: Casino Bad WiesseeAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%