Wazdan Casinos in the test 2024

It is noticeable that not every partner casino provides the entire Wazdan product range. Some of the companies only offer a few games of the brand. Why of all the top titles missing, can not be said with certainty. In the end, however, it becomes clear that the brand as such is obviously gaining more and more importance.

The top places in the ranking are recommended to those who want to take as much as possible of what Wazdan has come up with, especially in the recent past. Titles like Choco Reels, the jackpot slot Clover Lady and many more slots can be tried out here to your heart's content – of course under the highest security measures.

The history of Wazdan

Wazdan has been in existence for more than 10 years now, and especially in the recent past, the brand has enjoyed growing popularity throughout Europe. This also explains why the provider, founded in 2010 has expanded significantly in the past two years alone – most recently in 2020. Initially, the company began with its first server-based solutions, which were already being supported by the MGA Malta were licensed.

The first server-based online casino was equipped with Wazdan games in 2012. Three years later, in 2015, things changed for the group. The decision was made to adopt the Limited company form and at the same time the technology was changed to the more more innovative HTML5 technology. The next milestone for the brand was a license from the UK Gambling Commission which was granted to Wazdan in 2017. Another two years later, in 2019, the company received further licenses, which was followed by an official ISO certificate in 2020.

Since 2020, there are now also new promo tools and more countries where Wazdan games are available. As the story suggests, each of the development steps was well thought out. The fact that Wazdan is supervised by more than one gambling authority in Europe speaks for its seriousness in particular.

High customer satisfaction thanks to solid payout ratios

The RTP of most slot machinespublished by Wadzan is significantly above the market average. Rarely does the value fall below 96.25%, so players can definitely profit in the long run. A crucial plus point is the developer's transparency, as all payout rates and other values, including win rates for certain combinations, are transparently shown to customers.

Joshua Davidson
Obviously, the high volatility of Wazdan Slots is a stable constant, which can be seen through the entire portfolio of the provider. portfolio. The odds in other game categories are similarly attractive, as the company has also released one or two classics in addition to bonus slots and jackpot slots – although these categories are much more manageable." Joshua Davidson – Casino Expert and Author

Test Wazdan games for free – this is how it works

To get free of charge and without any obligation with Wazdan Slots or even the few table games offered, registration at the partner casino is essential. Such a registration does not obligate you to anything, whereby the registration process is primarily intended to protect players. Although theoretically an immediate deposit would be possible, the slots of the brand are available free of charge. The games are played under real conditions, so that you can get a feeling for the chances of winning, features and betting options relatively quickly.

information icon
Ideally, the choice falls on Online casinos without limits because only there can bets be placed beyond the 1$ limit. This applies to the demo version as well as to the real money mode. The latter requires that a deposit is made. The amount is variable and can be adjusted to your own needs and financial possibilities.

Top 10 Wazdan Games

  1. Choco Reels
  2. Larry the Leprechaun
  3. Power of Gods: Egypt
  4. Clover Lady
  5. 9 Lions
  6. Reel Joke
  7. Unicorn Reels
  8. Sizzling 777 Deluxe
  9. Butterfly Lovers
  10. Los Muertos

1.) Choco Reels

Choco Reels Logo
Under the motto "Never have wins tasted so sweet" was Choco Reels by Wazdan was published. The name already suggests that everything here revolves around delicious chocolate. This is not only important in the symbolism, but can also be found in the background along with all kinds of sweets.

The basis for Online Choco Reels game are six reels. Depending on the mode, players can expect between 2,304 and a whopping 46,656 winning ways. Combinations are settled according to the usual concept from left to right. In the best case, payouts of up to 9,500 times the stake are possible in this way.

Choco Reels also impresses with exciting features, such as wilds, scatters, free spins and growing multi-level wins. In the Choco Spins bonus, it's all about once again. The volatility is also impressive. Specified is a RTP in the amount of 96.22.

2.) Larry the Leprechaun

Larry the Leprechaun Logo
At Online Larry the Leprechaun Game is about the famous Irish leprechaun who takes us to his homeland. Typical cultural symbols adorn the four reels of the slot, although, strictly speaking, you have to wait for 16 independent images. Instead of the typical paylines for slots, the cluster pays concept is in the foreground here. Eight matches are required as a minimum to receive a payout.

