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Sam Pepper Facts
Streamer Name: Sam
Real Name: Samuel Pepper

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Origin: Ashford (United Kingdom)
Residence: Los Angeles
Year of birth: 1989
Follower: Locked (Twitch)
728,500 (Twitter)
2,220,000 (YouTube)
26,500 (
622,000 (Instagram)
4,750 (Discord)
4,600,000 (TikTok)
425,000 (Snapchat)
Favorite providers:
Specialties: Shoots over the top with his pranks, has been banned multiple times on social media, Anonymous has been looking for him, appearance on Big Brother season 1, graffiti artist and musician
Highest gain: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: ~3 million USD

Sam Pepper is originally from the UK, but now lives in Los Angeles. There he has had a career career. Since June 2024 Sam has been streaming for Stake. That alone is reason enough to introduce the jack-of-all-trades on

His philosophy: He wants to try everything and use every opportunity that comes his way. Hardly any other streamer offers his fans such a wealth of facetsespecially on social media.

Sam, who is one of the few people to appear under his real name, originally owes his celebrity to his YouTube channelchannel, on which he mainly presents pranks and comedy and comedy.

The attention was so great that Big Brother discovered him and invited him to the eleventh season of the UK version. This made him even more prominent and he used this brand new notoriety to further his social media career.

Long before he gained media attention, Sam graduated from high school and was named the best art student of his senior year. named.

The thirty-something has an affinity for graffiti and at times was even on track to make money from his art. However, he left this after it became patently clear that he was achieving significantly more with prank videos and streaming.

General information about Sam Pepper

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Sam Pepper is one of the streamers who live under their real name go. Discovered in the UK, the influencer was born on March 26, 1989 to his British mother and Greek father. Quite early his parents moved from Greece to the UK, where his grandparents are also at home.

Most of his childhood Sam is said to have lived alone with his mother. Today, the influencer lives and works in Los Angeleswhere a few years ago Ice Poseidon a few years ago. The two had a friendship, but it has since broken up.

In 2018, Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper streamed together, even published vlogs together. At one point, Ice accused his buddy of manipulative behavior and distanced himself from Sam. Sam, in turn, allegedly had a conversation with Ice's then-girlfriend Poseidon and learned a secret. About this, Ice was so angry that he removed Pepper from his Reddit channel. The time together certainly pushed the success of the Brit, meanwhile there is between the two no more communication. [1]

Sam doesn't only tick off with interpersonal relationships. His fans were also shocked by many a scandalthat can be attributed to Pepper. However, since the stake deal, Sam seems to be working on a new image. It is especially noticeable that he has a aversion to alcohol excesses, as the as the British often do.

According to his own statements, he does not drink, which in turn makes it clear that the influencer plans all his actions and pranks with a clear head. This fact should particularly shock the community, especially since Sam has already been several times sharp criticism reaped.

In these casinos Sam plays

Until June 15, 2024, Sam Pepper has not had any touch points with casino streaming. The high profile, as well as a large community that has remained loyal to the Brit despite all the scandals, probably contributed significantly to the stake deal.

On said date, a Stake Casino stream on There are no other providers on the Kick channel of the thirty-something. In the casino he plays under the name "5ampepper“.


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Sam Pepper favorite games

Like most of the streamers, Sam Pepper also focuses on preferably on slots. In between he takes time for the crypto mini game Plinkowhich, according to his experience, is best suited for beginners like him.

Two things are particularly noticeable on the streaming channel: First, Sam plays games more often that you don't see streamed every day. He likes to try out new and and lesser known titles titles that sometimes jackpots jackpots in prospect. On the other hand, Sam Pepper is one of the few gamers who can easily devote several hours with one and the same game. for several hours at a time. These constant changes, typical of the industry, are rarely experienced on his channel.

These are his current favorites:

It will be interesting to see how the newcomer's taste in game selection develops. It's still early days for Sam Pepper and he's obviously taking the opportunity to try his hand at the Stake portfolio.

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Fun FactFrom time to time Sam's girlfriend Hannah takes the helm. In the chat you can read that she should rather use better known games. The same statement could be applied to Sam, because he, too, is rather in "unknown realms"with the exception of Temple Tumble and Fairytale Fortune.

When and where does Sam stream?

