Social Casinos in the test 2024

Since there are social networks like Facebook & Co, the so-called social casinos are also increasingly on the rise. But what exactly is behind the trend and is it even possible to make real profits in a social casino. We would now like to answer these and many other questions.

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Social games are in vogue – and by far not only at home on the PC, but above all on the move. Almost every new game app today can be connected to the aforementioned social media. These, in turn, give you the opportunity to interact with other players, exchange ideas and support each other.

There are similarities to social casinos, but the community takes a back seat, while the main focus is on the fun of playing. Slots like Book of Ra and classics can be played anywhere at any time. Entertainment comes first, so real winnings are not distributed in the social casino. Despite this fact, millions of people use the offer.

The best social casinos in comparison 2024

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What exactly are social casinos?

Basically, social casinos look almost like their "real" counterparts, which include NetBet, Wunderino, DrückGlück and countless other companies. So, also in a typical social casino you get the opportunity to try out new or but old familiar casino games. The big difference is that there are no no real profits are are paid. But of course you do not have to invest any money.

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There can be in-game purchases depending on the provider, but we will ignore them at this point. As already said, it is about free and nevertheless exciting entertainment. In this respect, the Social Casino is in no way inferior to its role model, the real online casino. The game is played for coins, which you receive when you register. Whereby: A registration is actually not required everywhere. This is also a clear plus point. If you connect the social casino with your Facebook account, your score can be saved without any problems and you are automatically part of the community, which will be happy to give you a few tips if necessary.

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By the way, you can play not only at home. In most cases, the provider offers a suitable social casino app that can either be installed or opened in the smartphone browser. The focus is always on togetherness. Of course, it is still fun to compete with friends. Coins, bonuses and the like can also be exchanged.

The emergence of social casinos

Just a few years ago, this form of entertainment did not exist. Strictly speaking, social games were offered, but until then they could only be found individually on Facebook. At some point, the gambling industry apparently also discovered the advantages of this form of gaming – the first social casinos were born. In the meantime social gaming has become an integral part of social networks and it is hard to imagine social networks without it.

The question of how operators keep their heads above water financially is relatively easy to answer. Anyone who has ever used a social casino knows that there are always advertisements there. For these, the companies are rewarded. If you don't like annoying ads, you can – which brings us back to in-game purchases – purchase a corresponding package. This is another way that social casinos earn enough money in the long run to be able to continue providing their fans with exciting games.

These are the advantages of social casinos

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If you like to play for free, then social casinos are the perfect alternative to real money casinos. You can pursue your passion just like in a casino. However, you do not spend any money here, but play for free – and with all your friends who are registered just like you.

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There is the possibility via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Co, Inviting friends to connect and literally join forces. If a member of your team is short of credits, coins, etc., then you may help each other out. Giving away is simply part of the social casino experience.

Advantages of social casinosDisadvantages of Social Casinos

  • No betting risk
  • Social competencies are promoted
  • The victory moves into the background, it is primarily about the community
  • One finds quite also new friends and Gleichgesinnte
  • Social casinos are consistently safe
  • Contests promote stamina
  • Material prizes are sometimes possible
  • The risk of gambling addiction is lower, since it is nothing but fun
  • Even the biggest jackpots are not real
  • In-game purchases can be quite expensive
  • No protection of minors as in the real casino
  • The excitement is a little more manageable without real prospect of winning

Social Casinos FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there bonus offers in social casinos?
  2. Are there social casinos apps for on the go?
  3. Can you win real money in social casino?
  4. Is a deposit required at the social casino?

1.) Are there any bonus offers in social casinos?

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Yes, there are those as well. However, the starting balance does not consist of real money, as is usually the case in online casinos. In social gaming you are usually given several thousand game coins – which, depending on the company, require a small deposit.

Although you can't win any money in social casinos, your willingness to put in the effort pays off faster than you might imagine now. On the one hand, the bonus coins exceed the value of your deposit, and on the other hand, if you are one of the strongest players, you will receive attractive bonuses.

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Don't worry: Reputable social gaming casinos by no means fob you off with penny products from China, but you can be sure, high-quality material prizes to get. However, this requires perseverance, a little bit of courage, and a willingness to go all out in your social network.

2.) Are there social casinos apps for on the go?

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Social casinos usually offer you the option to play on mobile. Special apps or mobile websites are available to you free of charge. If you are already registered with a provider, you can easily log into the mobile app and play your favorite games on the gowhenever and wherever you feel like being entertained.

This feature shows that a modern social casino is in no way inferior to its "real" counterpart today. At the end of the day, it's all about the excitement and the community. You can share joys and sorrows, winnings and losses at any time with all those who have joined you in social gaming. This is certainly one of the main reasons why social casinos are becoming increasingly popular, in addition to gaming options on Facebook and other networks.

3.) Can you win real money in social casino?

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No, in the social casino there are no real money winnings. Just because you don't get paid any money, however, doesn't mean that social gaming isn't worthwhile. Especially the top providers of the still young industry focus on rewarding players with great prizes.

From voucher for well-known online stores to Travel and cars you can even win a whole lot here.

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The biggest advantage of social casinos is that you do not have to invest a fortune in these opportunities. Often, just a few cents are enough to celebrate your first successes. Of course, luck plays just as big a role as in real money casinos. Also, depending on the type of game – for example, games of skill – a little strategy can help.

4.) Is a deposit necessary in the social casino?

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As in the classic online casino, you also have the option in social casinos, to play completely free of charge and look at all the special features of the provider in the social network.

Then, of course, the real winnings are omitted for the time being, but there is nothing against making up deposits later on in your visit.

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As a rule, you have the opportunity to take a look at the Rewards Shop to throw. This will make you realize quite quickly why playing at the Playing at the social casino is almost as worthwhile as at the online casinosthat promise you real winnings.

You will probably never become a millionaire here, but a dream trip is also worth something. Who can claim to get paid for his exclusive vacation by playing his favorite slot paid for his exclusive vacation? paid for? That's exactly what makes real-money social gaming so appealing. If things go well, you might even win your dream car. There are many possibilities, and taking advantage of them will cost you just a few euros.

Our conclusion on social casinos

Use well-known and popular games without risk, while you celebrate every win and mourn the point losses together in a strong community. This is exactly one of the main reasons that social casinos have also established themselves quite quickly in Australia. You by no means have to spend money all the time to have fun. This has been impressively shown to us in numerous tests. Especially providers like Gametwist are very popular, because here you can still find real Novoline machines. No real money casino can offer this today, as the corporation has said goodbye to the real online market. Alternatives like are also worthwhile.

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Even if it is not much more than points, the social casino comparison is worthwhile. Some providers are quite willing to surprise tournament winners with non-cash prizes. We think that when it comes to thrills, these companies are in no way inferior to the real online casinos.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Social CasinosAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%