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PLEASE NOTE: Intercasino is withdrawing from the Australian market and closing its doors.

"On Wednesday, July 25, players residing in Australia will be blocked from making deposits on our websites and these players will be asked to withdraw all outstanding funds from their accounts by September 13. On Monday, September 6, all betting and gaming activity will be blocked."

Unfortunately, Intercasino is no longer open for players from Australia. Those looking for a good and reputable online casino will always find what they are looking for on, as we test and present the best providers in the industry.

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Today, nothing works without smartphones and tablets. Of course, Intercasino, which is now over two decades old, is also aware of this fact and decided some time ago to provide customers as well as guests with a high-quality mobile app to supply.

If you are looking for gaming fun on the go, tradition and innovation, you can easily combine all three aspects here. On top of that, new Intercasino Mobile customers benefit from 110 Free Spins as well as up to 900$ welcome bonus.

Intercasino has always stood for unique entertainment. The casino was one of the first in which the game for real winnings was allowed at all. Today, it is impossible to imagine the industry without the provider. It was clear that it would not work without mobile casino – at least in the long run.

Whatever makes a gambler's heart beat faster is made available by the company on mobile devices – starting with virtual slots and table games, all the way to the mobile live casino, which can also be accessed here without much effort. The path to a full-fledged app was a rocky one for the operators. In the meantime, however, customers are no longer lacking anything when it comes to mobile, as the portfolio has been upgraded considerably within a very short period of time. Let's now take a detailed look at the result.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Intercasino app


  • Solid selection of games of all types
  • High quality & fast loading times
  • Usable without download
  • Free offer
  • No special Android app
  • Not all desktop games available

Test report on the mobile games of Intercasino

Intercasino App
As before, there is the possibility to download the appropriate app for your iOS device download. An Android app, on the other hand, is not available. However, the game selection is significantly larger when relying solely on the web-based app at Intercasino Mobile. It also has the advantage of being available to all players – even those who use a Blackberry or Windows Phone, for example.

Mobile availability of Intercasino

Just recently, the portfolio at Intercasino was expanded to include games from various manufacturers. The main responsible party is Amaya, but various other top corporations are now also diligently mixing in on the site. This has a positive effect on the development of the mobile alternative, if nothing else.

Those who are in possession of a common smartphone or tablet do not have to do without the provider's own favorite games on the go at all. The operators were quick to realize how important it is to cater to as many to meet the needs of all target groups. For this reason alone, the main focus here today is on the Intercasino Web App with HTML5because it is also available to users who do not use an Apple or Android device for gaming.

Intercasino Mobile for Apple customers

The app download on the iPhone and iPad works in a few simple steps. The safest way is to download the Intercasino in the App Store download. But the alternative via the in-house website also works quite reliably. The installation is no longer a must, but ultimately it can't hurt to opt for the app. In terms of performance, players enjoy clear advantages here compared to the mobile website.

Android App from Intercasino

If you are using an Android device, there is no need to worry about the app download first. Instead, Intercasino Mobile relies here on the Web variant with HTML5. All you need to do is open the browser, enter the provider's URL and log in. Of course, if you are already a customer of the provider, you do not have to laboriously register again.

Intercasino mobile website with HTML5

Since Intercasino no longer relies solely on Cryptologic, mobile gaming is finally possible at any time without an app. Using your HTML5-enabled browser, you can access the site from any smartphone or tablet.

The biggest advantage is the significantly larger game selection, as you can effortlessly access the entire portfolio without having to put up with any lengthy installations. With the web app, customers of the mobile casino are extremely flexible. Even access to the Intercasino Live Games has been possible for a short time. These in turn require a real money bet. Many of the slots can also be played on mobile devices with demo credits.

Advantages of the Intercasino website

Basically, apps are limited to only one manufacturer, and that is iOS. This is exactly the catch that many mobile casinos have to deal with. However, in order to provide free access to all other players, Intercasino has decided to offer the website mobile via the smartphone browser.

Here, the type of device hardly plays a role. Whether Blackberry, Windows Phone or the like: Guests and customers can basically play as long as their smartphone browser is HTML5 capable. On top of that, the Intercasino website offers significantly more choice of games than their previously available apps.

One can choose choose between countless slots, classics and even live games. Boredom certainly doesn't come up quickly with all these options.

Specialized apps may deliver higher performance, The mobile website, on the other hand, impresses with its incredible range of games that do not require a download. of games, for which no download is necessary. Of course, you also have full access to deposit and withdrawal methods and can also look forward to many a special bonus.

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The only condition: The Internet connection should be as stable as possible. Loading problems always occur when the network gets worse. In this respect, apps definitely have an advantage.

The gaming offer of Intercasino Mobile

Intercasino App Games
Basically, as a mobile player, you don't miss out on anything at Intercasino. Certainly, the range of slots, classics and live games has been narrowed down a bit. Nevertheless, you can expect a balanced mix of everything.

And even some jackpots can be won on the way a little luck, of course, is always a prerequisite. Most of the games today are adapted to mobile devices. A quick look is enough to get a feel for the possibilities Intercasino Mobile offers.

Overall, the portfolio is extensive. Of course, there are providers with an even larger selection, but those responsible here deliberately set out to design the games as clearly as possible.

