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PLEASE NOTE: Since 15.10.2020 William Hill no longer offers a casino section in Australia. As usual, sports betting can still be used. The changes do not affect players from Austria.

As an alternative to William Hill, here is a list of our current casino recommendations for you.

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William Hill is a company that knows exactly what matters to players. Exactly this knowledge is reflected in the website, which has a very good structure exhibits. Our editors took a look at the site and took a closer look at the relevant details.

There is no lack of products and thus subpages at William Hill Casino. The good thing is that all these products have been cleverly subdivided. Thus, you can only access the game forms that you are interested in.

In addition to the product pages, such as games, scractchcards or even sports betting as well as the main casino, there are of course sections. We have basically dealt with the casino as such, which provides you with various buttons. The text underneath should immediately tell everyone what to expect behind the buttons – including "promotions", "download", "slots" and so on.

Even a rules page has been integrated by William Hill to help new players get started.

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For a reputable website, however, it's not just the structure that matters – although with so many hundreds of games, this is of course particularly important.

In the same way, our editors paid attention to the design. Blue is the color that clearly dominates at William Hill Casino. It gives William Hill a timeless timeless and yet modern character. A moving banner awaits you in the casino under the aforementioned sections and further links. Here, the provider shows you which bonus promotions are currently running and offers you the opportunity to register directly.

If you do not want to do this via the banner, you will find another alternative at the very top right of the screen. There it is possible to either register or – if already done – log in with the data you have set up.

Despite the enormous variety of games, the website is very clearly arranged. been. In fact, the potential is most noticeable in the slots section, as the list of Playtech titles in the main casino is long. The portfolio at WH Vegas is even more extensive. By the way, all product pages have their own design, which nevertheless unmistakably reflects the style of the William Hill brand.

An overview of all relevant areas

As already mentioned, in the upper right corner you will find the opportunity to set up a personal account or to log in directly. As a registered player, you can see your account balance at this point. Click on it to learn more about your account, deposit and withdraw money or view preferences as well as open bets. Messages will also be left for you there – for example, when you call the William Hill Support via e-mail.

Also at the top, the company shows you which products it currently offers. William Hill is still a bookmaker. Sports betting must not be missing here. Likewise, there are William Hill Vegas, scratch cards, poker, Macau games and other sites that you can use from here with one and the same player account.

William Hill categories

Below the main pages follows the banner, which is constantly changing. The operator is concerned with clearly highlighting ongoing promotions. After all, bonuses are an important decision criterion for or against a provider, especially for new players. Once you have decided on the casino, you will find the most important game categories directly under the banner. These include slots, table games, card games, jackpots and not to forget the live casino of William Hill Casino.

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Promotions, favorites and co. have also been incorporated into this bar. Thus, the casino offers a good overview, to which nothing more can actually be added.

Clear structures and easy handling

If you have not yet dealt with Playtech games, it is advisable to browse through the various sections – and of course take a look at current bonus promotions promotions.

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You can take advantage of the download option. Ultimately, however, as a William Hill customer you can get by well without this – albeit small – additional effort. For experienced players, of course, the most interesting thing is what the new games section has to offer. Provided you already have a favorite game, you can easily enter it in the search bar.

William Hill has set the games to open in a new window. This makes the overview much easier once again. If you want to contact the live chat, for example, then the aforementioned window can be easily pushed aside, so that nothing stands in the way of communication with the support. Theoretically, several games can be opened at the same time.

However, that doesn't make much sense, because they are more than well occupied with a Playtech release alone. In parallel, there is also the option of running sports bets in the background. In your account settings, you can see which tips are still running and which have been completed.

Of course, we don't want to disregard the lower part of the William Hill website either. There, the company transparently states which authority is responsible for licensing, which seals of approval are available and how you can contact customer service. T&Cs, rules as well as other subpages can be reached via the links with one click.

William Hill performance & loading times – our experience

William Hill is an online casino that has had to withstand a very high visitor frequency for years. However, you don't have to fear load inhibitions or a lack of performance here. After all, the company has grown with its tasks and is still on the cutting edge of technology.

Playtech is, of course, partly responsible, but it was precisely this provider that had to make sure of a high quality of play never had to worry about a high game quality. As soon as you have chosen a slot or classic game, this game starts within seconds. There were no interruptions in the test.

About the enormously good performance that William Hill in our test in our test, one can almost be surprised. After all, there are many other sites and products besides the main casino, where several softwares combine. The quality is simply enormous. We have already described the William Hill website itself in detail. Ultimately, it and the performance mesh perfectly.

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The performance is first-class in the browser alone. Those who want even better loading times and a "personalized" William Hill Casino are still free to opt for the software download from the manufacturer Playtech.

Here you can effortlessly download the games that you personally prefer. Of course, we also took a closer look at the quality of the live casino. No matter whether PC or smartphone: the performance fits in any case – Provided, of course, that you have a stable Internet connection.

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Even with Wi-Fi, the live casino is very accessible and loading problems only occur in absolute exceptions. The operators of the casino do everything they can to keep their performance at a very high level, which they have been extremely successful with so far.

We can generally recommend preferring the PC when it comes to live games. The performance and loading times of all other game areas is, however, also first class on mobile. If there are internet interruptions, the game states are saved and updated at the next opportunity.

William Hill website – our conclusion

The website that William Hill has chosen is certainly not the most modern of all times. The clear design and the good Will Hill performance but clearly speak for themselves. The results that William Hill Casino has delivered to us are very good. As a rule, loading a slot machine or gaming table does not take more than a few seconds. During the game itself, the loading times are also exemplary – and that without skimping on quality. has put various online casinos under the microscope in the past.

Overall, the company creates a very good impression with this concept. You will find many products, game categories and last but not least setting options are provided to you. With a few simple steps, you can, for example, set up a limit so that you do not spend too much and thus better control your gaming behavior.

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Preview images let you know what themes – and in some cases jackpot winning opportunities – await you even before you start playing. Overall, William Hill can be praised for its website, because of its overview and transparency transparency are clearly not lacking here.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent William Hill odds
Game offer 94% excellent William Hill game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent William Hill Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 91% excellent William Hill deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 92% excellent William Hill Customer Service
Website 88% very good William Hill website
Gaming App 90% excellent William Hill App
New customer bonus 92% excellent William Hill Bonus
Security 92% excellent William Hill Security
Experience 93% excellent William Hill Experience
Overall rating 92% excellent William Hill Test

Author: Kevin LansonRated: William Hill websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐88%