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Fler Facts
Streamer Name: Fler
Real Name: Patrick Losensky

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Residence: Berlin
Year of birth: 1982
Followers: 46,300 (Twitch)
225.500 (Twitter)
382.000 (YouTube)
88,600 (TikTok)
551,000 (Instagram)
Favorite provider: Stake
Special features: Is always in the headlines for aggressive behavior, not the first time active as a casino streamer
Highest win: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: Unknown

As a rapper Fler is is known for scandals. Even those who don't know his music will certainly have heard of him, though mostly in the form of Negative headlines. Currently Fler is possibly before a Image change, because now he too – like so many rappers before him – has decided, to sign with Stake and to stream for the renowned crypto casino.

The deal was announced Deal in June 2022What fans of the artist can expect, however, was not discussed at the time. The only thing that is clear is that viewers on Twitch will hear a coarse language and expletives can expect, because Fler is known for it.

Proll and swank determine the performances of the Australian rapper. He describes himself as a millionaire. It is questionable whether it is the conditions of Stake that motivate Fler to stream, because as a rule, streamers are remunerated for their casino appearances are paid princely.

The fact that behind the new career path there may be financial motives behind the new career path, as rumors suggest that the rapper has Money worries. Instead of wild speculation, however, we want to devote ourselves primarily to the question of which casino games he prefers and how well he's doing as a gamer, when up to now he's mainly been at home on stage.

General information about Patrick Losensky

The native Berliner Patrick Losensky has been performing as a rapper under a pseudonym since 2002, becoming known through his collaboration with Bushido. Together the two released the collabo album "Carlo Ckxxx Nutten". out. At that time, however, Losensky still used another artist name, namely. Frank Whiteunder which US rapper Notorious B.I.G. had already appeared. The pseudonym goes back to a character from the film Film "Kings of New York".

fler album

©Bushido & Fler Album "Carlo Ckxxx Nutten"

After the album was in stores, it only took a little over a year for Fler to be permanently signed to signed with Aggro Berlin with Aggro Berlin, a hip hop record labelwhich has already helped numerous other artists, such as Sido, B-Tight, Kitty Kat and also Bushido to success. The breakthrough came in 2006his Album "Trendsetter" could hold for a total of eleven weeks at number 4 in the charts.

Fler's music career is characterized by constant conflicts with other rappers as well as the following reconciliations, which, however, are usually not of long duration. Although the contents of his songs are controversial, they have already won him several several awards awards.

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In 2009 and 2010 Fler received Hip Hop Awards in the category "Best Video National", both for "Eine Chance / Zu Gangsta" and for "Berlins Most Wanted". For the "Best Collaboration" he was awarded in 2010, also for "Berlins Most Wanted". Here Fler had collaborated with Bushido and Kay One. Six years later, Losensky was named "Best Rap Solo Act National". in 2018 his video for "Highlevel Ignorance" was video for "Highlevel Ignorance" was honored with a Hip Hop Award.

Rapper as streamer – Fler follows trend in the music scene.

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The idea of pursuing a career as a streamer is not new. Currently, more and more more and more artistsprimarily rappers, are appearing in front of the camera on Twitch. Most of them have a deal with Stake and stream exclusively for the casino.

One of the first rapperswho turned to casino streaming was Drake followed by Farid Bangwho enjoys a similar reputation as Fler. Both are now doing their new job very successfully, still they are under contract with Stake.

Whether or not Fler will succeed in making a name for himself as a streamer as well remains to be seen. The fact is that Fler is shaking up the casino streaming scene. the casino streaming scene and with his characteristic manner and mode of expression will cause a sensation.

Rapper Fler plays with Stake:


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Patrick Losensky's favorite games

Fler didn't start playing until June 2022 started streaming. His live broadcasts are unfortunately not saved as videos stored on Twitch, so it's hard to track which form of entertainment the Australian rapper prefers. However, it can be assumed that Fler will use the Stake Casino and its offers in their variety shows. Among casino streamers, for example, these games are very popular:

Fler himself has also been seen at the roulette table; so the casino classics should appeal to him just as much. Most of the time, however, streamers primarily use the extensive extensive range of slot machines especially the currently extremely popular Megaways Slots.

When and where does Fler stream?

