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Details about Gladiator Legends

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1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 10
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,31%
Max. Win: 10.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

Ancient Rome awaits casino customers at Gladiator Legends from Hacksaw Gaming. Released in April 2022, the bonus slot quite quickly attracted the interest of numerous casual players, as well as prominent live streamers have already gotten involved with the adventurous setting, which offers a lot of special features with it.

Quite different from the game theme that the software studio has chosen, the graphics and features on Gladiator Legends are cutting-edgeand the developer also relies on high-quality performance. high-quality performancewhich guarantees fluid entertainment. If you are ready to follow in the footsteps of the brave gladiators, you can already get ready for some surprise moments, because:

With the name addition Duel Ruels Hacksaw hints at a bonus function bonus function, the activation of which potential can be significantly increased. can be increased.

The fear that you would see double is confirmed, but there is certainly no problem with the eyes behind it, but a concept whose dynamics is worth looking at.

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Hacksaw Gaming
is a studio that within a few years has made a very good reputation in the gaming industry in the gaming industry. The company's focus has been on mobile entertainment since the beginning, but desktop releases like Gladiator Legends also cut a fine figure.

Innovation, quality and versatility may be the attributes that make Hacksaw an interesting partner for many casino providers in Europe. Wherever there is a cooperation, players will have the opportunity to take a look at Gladiator Legends and put the game to the test to their heart's content.

How Gladiator Legends works

The Gladiator Legends slot was designed with a basic structure of five reels, four rows of symbols and 10 fixed paylines. equipped. The aim of the game is to spin three to five identical symbols, scoring classically from left to right.

Directly under the game field there are buttons for setting the bet, as well as the possibility, the bonus purchase to complete the bonus purchase. Hacksaw Gaming has set the betting range from 10 cents to 100 euros. fixed. These settings can be changed variably after the completion of each round.

Once the decision has been made, the button that spins the reels can be pressed directly afterwards. As soon as these stop, it is decided whether and which winnings are distributed. This depends on how many combinations are visible on the paylines and, last but not least, whether one of the bonus features is activated. bonus functions have been activated. has been activated. The latter is associated with a high degree of readiness to optional at any time.

Try Gladiator Legends for free

It is possible to access the demo provided by Hacksaw Gaming without any problems. Gladiator Legends demo provided by Hacksaw Gaming. This is usually available available in most online casinos and serves to get a first overview of:

  • the betting options
  • Winning odds
  • functionality of the slot machine
  • the payout probabilities

The Gladiator Legends Simulation can be used used for an unlimited time Depending on the preferred provider, it is sometimes necessary to register in advance. As a side effect, this lays the foundation for later deposits, if they come into question.

Gladiator Legends bonus features and specials

The enormous profit margin, which is in Gladiator Legends, does not come by chance. Mainly responsible for exciting moments and associated solid odds in this release are the features integrated by Hacksaw Gaming.

  1. VS Symbols
  2. Champions of the Arena Bonus
  3. Unleash the Beast Bonus
  4. Gladiator Legends Bonus Purchase

VS Symbols

Gladiator Legends VS Symbol
VS stands for versus and in this particular case refers to the duel between two gladiators. If VS symbols are visible on the reels, they can turn into duel reels and start the bonus fight. Each of the gladiators in the mode is awarded a random multiplier is assigned to each of the gladiators in the mode. The factor of the gladiator who wins the duel is applied.

In the base game, VS symbols can present themselves extended. In addition, the following beckon Multipliers up to x100. If even multiple multipliers occur, Gladiator Legends adds them together and adds the total factor to the bet played.

idea icon
Also during the bonus games VS symbols can become visible. Here, not only does the expansion of VS images occur on any reels, but also the multipliers turn out to be significantly higher. In the "Champions of the Arena" bonus the factors reach up to x500, in the "Unleash the Beast" bonus there is also the chance to win up to up to 500 times the stake of the stake.

Champions of the Arena Bonus

Gladiator Legends Arena Logo
Three Arena symbols are required to start this bonus round. The position of the images does not matter, because unlike standard symbols, they are not bound to appear next to each other as well as from left to right.

Initially, Gladiator Legends grants each three Champions of the Arena free spins. These can be reset whenever a VS symbol appears in the game mode. Multipliers are displayed above the reels, which Hacksaw Gaming uses to offset the bet. However, this requires more VS symbols as well as the resulting gladiators, because:

Only those who manage to fight their way through the arena step by step will have the chance to win, as the developers call it, "epic" winnings in the end. Part of the Champions of the Arena round are also two Coins in silver and gold. With them you can not only generate more VS symbols, but at the same time it is about increasing multipliers up to x10which, when multiple silver coins appear, are multiplied by each other again.

Unleash the Beast Bonus

Gladiator Legends Beast
Again, Gladiator Legends grants its guests three free spins whenever three to or more of the corresponding bonus symbols appear. Identical to the previously described bonus game is also that here is the possibility, new free spins by the appearance of the VS symbols. symbols.

On reels 1, 2, 4 as well as five, reel multipliers can appear again and again during the bonus round, which are added together. The special thing is that reel 3, the middle reel, is the so-called Beast reel is involved. This does not move at first, but remains fixed until it is unlocked by at least one VS symbol.

