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PLEASE NOTE: Since 15.10.2020 William Hill no longer offers a casino area in Australia. As usual, sports betting can still be used. The changes do not affect players from Austria.

As an alternative to William Hill, here is a list of our current casino recommendations for you.

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The fact that William Hill is one of the oldest casinos ever does not mean that there is a lack of innovation here, of course. On the contrary, the operators do everything they can to follow technological advances and set new standards, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. to set new standards.

The first good news is that players of course don't have to miss out on their favorite Playtech games on the go. The portfolio of the mobile website is hugeand the iOS app with sports betting has also been designed very extensively.

For those who own an Android smartphone or prefer a completely different operating system, we can only recommend the William Hill web app.

The Playtech slots in particular have been perfectly adapted to the smaller screen and offer a look that you would expect from an innovative mobile casino. innovative mobile casinos can only wish for.

Strengths of the Wiliam Hill AppWeaknesses of the Wiliam Hill App

  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • All top games from Playtech
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal
  • Versatile live offer
  • None worth mentioning

Test report on the mobile games from William Hill

William Hill Mobile Gaming
Some users find it difficult to switch from the PC to the mobile device. This step is made much easier by the detailed explanations provided by the provider.

At https://www.williamhill.com/mobile, players can find all the details about the William Hill apps and learn how to install them with little effort. install them with little effort. can.

The iOS app of the William Hill Casino is available free of charge in the App Store available. The easiest way to find it quickly is to use the browser's search function.

On Google Play, William Hill Bingo and Willam Hill Sports are available for selection. There is not yet a dedicated casino app for this system.

Of course, despite the lack of a casino app, no one has to miss out on top-class games and attractive jackpots. For all those who do not own an iPhone or iPad, there is the option of using the William Hill Web App based on HTML5 is the perfect solution. This even has some advantages over native apps. What they are and how you can benefit from them, all that we are happy to answer our readers in the next few minutes.

Mobile availability of William Hill

website icon
William Hill makes its mobile casino accessible to all users – regardless of whether they own an iPhone or any other device. In the end, the only important thing is that the smartphone or tablet can handle HTML5 pages.

Usually, nothing should stand in the way of exciting rounds of games today. The choice of smartphone is secondary, as long as it is a device of the newer generations. What is also important is the presence of an HTML5 capable browser. If this is already installed, the fun can begin. It is advantageous that William Hill has really thought of every customer. So definitely no one comes up short here.

William Hill Mobile for Apple customers

William Hill iPhone App
The aforementioned help page shows exactly which iOS apps William Hill Casino currently offers. This means that gamers can not only use the casino area on the go, but also place sports bets, bingo or play skill games. Even William Hill Vegas has been specially adapted to iPhones and iPads. The portfolio is not as extensive as in the web app, but it runs very reliably even without stable Internet access. Loading problems did not occur in the test.

Android app only for sports betting and bingo

William Hill Bingo App
William Hill has not yet released a casino app. Nevertheless, sports betting and bingo can also be played with a download. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without the popular Playtech games. After all, that's what the web-based alternative is for. This is accessible to all customers – and not only if you own an Android device.

William Hill mobile website with HTML5

William Hill html5 Webseite
Players have the option with all devices to take advantage of the mobile web app of William Hill Casino and thus completely to dispense with a download. Of course, this also applies to Apple customers, because ultimately it is up to everyone to decide which advantages they want to benefit from. The biggest plus point of the mobile website of William Hill is the extensive game portfolio. Neither slots nor classics or live games come up short here.

On the other hand, there is the issue of the Internet connection. If the performance is too weak, then of course the William Hill games from Playtech also have problems loading and running without interruptions. The mobile website is therefore primarily recommended to players with Wi-Fi access – or customers whose device is LTE capable.

Advantages of the William Hill app for iOS

The iOS app of the William Hill betting service is equipped with a sufficient number of betting options for all sporting events. However, it is fair to say that the portfolio of the mobile website is much more versatile.

Probably the most important reason that speaks for the iOS app for sports betting is its flawless performance. Neither with it nor with the loading times are there any problems. Finally, users can play even when good internet is not far away. The games still run smoothly, scores are saved and then updated when the connection is up again. Especially for people who are on the road a lot, the iOS app is recommended. Unfortunately, it only brings you something if you play with an iPhone or iPad.

download icon
The download and installation are made easy for players. On the William Hill Casino help page, the operator explains how to access the app. To do so, simply open the App Store on the device you are using and enter William Hill in the search field.