Kick Logo
Sam Pepper is through and through Kick Streamer. Although he had previously signed up for Twitch, the channel is blocked and therefore irrelevant for the Brit. According to his own statements, Sam now streams daily on Kickwhere he always streams between IRL and Stake games alternates. Sometimes he combines both in his streams.

That Sam prefers to be on his channel in the evening hours can be seen in his videos. Here he often shows a map with his location. Viewers can follow him as he travels from one place to the next, taking a break in between and devoting himself to stake games. The time is also displayed, note the time difference from CET.

Sometimes his streams run 24 hours, otherwise they move between one and eight hours. In this respect, the daily schedule of the influencer is quite flexible.

Sam Pepper in the social media

Sam has a philosophy of never missing an opportunity. This is reflected in his social media channels, as there really is no platform that the influencer would skip. Although he has already had already had to put up with a few but they don't stop him from sticking to his previous successes and constantly offering his community new ones, humorous and sometimes not entirely adult content. content to his community.

  1. Sam Pepper on Twitch
  2. Sam on YouTube
  3. Sam Pepper on Twitter
  4. Sam Pepper on Instagram
  5. Sam on
  6. Sam Pepper on Discord
  7. Sam Pepper on TikTok
  8. Sam on Snapchat

1.) Sam Pepper on Twitch

twitch logo
The Twitch channel of the Briton is long since no longer active. Interesting details about it can be found nevertheless. The starting signal fell for Sam on January 10, 2012. Until the ban in April 2018 6,400 followers were counted. He was obviously never particularly active. However, he was trying to build something new at the time.

Sam made no secret about his reason for joining Twitch. In the short info, Pepper explains that he was a a failed YouTuber and an internet personality who uses Twitch because, who uses Twitch because he thinks the community is halfway decent. Besides, he needs the money to pay his rent. He did not succeed with this openness. [2]

2.) Sam on YouTube

Sam Pepper made his YouTube debut on September 8, 2010, after realizing that his career as an artist was not going as he had hoped. His videos cover various areasstarting with paintingto Comedy clips and challengesToday, the IRL streamer faces them all on his travels around the globe.

The fact that Sam Pepper has around 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube may come as a surprise to some connoisseurs. After all, there were several scandals that led to critics calling for the account to be deleted.

clipboard icon
Particularly nasty: A petition was started on in 2015. petition was started, in which the aim was to collect signatures. Through it, it would have been possible to ban Sam from YouTube for all time. However, the attempt was not crowned with successThe petition still exists today. [3]

Although it never came to that said petition could have been enforced, Sam disappeared completely from YouTube in 2017. His last video was released in March of that year, followed by a hiatus of about six-year hiatus. In the meantime, the streamer is again a little more active and takes his followers on an exciting expedition, preferably through Asia.

The second channel, Sam Pepper Livewhich was primarily about streaming, has not been able to establish itself and no longer exists.

3.) Sam Pepper on Twitter

sam twitter


Back in May 2010, the Sam Pepper Twitter channel was launched and now has over 720,000 users follow. The focus of his current tweets is on the regularly published kick statistics. He ranked 10th in the stream charts on July 3, 2024, behind big gamers like. Adin Ross, Roshtein and XQC.

Past tweets show that Sam was in a better position as recently as mid-June 2024. Namely, at that time he was ranked 7th in the Kick Streamer Rankings. Overall, it can be seen that his Stake Streams on Twitter play a central role, whereby he play a central role, whereby he is by no means only concerned with the subject matter.

From time to time Pepper gives his followers private insights into his in his more than 6,000 tweets and retweets.

It is interesting to note that he did not respond to one post. In it, a certain Harry, the streamer's sister, claims to be a Daisy Pepperwho claims to have met the streamer's sister. She is a British bass player. [4]

Whether she is the sister or just happens to have the same last name, could not be fully clarified. The musician's channel does not no indication of a family connection to Sam, and the to Sam, and the gamer himself never shows up on Twitter alongside any siblings that are supposed to exist.

4.) Sam Pepper on Instagram

sam insta


Since when Sam Pepper has been active on Insta, it is impossible to check. Apparently, he has had enough time to build a huge community. Currently, Sam is followed by around 622,000 people. The content of the channel is mostly short videosthat show the influencer on his travels through Asia show

On these, he prefers to uncover the big scams of dealers who, for example, try to sell him a a 500,000 US dollar fake watch. to sell. But not only that. There are also apparently rip-offs of a special kind in Korea. There are vending machines that cheat people out of their money with overpriced cakes and other things.

