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Heelmike Facts
Streamer Name: Heelmike
Real Name: Michael Peters

HeelMike avatar

Origin: USA
Place of residence: Unknown
Year of birth: 1994 (November 14)
Followers: 7,400,000 (Twitch)
50.000 (Twitter)
142,000 (YouTube)
94,400 (Instagram)
Favorite provider: Duelbits
Our alternative: Stake Casino
Specialties: Humorous guy, has a special sense for good games, originally Call of Duty and Fortnite gamer, member of G2 ESports
Highest win: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown
Net worth: Approx. 1.5 million USD

Heelmike is not only a successful successful Twitch Casino streamer. The US American, who was born in 1994, has also made a name for himself as a gaming influencer. His career originally began with Call of Duty and Fortnite – two first-person shooters that he presented to his followers on channels like YouTube.

Fun Fact: The pseudonym Heelmike apparently has a special meaning. Apparently Mike has an affinity to wrestling, because in the rough sport, heel is often used as a term for the bad guy. The fighters who like to fight with unfair means and do not necessarily follow the applicable rules are called heel.

However, as far as the rules of the casino are concerned, even a Twitch star like Heelmike has to adapt willy-nilly – while in front of running cameras he he likes to go off the rails in front of the cameras and treats himself to a bottle of vodka, for example.

The gamer became Heelmike back in 2018. Since then, he not only plays live in front of the camera, but also takes the opportunity again and again, to stay in contact with hist. Sessions in which only chatting and fooling around are part and parcel of Mike's everyday life.

Usually, where streamers are active, there is always an abundance of scandal. We don't hear much about Heelmike in this direction, although he recently showed a little too much skin in the gym with a woman. showed a little too much skin and was summarily banned from Twitch. [1]

In the meantime, however, Mike is active again and regularly presents new streams from his favorite casino.

General information about Heelmike

On November 14, 2021 celebrated Michael Peters, known to his fans as Heelmike, celebrated his 27th birthday. He still lives in the USA, his home country. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the exact place of residence. Like many many Twitch streamers and YouTubers before him, Mike got into gaming by playing the shooters Call of Duty and Fortnite. For some time now, he prefers to spend time in online casinos and shows his now over 7 million Twitch followers all facets of the gambling industry – from innovative slots to live games.

Interestingly enough, there is various information on the World Wide Web about the astrological history of the streamer. One knows his zodiac sign, and even with the ascendant some sites have dealt in the meantime. However, these details do not have much influence on what Heelmike does professionally – at least from a worldly point of view.

Like many other people in the Twitch scene, Mike needed to get a feel for how live streams are best received by viewers. On the other hand, successes of this magnitude are always somewhat dependent on one's own luck. In fact, it didn't take long for Twitch users to start paying attention to the American – and he even has a special patron, as we'll show in a moment.

HeelMike Girl

©twitter.com/G2 Heelmike

Heelmike is rarely alone in his streams. Regularly a red-haired woman appears in the picture, apparently named Kat.

With her, Mike maintains a special connection, with her seemingly being part of the always tweeted Heel Gang – a team of gamblers who enjoy spending time together away from the live cameras.

Heelmike plays at these casinos

It makes sense that Mike would focus on providers that are available in the US. As it seems, the focus is clearly on an extensive game selection including live and crypto gaming, because only with this is it possible for Heelmike to offer its fans the desired variety in the streams in the streams.

Currently, the Twitch star has chosen the Online and Crypto Casino Duelbits. However, we would rather recommend Stake Casino to our readers. Not only because all the big casino streamers try their luck there, but especially because the offer is a bit more extensive.

As far as the portfolio, payment methods and betting options are concerned, the concept of Duelbits can essentially be compared to the Stake Casino that we recommended. There, too, the payment with cryptocurrencies in the foreground, and there are no limits on either deposits or withdrawals – which, of course, suits a high roller like Heelmike just fine.

Heelmike favorite games

We've already met quite a few Twitch streamers. In one point Heelmike clearly differs from his fellow players. While most of them almost exclusively play slot games known software studios Mike's broadcasts are much more versatile. The American has a knack for classics as well as online slots, as his favorites show:

Crazy Time Logo

Crazy Time

Crash Logo


Plinko Logo


Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza

Blackjack Logo


Just the still quite new crypto games Crash and Plinko, which can be found more and more often in casinos, bring a fishing wind into streaming. One advantage of this section is the ease of use. Thus, Heelmike fans can not only watch gambling, but also like to emulate their role model – completely without any special knowledge or elaborate strategies..