The download takes no more than a few seconds. You can already log in as usual with your own set up data.

Advantages of the William Hill mobile website

Probably the biggest advantage of the mobile website is that Players do not need to own an iPhone or iPad. After all, Android is an equally popular operating system. Other users, on the other hand, swear by Blackberry or Windows as their software.

For all these customers, William Hill has made its casino mobile. Thanks to the web app, customers are completely spared a download. The optimization for mobile devices makes the handling very easy. So you can log in here as usual and play as soon as the URL is entered in the browser bar.

thumb up icon
The mobile website offers almost all games that are also available on the PC. This means that players don't have to do without anything, but they save themselves the app download – especially since such an app is not available for all devices.

Disadvantages of the William Hill Casino app

Strictly speaking, there are no real disadvantages, because the Web app with HTML5 meets all requirements. Whether one should criticize the lack of a native William Hill app for Android and iOS devices, that remains to be seen. Even without it, players still have the opportunity to play their favorite games on the go – especially since new releases are automatically available without an update.

The range of games includes everything you could wish for. Restrictions in the selection are hardly noticeable, because a total of several hundred Slots, classics and not to forget the William Hill Live Casino are waiting to be explored.

The design of the William Casino app

transparenz icon
Pragmatic and chic at the same time at the same time – this is probably the best way to sum up the mobile offer. As we all know, the eye plays along, and as always in life, first impressions count at William Hill Mobile as well. As far as that is concerned, the company can clearly score points. Of course, the intuitive menu navigation is at least as important as an attractive look. Thanks to this, even customers who have never played in a mobile casino before will find it easy to get started.

Users are shown everything they need to know about the William Hill app in a transparent manner. Of course, this does not only apply to the rich game offer, which has been sorted into easily comprehensible categories. Bonus promotions and campaigns are also displayed directly. In addition, you can choose between all products here. Thanks to the clear design you are spared a long search.

The gaming offer of William Hill Mobile

playtech logo
William Hill has left nothing to chance with its mobile version for smartphones and tablets. Numerous Playtech slot machines but also friends of classic table games do not miss out here.

The entire portfolio has been cleverly put together to inspire as many players as possible. The games can be played both with and without a real stake. The only requirement is registration, which is easiest to do on a PC. All in all a game offer from William Hill which is something to be proud of.

Even the popular Playtech jackpot games have been given a permanent place in the mobile William Hill portfolio. Those who prefer classic entertainment in the form of real live games will also get their money's worth here. The categories are identical to those offered to players on the PC.

William Hill Casino App Download

download icon
As already noted, there are native apps, but they are only available for the sports betting section. In short, a casino download, you generally do not have to do at William Hill. Rather, the operators rely on making their players available to everyone who is in possession of a common smartphone or tablet – and they do so conveniently via the already presented mobile website. Thus, there is no need to worry about downloads here. The game can be started immediately and without any effort after accessing the page.

The William Hill mobile app for tablets

ipad icon
There are certainly some players who prefer the tablet to the much smaller smartphone – if only because the graphics are of course even better here. With the William Hill Web App with HTML5, it doesn't matter which device is preferred. The display is automatically adapted to the size of the screenso that the tablet is just as suitable for playing as any cell phone.

As already noted, players do not need a special app to use William Hill Mobile. This fact applies on the tablet as well, of course. Simply call up the website and you can be played at will. We would like to praise the provider for this, because it has really thought of everything, especially when it comes to the choice of gaming device.

Bet real money in the William Hill app

einsatzlimits icon
If you feel like it, you can also play for real winnings as at home. As expected, the real money mode is open to users after registration and any deposit. If no credit is available, it can be conveniently deposited – and that with all common payment methods that have proven themselves in the past.

If you are already a customer at William Hill Casino and have deposited funds, they are of course also available in the web app. A new investment is only needed when the money is used up or there is actually none on the account.

The William Hill Casino app does not work – what to do?

help icon
If the William Hill Casino website is not accessible, various reasons can be to blame. In most cases, it is a short technical restriction – for example, due to upcoming updates from the operator or maintenance. If no information is given about this, then it makes sense to check the check own connection. Even a small wireless hole is enough to make it difficult to reach the site. So you have to pay attention to this in any case.