Thanks to Insta, fans also get an impression of the individual lifestyle of the Brit, who likes to get to know new cultures and have a good time. Time and again he is seen with expensive cars which he presumably rents during his travels.

With his photographs Sam Pepper provides general amusement. Followers obviously enjoy watching him almost die on one of the craziest rides in Korea. At least he himself believes that his life would have been over by a hair.

5.) Sam on

By 26,544 followers Sam Pepper shares his newfound passion for Stake games on Kick and streams up to eight hours a day from the casino. His first video was saved on June 15, 2024, which is also Day 1 of his new streamer career.

Hardly a day goes by that Sam doesn't go live. However, the broadcasts are also about also about his travels through Asia. Every now and then, the topics on which the Briton focuses mix. If he first shows himself on the streets of Korea or explores countries like Indonesia, he switches to Stake a few hours later and shows which games are particularly close to his heart here.

information icon
Interesting: Some of the videos provided show Sam giving away his winnings to random users of the of the Kick platform. For example, he deposits 100 US dollars, plays for a while and pushes the winnings to his followers a little later. This particular way of streaming testifies to the fact that Pepper obviously doesn't need the money. At the same time, it can be called a good strategy to draw attention to himself.

Sometimes Sam Pepper shares the camera with friends or his girlfriend Hannah Ridgeway. According to one post, she gambled away his house. Such posts make curious, but one can assume that Sam was allowed to keep the property in the end. His statement can rather be compared with the saying "gambling away house and yard", whereas it cannot be assumed that Hannah will succeed in making the gamer poor. [5]

6.) Sam Pepper on Discord

sam discord


Sam Pepper primarily uses the platform to communicate with his current about 4,750 subscribers about live streams. Mostly it's moderators in his chat announcing upcoming broadcasts. Followers can find them in the Announcements section. For the first time, there was info on June 23, 2024, that Sam was going live with Stake games.

In the Clips and Videos section Sam Pepper fans share various funny content, which may be commented on by the community. Subscribers don't have to meet too many requirements, only the rules of etiquette have to be confirmed in advance. A personal invitation to the Sam Pepper Discord is available here.

Among all the pre-announcements, one post from May 19, 2024, is particularly eye-catching. At that time, Sam was in Nepal and apparently had to interrupt a abort a live stream. He apologizes to fans for the inconvenience and thanks them equally for all the donations.

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According to his post, friends of his, "Homeless“, “Sus" and "Cringe Sniper" were detained on this trip. The US embassy could not do anything about it until now. The reason for the trouble is said to have been live streams, of all things. As Pepper tries to explain, the authorities in Nepal have little understanding for this form of entertainment and he fears that the situation could get out of control.

Sam Pepper must have been all the more reassured when he managed to leave the country on the same day. Apparently, live streams, even if they had nothing to do with gambling in this case, do not meet with a positive response in all cultures. [6]

7.) Sam Pepper on TikTok

The TikTok channel is doing quite well. Sam Pepper was able to attract around 4.6 million followers and his clips have a total of more than 120,000 likes. more than 120.000 likes. Comedy and challenges are in the foreground. Above all, Sam Asian "specialtiesThe challenge is a challenge that Sam Pepper is particularly proud of.

Sam Pepper is particularly proud of some of the challenges he has solved. A video shows how he buys eggs on the Asian market and hatches them within 30 days. The result is cute chicks, whose further life was unfortunately not discussed.

In his role as TikToker, Sam likes to deal with serious with serious topics, whichwhich are certainly shocking for one or the other viewer. For example, he has a illegal animal market and shows in a short video, which creatures are sold there for only for only 100 US dollars are sold. We are not talking about puppies and kittens only, but especially exotics regularly find buyers.

Certainly, not everything that the Briton publishes should be taken seriously. The scene that shows him in a police control after allegedly driving at 130 km/h to get to the donut store, seems very posed.

8.) Sam on Snapchat

sam snapchat


The influencer clearly loves thrills. This is evidenced by the fact that he went to a crocodile pit and tried to capture an animal. The scene was filmed and published on his Snapchat channel. About 425,000 followers were able to watch him make this life-weary attempt.

