Casino Heroes Account Deposits and Withdrawals

PLEASE NOTE: Casino Heroes is withdrawing from the Australian market due to the new regulations.

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The young Casino Heroes website looks promising at first. Already here you can find out which payment methods are available for you to choose from after your registration. However, disillusionment quickly sets in, as after logging in you can only choose between four – albeit well-known and reliable – options.

The operators attach great importance to making deposits not only fast, but also secure function. All methods offered enable a transaction in real time and are also suitable for later payouts of winnings. However, why so many of the initially displayed methods are waived is unclear.

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The good news is,
that nothing stands in the way of an immediate deposit at Casino Heroes in principle. Of course, you have to make the decision for one of the four options yourself. Ideally, you should already start thinking about the way in which winnings are to be paid out to you. For both ways you can only use the same method.

In addition to the available payment methods, the deposit limits also play a role at Casino Heroes, of course. Here, the provider does not make any differences. Basically you can invest between 10 and 5,000 euros. These limits should be just as pleasant for beginners as for high rollers who would like to do more than just play for a few euros.

At the end of the day, Casino Heroes is a provider that appeals to every player even with the few options offered. A checking account is certainly something most casino customers have, and the online banking access required for Trustly can also be set up quickly. Those who prefer to use digital wallets for depositing can of course also choose Neteller.

With a little luck, you will win money at Casino Heroes very quickly – how much, of course, depends on various factors and generally requires a deposit. The type of deposit at Casino Heroes is ultimately decisive for which payment methods are available to you at the provider for the withdrawal. There is not too much choice at Casino Heroes. The decision should thus be made all the faster.

If you use online banking, you can, for example conveniently via Trustly to access your winnings without first having to laboriously set up an account. Payout to MasterCard is not always possible. More about this below in the payout report.

Of course, we have tried all methods and can already assure you that Transactions work smoothly. It is important to stick to the bonus conditions. Only when you have played through a claimed bonus completely, Casino Heroes releases your money.

In this respect, the provider does not differ from its competitors. Of course, you can waive the welcome offer. Then turnover requirements are omitted and you can pay out the winnings from 10 Euro credit at any time.

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Some well-known payment methods are missing at Casino Heroes. Nevertheless, there is always a quick way to withdraw your money. Of course, we did not only look at the options in the test, but also tested how quickly withdrawal requests are processed and whether there might even be deductions in the form of fees.

We can anticipate at this point: Casino Heroes is a very serious and reliable provider, especially when it comes to transactions. You can be sure that you will not have to wait longer than necessary for your money.

The same general conditions apply to all three payment methods. A maximum of 5,000 euros can be paid out per transaction. If you have won larger amounts, it is possible to make further withdrawals at any time. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service. They will explain to you exactly why there are limits and what options you have to get your winnings in a timely manner.

All casino deposit and withdrawal methods at a glance

Provider Deposit / withdrawal. Duration
Deposit / Withdrawal.
Min. Euro
Deposit / withdrawal.
Max. Euro
Deposit / withdrawal.


✔ / ✔ immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$


✔ / ✔ immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$


✔ / ✔ immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$


✔ / ✔ immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$

Secure deposit and withdrawal at Casino Heroes – this is how it works

With all payment methods offered, the company focuses on player protection. In order to be able to deposit money at all, you must of course register at Casino Hereos. The registration process does not take more than five minutes. Once you have confirmed your account, you will be able to choose from the mentioned payment methods and with one click you can select the option that you personally like the most.

Already in advance you will receive information about the said limits. From 10 euros, the real money mode is open to you. Of course, you may also invest more, whereby the upper limit is 5.000 Euro per transaction amounts.

If you take a look at the Casino Heroes game offer in advance, you will notice that there are betting limits beyond this 5,000 euro limit, especially in the live casino. Real high rollers are therefore free to make several deposits in a row to increase their bankroll accordingly. The limits serve primarily to protect you and your money from unauthorized access.

If you have any further questions, the Heroes customer service will provide you with interesting answers. You can contact him at any time – even without registering beforehand, of course. Security is always a top priority for Casino Heroes.

That is why you will only find payment methods that are well-known in this country and with which you have probably made payments more than once. We would like to reveal more details to you in the following and gladly give you a few tips along the way.

