OrangeMorange Casino Streamer

OrangeMorange Facts
Streamer Name: OrangeMorange
Real Name: Kevin Jens Bongers


Origin: Australia, Bergisch Gladbach
Residence: Madeira
Year of birth: 1993
Followers: 525,000 (Twitch)
63.300 (Twitter)
266,000 (YouTube)
108,400 (TikTok)
2,400,000 (Instagram)
25,700 (Discord)
Favorite provider: Stake
Specialties: Lives in a shared apartment with streamer Scurrow, computer games
Are his passion, streams daily
Highest win: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: Estimates

The English-speaking YouTuber and Twitch streamer OrangeMorange, whose real name is Kevin Jens Bongers has already achieved a lot long before he turned to casino games.

His breakthrough as a streamer OrangeMorange celebrated with the computer game H1Z1and even reached fourth place in a tournament in 2017. fourth placewhich brought him prize money of 6,000 euros.

At that time, the bonus was certainly more than welcome to him, but in the meantime Kevin Bongers should be relatively free of financial worries. financial worries. He has a considerable reach as a streamer and also on YouTube, and since May 2022 he has also had a streaming deal with the Stake Casino.

The streamer reaps with this decision not only positive feedback. Streaming colleagues such as the Australian YouTuber Tanzverbot and also Unge sharply criticize the decision to stream for a casino.

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Interesting fact: Already in 2019, Kevin Bongers has turned his turned his back on his home country and is together with Scurrows in a WG on Madeira drawn. They both share a passion for gaming, and in fact they are not the first to make it to the "Streamer Island island. It seems that the prominent Unge is a direct neighbor of the native of Bergisch-Gladbach.

General information about OrangeMorange

Kevin Jens Bongers aka OrangeMorange was born on June 10, 1993 in Bergisch Gladbach, Australia. born, the gamer spent most of his life in Cologne until he turned his back on Australia in turned his back on Australia in 2019. Already early he discovered his fondness for computer gameswhich he still devotes himself to today. These include primarily. GTA, Valorant and Fortnite.

To the streaming OrangeMorange came to streaming through H1Z1. This online community game was first available for pre-sale in 2015. Players are offered the option to choose between two modes, "Battle Royal" and "Just Survive", to date there is a huge community, the basis of the game is the PlayStation4.

Kevin Jens Bongers was not always a streamer and gamer. Before he appeared on social media as OrangeMorange, the Australian completed an apprenticeship as a media designer print & digital. After that he started a dual study. Bongers actually wanted to join the police service apparently had all the prerequisites. It is probably due to his breakthrough as a gamer that Kevin dropped out of his studies after just one year. dropped out of his studies. Since then, he has dedicated himself body and soul to live streaming.

How Kevin Bongers came to the "Island of Streamers

For quite some time now Madeira as the island of the streamers of streamers. Anyone who doesn't emigrate to Dubai as an influencer will find themselves here. Madeira is, strictly speaking, a group of islands and also the name of the main island. Politically, the archipelago, which lies off the northwest African coast, belongs to Portugal.

Besides OrangeMorange, many live streamers have been drawn here, among them his WG partner Scurrowsbut also influencers like Unge, Tasty and Anni the Duck.

OrangeMorange has 2019 decided to to emigrate to Madeira. In an interview he revealed what made him make this decision and how he lives there.

Scurrows is said to have thanks to that they live together in a shared flat there today. According to Kevin himself, he would never have would never have dared to take this to take this step. The two had only known each other for a few weeks when the emigrant island first came up in conversation. After weighing the merits, the decision was quickly made.

Since OrangeMorange has been away from Australia, the direct personal contact with his fans was torn off. When he lived in Cologne, he was regularly recognized on the street and asked for photos and autographs asked. Amazing for Bongers, because he says himself that he only gambled games.

The Australian claims to have enjoyed a relaxed everyday life without hectic to enjoy. For all those who are looking for exactly that, the island is the right choice in his estimation. He likes the monotonybecause the daily routine is almost always the same. Whether other streamers are looking for exactly this lifestyle, he is not able to say. Rather, he believes that most of his colleagues who settle in Madeira are following a hype.

OrangeMorange casino deal brings shitstorm to YouTube

OrangeMorange is by no means the only Australian streamer who has been accused by Online casinos like Stake attractive offers have made attractive offers. Especially providers with a certain reach are relying on it more and more these days, streaming influencers for themselves. What has worked for Kevin Bongers is meeting with a lot of interest from stars like Simon "Unge" Wiefels and also Kilian "Tanzverbot" Heinrich meet with criticism.

Streamer dance ban


Tanzverbotwho saw the light of day in 1997 in Berlin, has a 1.12 million followers heavy YouTube community on his site. The web video producer thus has a considerable reach. He uses this in a video from May 17, 2022, to criticize OrangeMorange. In it, he responded to the stake cooperation announced by Kevin.

