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Important notice:Betsson Casino is withdrawing from the Australian market and will no longer accept new players with immediate effect. Already registered customers can continue to play in the casino for the time being, but the poker section will be completely discontinued.

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Betsson has chosen a simple yet very attractive website. opted for. All products and game categories are clearly sorted. This makes it easy to get started, especially for those of us who have never played in an online casino before.

However, the simple structure has another reason. In the meantime Betsson Mobile extremely popular. Since there is the mobile website in addition to native apps, the operators had to rely on a timeless, clear design. After all, Betsson performance and loading times are the main focus of the responsible persons.

Who wants to have to wait minutes for the game to start just to look at pretty animations and a colorful background? The fact is that Betsson can't go wrong with a white background as well as high-contrast thumbnails. You won't have any trouble dealing with the categories, information pages, links and co. here.

Of course, attractiveness is always in the eye of the beholder. For our taste, the Betsson website is really well done. At the very top you will find your account information – right after the Betsson login.

Below that you will find current promotions and bonuses presented as a slide show. This gives you an overview right away and you might even decide to take advantage of the welcome package right away. Our personal highlight is the very informative blogwhich lets you dive even deeper into the world of the provider.

Our editorial team has essentially limited itself to the part of the website that is directly related to the online casino. On the left margin you will find all the gaming sections – starting with exclusive games, up to daily jackpots, Roulette, vending machines and many other categories that will provide variety in your four walls and, of course, mobile.

Once you have selected a category, you will immediately notice that the Betsson Casino website is very clearly arranged despite its great variety. You can click on a preview image at will to start your preferred game. Alternatively, this casino also offers you offers a search function which allows you to access your favorites even faster.

Betsson Winners
In the right margin, Betsson presents you with the best jackpots as well as current winners. Let's take a closer look at these. You can tell from the sums shown that we are dealing with a reputable provider have to do with.

The fact is that even at Betsson not every player picks up a fortune. It is the small winnings that keep the spirits up. Mostly two to three digit sums are listed. Of course, this doesn't mean that there isn't a jackpot or two in it for you.

Transparency at all levels

A good casino website must not only be clear, but also transparent. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will learn everything you need to know about the Betsson company. You will also be taken to the customer service section, where you can take your time to read the extensive FAQs which will provide you with answers to all common questions.

T&Cs, and other links can also be found here. No facts are forgotten, which clearly speaks for the seriousness of Betsson. The operators are very concerned about pointing out the dangers of gambling. You simply have to be aware of the fact that not every player can always win.

Losing is not a bad thing, but it is the right way of dealing with it that makes the difference between classic customers and those who are already in danger of falling into a gambling addiction. All the more reason for Betsson to point out to users several times on its own website that gambling also involves certain dangers.

The Betsson website is not only about a pleasant style, but above all about providing information as transparently as possible, information as transparently as possible.

Betsson Mobile also convinces

Betsson Mobile App Sport
The mobile website is, in our opinion, even a bit fancier. However, this is due to the smaller resolution, where the simple design can unfold its full effect.

The loading times and the performance are idealto play a few rounds in a relaxed atmosphere even far away from your own four walls. This is exactly what Betsson has been working towards for many years. The menu makes it easy to access products, sections, games and information. Deposits and withdrawals also work as easy as pie on the mobile Betsson website.

information icon
Basically, of course, we also love sites that bring color to life. But exactly this would distract the focus too much from the essentials. That's why it's just perfect the way it is. We are especially enthusiastic about the high graphical quality of the games.

Betsson ensures this by exclusively winning top partners for cooperations. The servers are powerful and turn the actually simple website into a true gambling paradise, in which even critical players will immediately feel at home.

Betsson performance & loading times – our experience

The game selection is not the only criterion that indicates the level of seriousness in the online casino. Equally important is the question of performance and loading times.

At Betsson, we had no reason to complain, because within a few seconds it was possible for us to use selected games. Once these are loaded, the carefree fun can begin without interruptions, loading inhibitions and other hurdles. Betsson Casino also cuts a good figure in terms of performance. We honestly did not expect anything else from a renowned provider like this.

Betsson delivers perfect gaming quality to your home – and to any smartphone or tablet, by the way. The games run smoothly and sometimes seem incredibly lively. This sets the company apart from many of its muckrakers in the industry. Admittedly, it took a bit longer than usual for some slots before we could start playing. However, even with a loading time of 30 seconds, we can talk about a solid value.

In terms of performance, we can only take our proverbial hats off to the operators. They have obviously spared no expense and effort in order to bring you the best possible gaming experience directly to your home.

Surprisingly, the performance is flawless despite the fact that Betsson now does without a software download. Games are played exclusively in the browser – or just in the Betsson Casino app, which we deliberately tested individually.

When which games load and how fast is somewhat dependent on the developer. NetEnt Slots you can usually enjoy them enjoy after 10 secondsIt takes slightly longer with other providers. However, this is also due to the fact that the graphics are becoming increasingly high-quality. 3D Slots give you the feeling of being live in the action instead of just being there.

Betsson website – our conclusion

All in all, the Betsson Casino website leaves a lasting lasting and above all positive impression. It is easy even for complete newbies to find their way around here and, for example, to take a look at the various casino game sections. Using the search function, you can reach your goal even faster – if you know which slot or classic you want to play.

For our part, we cannot find any fault with Betsson's loading times or performance. The games are flawless, winnings are posted in seconds and displayed in the account balance. We have not experienced any interruptions even at Betsson Mobile – which clearly speaks for the fact that those responsible invest a lot in their project.

If, contrary to expectations, you still have technical problems, then the following will help you the Betsson customer service will be happy to help you solve them. Of course, your own technical conditions have to be right so that the casino can assure you of the best possible values in terms of performance & loading times.

thumb-up icon
You will immediately recognize and learn to love the simplicity. It only takes a few clicks to access info, make payments or get in touch with support. You won't have to search for links for a long time thanks to the good overview.

Test category Score Recommendation More info
Odds 90% excellent Betsson odds
Game offer 91% excellent Betsson game offer
Live Casino 80% good Betsson Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 88% very good Betsson deposits/withdrawals
Customer service 93% excellent Betsson Customer Service
Website 91% excellent Betsson website
Gaming App 92% excellent Betsson App
New customer bonus 91% excellent Betsson Bonus
Security 90% excellent Betsson Security
Experience 80% good Betsson Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Betsson Test

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Betsson websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%