Twitch logo
It will probably surprise no one that for Fler Twitch is the platform of choice when it comes to live broadcasts. The provider is considered extremely versatile and offers streamers the suitable environment for their activity.

Interestingly, the Twitch schedule at all entriesthat would allow conclusions about the streaming times. What time of day Fler prefers to play and how long he sits in front of the camera for Stake can therefore not be determined. Also on other channels the rapper only rarely announces upcoming streams, which certainly makes things a bit more difficult for his fans.

One must not disregard the fact that Fler is a first and foremost a musician Is and thus has a very time-intensive job. His live streams consequently have to be organized around stage appearances and studio days. The new challenge therefore requires a certain degree of spontaneity. degree of spontaneity from Fler as well as from his fans who want to see him play live.

Fler on social media

The musician not only fills newscasts and newspapers with headlines, but he is also quite active on social media. He maintains channels on almost all major platforms. These are altogether less frequentedthan is known from pure influencers, but the loyal core of his fans seems to follow Fler everywhere.

  1. Fler on Twitch
  2. Fler on YouTube
  3. Fler on Twitter
  4. Fler on Instagram
  5. Fler on TikTok

Fler on Twitch

Patrick Losensky has apparently not been too intensively involved with Twitch so far, there are only few contentswhich, however, have nothing to do with casino streaming. In the saved videos Fler presents himself primarily as a rapper.

Currently, Fler's Twitch community has just under over 46,000 subscribers rather small, especially compared to big stake partners like Adin Ross.

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As noted earlier, the artist does not offer his expired streams as videos. as videos. Thus, followers can only watch him directly watch him live. All the more, advance announcements, whether on Twitch itself or on his other social media channels, would be desirable.

Fler on YouTube

YouTube is the channel that for many years has been responsible for the provision of music videos stands. Many of the other features are either unknown to classic users of the site, or they simply have no meaning. Fler also uses his reach to publish his own music videos – after all, he is followed here by 381,000 people.

Like most musicians, Losensky has has created various playlists all of which have to do with music. As for content for his live streams Fler definitely has some catching up to do.

The artist's channel info makes it clear that Fler has already been active on YouTube for a long time for a long time, more precisely since end of December 2009, i.e. a few years after he entered the hip hop music scene. Unfortunately, the biography does not reveal personal details, but advertises the the pre-sale of an album, which has, which has long since expired.

Fler on Twitter

fler twitter


Since July 2009 there is the Twitter channel of the musician, today Fler registers 225,500 followers, he himself follows just 17 people. You could call what is taking place here a reckoning. Many times Bushido and other artists get their get their fat off. Particularly striking is a tweet in which Fler is compared with Bushido.

The post did not come from Fler himself, however, the latter has responded to the lineup, which says, among other things, that Fler would only deliver Real Talk and himself develop musically. Bushido, meanwhile, would do nothing but rap on 90 BPM beats for two decades and lie the entire time.

Like most of these postings, this one is being controversially discussed. In between, Fler also puts out interesting tweets about his upcoming live streams concern. And of course, announcements regarding his music can't be missed here either.

Fler on Instagram

fler insta


With 462,000 subscribers the Instagram channel is the strongest that rapper Fler currently has to show. But even here there is so far no indication of his casino streams.

The numerous published photos on Insta ensure that the gangster image of the musician, no matter if he is smoking a shisha or not. smoking a shisha or drinking alcohol. Regularly, moreover, pictures of Rapper "The.Real.Rosa" published, which Fler signed in February 2022 with his label Maskulin under contract is supposed to have taken. Nasty comments are usually not long in coming after such a posting.

One could almost think that the posts and especially pictures provided by Fler are calculation. The rapper seems to to love to provoke. In any case, he remains in the conversation with it.

Fler on TikTok

fler-The Real Rosa

©tiktok.com/@fler – The Real Rosa

Around 90,000 TikTok subscribers Fler delivers regularly delivers short videoswhich, as with all channels, are primarily focused on his musicbut also partly on disputes with other artists.

On the channel also Flers french bulldog Louis also makes an appearance. Videos showing the four-legged friend in action are definitely a reason to follow the rapper on TikTok. For the first time, you get the impression that even a tough guy like Fler also has a soft side must have.