In the unusual case that both factors fail, a short message to the William Hill customer service. This can be reached without any problems, as stated in our test. It is best to write down the contact details somewhere to at least have access to them in case of problems. Sometimes a restart of the smartphone can help alternatively.

William Hill Mobile advantages over the desktop version

As is known by now, more than half of all casino players now own a smartphone. Tablets are not as trendy as cell phones, but they are still popular for playing on the go on a pleasant screen.

So the size makes the significant difference here. That's just by the way. The William Hill web app is advantageous because you are no longer tied to your own house. Wherever the company's customers feel like a thrill, they can enjoy it without restrictions.

Especially users who are on the road a lot can enjoy exciting slots, have the chance to win huge jackpots or play live just like in a real casino – all with just a few simple steps. So for passing time, William Hill Mobile is better precisely because you can experience it anywhere.

Conclusion on the William Hill Mobile Casino

As far as performance and loading times are concerned, William Hill Mobile can really hold its own. Those who use the mobile website with HTML5 just have to make sure they have a stable internet connection. The more modern the smartphone, the better the quality of the mobile games. And also in terms of diversity, there are only positive things to report about the William Hill Web App. Everyone really gets their money's worth here.

mobile icon
The operators have developed an app for iOS devices and also for Android, but only the betting offer awaits users here. Those who prefer slots and roulette, poker or also real live games, who is clearly best advised with the web variant. The biggest advantage is that no updates have to be carried out. As soon as the casino releases new games, they are automatically available on all of the devices mentioned. It really couldn't be simpler!

The lack of native apps can hardly be called a weakness, according to our casino experts. In the end, it's the selection of game categories and the fact that William Hill Mobile can be handled effortlessly without a download that counts the most.

William Hill Mobile FAQs

  1. Are there any William Hill mobile live games?
  2. Is there a William Hill Mobile real money mode?
  3. What games does William Hill Mobile offer?
  4. How much does the William Hill app cost?
  5. Can I make deposits and withdrawals with the William Hill app?

1.) Are there any William Hill mobile live games?

roulette icon
The William Hill web app offers customers everything their hearts desire. Of course, this also applies to top-class live games that have been adapted to the smaller smartphone screen. Qualitatively, the mobile live casino is in no way inferior to its desktop counterpart. In order to be able to use the offer, a deposit is required here just like at home. deposit is required. For the time being, live gaming remains subject to a fee – albeit at conditions that are affordable for everyone.

2.) Is there a William Hill Mobile real money mode?

icon lost money
Of course, money can also be invested on the go at will. Provided that a William Hill account has already been set up and credit available it is sufficient to log in to the William Hill web app with HTML5. The new registration is therefore not necessary, especially since players are only allowed to have one customer account anyway. Those who are logged in can choose choose between the free games and the real money mode.

3.) What games does William Hill Mobile offer?

slot machine icon
Basically, there are all the games in the William Hill app that can also be found on the desktop. Restrictions may occur, but they are not noticeable with the huge range of Playtech slots as well as successful classics, however but they hardly carry any weight. In other words, customers get their money's worth at William Hill Mobile, regardless of their personal taste.

4.) What does the William Hill app cost?

finger icon
The good news is that customers pay no no costs arise. William Hill Mobile can be used for free – without any hidden fees or the like. The decision for a deposit and the only then possible real money mode, of course, everyone makes for themselves. Investments are not a must, especially since a large part of the portfolio offered by William Hill is actually provided for free.

5.) Can I make deposits and withdrawals with the William Hill app?

money icon
Since there is a real money mode for mobile devices, there is of course nothing to stop you from depositing. And winnings? You can withdraw them just as quickly, securely and easily via the William Hill app. The only requirement is a personal account. The best way to use payment methods on the road is not to need accessories, such as a debit or credit card. How good that the company has offers a wide range of e-wallets as an offers.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent William Hill odds
Game offer 94% excellent William Hill game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent William Hill Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 91% excellent William Hill deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 92% excellent William Hill Customer Service
Website 88% very good William Hill website
Gaming App 90% excellent William Hill App
New customer bonus 92% excellent William Hill Bonus
Security 92% excellent William Hill Security
Experience 93% excellent William Hill Experience
Overall rating 92% excellent William Hill Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: William Hill AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%