For dance ban incomprehensible. According to him, casino streamers have to do nothing more than talk about the provider for a few minutes and display a banner to earn 30, 40 or even 50,000 euros per month to earn. To them the Play credit besides donates they do not even have to finance their stakes out of their own pockets, according to Tanzverbot. Winnings OrangeMorange and other casinos streamers are allowed to rake in.

The session in which Tanzverbot listens to OrangeMorange's announcement and comments live is available on YouTube:

Not only does this fact seem to annoy Kilian Heinrich, but he also repeatedly makes comments to the effect that he considers the casino business to be immoral and dangerous considers. The reactions, more than 600 under this video alone, were not long in coming. Although OrangeMorange has numerous fans, there is also sharp criticism.

Unge Streamer


This also joined Unge who, according to his own statements a 5 million Euro casino deal. have rejected. Simon "Unge" Wiefels calls casino streams "absolute filth". "absolute filth" and claims never to get involved in such offers. He says he is disappointed in social media stars like Kevin Bongers.

The criticism is well-founded, because Unge is not just anyone. Just like Kevin, the Youtuber and web video producer lives on Madeira, apparently even door to door with OrangeMorange and his flatmate Scurrows. Unge sees the fact that YouTube stars like OrangeMorange have a huge community as a problem. huge community community, which includes not least children and young people belong to. Only through the casino streams of their idols would these be brought into contact with gambling, which Unge believes could have serious consequences.


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  • Establishment: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
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OrangeMorange favorite games

On a whim, Kevin Bongers decides what to play on camera. The streamer by no means limits himself to bonus slotsbut also exploits the casino portfolio by playing crypto games as well as live games. Among others, the following casino offerings appear in his live streams:

  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland
  • Limbo
  • Gonzo's Treasure Hunt
  • Roulette
  • Star Clusters

Stake Originals stand for exciting entertainment, because especially in Limbo, Plinko or even Crash you need a good good intuition and luck. In the previous live sessions OrangeMorange has proven both several times proved several times. His video highlights show that he has won many times with his favorite games.

When and where does OrangeMorange stream?

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Australian Kevin Bongers differs from other live streamers in several ways. On the one hand Kevin is one of the few gamers who go live every dayand does so consistently. On the other hand OrangeMorange does not start his broadcasts in the evening, as it is the case with most of the competitors, but at 4 p.m. at the latestand usually even an hour earlier.

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Although OrangeMorange is active on all the usual social media channels, he broadcasts his sessions live exclusively on Twitch. This is worth highlighting, as he could also live stream on YouTube, at least in theory.

Let's move on to the third and final special feature. While the Twitch schedule is filled in after the fact, subscribers and visitors to OrangeMorange can already in the run-up look up what the gamer will offer them in the coming days and weeks. In doing so, he has reserved certain days for certain themes:

  • Monday to Wednesday: "Treat Free Spins".
  • Thursday: 2 scatters
  • Friday: Friday Scatter
  • Saturday and Sunday: Just Chatting with special guests

So it can be stated that for OrangeMorange fans there is a clear timetable exists. If you want to be part of it, you can always join the events that are scheduled for 6 hours streams at any time.

OrangeMorange on social media

Since 2015 Kevin Bongers aka OrangeMorange has been active on social media. His first account account on the platform Younow, which is less prominent in this platform Younow but he only spent a few months there before moving on to the more popular channels. It was only as a Twitch streamer Kevin celebrated the breakthroughbut even before that he gathered a large a large community on YouTube around him. Private life and professional life flow into each other on his social media pages.

  1. OrangeMorange on Twitch
  2. OrangeMorange TV on YouTube
  3. Kevin Bongers on Twitter
  4. OrangeMorange on Instagram
  5. Kevin on TikTok
  6. OrangeMorange on Discord

1.) OrangeMorange on Twitch

A majority of his time Kevin Bongers spends a lot of his time on Twitch, where he offers his more than 500.000 followers new live streams every day which almost fill a classic working day, usually lasting at least six hours. In addition to casino games, OrangeMorange always takes time to chat with Twitch chat with colleaguesbut he also doesn't leave his fans out in the cold.

Already on the homepage it becomes clear that Bongers has other preferences besides casino games. Computer games like GTA5, Valorant, Obvility, Fortnite, Counter Strike as well as Lego Star Wars are by no means neglected, OrangeMorange also takes a little time for these in between. So on the Twitch channel there are several facets of the of the native of Bergisch-Gladbach.

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Interesting factOrangeMorange is one of the few Twitch users with "hooks. This says that the account has been officially has been verified. This is a comprehensive application process that the user must go through. This was already completed by OrangeMorange in mid-2017.

