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PLEASE NOTE: Vegas Hero is withdrawing from the Australian market as of 01.07.21 and closing its doors.

Unfortunately, Vegas Hero is no longer open for players from Australia. If you are looking for a good and reputable online casino, you will always find it on, because we test and present the best providers in the industry.

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Basically, today online casinos are expected to provide players with mobile slots and classics as well. Vegas Hero, however, does not make mobile gaming a side issue, but rather provides the Games for smartphones and tablets of all kinds to the fore. Of course, users can still challenge their luck at home on their PCs.

But first and foremost, the operators are actually concerned with inspiring players far away from their own four walls with exciting games in numerous categories. Around 1,000 titles are available for mobile use at Vegas Hero..

The only prerequisite is registration with the provider, which can be completed within minutes. You also have the option to deposit money directly into Vegas Hero Casino. Only then is it possible to play for real winnings on the smartphone – and without the Vegas Hero app.

Test report on the mobile games of Vegas Hero

Those responsible have relied on a mobile website that does not require a download or installation. This makes it even easier to get started!

Vegas Hero mobile Spiele
Without mobile gaming, you won't get far as a new company. Of course, Global Genesis Ltd., which has been successfully operating Vegas Hero Casino since 2017, knows this as well. There is hardly a game at this provider that is not available on mobile.

Even live gaming can now be experienced here on smartphones and tablets from any manufacturer. Since an App download is omitted, it is played comfortably in the browser. It makes sense to update the version of Chrome, Firefox and Co. to the latest version before starting the game. The casino as such updates itself independently. As soon as new games are introduced, they should be found in the corresponding section.

Apps certainly have the advantage that they run smoothly even when there is no or a weak internet connection. In known casino apps the gaming options are also clearly limited. Vegas Hero deliberately relies on a mobile HTML5 site for this very reason, which allows customers to entry without effort effort. However, the offer can only be used when logged in. Unfortunately, there is no guest mode here.

Mobile availability of Vegas Hero

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Unlike many crap riders, Vegas Hero does not specialize solely in Android and iOS users. The portfolio can be viewed as a mobile website can be played on really all the latest devices from Blackberry to Windows Phone to tablets from the major companies. In addition, the casino is open around the clock. So, customers are also free to play at night whenever they feel like a little variety.

Vegas Hero Mobile for Apple customers

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There are quite a few players who have deliberately chosen the iPhone and would never trade it for any other device in their life.

Of course, this is not a problem, because at Vegas Hero Mobile you have full access to the perfected game offer at any time – but not in the form of a special iOS app, but via the mobile website. You simply enter the URL and you can register or log in.

Android App from Vegas Hero

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A special Android app you will search in vain at Google Play. Vegas Hero has deliberately omitted this as well. The easiest way to use the mobile offer is via Google Chrome or another preferred browser. It is only important to have your personal login data ready or – if not already done – to register. You can play on the Android device both with real money as well as for free.

Vegas Hero mobile website with HTML5

This is exactly what Vegas Hero focuses on. Already on the PC, it is easy to see that the concept is different than in most casinos. The menu has been kept very simple, so that handling the mobile website is child's play.

Qualitatively, and in terms of loading times and performance, the mobile website with HTML5 absolutely convinced us. However, players have to pay a little attention to the Internet connection. If the reception is missing, then it can logically come to load inhibitions – as with all mobile websites.

Advantages of the Vegas Hero Casino website

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While dedicated apps have some advantages, they also take up valuable storage space. On top of that, an installation can take several minutes. And also the updates do not take care of themselves with Android as well as iOS apps. Users can save themselves all that effort thanks to Vegas Hero's mobile website.

Simply enter the URL of the provider and the casino will take care of the rest. We are above all enthusiastic about the clear structure. With just a few touches, you can open preferred categories, start selected games and even save them as favorites. The personal account information is clearly displayed. This way, you always have an overview of your account balance and other details.

Disadvantages of the Vegas Hero Casino app

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In short, there is nothing that can be criticized or called a disadvantage about Vegas Hero's mobile offering. As already explained in detail, the app offers players all the Slots, classics and also live games in a smaller format. The creators rely on a very simple handling, which is even immediately that is immediately comprehensible even for beginners. is immediately understandable.

