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Important Notice: We are currently not conducting any ongoing quality tests at Sunmaker and therefore cannot present the brand in question to our readers in more detail at the moment, nor can we recommend it.

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Sunmaker is not only extremely popular among Merkur fans. Those who are interested in slot machines from the best manufacturers will certainly find what they are looking for here. It's clear that people don't want to miss out on the entertainment that Sunmaker has been known for for many years, especially when they're on the go.

For this reason, the provider's website has been "mobilized". This means that no one has to miss out on the popular Sunmaker games on smartphones and tablets.

There is no question that mobile gambling is well received. Sunmaker had no choice but to follow the trend of the times and create its own web app. own web app on the legs. Although it only offers some of the gaming options available on the PC, it is still extremely comprehensive.

As usual, some conditions have to be met in order to use the website. The prerequisites are a smartphone or tablet, Internet access Internet access and the HTML5-capable browser for the correct display.

Test report on the mobile games of Sunmaker.

Basically, players can almost expect the portfolio in miniature format. The graphical representation of the games – including those from Merkur, NetEnt and Yggdrasil – is really first-class. Of course, these look even a little better on the tablet than on much smaller smartphones.


You are spared the need to download and install special apps at Sunmaker. The provider has decided to exclusively design the mobile website. This means that even customers who do not own an iPhone or Android device, but rather a Blackberry or Windows Phone, for example, can access the portfolio.

Mobile availability of Sunmaker

The company cannot actually achieve better availability. After all, it was deliberately decided not to specialize in just two operating systems of mobile devices. If a smartphone is available, it can be used at any time to use Sunmaker's mobile games – and that by the way, even without wagering real money.

Sunmaker Mobile for Apple customers

Basically, iPhone and iPad owners look for corresponding apps in the App Store. However, you will certainly not find the games from Sunmaker there. Nevertheless, it is of course possible to devote yourself to them on the mobile Apple device.

The corresponding browsers are preinstalled on the manufacturer's smartphones and tablets and usually have no problems calling up the mobile website, which is based on HTML5.

The URL mentioned above can be entered into the browser bar as usual. Or you can use one of the popular search engines, which will also lead you to Sunmaker Mobile. One is spared special apps. This makes it particularly easy to get into the game – and you save a bit of storage space on top of that.

Sunmaker on the go for Android users

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems alongside iOS. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can also use it to visit the mobile Sunmaker website. The easiest way to do this is via the Google browser, as it displays all HTML5 pages without any problems. Here, too, it can be said quite clearly that no app download is required is required.

Sunmaker mobile website with HTML5

There are no alternatives to the mobile website at Sunmaker. However, this does not detract from the gaming fun, because as we know, the HTML5 providers are more extensive and better equipped with games than classic Android or iOS apps anyway. Almost customers can use the entire portfolio on the move.

However, the Internet has to be stable enough, because otherwise load inhibitions are pre-programmed. To a certain extent, the operator has taken precautions so that a few attractive, smooth game rounds are also possible outside of one's own four walls.

As soon as the URL Sunmaker will automatically open in your mobile browser. Today, the whole thing works on almost all devices that are just equipped with HTML5.

Advantages of the Sunmaker Web App

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Mobile websites are often referred to as web apps. However, users do not have to fear a download here, because it is enough to register or log in directly in the browser. The games can be selected as usual with a tap of the finger. The sorting of the categories also remains the same with Sunmaker Mobile.

In fact, it has various advantages that Sunmaker has dispensed with special apps. Neither storage space nor download times have to be accepted on the provider's mobile website. In the end, the company saves winnings on the go just as quickly and easilyas you are used to from your home computer.

The game selection is huge. It ranges from the popular Merkur games to sports betting. Sunmaker Mobile is in no way inferior to the "big" version on the PC. Of course, the decision is up to you whether to log in directly or test the games first without risk.