With 96,47% the odds are slightly higher than in the aforementioned Choco Reels slot. However, the maximum win is manageable. According to Wazdan, Larry the Leprechaun is about up to 350 times stakes, which can be achieved per round and winning combination. Supporting this are free spins, the Magic Sack Bonus as well as other features.

Regardless of the successful functionsthat add excitement to the slot, Larry the Leprechaun is a very entertaining casino game in terms of graphics alone, which guarantees entertaining fun.

3.) Power of Gods: Egypt

Power of Gods Egypt Logo
The ancient world of Egypt is, as the title suggests, the central theme of Power of Gods: Egypt. central theme of Power of Gods: Egypt. The main characters are, appropriately enough, the most famous Egyptian gods, including the sun god Ra, Isis, Bastet and Sobek.

Wazdan sets with its new slot of the Power of Gods series on an innovative gameplay. Instead of paylines, 243 combination possibilities await us here. Identical symbols are scored classically from left to right, as soon as at least three of them appear. The maximum win in the online Power of Gods: Egypt game is 8,000 coins. This is the amount by which the bet can be returned if things go particularly well.

Each of the gods has a special function in Power of Gods: Egypt. special function. There are Sobek and Isis free spins, Bastet free spins, Ra spins, wilds, scatters and more. In online casinos with no limit, it is even possible to activate the Bonus Buy feature and significantly increase the chance of getting free games.

4.) Clover Lady

Clover Lady Logo
The "Clover Lady", as the title of the slot translates, can quickly turn out to be a personal lucky charm. Both she and her faithful companion, an imposing wolf, play at Clover Lady Hold the Jackpot play a leading role. Speaking of which, the Wazdan game owes its full name to its jackpots. Not just one, but four of them can be won by players with a bit of luck.

Only when the Clover Lady appears in the magical forest is there a chance of winning one of the main prizes. In the base game, however, the prize is still up to 3,500 times the selected base bet. Thus, even smaller amounts are worthwhile here – although of course high rollers also get their money's worth.

Besides the Jackpot Bonus Game Wazdan fans can look forward to wild cards, the gamble feature and lots of free spins. The latter can even be increased, because Clover Lady Hold the Jackpot was also equipped with the now very popular Bonus Buy feature.

5.) 9 Lions

9 Lions Logo
Among the top games from Wazdan, 9 Lions is definitely one of them. The special thing about the Asian-inspired bonus slot: It was officially awarded with G2E Asia Hot Product Award 2018 Award. The developer can definitely be more than proud of that.

A mystical mountain shines in the background of the slot, from which you can wonderfully observe the colorful hustle and bustle on the reels. A 3×3 game field with nine individual reels is offered. The more symbols are identical, the higher the win. A highlight is the block function, because these offer players the opportunity to fix supposedly useful symbols on their position.

Highlights in the game besides this function are the Lions Bonus as well as the Dragon Bonus. Especially through them, the winnings increase up to 1,000 times the game stake in the best case. The payout rate is also convincing, because with 96,59% turns out to be above average when playing 9 Lions online.

6.) Reel Joke

Reel Joke Slot
With Reel Joke Wazdan obviously celebrates the good old times. The central figure is the jester, who became part of the symbolism of mechanical slot games very early on. Graphically, the protagonist who appears in the online Reel Joke game has changed massively. Really, he may not seem trustworthy, but his ability is to provide exciting moments with fantastic "tricks".

Six reels as well as 20 lines form the basis of Reel Joke. The highlight is not the classic combination, which can be formed from left to right according to a familiar pattern. Rather, excitement comes out in the free spins. Here, symbols are able to move around individual positions. Also included: Scatter, the Gamble functionthe bonus purchase as well as rich multipliers.

Although Reel Joke Slot is supposed to remind you of the past, it is absolutely innovative. Even the reels trimmed to "old" do not distract from that. They were namely decorated with with traditional motifs in 3D look including card suits, bells, diamonds and BAR bars. And the prizes? If the prankster has a good day, it sometimes throws off up to 9,500 times the selected game stake.