2.) OrangeMorange TV on YouTube

Currently, OrangeMorange is followed by around 266,000 fans on its main channel, which it maintains on YouTube alongside three other accounts accounts. Lots of Twitch highlights can be seen here. OrangeMorange's appearances in the casino are less in focus here, but rather funny pranks are shown. There is also a section "Try not to laugh". Kevin Bongers can often be seen here at the side of his ex-girlfriend Maria.

It is noticeable that Bongers does not use the YouTube channel so actively. not as active as one is used to from other streamers. Until February 2022, the gamer uploaded new videos quite frequently, but in the meantime it has become quiet around the OrangeMorange TV channel. Something similar can be said about the channels "OrangeMorange Insta Story“, “Morangine" and "Kevin", whereby the latter in between interesting interviews with social media stars ready.

In conclusion, it can be stated that Kevin Bongers is not a classic YouTuber but his focus is clearly more on his Twitch careerwhich he has been steering in new directions since May 2022 with the Stake cooperation. If you want to know more about the Australian's private life, you can certainly find one or two pieces of information on the four YouTube channels.

3.) Kevin Bongers on Twitter

If you are interested in facts and figures of his Twitch career, you should follow Kevin Bongers on Twitter. Here he regularly publishes his streaming statistics. More and more often it is about casino streaming, while some exciting details about his private life can also be found on Twitter.

For all those who appreciate OrangeMorange as a streamer, the content is particularly interesting, because there are on the Twitter channel, which is currently followed by about 63,300 fans, regular announcements. As already indicated, OrangeMorange has not only made friends with the decision to stream casino games. The gamer tries to ignore hostility. For example, he wrote on 7. June 2022, he deleted a tweet because he was too old for "unnecessary beef."

Just on Twitter, it appears that Kevin Bongers is having to justify himself more often for his decision to take off as a casino streamer have to justify. Nevertheless, the fans remain loyal to him, and for them he continues undeterred, reveals more about his planned live streams and, of course, shows off his winnings, which obviously make him particularly proud.

4.) OrangeMorange on Instagram

On Instagram, Kevin Bongers presents himself as a gaming video creator and from his private side. To see there are various snapshotsbut also photos on which he puts himself in scene. He especially likes to show his naked back, which is completely tattooed. For this he also regularly reaps criticism.

At least about Cat Milouthat Kevin shares with the community in his Insta posts, there's obviously nothing to complain about. The droll ragdoll breeding goes down well with fans.

In addition to cat Milou, it is mainly the private impressions, which make Kevin Bongers approachable. He also likes to take his fans with him on trips.

5.) Kevin on TikTok

OrangeMorange tiktok


On TikTok, Kevin takes part in various challenges, including challengeswhich is very popular with the over 100,000 subscribers seems to be well received by the more than 100,000 subscribers. In one of these challenges he tries MontanaBlack tries to lure him out of his reserve.

There isn't too much new content, but the existing videos give us a deep a deep look. For example, Kevin takes his fans to Madeira. From the terrace he films his adopted countrywhich not only has a fantastic beach to offer, but also prominent neighbors. prominent neighbors. At least viewers want to have discovered Simon "Unge" Wiefels, who also lives on Madeira. He is, as it seems, a neighbor of Kevin Bongers and at the same time one of his sharpest critics.

Also for one or the other real talk Bongers is always available, if he is not just sharing his wisdom and life hacks with the fans. You can learn from the gamer how to eat bananas correctly and what to do to get rid of an annoying double chin.

6.) OrangeMorange on Discord

OrangeMorange Discord


If you like, you can follow Kevin Bongers on Discord. Already 26,000 users of the social media platform have opted in. Superficially it is about Twitter contentthat are discussed on the channel. For comments and suggestions OrangeMorange has an open ear for comments and suggestions. Like most streamers, he is supported by several moderators.

The advantage is that the exchange takes place in Australian takes place. Users can join Kevin Bongers' Sub Talks at any time once their account is verified.

Kevin's passion for collecting NFTs and console games.



To show his fondness for NFTs, PS4 and also Gameboy games with fans, Kevin Bongers has created the Instagram channel "Morangecollector has been set up. Two non-fungible tokens are listed here so far: a whimsical person referred to as Sevens, and a mutant.

Who took the pictures and what value they have is being hotly hotly discussed. In fact, OrangeMorange is keeping about the prices he charged for thehe paid for the NFTs and what they would fetch him today if they were for sale.

In the profile description, Kevin Bongers describes himself as someone who loves games in an emotional way. emotional way. In addition, it names games that OrangeMorange is currently desperately seeks. He himself sells parts of his collections from time to time, and games that have already been sold find a place in their own section.

Kevin's passion for collecting games ranges from the first to the fourth Playstation. Furthermore he owns original boxed classics for the Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced and Gameboy Color.