What is striking is that there not very much content on the Sam Pepper Snapchat channel. However, when he posts, it usually becomes entertaining and nerve-wracking at the same time. As it seems, he has a passion for exotics, be it alligators, snakes or even lizards.

Another special scene shows Sam at a cemetery in the Philippines. Not only do dead people seem to lie there, but there are also an incredible number of people on the paths, who have apparently set up their living space in this very cemetery. This is supported by the fact that there is a special wifi access. Behind a grille is the box that allows visitors and residents to access the Internet for little money.

With what Sam Pepper shares with his followers on Snapchat, you can expect many a time a real culture shock. This applies in particular to a visit to a hotel, which the Briton describes as the cheapest in the world. He pays the equivalent of 2.50 USD per night. He is offered a double bed, a bottle of water, two towels, and a bathroom that consists only of a toilet without a seat and a piece of hose for showering or filling with wash water.

What makes Sam Pepper

The Brit, who is actually half Greek, doesn't seem to mind critical cultures. He seems incredibly adaptable. His lifestyle can be described as alternative and has little to do with the traditional concept of most streamers. His passion is travelingwhich he cleverly combines with IRL streams.

The friendship with Ice Poseidon apparently broke up because Sam is said to have displayed a very manipulative nature. At least that's what his former good friend claimed, who soon parted ways with his sidekick because of this character trait.

Sam's past is said to have been was rather modest. It is said that he lived with his grandparents for some time. Before he found his way to social media, he had various jobs that had a decisive impact on him. But what sets him apart above all is his love of art. In fact, Sam always wanted to be graffiti artist become. Probably more for fun, he seems to have once said that he wanted to try it in the porn industry with filmography. However, there is no reliable source for this.

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Another characteristic of the Brit is that he does not get involved with the Komasauf culture of his compatriots. He is suspicious of people who consume alcohol to the point of drunkenness. According to his own statements he does not drink himself.

As far as women are concerned, Sam prefers quiet and nice girls. quiet and nice girlsbut not those who act stupidly and attract negative attention. [7]

Scandals and controversies

Sam has long been considered the most hated prankster of all time. Blame it on various scandalsthat still linger after the Briton today. Thus, he has already published in 2014 a video, which was titled "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank". Together with some friends, he was on the street and grabbed the buttocks of complete strangers in front of the camera.

As a justification, he explained a little later that the action was a "social experiment". The aim of the whole thing was to show society the problem of sexual assault. Hardly anyone really wanted to believe his apology, and it was at this point that he first came under sharp criticism. harsh criticism. [8]

Compared to his most violent scandal, the previous one was almost harmless. In November 2015, Sam Pepper released a new video, this time titled "Killing Best Friend Prank". The bad thing: he pretended to force a good friend to shoot his best friend.

The fact that the content is a script was not made clear at first, and the viewers remained correspondingly long in the belief that the friends would actually kill each other sooner or later. It was also believed that those involved, Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, were themselves ignorant and believed they really had to kill each other.

The scandal created high waves. To calm down the community, Pepper made the next mistake and started a GoFundMe campaign. He declared that he would delete the YouTube account as soon as it reached 1.5 million US dollars. The deletion of the campaign was not long in coming.

The video itself persisted on YouTube until February 2016. It was so crude that even the Anonymous hacker community which sharply criticized the scandal and stepped in without further ado. They had given Pepper an ultimatum that didn't have much of an impact. Sam deleted the video and apologized together with the other people involved in the public.

In the video, Sam Pepper explained that most of the pranks are scripted were scripted. He deleted most of them and initially stayed away from the channel for a few years. Later he started a new career with vlogs.

krypto waehrung icon
It almost seems like Sam didn't learn much from his past mistakes. It wasn't until 2021 that things started to go right for him with a Pump and Dumb scam in which he played a major role. In the scam, a Cryptocurrency was intentionally pushed by influencers . This was done to persuade investors to buy, which actually succeeded. No sooner had insiders decided on their investment in a not inconsiderable amount than the value fell abruptly and those affected had to accept a bitter loss of their investment. [9]

Does Sam use special betting strategies?

Sam plays more according to gut feeling and seems to games just randomly, instead ofinstead of intensively studying their backgrounds beforehand. In this respect, no strategy is discernible. The same applies to the bets, which are within a normal range even for casual gamers. In between, Pepper deposits a few hundred US dollars and places bets, without any system behind it.