7.) Unicorn Reels

Unicorn Reels Logo
The new bonus slot from the "Hold the Jackpot" series takes players to an enchanted forest. As the title suggests, the unicorn is the main focus. The game is played on a 5×5 playing field with a total of 25 independent single reels. As usual, these must display three or more identical symbols to trigger wins. The unicorn is not only a pretty looking fairy tale character, but it can also help you win in the game. Unicorn Reels: Hold the Jackpot Playing the games can help you to win gigantic prizes.

The Minor, Major or in the best case even the Grand Jackpot can be cracked with payouts of up to 1,000 times the stake. Above all, the look of the slot machine is incredibly fascinating. Unicorn Reels shows how high quality Wazdan works and how much value the brand obviously puts on quality. By the way, this is also reflected in the other features.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can use the Bonus Purchase on the Unicorn Reels Slot and receive significantly more free spins. But even without additional investment, there is a chance of free spins, wild cards, the gamble option as well as the said wild cards, which can be paid out in the course of a special bonus round.

8.) Sizzling 777 Deluxe

Sizzling 777 Deluxe Logo
Wazdan himself describes his Sizzling 777 Deluxe Slot as oldschool. However, this only applies to the character of the fruit symbols offered, as well as the lucky number 7 that is also available. Some experienced players may immediately notice that there are various parallels between Sizzling 777 Deluxe by Wazdan and the better-known Novoline classic Sizzling Hot. Whether these are coincidental or deliberate cannot be said with certainty.

First of all, the structure is less traditional than assumed. There are five reels and 20 fixed paylines available when playing Sizzling 777 Deluxe. Whenever the bonus stars appear, they catch fire and create attractive visual effects in the course of the game. They are scatter symbols, which are not bound to the given paylines like all the other images. With their help, wins up to 305 times the bet are possible.

There are not many features, but Sizzling 777 Deluxe does offer a solid RTP, namely in the amount of 96,42%. So, the chance to win big is quite good. As always with traditional slot games, you get to rely on chance. Strategies and tricks are not needed to ignite the stars.

9.) Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers Logo
This slot from the house of Wazdan is one of the most fascinating ones, because – contrary to what you might think – it's not all about butterflies. In the Asian setting of the slot machine, the delicate animals rather represent a symbol of the lovers, who are not allowed to see each other due to the circumstances.

The young girl and her lover are separated by four reels and four rows of symbols. Once the bet is selected, the first thing to do when playing Butterfly Lovers online is to form combinations of identical motifs. The collection of specified symbols fills the displays about the protagonist. You can win the Liang Shombo Bonus or else Lhu Yingtan Free Spins with up to 16x multipliers.

The Magic Sack Bonus has been seen more often in Wazdan games. Basically there is a money sack behind it, which is also available at Butterfly Lovers Online to crack. Players get further support from the universal wild card.

10.) Los Muertos

Los Muertos Logo
Also with Wazdan it is possible to celebrate the typical for Mexico Day of the Dead day of the dead. Los Muertos is by no means supposed to teach you to be afraid, and yet the mariachi band seems a bit creepy. The three protagonists have already done the make-up for us. So it's easy to focus on the thematically fitting symbols from the first spin on.

The setting is relatively easy to follow. There are 40 fixed paylines on the five reels of the Los Muertos slot. Only if three or more identical symbols appear there, the payout occurs. In the ideal case you get 850 times the amount of the bet.

Large and gigantic symbols have a particularly high equivalent value. In addition, there are free spins, a joker as well as the bonus round, in which maximum odds are at stake. But above all, the Los Muertos slot by Wazdan provides entertaining hours that quickly bring you closer to the culture of Mexico.

Is it safe to play at Wazdan casinos?

The provider itself attaches great importance to seriousness – not only in itself, but also in the online casinos that offer Wazdan games. This alone conveys a sense of security, especially since the brand is one of few in the world that has an official ISO certificate certificate. The standard is a certification for quality, and that is exactly what the provider is in no doubt about.

