Toshi Video Club – Retro Slot from Hacksaw Gaming

Details about Toshi Video Club


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 5
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,17%
Max. Win: 1.000.000
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 

At Toshi Video Club players learn a lot – about the culture of old video gamesbut also about Japan.

This country, and more importantly, games developed by Japanese, are the lynchpin of the bonus slot, which will be released on July 19, 2021 by Hacksaw Gaming released on July 19, 2021.

After a few rounds at the latest, everyone will be aware that the Japanese not only have a fable for animé, manga and sushi, but that they also seem to have been born to play games.

Graphically, Toshi Video Club Online leaves a special special impressionbecause the creators do without colorful graphics, as well as excessive bonus rounds.

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A quick look, and at least players of the generation 30+ will inevitably be reminded of the good old good old C64 think of.

Visually, the symbolism is quite close to that – even though this is not about the typical video games in Australia, but Hacksaw Gaming has "allied" with the Japanese this time.

The best Toshi Video Club casinos 2024

The success story of the 2018 founded iGaming studio Hacksaw is slowly picking up steam. Already today, games of the brand can be found in various online casinos – namely in those that have a gambling license and can generally be classified as reputable.

In order to help our readers find their way to Toshi Video Club, we have compiled a small selection of of reputable hacksaw gaming casinos summarized.

Play Toshi Video Club for free – possible at many providers

As a rule, not only the real money version is available for the Toshi Video Club slot machine. It is also possible for players to first get a free and thus non-binding impression. non-binding impression to get a non-binding impression. Since the registration is usually a prerequisite registration is usually a prerequisite, it makes sense to look at different online casinos in advance and make a comparisonto filter out the best offer for yourself.

Thanks to comprehensive expert tests, our readers are able to get to the bottom of companies in the industry and find out in detail about their advantages and disadvantages. In addition Toshi Video Club directly here and no customer account is required. A few rounds should be enough to internalize the simple basics and to find out what effects the available available features have on the chance of winning.

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How Toshi Video Club works

Not only the design of Toshi Video Club, but also the basics are chosen very simply – for the benefit of all those who do not want to study long rules first. The grid of the slot consists of 5×5 fields with different symbols that match the symbols that match the Japanese video game.

Using the menu at the bottom left under the reels, you can view the paytable which gives information about odds and possible combinations. possible combinations. On the 15 given paylines must have three to five identical motifs to be counted as a combination.

The odds are listed in detail. They vary depending on the symbol type and the game stake, the latter ranging from 20 cents up to 100 euros per round. per round. After setting the preferred amount, one click is enough to start the spin. Payouts of achieved combination winnings are automatic. If you want, you can also use the Autoplay mode for a selectable number of game rounds.

Toshi Video Club bonus features and specials

The possibility of uncovering bonus symbols exists at any time in Toshi Video Club Online. What effects Darumas, Scatters and Wild Cards have, that's exactly what we want to take a closer look at now.

  1. Multipliers
  2. Free spins
  3. Joker
  4. Buy Bonus


Collecting Darumas can really pay off when playing Toshi Video Club online. There are actually three different Daruma figuresbehind which different multipliers hidden behind them. When the bonus symbols appear in conjunction with a line combination, their equivalent value automatically increases by the factor shown in the Darum logo.

Toshi Video Club Darumas

  • The smallest Darum pays either a single, double or five times the five times multiplier.
  • Medium bonus symbols result in multiplication of between 10 and 20 times Line win.
  • The big one, on the other hand, can make the combination even 100 times times.
  • Last but not least, there is the symbol in green, which in the best case quintuples the accumulated winnings of all lines.

Free Spins

Toshi Video Club free spins
A classic Free Spins logo in video game design decides on the free spins. free spins. In order to activate them, scatter symbols basically have to be three times occur. Toshi Video Club at this moment triggers immediately 10 free spins triggered. Here again there is a chance, to collect multipliers and generate especially high payouts.


Toshi Video Club wild
A particularly bizarre wild card symbol can appear on the reels at any time. With this one the completion of all combinations with scatters being the only symbols that cannot be replaced by a wild in the game.

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Good to know
: The joker also has its own counter valuejust like all the standard symbols in the game. Payouts up to 4,000 euros only beckon, however, if a whole five wild cards occur. So it is not enough to collect three wild cards on the paylines, although in this case they will of course do their actual "job" and in the best case complete one or even several combinations.