The Blackjack Live Sessions are also well received, as the numbers show. When Mike presents his favorite games, many of his fans are happy to join in.

When and where does Heelmike stream?

The streaming itself also takes place on Twitch for Heelmike, as it does for most gamers. However, the American does not fill the schedule in advance, but only after his live broadcasts broadcasts. This shows that it is quite common for the gaming pro to sit in front of the camera for four or more hours.

Heel Mike streaming times

According to our time, the streams take place in the early morning hours take place. In fact, however, it is then late in the evening in the USA. So you can say that Heelmike is obviously a real night owl. a real night owl Heelmike seems to be a real night owl, who at least goes about his work almost every day, which, strictly speaking, can be described as a passion rather than a duty.

How much Mike enjoys communicating with his fans and, of course, the winnings he earns, is immediately apparent from his broad smile.

Michael Peters in the social media

Heelmike is represented everywhere where his fans are waiting for him. There is no social media channel that Mike doesn't update with regular content. regular content content. While live streaming certainly demands a lot of his time, the streamer seems to make it a point to keep fans who are on other platforms happy as well.

  1. Heelmike on Twitch
  2. Heelmike on YouTube
  3. G2 Heelmike on Twitter
  4. Heelmike6 on Instagram

Heelmike on Twitch

As already indicated, Mike is mainly late at night and live in front of the camera in front of the camera. His most loyal fans hardly seem to mind that the streamer is rarely on Twitch at "human" hours.

In the short description, Heelmike really gave it his all. If there's one thing the young man doesn't lack, it's Self-confidence. Indeed, he writes: "Tanned, juicy, dominant. Just an overall outstanding person. Top notch gameplay mixed with gifted physical genetics mixed with good looks…"

The lyrics continue the same way, showing that Heelmike is absolutely convinced of himself and his skills. The fans take it with humor, because at the latest when looking at the social media channels of the streamer it becomes clear that the good-humored Mike is actually quite a down-to-earth guy.

Heelmike on YouTube

Cooking, attractive womenHeelmike has many facets, which he shares with his more than 140,000 subscribers on a regular basis. subscribers regularly on YouTube regularly on YouTube. Those who want to get a first impression will benefit from the Best Of video, which was published in October 2020 and shows a summary of his personal career highlights since 2018.

Particularly striking is a young lady we have already seen in connection with Adin Ross mentioned: Corinna Head. What role the woman plays in the streaming scene is unclear. It is a fact, however, that she has already stirred up Adin's career. So it will be interesting to see if and when the first rumors of a relationship with Heelmike might emerge.

Judging by the videos, the two have something in common: they like to be in the spotlight. Generally speaking, Mike is the type of YouTuber who likes to be nothing is too embarrassing and who either sings loudly, or takes a good a good sip of alcohol alcohol.

G2 Heelmike on Twitter

The Twitter channel was launched in September 2018, that is, at the beginning of his career. Here, Heelmike dedicates himself less to casino gaming than to his private life as well as the G2 ESports team, for which he keeps creating new content. As already said: Mike obviously has many talents, and it should not only please the approximately 50,000 followers that there is finally some about the streamer and gaming and gaming influencer on Twitter.

Heelmike Dad Twitter

©twitter.com/Heelmike | You can learn a lot about Heel Mike on Twitter.

At the top of his tweets, Heelmike has listed the most important most important moments with his father, who has since passed away. As sad as this loss is, Mike appreciates that his father and role model has supported him all this time.

Just when no one really wanted to believe how quickly Heelmike could gain a foothold in the Twitch scene and on YouTube, his father put all his faith in the young American – and he was right, as it turns out today.

The G2 in front of his streamer name clearly refers to the of the G2 e-sports team, which Heelmiketo which Heelmike remains loyal despite his successful career on Twitch. Above all, he lets his fans participate in his private life. Mike celebrates his 27th birthday together with numerous Twitter followers.

Heelmike6 on Instagram

Heelmike Instagram

©instagram.com/heelmike6 | HeelMike shows himself with expensive cars, hot girls, partying and on vacation.

Mike is not too far from the 100,000 subscribers mark. On his channel, the passion for Fortnite is mixed again and again with personal pictures – where he is only too happy to show a lot of skin in the latter. The most important members of his family are shown in photos, including his parents in particular, but grandma also has to be there when it's "smile please" again.

About his relationship to the women, who obviously play a central role not much can be said about his relationship to women, who apparently play a central role here. Malicious tongues would call Heelmike a poser, although he seems to be a very family-oriented young man at heart. As far as body consciousness is concerned, one thing is certain: the guy knows how to wrap female fans around his finger. female fans around his finger. female fans.