Randomly, on the middle reel, the Beast Duel can be opened, which also provides attractive winning opportunities promises. However, there is another special feature, because appearing skulls, which were added to the Gladiator Legends slot in no less than two variants, are motifs with which no winnings can be collected in the bonus round. Therefore, they are equivalent to rivets.

Bonus purchase

All four special functions can be purchased via the Bonus Buy option can be purchased directly, saving players from waiting for bonus rounds and VS symbols. The price varies depending on the feature, and only one feature may be selected per purchase.

If you want to be guaranteed a VS symbol with every spin, you will invest 10 times the base bet. If the bet is placed 40 times, two VS symbols beckon at once.

Even more exciting, but also more costly, is the investment in the Champions of the Arena Bonus, for which the bonus purchase is guaranteed at 100 times the stake times. A whole 400 times the base bet is due if the Unleash the Beast bonus round is to be started without waiting.

These streamers play Gladiator Legends on Twitch

Since Gladiator Legends was released in April 2022, numerous Twitch streamers have literally fallen prey to antique fever. Some casino gamers have shared their successes and big wins already shared with the community on Twitch, led by these prominent streamers:

All mentioned streamers prove in their live broadcasts that Gladiator Legends definitely has the the potential offers, to achieve high to achieve high winnings. However, as a casual player, you should not completely disregard the fact that most of these "professional players" invest significantly more than the minimum stake in a round and therefore also a high risk to accept.

Video: Prodigy plays Gladiator Legends with BONUS BUYS and VS spins

Gladiator Legends FAQs

  1. Where can I try Gladiator Legends for free?
  2. What are the Gladiator Legends real money wins?
  3. Is Gladiator Legends mobile available?
  4. Which casino is suitable for playing Gladiator Legends?
  5. How do I earn Gladiator Legends winnings?

1.) Where can I try Gladiator Legends for free?

The first and easiest way to get a non-binding impression is to try out right here on Our team of experts has not only comprehensively tested the Hacksaw Gaming slot, but at the same time allows every reader to try out the Gladiator Legends simulation without deposit as well as to try it out personally without registration.

As an alternative, you can try the Gladiator Legends demo, which can be found in reputable online casinos provided by reputable online casinos. There, a registration can sometimes be a prerequisite, as the providers are very concerned about player and youth protection. However, setting up a customer account does not entail any obligations.

2.) What Gladiator Legends real money wins are available?

As far as the winning options are concerned provider Hacksaw Gaming is transparent as usual. A Gladiator Legends jackpot is not provided, but there is still the possibility to win payouts of up to up to 10,000 times the stake to obtain.

rich icon
Assuming the full stake, which is 100 euros per round, the following are possible winnings of up to one million euros achievable. In order to receive these, however, a lot of luck is required. The only thing that can be influenced is the bet amount, whereas the number and amount of the winnings are determined by connected and tested random generators are determined.

3.) Is Gladiator Legends mobile available?

Although the renowned software studio has not developed a standalone Gladiator Legends mobile app, the game is based on modern HTML5 technology and is therefore 100% mobile compatible. To play it on smartphones or tablets of any manufacturer, it is enough to register in a preferred mobile casino.

Advantageously, most providers have a web app ready, which allows you to log in directly on the mobile device with the access data on the mobile device using the access data that has been set up. This means that tedious installations and downloads are not necessary in order to use Gladiator Legends on the go and challenge your luck wherever you feel like it.

4.) Which casino is suitable for playing Gladiator Legends?

Basically, Gladiator Legends can be played online in any casino that cooperates with Hacksaw Gaming and has included the slot machine in its portfolio accordingly. What should be noted is the seriousness, whereby this is determined by various aspects, such as the license, bonus promotions, service and secure payment methods. can be made out.

High-quality providers have already been extensively tested by our experts. A selection of the most popular Gladiator Legends casinos can be found in the complete slot machine test. Further alternatives can be reached via the menu.

5.) How do I earn Gladiator Legends winnings?

Basically, Gladiator Legends works like most slot machines. In the base game a combination of three to five matching symbols. is required. Scoring is from left to right only, interruptions exclude a win.

plus icon
AdvantageousHacksaw Gaming itself provides a well well-described payout table which not only explains how winnings are generated, but also which additional features are available to support them.

Gladiator Legends Conclusion

Innovative functions and a wide betting range are just two aspects that make Gladiator Legends a slot that has the potential to literally become legendary. Hacksaw Gaming has here a lot of creativity creativity, while still keeping the the basics are still easy to understand. are easy to understand. Thus, the release is suitable for beginners and experienced players players alike.

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Especially the Duel Reels are a new idea that gives the slot its dynamics and ensures that there is no monotony even after hours. On the contrary, there are always special moments for which it is worth taking a look at Gladiator Legends.

Courage and willingness to take risks can certainly pay off when looking at the odds, but of course it is also necessary to to know your limits and only go into battle if the budget allows it. This is especially true for the Bonus Buy Option, which allows you to jump right into the special feature rounds.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Gladiator LegendsAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%