Also on TikTok, the musician stages the new discovery of his label, Rapper "The.Real.Rosa".

Uninvited guests: address of Fler leaked

fler address

Fler's address in Billy Wilder Promenade was publicly known.

Fler is not the first celebrity whose address was made public was. Already for some time fans know that he lives in a in a penthouse in the Billy-Wilder-Promenade 42 is said to have lived there. How exactly this information came to the public is not known. What is clear, however, is that Fler often gets uninvited visitors has had.

Most of the time fans of the rapper the door, but sometimes it was other rappers. other rapperswith whom Fler just Beef had or has.

Already several years ago Patrick Losensky from said Penthouse moved out today he lives in a housewhich, according to his own statements, he bought for around two million euros bought for two million euros. The penthouse in the Billy Wilder Promenade should still belong to him, whether it is inhabited and by whom, is not known.

Beating by Ron Bielecki – Fler makes a statement

Scandals are with many Influencern apparently the daily bread. This is also the case with Ron Bielecki. First, he is said to have been drunken state insulted a security employee as a low earner. A short time later Bielecki went off on Fler and claims and claims to have slapped him.

Fler didn't miss the opportunity to clear up the situation. Apparently the Quarrel between the two already longer. Fler wishes Bielecki in a video only the bestbut at the same time recommends him to take it easy when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

Apparently it was not Ron who struck, but rather Fler is supposed to give him a "slap after he met him at Julian Zietlow's wedding by the pool and the latter went too far with his statements. What followed was a complaint against Flerand the case even ended up in court.

The rapper expresses again and again that he Ron Bielecki does not take seriously. He does not want any bad blood. The problem is that Ron can not leave it alone, to provoke Fler. In a club he met in May 2022 again Bielecki, who was sitting at the next table with about 10 people.

After Fler with Ron's cameraman got into the hair Bielecki went after Fler, waving his hands wildly and accidentally hitting Fler in the process. From a alleged slap in the face However, there can be no question here, as Fler states in his video.

Fler's "Maskulin" brand – that's what's behind it

How well it goes for Fler, shows his brand Maskulin. Not only his label has the rapper so named, he also sells under it Clothing for men and women, including sportswear, T-shirts, jackets and pants, as well as caps, hats and accessories. The collection he calls Ghetto Sports by Maskulin.

Fitness program "Maskulin IP" flopped

strong icon
Part of the "Maskulin" brand was a Fitness programwhich the rapper launched in 2015 together with with YouTuber Simon Teichmann started. Indeed, there are influencers who became successful with their own fitness concept and the associated products. For Teichmann and Fler, however, things went anything but smoothly.

The hoped-for success failed to materialize and the response was not as high as the two would probably have liked. So it was hardly surprising that "Maskulin IP" disappeared from the market again a short time later. disappeared from the market.

Scandals, aggression and Nazi accusations

The list of rappers with whom Fler has conflicts is long. Although he made his debut in 2002 at the side of Bushido he has been in a clinch with him for years in a clinch with him for yearsfirst from 2005 to 2009, then between 2014 and 2015. The third and today still continuing Beef between the musicians has its origin in 2017.

In the songs and statements of the Australian rapper gets but not only Bushido his fat away, the same applies to Farid Bang, Kollegah, Sido and many other artists of the hip hop scene. Several times the Disputes escalated, especially because Fler is aggressive appears and seems to have himself hardly under control.

Again and again Fler gets into conflict with the law. For 13 of his crimes he was already legally convictedamong other things he stood because of insult, unsworn false statement, damage to property and threat. before court. The many charges apparently did not teach him a lesson. In 2014, he had his certificate of good conduct published with various entries. It almost seems as if he is proud of his deeds.

One of the more recent offenses in March 2020 was directed against RTL reporter. According to their account, they only wanted to ask Fler how it came to an argument with feminists. Fler reacted indignantly and stole not only a part of the camera equipmentbut was also charged with bodily harm.

In the counterstatement Fler said that he had only askedhim and his girlfriend not to film. Because the team of reporters had not complied with this request, he knocked the camera to the ground, whereupon it came to a brawl.

About a year later, the verdict was pronounced and Fler received a suspended sentence. suspended sentence. Immediately afterwards, he threatened the author of a media article to visit him at home. But not only aggression is characteristic for the musician. He is also considered extremely misogynistic.