One can definitely claim that these are real rarities because most of the games that were on sale at the time have probably long since been disposed of by their owners or are gathering dust in the attic. OrangeMorange on the other hand guards these games like the apple of his eye, unless he spontaneously decides to sell parts of the collections.

OrangeMorange as a guest on the reality show "House Party X

On the paid streaming channel Joyn has been running the reality show "House Party X – Who has the best vibe?". Star of the series is Jonas Wuttkewho became famous thanks to social media. He regularly invites 14 influencers at a time and influencers to his house party invite.

house party X


At the show, already numerous social media stars participated, including Ron Bielecki, Estefania Elisa and even Kevin Bonger's current girlfriend Shaiden Rogue. The special thing about the show is that obviously everything is allowed is allowed. There is wild canoodling and the stars have to face numerous challenges.

Each show runs 10 hourshourly, stars are voted out of the voted out. Only those who are dissolute enough have a chance to win at the end of the house party 10,000 euros to win. Wuttke is inviting guests to a posh villa in Italy.

Those who know social media stars like Ron Bielecki may already have guessed: the shows, which are provided as streams by Joyn, are by no means completely adult. Alcohol flows in streams, and there are many a time a lot of naked skin to see. This explains why the age rating is 16 years age.

Kevin's career as H1Z1 gamer

OrangeMorange didn't come to streaming via online casinos, but before that he was an ambitious H1Z1 player. Behind the abbreviation is a community game of the Daybreak Game Company, which was developed for the masses. The first Windows version came out in May 2018, and later the studio decided to release the game additionally for the Playstation 4 release.

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The place of action is the USA, where a Zombie apocalypse has taken place. There are two game modes to choose from, the Survival as well as the Battlefield mode. OrangeMorange was particularly good at the former. Kevin Bongers experienced his breakthrough in live streaming after he won the 2017 fourth place in the H1Z1 Invitational tournament. won.

He was able to secure 6,000 US dollars with this placement, but today there seems to be no connection to H1Z1 anymore, Bongers instead focuses on the "evergreens" among computer games, such as just GTA and Fortnite. He still devotes himself to these games when he's not streaming casino games.

OrangeMorange girlfriend, relationships and drama

While most gamers keep a low profile when it comes to their relationship status, OrangeMorange likes to show who's by his side. From 2018 to 2019 Kevin Bongers was with Maria Cataleya who is herself an active as a streamer is or was active as a streamer, because her Twitch channel has no new content for some time, and the old videos have also been deleted.

Kevin is said to have lived together with Maria for a few months, and their relationship was made public on social media. It was mainly characterized by constant quarrelswhich the couple had openly discussed in front of a running Twitch camera. Not too bad an idea, as it turned out, because it was precisely the way the two dealt with each other, attracted attention and brought Kevin Bongers a lot of new followers.

The relationship ended quite quickly. Today OrangeMorange in influencer Shaiden Rogue with whom he is only too happy to show off on his YouTube channel.

Both go to questions from their fans and say, among other things, that they are ready to get married. However, OrangeMorange once again earns criticism with his choice of partner. After all, Shaiden Rogue is not a blank slate. She owes her success to, of all things Erotic videos. According to rumors, Shaiden and Kevin are living in an open open relationship.

Orange Morange estimated assets

According to estimates, between 2019 and 2021 Orange Morange is expected to generate around half a million euros earned. However, his fortune continues to grow, as Kevin Bongers is still very active, whether on Twitch or on other social media platforms, which provide him income in the long term. income.

casino streamer
Deals with providers like Stake can pay off from experience. So critic Tanzverbotthat streamers like OrangeMorange receive tens of thousands of euros a month if they regularly step in front of the camera for the casino and broadcast their gaming sessions live.

Twitch is likely to regardless of its current activity, the main source of income. This is supported by the fact that activity on YouTube has dropped sharply. To what extent his participation in the reality show Hausparty X was honored and whether the fees are even worth talking about is unknown.

Kevin Bongers private

Kevin Jens Bongers, as OrangeMorange is called with his full civil name, spent a large part of his life in Cologne. spent a large part of his life in CologneHowever, he was born in Bergisch-Gladbach, a city directly neighboring the metropolis. In an interview, Bongers revealed that his private life is characterized by clear structureshe likes the simple life and actually does the same thing every day, from breakfast to going to the gym to streaming, which he starts with in the afternoon.

hearts icon
OrangeMorange likes to share his private life with fans on popular social media platforms. He just lets them get close to him with regards to his relationship status close to him and does not shy away from criticism or confrontation.

Although Kevin is involved with Shaiden Rogue he does not live with her on Madeira, but has formed a shared with Scurrows, who is also very activewho is also very active in live streaming. Both seem to be on the same wavelength. According to Bongers, it was thanks to Scurrows that he dared to turn his back on Australia and start a new life in Madeira. new life on Madeira in Madeira.

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