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A registration is basically a must at Intercasino mobile as well. However, players can of course decide for themselves whether they want to with real money or prefer to play for free. play for free. What other options and bonuses are available can be easily found out on the mobile website as well as on the PC at home. In our opinion, the structure is absolutely successful.

Intercasino App Download

html5 icon
If you own an iPhone or iPad, you still have the option with this provider to perform an App Download. However, you are not forced to do so, because also the Web App with HTML5 is also available. Thanks to it, both storage space and a little time can be saved. Those who want to test a few games quickly can safely do without the download. For devices like Windows Phone, Android systems and the like, there is actually no app download at all at Intercasino.

In the meantime, HTML5 is the means of choice for this company as well, because the mobile website makes it much easier to reach the largest possible reach as large a target group as possible. Technologically, this variant is clearly in no way inferior to the Intercasino app download available for iOS systems. On the contrary, there are even more games to discover here, and the portfolio is updated fully automatically.

Install Intercasino App

The lack of an Android app logically means that users of the corresponding devices do not have to install it. Web apps basically work without any effort, since they are just normal websites that can be accessed with all conceivable cell phones – and tablets as well. Neither the casino itself nor the games have to be installed. For many a wonderful solutionEspecially those who prefer several providers can save time and nerves.

Since the installation is omitted, one is when playing on a stable connection to the Internet connection. Only if the connection is reliable, customers can rely on fast loading times and the best possible performance. best possible performance performance. It is therefore important to pay attention to this factor at least. Everything else does not play a major role for users of the Intercasino web app. If you want to stay up to date in terms of quality, you would do well to update your operating system and of course your browser every now and then.

The Intercasino Mobile App for Tablet

It makes no difference at all whether you open the casino on your smartphone or on your tablet. The app – or web app with HTML5 – always remains the same. The beauty here is the automatic screen adjustment. Thanks to it, you don't have to worry about any hassle at all as a customer.

If the website is opened in the installed browser, it immediately has the optimal size. Intercasino has put a lot of emphasis on this. Of course, the games are shown to their best advantage graphically, because the tablet is more than twice the size of a standard cell phone.

How do I bet real money at Intercasino Mobile?

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On the tablet, just as on the smartphone, there is no need for an app download. Here, too, customers benefit from the web variant at all times and can also enjoy the fact that almost all games are presented to them directly. are presented to them directly.

First of all, it is good to know that you do not necessarily have to play for real money. However, for those for whom just that is important, they will of course get the opportunity on the go, carry out transactions. All that is required is a customer account, which can be set up on the go within seconds.

After logging in for the first time, you already have access to the cashier and can choose any of the common payment methods. If the decision is not a standard bank transfer, the desired amount is available in real time. available in real time and nothing stands in the way of the real money mode.

Who helps if the Inter Casino app does not work?

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Normally, the app runs smoothly. Ultimately, the operators have no influence on the user's technical problems. So, if it does not work, it makes sense to try restarting the device and checking whether the browser and the operating system are free of errors. If this is the case, it helps to contact the customer service via desktop chat or e-mail. As a rule, the team takes care of the the solution very quicklyand technical staff also do a great job in the background.

Whenever you have the opportunity, you should use Wi-Fi networks to play at Intercasino Mobile. The saves data volume and provides the necessary stability. A plus point: Even if it actually comes to cancellations in the game, the staked money is not lost. Spin Palace relies on solid protection mechanisms that benefit virtually every customer who plays on the go.

Intercasino Mobile advantages over the desktop variant

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The fact is that with the smartphone – and certainly also with the tablet – you are much more flexible than if you stay exclusively at the PC to play. If you are on the go a lot, you don't have to miss out on your favorite slots, traditional table games or live gaming thanks to Intercasino Mobile. live gaming without. The responsible parties focus on offering their customers as much variety as possible. Qualitatively, the app is also in no way inferior to the desktop version.

The main advantage is the fact that you can enjoy exciting games everywhere. enjoy exciting games and sometimes also high chances of winning come. If you play on your cell phone or tablet, you can also choose between free and real money mode. So there is no pressure to make a move, which makes the decision even easier. Once you get the hang of it and know how to adjust the games via touch, the rest runs by itself.

Conclusion about the Intercasino app

Meanwhile, Intercasino is moving with the times and joining the mobile gambling trend in a way that is sure to satisfy all players. It is safe to say that some competitors have even more to offer – also and especially when it comes to special bonus offers for mobile customers.

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Nevertheless, the concept is perfectly tailored to the needs of demanding players. Especially performance and loading times have convinced us. Accordingly, we can recommend Intercasino mobile to everyonewho wants to access popular slots and table games not only at home.

We are especially thrilled that they have never rested on their previous successes. Rather, the traditional house is committed to keeping up with the young competition and does everything in its power to bring itself up to date technologically. Especially in the area of mobile gaming, Intercasino does not have to hide behind the newcomers in the industry. By the way, you can convince yourself of this as a player at any time without any restrictions and free of charge.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 90% excellent Intercasino odds
Game offer 92% excellent Intercasino game offer
live casino 80% good Intercasino Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 89% very good Intercasino deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 90% excellent Intercasino Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Intercasino Website
Gaming App 93% excellent Intercasino App
New customer bonus 92% excellent Intercasino Bonus
Security 90% excellent Intercasino Security
Experience 89% very good Intercasino experiences
Overall rating 90% excellent Intercasino Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Intercasino AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%