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Details about Cubes


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 75,00$
Payout Percentage: 96,35%
Max. Win: 3.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

Minimalistic graphics, simple gameplay and extraordinary features are the three main ingredients for Cubes, the slot released in 2020 in the Pocketz series – Slot games, specially designed for on the go.

Responsible Hacksaw Gaminga developer that has made a name for itself primarily with scratch cards. In the meantime, however, the portfolio of slot games is also large. Cubes also belongs to the latter, as does its successor successor Cubes 2.

At first, you don't think of classic slot machines when you hear the name, rather you feel like the famous Rubik's cube cube. Functionally, it is of course a slot game, but besides the name, the graphics are also reminiscent of the Rubik's cube.

This is above all very modern. The handling is as simple as usual. So you don't have to be an expert by any means to have a chance at solid winning opportunities to "win" the dice.

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Hacksaw Gaming
A registration in one of the below listed Hacksaw Gaming partner casinos listed below is sufficient to access Cubes and possibly even its current successor Cubes 2. Of course, a customer account does not come with any further obligations. Nevertheless, it forms the basis for deposits, which make it possible to directly enter the real money mode while playing.

Play Cubes slot machine for free

Hacksaw Gaming provides a free Cubes simulation which gives players ample opportunity to get to know and test the game. get to know and test the game. The demo version is available after registration in the casino, with some providers the free game is even usable without registration.

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Nevertheless, we would like to point out the advantage of registration registration: If you realize in the free mode that you want to play with real money after all, you can switch right away. When you make a deposit, you can benefit from various bonus offers.

Cubes Demo

How Cubes Online works

At first glance, Cubes does not look like a classic video slot video slot. Neither are there reels, nor do motifs fall from the top of the grid. Instead of the typical symbols there are colored cubeswhose arrangement changes after each spin. Represented are the colors green, red, blue, yellow, purple and turquoise.

The goal is to have at least five dice faces of the same color are adjacent to each other. The special feature is that the grid expandsso the number of cubes grows as well. In addition, there are different constellations of several colors. Behind them are hidden exciting extras.

cubes wie wird gespielt
Let's start from the beginning. When the game is started, Cubes first displays a grid consisting of 5×5 cubes (fields) but it can be expanded to up to 11×11 cubes cubes. In the first step, it is up to the user to choose the bet amount per game round set. The range is wide, because it starts from 20 cents and ends at 75 euros.

On the grid, as noted, five or more colored dice faces must occur next to each other to trigger a win. It doesn't matter if they are in a row, in an L-shape, or otherwise. It is important that the cube edges of the faces of the same color are contiguous.

Both the size of the combination as well as the value have an influence on on which winning amount is paid out. A first overview is provided by the paytablewhich also serves as a game guide including an explanation of all bonus features.

A total of up to 25 fields can have the same color. Regardless of the color, a payout of 3,000 times the wagered amount beckons at this moment. 3,000 times the bet.. Special motifs, as you are used to from other slot games, do not exist here. Nevertheless the creators have some special fields that bring excitement and variety into the game.

Cubes bonus functions and special features

Even if the colored dice don't suggest it, there are some special features to discover in Cubes. They basically only make clear that we are dealing with a slot machine. However, there is one disappointment: wild cards, i.e. universally usable jokers, do not exist.

  1. Center Multiplier
  2. Free spins
  3. Color Blast

Center Multiplier

cubes mitte multi
In the center of the field a multiplier is displayed multiplier is displayedwhose amount is variable. The winning factor shown is used if a complete winning combination is found in the round. complete winning combinationi.e. a cluster.

If this is the case, the payout increases by the indicated factor. According to Hacksaw Gaming the can vary between x1 and x22 vary.

Free spins

cubes freispiele modus
Although Cubes doesn't look like a classic slot machine, there is the chance to get Free Spins. These are triggered by five clusters of different colorswhich must occur at the same time.

The number of free spins can be different, are awarded maximum 10 free spins. In the mode existing color squares remain fixed, the grid also no longer changes its size, so it can not shrink as in the base game.

Color Blast

cubes color blast
The third and final feature comes into play, provided that you succeed in a cluster of identical dice during a free spin which consists of identical cubes. Thanks to 11×11 grid this chance is available during ongoing free spins, but it sometimes takes a little patience.

The highlight of the Color Blaster Bonus: If the said constellation is shown, players immediately receive 2,500 times the of the stakes played into the account.

What the successor Cubes 2 can do

After it quickly became apparent in 2020 that the concept of Cubes was met with a positive response, the inventors decided to release Cubes 2. In the intro it becomes clear that that both games have some things in common. have. First of all, there is also the 5×5 grid, which extends to up to 11×11 fields can expand.

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The potential win size is strikingly appealing. While the first version of the game pays up to 3,000 times the bet on every 25+ combination, Cubes 2 is all about winnings of up to 10,500 times the times the stake. After just the first round, the playing field expands to 7×7 squares. One point where the two games differ from each other.