A big advantage isthat you do not have to save up a fortune at Casino Heroes first. You can quickly get 10 euros together here – usually after just a few rounds of play at the slot or also at the gaming tables, which are available in abundance. It goes without saying that certain conditions have to be met.

The payout is also possible at Casino Heroes only after successful verification. In plain language, this means that you have to provide the information about yourself. The easiest way to do this is to send the support team an email with copies of your ID and other required documents. Don't worry: the data matching will be done promptly by the customer service, so that nothing stands in the way of a speedy payout.

Details on depositing and withdrawing money to the Casino Heroes account

  1. Transactions with the bank account
  2. Depositing and withdrawing with Trustly
  3. Transactions with e-wallets
  4. Deposit and withdraw with Neteller

Bank account transactions

1.) Deposit and withdraw with Trustly

Provider Deposit / withdrawal. Duration
Deposit / withdrawal.
Min. Euro
Deposit / withdrawal.
Max. Euro
Deposit / withdrawal.


✔ / ✔ Immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$

Deposit: Trustly is also a very popular payment method in online casinos. Basically, you need nothing more than online banking for this. You certainly already have the corresponding checking account anyway. If you have not yet set up an online banking function, you can contact your bank or savings bank and have the access created.

Trustly is an independent company, but it cooperates with most credit institutions in Australia. Accordingly, it will be easier for you to make deposits and withdrawals at Casino Heroes. If, contrary to expectations, you have problems or questions arise, the customer service will help you find answers.

All in all, it can be said that Trustly is a self-explanatory way is a self-explanatory way to fill your customer account in a matter of seconds. Withdrawals are also possible this way, with a standard bank transfer to your account being initiated in most cases.

The service provider is convinced of its concept, as can be easily seen on the website. The company has set itself the task of making payments from private and corporate customers as quickly, securely and cheaply as possible. The special feature is, of course, that you don't have to set up a new account. Today, when hardly anyone pays with cash anymore, Trustly offers itself as an alternative, as the inventors themselves make clear.

We can only agree with these statements, because it really couldn't be easier. In addition, Trustly deposits to Casino Heroes are free of charge work. Thus, you do not have to worry about additional costs.

The withdrawal is also free of charge later on, but Trustly ultimately has no influence on account maintenance fees on the part of your bank. Today, there are hardly any banks and savings banks where the payment option does not work. If your bank is one of them, your only option at Casino Heroes is to use one of the two alternatives.

Withdrawal: Trustly is clearly the easiest way to cash out winnings at Casino Heroes – and above all, the fastest way the company offers its customers. Usually, only the deposit via Trustly works in online casinos. Deposit via Trustly. Withdrawals are then made via standard bank transfer, which is associated with waiting times of a week.

Casino Heroes has found a way to speed up the payout with Trustly. However, this is also only possible once you have decided on the payment method when depositing. You do not need an account or any other requirements. All you need is a checking account with online banking access, which in this day and age every player should actually have.

You simply inform Casino Heroes about the bank details when all conditions are fulfilled. Afterwards, you can be sure that the support staff will take all steps to ensure that your money will be deposited in your checking account within a few hours.

Transactions with e-wallets

2.) Deposit and withdraw with Neteller

Provider Deposit / withdrawal. Duration
Deposit / withdrawal.
Min. Euro
Deposit / withdrawal.
Max. Euro
Deposit / Withdrawal.


✔ / ✔ immediately / up to 3 business days 10$ / 10$ 5.000$ / 5.000$

Neteller has been one of the most popular digital wallets in Europe for several years. Meanwhile, several thousand acceptance points can be found online – including the young Casino Heroes.

To complete the transaction via Neteller you have to select an amount as usual. You can then log into your account and confirm the transaction. The crediting takes place as usual in real timeso you don't have to wait until you can play for real winnings. The deposit with Neteller is possible at Casino Heroes up to 5,000 euros -. of course free of charge.

Important to know: You need a Neteller account set up in your name for transactions. You can get this free of charge by registering with the service provider. You can also only book funds if you have replenished your Neteller account. This is possible by credit card and bank transfer, among other methods.

A plus point is that withdrawals can also be made conveniently via the Neteller account at Casino Heroes. Only the specification of foreign accounts is not possible – as in all reputable online casinos. The Neteller support will gladly assist you in setting up the account.