It is also a fact that the streaming career on the Heelmike Insta channel has has not been given any space. The American seems to clearly differentiate between his passions here. If you want to see him play live, you only have Twitch. Alternatively, of course, a visit to his YouTube channel is always worth a visit.

What makes Mike tick

If it's up to the streamer, then he must be the perfect guy. So it's clear: If there's one thing that makes Heelmike specialit's his unsurpassable self-confidence. In addition, we hardly know any other Twitch star who pours a whole bottle of vodka in front of the camera and also "treats" himself to alcoholic beverages again and again.

strong icon
Heelmike is firmly convinced that he doesn't need luck to win at the casino of his choice. He also says that the only thing that matters in his life is the survival of the fittest. Strong is especially his belief in himself, and perhaps this is what can be identified as the secret of his success.

It's easy to see in the streams that Mike enjoys talking and joking around. The streamer has no problem taking the piss out of himself. However, the figures and the market value show just as well that the American has understood the seriousness of his not everyday "job".

7 million followers "bid" – who is the mysterious Heelmike patron?

In the industry, it is not uncommon for fans to "bid" new subscribers to you, that is, to buy them in order to give the channel a certain boost. Certainly, there are already one or two streamers who may have benefited from this. However, Heelmike in particular stands out when it comes to the support of its fans. To all appearances, there must be someone here who means particularly well with the help.

Heelmike Fake Fans

©twitter.com/Heelmike | In the meantime, Heelmike sees the fans with humor.

It wasn't until 2020 that the streamer's Twitch channel abruptly to around 5 million followers – virtually overnight, which cannot be explained by real users signing up themselves. Now there was already the next bot, and this time Heelmike even records 7 million fans.

A clear proof that there is a single person who constantly buys Mike Mike new followersUnfortunately, we have not been able to find it. So the botting theory is a conjecture – albeit a clearly obvious one – that is causing a stir.

For although this form of support is anything but atypical, as already noted, the numbers here clearly carry weight. After all, if the conjecture is correct, someone on this planet has let his fandom cost quite a bit.

Heelmike estimated fortune

How much exactly Michael Peters earns per monthremains his secret. According to calculations, his market value is currently estimated at around 1.5 million US dollars.[2] It must be said clearly that his income is of course not only related to Twitch alone, although his more than 7 million followers should certainly serve him well.

Other sources of income are the Commissions from the casinoswhere Heelmike plays live. After all, the providers profit just as much from the celebrity as Mike conversely profits from the notoriety of preferred online casinos. In addition, there are commissions on YouTube, because Mike is no longer an unknown there either.

To what extent the streamer will benefit from his second mainstay, the playing of Fortnite and Call of Duty in an official team, is financiallyUnfortunately, it was not possible to find out in detail to what extent his second mainstay, playing Fortnite and Call of Duty in an official team, is financially beneficial.

The only thing that's clear to us is that the American certainly hasn't fared badly since he decided to become Heelmike in 2018 and start earning money doing his two favorite things.

Michael Peters private

Heelmike Family


Only rarely gives Heelmike aka Michael Peters Heelmike alias Michael Peters rarely reveals anything private about himself. Little is known about his family, but it seems that his beloved father, whom he calls Heeldad, died some time ago.[3] Judging by the comments, he was referred to as "the goat." What sounds more like an insult in Australian is called GOAT in English and of course doesn't stand for the animal, but is an abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time.

According to the posts, it must have been in March 2020 when Mike's beloved father passed away. When Heelmike was still an unknown in the gaming scene, he was the only one who believed in the success of the now prominent streamer, and is even said to have been the first follower on the channels. With the words "you were my anchor" Mike said goodbye to his great role model at the time, who was still having the fun of his life in the live stream one day before his death.

Mom, grandma and apparently a sister of the streamer appear now and then in pictures. Although professionally Heelmike very cool and casual the American seems to have a very very pronounced sense of family sense of family. Experience shows that this is precisely what is important in order to stay grounded despite all the successes.

dog icon
When Mike is not in front of the camera, he is taking care of his new addition to the family: a little funny dogwho must have moved in before the end of 2020. Heelmike welcomes him in an Insta post.

Mike's Passion for pretty women is unmistakable. Nevertheless, he still seems to be single, and there is no information about a relationship at the moment. When Heelmike is not streaming, his private attention is focused on his family – and crazy poser photos, which he publishes on his social media channels.

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