Buy Bonus

With the Bonus Buy function also results in Toshi Video Club additional chances to winbecause the probability of activating free spins can be doubled with the now widely used feature. The question is to what extent this is worthwhile specifically related to this Hacksaw Gaming machine, because:

Who wants to invest in the feature, pays for it the 120 times the base bet.. For example, if you play with 20 cents per spin, you will have to pay 24 euros for the bonus buy, and with a 100 euro bet, you will even have to pay 12,000 euros. Sums that want to be more than well thought out, especially as free spins can be triggered even without the special can be triggered without the special function – whenever three or more scatters appear.

Toshi Video Club Bonus kaufen

These streamers play Toshi Video Club live

It seems like Toshi Video Club doesn't only catch on with casual players, because even on Twitch the retro slot game is now widespread on Twitch as well. Some of the most successful live streamers are celebrating their own video game video game revival party and let thousands of fans participate in the game itself as well as in their winning successes. We've already discovered Toshi Video Club live streaming at the following providers:

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Whether you're an experienced gamer like Roshtein or a beginner, Toshi Video Club is not only eye-catching, but also is quite suitable for replaying. This is possible in selected casinos with significantly less than the stakes chosen by top streamers.

Roshtein wins at Toshi Video Club slot

Toshi Video Club FAQs

  1. Why is Toshi Video Club a Pocketz slot?
  2. Does the RTP value change when I buy bonuses?
  3. Where can I play Toshi Video Club?
  4. Which casinos offer Toshi Video Club for free?
  5. Are there any Toshi Video Club tricks?

1.) Why is Toshi Video Club a Pocketz Slot?

Not only for Toshi Video Club, but for all casino games, iGaming Studio Hacksaw relies on its "Mobile First" technology. Basically, this means that all developed slots – and therefore also Toshi Video Club – are designed are primarily developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The releases are perfectly adapted to new generation devices and impress with their particularly simple handling, but also with graphics adapted to the mobile device.

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In line with this concept, the studio is developing slots in the Pocketz serieswhich is to say that the games are all made for the "pocket". The good news is that if you prefer to use Toshi Video Club at home on your desktop, you can of course do so without any qualitative restrictions.

2.) Does the RTP value change when I buy bonuses?

The Bonus Buy Feature is primarily intended to increase the chance of free game rounds and thus the occurrence of scatter symbols. At the same time, the – albeit not quite insignificant – investment has a has a positive impact on the theoretical payback ratiocalled RTP value.

By default, Hacksaw Gaming has set the Toshi Video Club RTP with theoretical 96.17% indicated. If you now decide to play with bonus purchase, you can increase the increase the value to 96.24. The difference is not outstanding at first glance, but in the long run it can be very greater probability of free spins be very effective.

3.) Where can I play Toshi Video Club?

The online casinos reviewed by our experts may be unique in many ways. All the mentioned providers in our Toshi Video Club ranking have in common that they successfully cooperate with Hacksaw Gaming and are therefore able to provide their customers with the release around the 1990s video game generation.

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Users have the choice between the desktop version and the game on mobile devices, with Hacksaw Gaming being one of the one of the pioneers in mobile entertainment and has specialized early on in this area of iGaming.

4.) Which casinos offer Toshi Video Club for free?

Once you have chosen the right casino, you will usually be able to play Toshi Video Club for free. for free – even if in most cases a registration is required is required. Alternatively, our readers can play the demo version of the slot machine to try it out right here. Special requirements, such as registration, are not necessary with us.

5.) Are there any Toshi Video Club tricks?

Although Toshi Video Club is inspired by the good old C64 games, there are no strategies or even key combinations that canwith which the outcome of the game rounds can be influenced. Honoring the old design, Hacksaw Gaming relies on innovative technologies and random number generatorswhich are strictly monitored. Those who rely on the fairness of the provider will, with a little luck, quickly win without tricks for the own commitment is rewarded.

Our conclusion about Toshi Video Club

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Toshi Video Club is a slot machine that is characterized by its special lightness convinces. The handling is simple, as expected, and yet the developer Hacksaw Gaming manages to build up suspense arcs again and again. build up arcs of tension – especially through the integrated extraslike Daruma multipliers or also free game roundstriggered by scatter symbols.

One or the other player surely likes to remember the beginnings of video games, and in our opinion, the provider has succeeded perfectly in reviving this time with Toshi Video Club. Although the design could hardly be simpler, it certainly leaves a lasting impression on us. lasting impression.

All available extras as well as the consistently solid odds form the perfect contrast to all the traditional game symbols. Here we see once again that even without gaudy graphics and lifelike animations exactly the thrill that players expect from players expect from a new generation new generation slot machine new generation slot machine.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Toshi Video ClubAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%