Since native apps are not used, there are no disadvantages here either. The company has developed a web app that is accessible to everyone and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of graphics, loading times and performance. As a player, you don't have to do without anything – of course, this applies to both the huge game portfolio as well as for all actions. These can be used on the go just as much as at home.

The design of the Vegas Hero app is convincing

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For players, the visual appearance naturally has a high priority. Even the first impression decides whether to choose a mobile casino or not. As far as that is concerned, Vegas Hero can clearly score points. However, in addition to the design, the structure should also be right, of course. Here, users benefit from a self-explanatory and appealing menu navigation.

Overall, Vegas Hero's mobile casino cuts a good figure. The graphics are clear and of course the games have also been adapted to the smaller screen. We think that customers are in good hands from the very first moment. After all, high quality is always a sign that the provider spares no expense or effort.

The range of games offered by Vegas Hero Mobile

fruit slots
There is really no lack of games in the mobile version of Vegas Hero Casino. While the website on the PC over 1,300 slots and classics in Hero Vegas, more than more than 75% of them are also offered on the go. Even our editors were pleasantly surprised by the fact that the performance does not suffer. Players can theoretically access almost all games and do not even have to download them.

One touch is enough. Generally, online casinos mainly offer slot machines. But friends of virtual table games do not miss out on Vegas Hero Mobile either. In addition, one has access to the multifaceted Vegas Hero Live Casino with almost all games developed by Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Customers and guests can use the search function to find preferred titles even faster. Otherwise, it's just a matter of playing away and getting to know various facets of the company on the go.

Vegas Hero app download – here's how it works

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The beauty of Vegas Hero Mobile is the very fact that you don't have to download anything at all. no download at all. need to. The operators have apparently deliberately decided against a Vegas Hero app for Android and the iOS alternative. After all, with the web app, it is much easier to indulge in your favorite games on the go. Instead of a download, you only have to open the website. This, in turn, works with all common browsers.

Simplicity is definitely one of the big pluses. The Vegas Hero web app with HTML5 is preferable to a download already because you don't have to do without any game here. Almost the entire portfolio that is available on the desktop can thus be started on the go at any time – with or without wagering real money. with and without wagering real money.

Install Vegas Hero Casino App

Since there is no download, there is logically no need to install the Vegas Hero app. Nevertheless, you should of course not miss to update the used Smartphone every now and then to update. Both the operating system and the browser perform significantly better when they are up to date. As soon as updates are available, this is usually indicated to users. It is easier to set up the devices so that updates are carried out fully automatically.

The Vegas Hero mobile app for tablet

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Of course, tablet users get their money's worth with Vegas Hero Mobile, just like all those who prefer to play on their smartphones. The concept is identical for all devices, as the menu navigation remains the same. The Vegas Hero app automatically adapts to the slightly larger screen. You don't have to make any manual settings to enjoy the best possible gaming quality. best possible game quality possible.

As on the cell phone, the tablet version also works without a download. Vegas Hero Mobile is played directly in the browser. A browser is pre-installed on all common devices and is usually able to recognize the modern HTML5 format. Technical problems are thus as good as excluded.

Play with real money at Vegas Hero Mobile

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Most casino players pursue the goal of picking up real winnings. This requires not only a good portion of luck at Vegas Hero, but of course you have to deposit money first. Transactions work mobile without any effort. The operators rely on various proven payment methodswhich are just as uncomplicated on the road as they are within your own four walls. If you don't feel like carrying around cards, you can simply use e-wallets. The Vegas Hero web app also offers various options in this regard.

As soon as the account is set up, nothing stands in the way of making a deposit at Vegas Hero Mobile. If you have already deposited funds, they can of course also be used on smartphones and tablets. A new registration is not required.

The Vegas Hero app doesn't work – here's where to get help

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If the mobile website of the provider cannot be opened or the games hook, this can have various reasons. The first step should be to check the connection. The more stable it is, the better the quality – and not least the loading times. Experience has shown that faults rarely occur with Vegas Hero Mobile. If a fault with your own device can be ruled out, the best thing to do is to contact the company's technical support of the company.