The multiplier this time is not in the middle, but on all corners of the field. on all corners of the playing field. By collecting clusters, each X can turn into the number of cubes that make up the cluster. The win is now multiplied by this number.

Free spins are also available in Cubes 2. However, a cluster can consist not only of 70 identical squares, but of up to 90 squares. up to 90. And as soon as such a constellation occurs, Cubes 2 immediately pays out a prize equal to 7,000 times the base bet the basic bet.

The dice faces have been colored with fresh colors, but the same rules apply as in the original. Clusters must consist of at least five faces of the same color which must be adjacent to each other. Another similarity: There is no joker.

Cubes 2 Demo

These streamers play Cubes live

The number of streamers dedicated to Cubes turns out to be comparatively manageable. However, that says nothing about how exciting the hacksaw gaming release is. Since Twitch restricts casino streams, it's simply harder to watch the big stars of the scene live than it was a few years ago.

casino streamer
The one or other experienced streamer seems to have discovered the dice hit for themselves nonetheless. Most gamers currently use primarily YouTubeto share their previous gaming experiences with the still large community – including this one:

It is unclear what will happen with live streams especially here in Europe and if we might see more activity from the big gamers again at some point. It seems as if there are already a few options to choose from, because besides Twitch, other streaming platforms have started to position themselves. Currently, the easiest way to watch the pros play Cubes is through their YouTube channels.

Video: Roshtein plays Cubes 2 and wins 5 million.

Cubes FAQs

  1. Can I win free spins with Cubes?
  2. Is there a Cubes bonus?
  3. Is Cubes a classic slot machine?
  4. Can I win a Cubes jackpot?
  5. What betting limits does Cubes Online allow?

1.) Can I win free spins with Cubes?

A bonus buy option has Cubes from Hacksaw Gaming Cubes by Hacksaw Gaming does not have a bonus buy option. chance to win free spins. These are triggered by the constellation of certain fields. For up to 10 rounds you have the opportunity to win real money without the risk of betting. What is needed, as with all bonus features, is of course a portion of luck.

Also the successor Cubes 2 also allows you to trigger free spins. The principle of both versions is quite similar, as there is neither a bonus buy nor special scatter symbols as you are used to in slot machines.

2.) Is there a Cubes bonus?

We are not aware of any promotions and offers specifically tailored to the Hacksaw Gaming game. However, every common casino welcome bonus can be converted with the with the slot. As a rule, there is a Max Bet rule. This means that only a certain amount may be bet per round per round, so that the bonus turnover is taken into account.

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So, you don't necessarily need an exclusive bonus to benefit. The most campaigns can be used with the slot machine, so Cubes fans would by no means have to miss out on the game or even a bonus. Promotions such as Cubes Free Spins without deposit are currently not provided, at least in the professionally tested, reputable online casinos.

3.) Is Cubes a classic slot machine?

Online slots are actually imagined quite differently. Typical for them are reels with three or more symbols. Above all, there are a lot of motifs that differ from each other visually, but usually also in their value. Cubes doesn't have all that, and yet the Hacksaw Gaming release is categorized as a slot games category.

Although there are only fields in different colors as well as a few bonus features, it is also necessary to collect combinations when playing Cubes. They are called clusters because at least five matches are required, which must necessarily be adjacent to each other. A simple principle all in all, and yet Cubes is a bit out of the ordinary.

4.) Can I win a Cubes jackpot?

Cubes is just as non-progressive as its successor Cubes 2. The profit margin is clearly defined, in the original version solve long clusters winnings up to 3,000 times the bet amount. off.

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Cubes 2 is available with payouts up to 10,500 times the bet certainly more lucrative, should it lead to a 25+ cluster should occur. However, this version does not offer the prospect of a progressive jackpot either. The developers' decision is advantageous, as jackpots usually influence the RTP value. With Cubes the payout rate is over 96.

5.) What betting limits does Cubes Online allow?

We conducted our Cubes practice test at the Lucky Dreams Casino casino. There players have the opportunity to set the betting between 20 cents and 75 euros per round. per round.

Stake dances out of line with regard to betting limits. Here, apparently significantly higher amounts can be played. The settings made by Lucky Dreams are usually sufficient for average players. However, it is also clear that higher stakes always influence the amount of winnings, while the risk of loss increases at the same time.

Our Cubes conclusion

With Cubes, Hacksaw Gaming offers dice fun for almost every budget. Here, wins almost roll themselves, and it can even be quite appealing not to have to pay attention to the motif combinations typical for slots. The color fields can be easily distinguished visually, and in the end there is the same odds behind the same odds behind each colordepending on the number of matches.

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Simple doesn't have to be boring at all. With Cubes, the renowned studio provides very impressive proof of this statement. Because: Although it is not much more than colorful dice fields, the slot offers excitement as well as entertaining entertainment.

If you like, you can play Cubes and Cubes 2 try it out for yourself in selected online casinos. Apart from the changed color palette, it is above all the profit margin that makes the successor an appealing alternative.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: CubesAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%