Does Sam Pepper play for real?

money icon
In this point Sam acts absolutely transparent. During live streams he takes real money transactions transactions. Our experts have no doubts about the real-time nature of the payments. He gives away most of the money he wins to his followers.

It is quite obvious that Sam Pepper differs from his peers in the scene when it comes to stakes. So far he is not classified as a high that we can assume that he is not a exclusively with real moneyrespectively with cryptos, plays.

Sam estimated net worth

Several independent sources conclude that Sam Pepper's net worth is in the mid-single-digit millions, roughly between three and five million U.S. dollars. This he draws from various jobs. It became clear early on that Sam never missed an opportunity to make money.

Admittedly: Pepper has not yet become rich with his TikTok channel. In one of his videos, he holds his smartphone up to the camera after letting his fans guess how much the total of 832 million views would earn him. The social media platform has paid just $5,071 for the loyalty of its TikTok subscribers.

Significantly lucrative is the presence on YouTube. Although Sam disappeared from the platform for nearly six years, it is estimated to have earned him more than $180,000 from views alone. This is calculated on the basis of average earnings of about one US dollar per 1,000 views.

In 2014 Sam was was temporarily active as a musicianamong other things at the side of Lancifer. Whether or not he was involved with the song "Not Growing Up" was able to earn money, however, is unclear. The YouTube video was only viewed about 4,000 times. In addition, there was a tour in the same year. One of the destinations was Plymouth.

Today, you don't hear much from Sam musically, so this facet of the streamer certainly doesn't contribute much to his income anymore. It is also not clear to what extent his graffiti art has helped him make money.

sam photo dubai


Much of the content showing Sam with his cars and real estate has since been deleted from the Brit's social media channels. However, he has been flaunting just that for quite a while and it is estimated that both vehicles are worth at least $142,000 US. The house in which he lives today cannot be quantified in terms of price, but in the posts it appeared to be extremely luxurious. [10]

The streamer's motto is "It's Just a Prank Bro". This was used as merchandising slogan and there are platforms where T-shirts with the inscription seem to sell very well. Unfortunately, it has not become clear whether and to what extent Sam will share in the proceeds. However, the shirts are sold with clear mention of the name Sam Pepper.

Meanwhile, the Stake Deal more and more to the main source of income for the Influencer. What conditions are involved, was not published. However, as recently as June 2024, a heated discussion broke out about his former friend Ice Poseidon allegedly receiving a 25 million US dollar deal. This has not been confirmed officially. However, it is safe to assume that streaming at Stake will also be profitable for Sam.

How much experience does Sam Pepper have as a streamer?

Around 2010, Sam started his career on YouTube and began to shoot his first live streams in small steps. However, these still had nothing to do with casinos, but were about IRL streaming. So he does not lack experience at all, especially Sam knows how to present himself.

Casino streaming is completely new territory even for the otherwise very experienced influencer. It was only in June 2024 that Sam began to deal with the matter, but of course he benefits from the know-how he has gained with his Prank videos and streams collected.

Sam Pepper private

sam instagramm photo


Sam was born in the United Kingdom on March 26, 1989. His mother is British, while his father is Greek. Apparently, the parents moved to England at some point. Why, that has not been clarified at times. What is known, however, is that Sam Pepper graduated from high school and was named the best artist of the year. of the year. His his penchant for graffiti art he actually wanted to make a career out of it, but then took a different path.

Today Samuel Pepper lives in Los Angeles, where he supposedly has his own own real estate and is in a committed relationship with influencer Hannah Ridgeway. Hannah was born in the USA in 1995 and still lives there today. Before this union occurred in 2019, Pepper is said to have been involved with Cat Rose, then later with Bella Thorne.

According to several independent sources, Sam has a Brother and a sister. However, nothing is known about the two. Although there is a hint that Daisy Pepper could be Sam's sister, an official confirmation is missing.

The streamer's private life was rather modest until 2010. However, even before he took off as a YouTuber, he was invited to the 11th Big Brother UK season and was kicked out after some time. The failure made him even more famous. Thus, it was even a good basis for further career development.

In public life, Sam uses every opportunity to attract attention. His private life, on the other hand, he keeps secret as much as possible.

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