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PLEASE NOTE: Mybet is withdrawing from the Australian market and closing its doors.

Unfortunately, Mybet is no longer open for players from Australia. If you are looking for a good and reputable online casino, you will always find it on, because we test and present the best providers in the industry.

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Mybet has restructured its website just a few months ago – much to our delight. Of course, our editors didn't miss the opportunity and immediately went on a search for clues.

After all, long-established players in particular will be interested to see what changes have been made and whether they have any effect on everyday gaming at the casino. In purely visual terms, the site has improved significantly.

Mybet is now away from its royal blue and relies on a timeless design in pleasant gray tones. This makes the entire presence look a lot more grown-up and, above all, classier than before.

In addition, the sections and subpages as well as information fields have been completely reorganized. The search for games, details and co. should be easy for you by now, because everything has its fixed place at Mybet.

At the top you will find your account, provided you are logged in. The account balance is displayed here, and you have the option to deposit or withdraw money.

In the bar on the left you will see the different Mybet sections: The slots, sports betting and not to forget the promotions.

The new, fresh design of the Mybet Casino actually makes a lot of things easier. Even without any prior knowledge, it will be immediately clear to you where exactly your preferred games – or sports betting, for that matter – can be found.

Click on this main page, you will be shown next to the personal customer data, which subcategories there are. You have the possibility to view all games at the same time. You are allowed to view the games of the selected section as thumbnails and table.

What is unfortunately missing is the indication of the software that developed titles like "Alaskan Husky" or even "Aloha! Cluster Pays". Sorting is possible by alphabet, manufacturer, betting options and payout rate. In addition, Mybet provides you with a search function on the website. This is absolutely practical if you already know exactly which game you want to watch.

Transparent information on the website

Of course, you will only see the account details on the Mybet website after registration. Until then, the fields remain empty – but that surely goes without saying. Let's move on to the lower part of the website, which is very informative, at least for experienced players. Without a long search you will find here important information at your disposal. You will also be informed about payment providers directly on the home page – as well as about all the companies that are responsible for your safety.

For example, if you click on the MGA logo, you will land directly at the Maltese Gambling Authority and find all the details about the licenseswith which Mybet has been granted.

The transparency that the provider offers on its pages clearly speaks for its seriousness. The footer with all the information remains identical on the subpages. So you can get directly to the Mybet support, can deal with the payment methods and, of course, find details about the provider itself.

Pleasant overview even for beginners

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The clear plus point of the Mybet website is the fact that even without prior knowledge, every player can reach their goal with just a few clicks. There is a pleasantly clear structure, to which there is actually not much more to add.

You also have enough time to take a look at the site at your leisure – even without prior registration. Mybet pursues a concept that is obviously not only aimed at experienced gamers, but will new customers in particular should.

You are provided with information on all games on the website. These will help you get started. If, contrary to expectations, problems do occur, you have all the contact details of the support are directly available. You don't have to search for this on the Mybet site for a long time either. The only drawback is the charge for the hotline. In return, you can reach the live chat daily from 10 a.m. – completely free of charge, of course!

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It is enormously important that the Mybet website is so well sorted. After all, there is no alternative for them, because the operators completely do without a software download. You will find various info on all bonus promotions, and there is a "Play Now" button for the games.

By the way, as a registered real money player you still have the option to play the free of charge with the portfolio. Various details about this can also be found on the website.

MyBet Performance & Loading Times

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Mybet has changed a lot in the last few years. With all the innovations, the performance as well as the loading times became better and better. The provider still enjoys great popularity. Accordingly, there is a lot going on here, especially in the afternoons and on weekends. The operators do justice to the great rush.

They obviously rely on strong serverswhich rarely suffer from overload. Now and then, of course, it can happen that there is maintenance work. Mostly, the responsible persons do this in the early morning hours, because then the visitor frequency is the lowest. Performance as such does not suffer.

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On the contrary: You as a player can only benefit from the constant checks of the technicians. As soon as the maintenance has run, you are assured of fast loading times and stable performance around the clock. has not tested Mybet's performance on the PC alone, of course. It was just as important for us to check the mobile version and find out how stable the website runs on the smartphone. Even here, the provider manages to withstand our critical gaze.

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The quality of all games is first-class, and despite insanely attractive graphics, there are no shortcomings whatsoever when it comes to loading times. You don't have to do anything other than launch your favorite games. Within seconds you can get started and experience a pleasant game flow without interruptions.

Exceptions occur when the internet connection is problematic. Of course, Mybet itself has no influence on this. Admittedly, we would not have thought that the performance would be so convincing. After all, Mybet has been using different software for quite some time. There is no download, so you can basically play directly in the browser – or on your cell phone. Despite everything, you can expect stability here, which we describe as exemplary.

Mybet Casino website – our conclusion

Even with a detailed review of the Mybet website, we cannot find any point of criticism. You can expect a pleasant structure, the games are well sorted and also the essential information about the support can be found without any effort.

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Overall, Mybet can only be praised for the fact that so many factors have changed for the better in recent years. Of course, the design of the site also helps in the decision-making process. Here, the company can also score points, because after many years, the old familiar blue has completely disappeared.

Instead, the operators have opted for a clearly more adult design – and this seems to go down well even with long-established players. All in all, Mybet has really earned the high score for its website that our editorial team awards. Especially the separation of slot machines and sports betting has advantages – which not least have a positive effect on the performance.

The performance test kept our editors busy for a while. After all, we had to visit Mybet at different times of the day. Like all providers, it is also differently frequented depending on the time of day. Mybet withstands the rush even on weekends, when really many players are active at the same time.

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For the performance as well as the loading times the company has earned the full score – and that even with a view to the mobile gaming section, which the operators have made very pleasant.

There is actually no reason to criticize the performance in any way. However, if problems occur, it makes sense to check your own PC or Internet connection first. The high-performance servers that Mybet works with usually run flawlessly.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 80% good Mybet odds
Game offer 92% excellent Mybet game offer
deposit/withdrawal 92% excellent Mybet deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 91% excellent Mybet Customer Service
Website 89% very good Mybet website
Gaming App 90% excellent Mybet App
New customer bonus 89% very good Mybet Bonus
Security 90% excellent Mybet Security
Experience 79% average Mybet experiences
Overall rating 88% very good Mybet Test

Author: William BrownRated: Mybet websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%