Similar to Wazdan itself, its partner casinos are usually licensed – be it by the MGA Malta, the UK Gambling Commission or similarly strict gambling authorities in Europe. Thus, there is no need to worry about your own safety. Here are more facts about the provider:

  • Licensed in the UK and Malta
  • Above average odds
  • HTML5 technology for innovative gameplay
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Detailed information on the website
  • Contact possible at any time via form

Wazdan offers these game categories

As you can see when looking at the Wazdan website quickly becomes clear, the provider has not too much to do with traditional table games to do with traditional table games. Rather, the brand focuses on an unparalleled variety of themes in the slots section. Nevertheless, there are one or two games that stand out a bit from this focus.

Although slot games are the hobbyhorse, boredom does not arise. The creativity of the Wazdanbrand is sheer boundless. Again and again, the provider takes us to distant worlds, delivers magical moments to the screen and is also very well positioned in the area of its game features. Let's take a closer look at the main categories offered.

  1. Slots
  2. Casino Games
  3. Video Poker
  4. Special Games

1.) Slots

slot-machine icon
There are now more than 120 titles in the Slots category category – among them the aforementioned top 10 games, but also numerous others that will provide entertaining hours. The great commonality of the slot machines are their high payout rates. Rarely does the RTP at Wazdan Slots fall below 96%, which clearly speaks for the provider.

Every now and then the brand presents successful new releases. Currently, features such as the "Hold the Jackpot" bonus are in the foreground. Thus, there is definitely the possibility to elicit a few rich jackpots from the offered slot machines. In addition, deluxe games and slots with multi-way mechanics are in vogue.

2.) Casino Games

casino house icon
Expectations should be lowered a bit in the area of classic casino games. At this point in time, as of the beginning of 2021, only four classics from Wazdan are offered, namely the following:

  • Blackjack
  • Gold Roulette
  • Casino Roulette
  • Carribean Beach Poker

A look at the table games shows that Wazdan also brings brings along quite qualities. For what reasons the developer is holding back on releasing more classics, there are no concrete statements about that.

3.) Video Poker

video poker
Video poker is certainly not the most important game form at Wazdan. The popular slot machines are too much in focus for that. But the casino classic is not neglected either. After all, six different video poker machines the brand has published so far in online casinos. Here is a brief overview:

  • Magic Poker
  • American Poker Gold
  • Joker Poker
  • Turbo Poker
  • American Poker V
  • Three Cards

For less experienced players, the slot machines offer the chance to learn the card game Poker in exciting rounds – without having to compete with other players or play against a dealer. The handling of the video poker variants is as simple as usual. And once again, Wazdan impresses with its immensely high quality.

4.) Special games

bingo icon
Basically, the two titles, Extra Bingo and Sic Bo Dragons, are considered to be special games rather inconspicuous. However, the fact that they exist should not go unmentioned. After all, there are relatively many casino customers today who are specifically looking for just such opportunities. Bingo in particular has been very popular for several years. Who likes, can test the two special publications in selected casinos for free.

What distinguishes Wazdan from other providers?


  • Multiple award-winning developer
  • Licenses in Malta and the UK
  • Modern, high-quality HTML5 technology
  • Varied game themes
  • Simple handling – ideal for beginners
  • Innovative features available
  • Very high volatility
  • Few table games so far

Conclusion about Wazdan

Especially as developer of innovative slots Wazdan can easily keep up with the better-known brands in Europe. The Malta-based developer definitely does not have to hide behind the big names of the online gaming industry, such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Play 'n Go.

Especially the new game mechanics are very well received – be it slots with "Hold the Jackpot" feature or the Multi Ways Technologywhich opens up numerous combination possibilities for players. This much is certain: Boredom definitely does not arise with the variety offered.

plus icon
Another plus point is the mobile availability. All slots developed by Wazdan and even the few existing classics or special games can be played both on the desktop and on common mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

Likewise, it is the high level of security that convinces both players and partner casinos. Not many providers are ISO certified and have obtained two gambling licenses just like Wazdan – even more so by two of the strictest authorities in Europe. At times, the portfolio is still very easy to keep track of. However, Wazdan is by no means resting on its laurels. So you can always look forward to new slots.

Author: Joshua Davidson