The experienced employees make sure that everything runs smoothly on the go. Sometimes an overload of the smartphone can be the reason for problems. A reboot works wonders in this case. The simpler variant is to close the Vegas Hero page and open it again. Most of the time, this fixes the error by itself.

Vegas Hero Mobile advantages over the desktop version

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Many players don't like to sit at home all day. Especially when the weather is nice or you are on the road a lot, the Vegas Hero Web App with HTML5 is a good choice. It works everywhere and at all times – and that, by the way, is free of charge. The big advantage is that you can move around flexibly without having to give up playing. Whether it's a long train ride or a lunch break: Entertainment is available here around the clock.

Vegas Hero Mobile is also in no way inferior to the desktop version in terms of quality. If you have a stable connection, you also benefit from a really first-class performance first-class performance and super-fast loading times.. So there is a lot to be said for taking a look at the mobile alternative and using it whenever time allows or you urgently want to do something against boredom. Thanks to Vegas Hero, boredom disappears after just a few seconds.

Conclusion about the Vegas Hero app

Vegas Hero is indeed extremely young, but also particularly innovative – especially when it comes to the mobile gaming sector. The operators have done everything right with their mobile concept and leave nothing to be desired in terms of gaming technology.

support icon
By the way, support is also available to players on the go. So you are never alone here – which is quite reassuring for a player. The high number of mobile games is not least thanks to the manufacturers, who are now very experienced in this field. Especially the live portfolio convinced us from the first second on.

There are really only a few games that cannot be used on mobile. But you can safely do without that, because it's hard to test 1000+ games on the go anyway. If you are looking for a first-class mobile casino, you should definitely take a look at Vegas Hero and give the young label a chance.

Vegas Hero Mobile FAQs

  1. Can I use the Vegas Hero app for free?
  2. How long does the Vegas Hero mobile download take?
  3. Are there any special Vegas Hero offers for smartphones?
  4. What are the requirements for my cell phone?

1.) Can I use the Vegas Hero app for free?

icon free
Of course customers have the opportunity to browse Vegas Hero Mobile for free. Also, many of the games are open for free – although exceptions like live tables confirm this rule. The app itself is free of charge anyway.

Money can be invested by those who have a desire for real winnings. There are a lot of them in the mobile online casino. What is needed to play is nothing more than a portion of luck. If the free versions are enough for you, you can of course use them at any time and without time restrictions.

2.) How long does the Vegas Hero Mobile download take?

html5 logo
The good news is that nothing stands in the way of an immediate game start at Vegas Hero mobile. The operators have deliberately decided against an app download. Instead, they rely on the aforementioned Vegas Hero web app, which is based on HTML5. compatible with all devices and allows you to get into the game without long loading times. Waiting times are thus completely spared – another good reason to take a look at the offer in person.

3.) Are there special Vegas Hero offers for smartphones?

Unfortunately, no. But: If you decide to use the Vegas Hero app as a new customer, you can benefit from the starting credit with your registration and a deposit. Up to 1,000 euros plus 50 free spins are available to mobile customers just as they are to all those who prefer to play at home. Heroic is the offer in any case. Whether you claim the full bonus or just a part of it, the decision is of course up to everyone at Vegas Hero Mobile.

4.) What requirements does my cell phone have to meet?

iphone icon
Basically, you can use the Vegas Hero Web App with HTML5 on all devices. The more modern the smartphone or tablet, the better the performance. Fortunately, the technical requirements are limited. So you don't necessarily need the latest cell phone model to enjoy high-quality high-quality games and fast loading times. and fast loading times. It is important to update the operating system and the browser every now and then. This alone has an enormous effect on the quality of mobile gaming – and not only in the case of Vegas Hero.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 91% excellent Vegas Hero odds
Range of games 92% excellent Vegas Hero game offer
Live Casino 92% excellent Vegas Hero Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 89% very good Vegas Hero deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 90% excellent Vegas Hero Customer Service
Website 88% very good Vegas Hero website
Gaming App 89% very good Vegas Hero App
New customer bonus 92% excellent Vegas Hero Bonus
Security 94% excellent Vegas Hero Security
Experience 91% excellent Vegas Hero Experience
Overall rating 91% excellent Vegas Hero Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Vegas Hero AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%