Again and again there are disputes with feministswhich is probably not least due to his choice of words in song lyrics. Even his even insulted his former partner because she posed naked for Playboy Playboy had.

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To make matters worse, the musician often publishes patriotic lyricshe is considered racist and is known for his neo-Nazi attitude. He himself claims to have nothing in common with Nazis.

Fler estimated fortune – is the rapper bankrupt?

About Fler's financial situation and his fortune is gladly speculated. On the credit side is a house in Berlinin which he lives and which, according to his own statement, has cost him two million euros is said to have cost him two million euros. The Penthouse in the Billy Wilder Promenade, from which the Rapper moved out, is likewise still to belong to him.

rich icon
Also the Deal with DefShopwhich should have expired by now, is said to have been worthwhile: alone 700,000 euros in 2017 aloneand later a total of over one million euros is said to have brought him. And Fler himself claims to be a millionaire to be.

He likes to brag about his brand "Ghetto Sports is the most successful in the rap scene. His income will certainly be boosted by the streaming deal with Stake. In addition, there are fees for stage appearances, sold music and music rights.

On the other hand there are persistent rumorsthat Fler is bankrupt is supposed to be bankrupt. Picture journalist Peter Rossbergwho has a friendship with Bushido has provided a significant impetus for this claim.

In allusion to possible money problems he asked the rapper about the whereabouts of a chain, which has a value of 380,000 euros should have had. The beef made headlines and Fler declared that he had lost it and had long since bought a new chain.

Influencer Mok intervened with the assumption that the necklace was not not lost at all got lost. Rather, he assumes that Fler is heavily in debt and has sold or pawned his jewelry. sold or pawned or pawned his jewelry.

Mok goes even further and claims that the electricity in Fler's home has been electricity was turned off has been switched off, and that he also has debts to the health insurance company and his account has been had been seized. The truth of all these statements cannot be verified, of course. cannot be verified. It is quite possible that Fler's critics are trying to discredit the artist. Rapper Bushido claims in a tweet that he will transfer the royalties he owes Fler to the tax office instead. tax office to the tax office instead, as the latter has been seized.

Product placement for Platin Casino

platin casino logo
The stake deal is not the first collaboration with a casino provider. Thus Fler dedicates the Platinum Casino in his Song "Sporty" a line of lyrics:

"Here comes the Iceman, the Patek Sub-Zero, 'cause I got budget like Platincasino. I've got experience, you don't bring newcomers, my own opinion, I'm not a footballer. I'm still the same as I was when I was a sprayer…"

Whether this is paid product placement is not known. However, the assumption is obvious. Fler is by the way not the only rapper who advertises for Casinos advertises. In addition to casino streaming are in hidden advertising messages in song lyrics the means of choice.

For example, raps Bonez MC: "Play platinum casino, have the area with me." What exactly is meant by this, probably only rapper knows. Also Vega joins in a song intro: "While I'm balling a grand on Platincasino….

Patrick Losensky private

house icon
Flers last relationship seems to be gone by now, the rapper lives alone in his house in Berlin. In the Australian capital he was born and raised.

As a teenager Fler, who originally called Patrick Decker took the last name of his stepfather. Already at a young age he was behaviorally conspicuousat the age of 15 he was treated therapeuticallyshortly thereafter he moved into a home.

Beside his own home Fler owns a Penthouse. Fler has not lived there for some time, but it seems that he is still the owner. still the owner of this real estate.

Always faithfully at his side is dog Louis. The French bulldog Fler dedicates a own Insta channel, which is currently not actively operated, however. On a photo is even Louis "Mama" to see. With the woman, who is apparently called Sabrina, Fler is however already since at least the beginning of 2022 no longer together.

@fler?? #louis #dog #doglover #fler #berlin ? Original soundtrack – FLER

Patrick Losensky does not tell his fans not much about his private life, the said photos offers one of very few personal glimpses.

The separation quickly made the rounds. Particularly surprisingly this came for numerous fans, after Fler already marriage plans expressed and had even been engaged to the woman. In the interview about his house purchase, he answered further questions and states that children have never been a topic been an issue. It looks like Fler would rather enjoy his freedom instead. enjoy his freedom.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: FlerAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%