Razor Shark – The algae game from Push Gaming in the test

Test Razor Shark for free

Who wants to know exactly why streamers like Knossi Alge virtually celebrate, will get ample opportunity to try out Razor Shark for free in the casinos listed here. After a few rounds at the latest, it should become clear what the algae is all about and how it would affect the chances of winning in the case of a real wager.

Even a small amount of experience with slot machines is sufficient to enter the real money mode directly. At stakes from only 10 cents per round, there is no question of high risk, especially since only after the investment is there the possibility to benefit from solid odds as well as the exciting features.

How Razor Shark works

The iGaming studio has opted for simple yet very effective basics. Razor Shark is played in accordance with its standards on five reelswhereby players can 20 paylines are given. Only on these lines do three to five identical symbols count as a combination, which in turn can be rewarded with a variable payout.

The exact amount depends on the one hand on the type of symbol and the number of identical motifs, on the other hand – as usual – the bet is decisive. The latter can be individually adjusted to personal preferences and budget after each spin.

Push Gaming has quite a versatile betting range integrated. This ranges from 10 cents up to 100 euros per game round. The Razor Shark paytable is adjusted to the set value, so it is easy to get an overview of potential payouts before the round. All in all, a simple game concept that should be immediately comprehensible for for beginners.

These streamers play Razor Shark on Twitch

Razor Shark Alge
Since 2019, Razor Shark has now been part of the high-quality Push Gaming portfolio. The quality apparently appreciate not only casual gamers very much, but also more and more Twitch streamers are now in "shark fever". Razor Shark became prominent primarily through the loud "Alge, Alge, Alge" cries of Australian streamer Jens Knossalla, known as Knossi. Today, he is far from the only gamer waiting for the green, profitable splendor – as these fellow gamers prove:

AlGear Bethunter
Adin Ross

casino streamer
For streamers and viewers Razor Shark is surely just because of the extraordinary game functions interesting. The developer has not only peppered the bonus slot with free spins and wild cards, but has rather come up with special highlights that guarantee captivating excitement.

Razor Shark bonus features and specials

Razor Shark Minen
Razor Shark is not only the title and the teeth of the eponymous shark. Also the sharp features the experienced developer Push Gaming is by no means lacking in sharp features. The concept is simple overall, and yet it is created by free spins, the Razor Reveal Bonus and other extras quickly create the desired excitement. So let's take a look at the features directly.

  1. Free Spins
  2. Mystery Stacks Bonus
  3. Razor Reveal Bonus

Free Spins

Mines are less dangerous in Razor Shark games than in real life, because: If at least three of the sea mines occur, free spins are immediately free spins are awarded. With each additional scatter symbol not only an additional free game round, but also a nudge is awarded for the mystery stacks. Thus, the respective reel shifts by one position, which in the best case leads to further, attractive chances to win can lead to.

Razor Shark Freispiel

Mystery Stacks Bonus

At the latest at this point it becomes clear how Razor Shark got its name "Alge", celebrated by Knossi. Whenever Algae as a stack of four are to be seen, the Nudge & Reveal Feature launched. The Mystery Stacks are profitable because they can be used to activation of golden sharks or alternatively to other winning symbol combinations.

arrow icon
Typical of nudges is that positions can be shifted. This in turn results in additional chances for complete winning combinations without the need for a new round bet.

Razor Shark Mystery Stacks

Razor Reveal Bonus

The golden sharks that can be activated during the mystery stacks also play an important role in Razor Shark. With their support, in the best case high multipliers can be generated. Alternatively, there is the possibility that sharks come to a standstill on scatter symbols, so that free spins beckon again.

So, the more sharks are seen, the more likely you are to benefit from them. The bonus round, just like all features in the game, are started randomly.

Razor Shark Gold

Razor Shark FAQs

  1. Is there a Razor Shark Free Download?
  2. How can I bet real money at Razor Shark?
  3. Which casinos offer a Razor Shark app?
  4. Can I play Razor Shark with cryptos?
  5. Is Razor Shark slot worth it?
  6. What is the name of the game Alge?

1.) Is there a Razor Shark free download?

In general it can be stated that to play Razor Shark no download is required is required. While a few years ago there were casinos on the market that were fully usable only after downloading a software, today players can basically access games like this directly online.

Play for free
without investing any money, that is always possible (to the free demo ) – and without any tedious installation or other effort. The creation of a customer account is enough to test Razor Shark online without download.

2.) How can I bet real money at Razor Shark?

To get the chance to win real to secure the chance of real winnings, the deposit of any amount is also indispensable here. This in turn requires that you have a customer account at the preferred Razor Shark Casino has been created. This is the only way to correctly allocate deposited funds. The registration itself takes no more than a few minutes.

3.) Which casinos offer a Razor Shark app?

Those who feel like playing Razor Shark mobile have this option in all online casinos today. There is no need to download a special Razor Shark app, because the bonus slot is always part of a larger game portfolio, which is usually available in the form of a web app based on modern HTML5 technology provided.

Most companies in the industry have already started years ago with the provision of mobile slots started, and also the provider itself has designed Razor Shark in such a way that it is possible to use the machine on the go at any time.

4.) Can I play Razor Shark with cryptos?

Some of the renowned crypto casinos, such as Stake, have already included Razor Shark in their portfolio. There, playing in any digital currencies allowed.

The betting options are adapted to those in the classic real money mode, and some providers directly display the conversion amount in euros or US dollars to keep the betting overview as simple as possible.

5.) Is the Razor Shark Slot worth it?

The winning possibilities offered by the Push Gaming Slot has to offer are really outstanding. Although Razor Shark is not a jackpot slot, there are payouts of up to up to 5 million euros provided that they are willing to do so. Also the RTP value is an indication that Razor Shark is a lucrative slot machine. lucrative slot machine a lucrative slot machine.

6.) What is the name of the game Alge?

If you are looking for the game Alge, you actually mean Razor Shark. The legendary "Alge, Alge, Alge" is owed to Jens Knosalla's casino streams, which are based on a four-stack of Alge and thus a Mystery Stacks Bonus (in Australian mysterious stacks), which in turn starts the Nudge & Reveal feature.

Conclusion about Razor Shark

Razor Shark Hai
Push Gaming has quickly attracted the attention of numerous players with Razor Shark. Our experts have no doubt that Knossi is not entirely innocent of this. All you have to do is mention the word "algae" and almost everyone immediately knows which slot machine we are talking about. The shark, which is actually at the center of the action, has at the latest since the release of the algae slot the way for the green stuff, which is used for profitable bonus rounds bonus rounds.

Razor Shark is not a slot that is simply played. Most who launch the Push Gaming release celebrate every single spin. And with every spin comes more excitement, because in the end, sharks and seaweed decide how close you come to winning the to the maximum prize of 5 million euros. 5 million.

thumb-up icon
The cool sea scenery provides refreshment in parallel. Especially in terms of graphics, Razor Shark has a particularly appealing effect, because not only the motifs themselves perfectly bring the game theme to the point, but also the background, where every detail is well has been thought out. Lively animations give Razor Shark the desired depth, thanks to which the the excitement even after hours of is preserved.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Razor SharkAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%