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You should definitely take a look at the terms of use and, above all, the information on fees, because you will incur small costs at the latest when booking Neteller on current accounts and credit cards. However, these are fortunately kept within limits, so that it is quite recommendable to get a Neteller account.

Withdrawal: Neteller is also one of the well-known payment methods in the gaming industry. The payment method is a virtual wallet. You can set up the corresponding account for free within minutes.

As soon as you have deposited money via Neteller for the first time, nothing stands in the way of a payout at Casino Heroes. The waiting times in our test were a maximum of 72 hours, usually it is even much faster.

A Neteller customer account can generally not hurt, because the payment method is very popular beyond the casino borders and finds in this country alone several thousand acceptance points – including various stores, travel agencies and the like. If you would like to dispose of your paid-out credit in cash later, it is a good idea to apply directly for the Net+ prepaid credit card.

The annual fee is manageable, and the card itself offers you the highest possible flexibility locally, since it is evaluated like any other MasterCard.

If you have little experience with Neteller so far, you will find a lot of interesting information and facts on the company's website. Transparency is a particularly high priority for the service provider. Especially when it comes to the topic of fees, you will gain immediate clarity by visiting the Neteller website. The services are not completely free of charge, but you do not have to fear horrendous expenses.

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Nevertheless, we do not want to disregard the fact that there are even cheaper solutions both at Casino Heroes and at the competition. The best thing to do is simply take a look at the pros and cons of Neteller yourself and then make a decision that suits you and your needs.

Casino Heroes deposits – our conclusion

There are actually not too many options at Casino Heroes. However, this can also be an advantage, because the proverbial agony of choice is largely eliminated with this provider. Three payment methods are offered, after all, and you can choose between them at will.

Trustly has the advantage that you do not have to set up accounts or apply for credit cards. As long as you use online banking, depositing to Casino Heroes is a breeze. But you should also consider the advantages of the other two options. Ultimately, you decide for yourself which of the payment methods is best for you personally.

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Both the payment speed as well as the security convince. Casino Heroes attaches great importance to both factors, because player protection is the top priority here. Especially if you want to deposit larger sums, you do not have to worry about third party access or other problems.

Our lengthy tests have proven that there is a smooth process here. For this, Casino Heroes simply has to be praised at this point. If you would like to deposit more than the maximum possible 5,000 euros, the customer service will be happy to explain what options are open to you – for example, the option to book money several times in a row.

Winning withdrawals at Casino Heroes – important tips and conclusion.

The fact is that the decision at Casino Heroes can be made very quickly. After all, you will not be confronted with 10 and more options here, as is usually the case with the competition. There are only three options for players based in Australia, all of which can be classified as safe. The special feature is that Casino Heroes even pays you bonus money.

First, of course, the turnover must be completely fulfilled, which the operators reveal. Once all requirements have been met, bonus funds are automatically converted into real money and a withdrawal is of course permitted at any time. However, if you do not convert the bonus completely, the amount will be deducted from your balance. The personal deposit, however, remains withdrawable.

The payout is with the provider in principle from 10 euros possible – regardless of which of the three payment methods you choose in the end. It is also true that your account must be verified before you can request a withdrawal. You will generally not be spared this step in any reputable casino, but this cannot be considered a disadvantage.

As always, you may only use payment methods whose customer details match those in the casino. Foreign accounts are not accepted for reasons of player protection and money laundering laws. This way, Casino Heroes makes sure that your funds really reach you and do not fall into the wrong hands.

After all, it is difficult to verify whether you have agreed to the money being sent to another account in the first place. Security is the top priority here – and that is a good thing. We would like to see a few more payment methods in the future to offer you as a player a little more flexibility.

Already today, the Casino Heroes website shows you various options that are not yet found in the cashier system. However, this should certainly change soon as the level of awareness grows.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent Casino Heroes odds
Game offer 92% excellent Casino Heroes game offer
Live Casino 90% excellent Casino Heroes Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 86% very good Casino Heroes deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 85% very good Casino Heroes Customer Service
Website 90% excellent Casino Heroes Website
Gaming App 89% very good Casino Heroes App
New customer bonus 93% excellent Casino Heroes Bonus
Security 91% excellent Casino Heroes Security
Experience 89% very good Casino Heroes Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Casino Heroes Test

Author: William BrownRated: Casino Heroes deposit/withdrawalAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐86%