If you are already registered at Sunmaker, you can use the same access data mobile and do not have to register again at all. The deposited credit is also available to players here. Those responsible have done everything in their power to optimize the mobile website. This not only applies to the structure and graphics, but also the loading times are extremely fast for a web app.

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All smartphones and tablets of today can be used for playing. So it doesn't necessarily have to be Android or iOS devices that "turn" into a slots offering.

Disadvantages of the Sunmaker mobile website

There are actually no disadvantages with the Sunmaker web app. In fact, many websites have problems with it when the internet connection is not stable enough. Nowadays, however, almost all smartphones and tablets are equipped with at least a 3G connection. It is even better if the LTE reception is stable. Because then there should be no problems loading the games and also during the game.

Since Sunmaker has dispensed with download apps, they have worked extremely hard on the mobile website. This bridges internet problems to a certain extent. In order to achieve a perfect performance experience, it is recommended to connect to a WLAN network. Hotels, many restaurants and other public places usually provide players with this access free of charge. Thus, nothing stands in the way of casual gaming outside of your own four walls.

The design of the Sunmaker app

Exactly that was only completely revised in May 2020. You can already see at first glance that Sunmaker is also focusing more and more on the mobile market. After all, the operators know very well the importance that the smartphone has for many of their customers. Around half of all users prefer Sunmaker Mobile and should therefore have it as comfortable as possible to play on the go.

Sunmaker Mobile is super attractive. However, those who have been with the company for a while will first have to adjust to the new design and get used to it a bit. The company does everything it can in the web app to make it easy for players to use. A few simple steps are all that is needed to open preferred games, to overview the personal area or to carry out transactions – all this in a visual appearance that meets even the highest demands.

The range of games on offer at Sunmaker Mobile

Basically, the Sunmaker mobile website offers everything that customers will find on the desktop – starting with the popular Merkur slots and ending with sports betting. Once the page is opened, one has the opportunity to check out the extensive Sunmaker gaming offer without any obligations. Registration is recommended, because only then will players not miss out on any offers in the future.

By the way: The Sunmaker welcome bonus can be claimed on mobile just as at home on the PC.

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, you have the free choice. Of course, it is possible to carry out transactions on the go. However, then you should use the well-known online wallets, because they are easy to use on the smartphone as well.

However, it is almost even better to use Sunmaker deposit to go to the computer. The credit is available to you at any time after logging in.

Sunmaker Download App

Fortunately, the download is not an issue in this case. The operators manage without one at all and, as already mentioned, rely on providing players with Sunmaker Mobile as a web app. This in turn can be started with little effort. All you need is a suitable browser, which should usually already be preinstalled. Google Chrome & Co. are the ideal basis for the mobile Sunmaker offer.

The fact that Sunmaker runs on the go without any download has its advantages. Thanks to the web app, even those of us who have decided against an Android and iOS device get our money's worth. The website runs just as well on systems like Windows and, last but not least, HTC phones – just to name a few examples.

Install Sunmaker App

Where there is no download, there is of course no installation. So you can play at Sunmaker Mobile directly and without any effort. The nice thing is that in addition to time, a lot of storage space is also saved. Cell phone owners can therefore confidently use this for other things.

Is Sunmaker Mobile available for tablets?

Of course, the Sunmaker web app does not only work on smartphones. The tablet can also be used to play your favorite games – no matter where you are.

The offer is identical to that on cell phones. And no one has to worry about much effort here either. Of course, the web app is automatically adapted to the larger screen. The developers have focused on keeping the handling as simple as possible simple handlingfrom which not least tablet users benefit.

How to play with real money in the Sunmaker app

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If real winnings are important to you, you always have the option of starting with real money at Sunmaker Mobile. If an account has already been set up on the PC, you can log in immediately with the selected access data. Credit that has already been deposited is also available in the web app. If this is not the case, the fast, secure and uncomplicated deposit – wherever nothing stands in the way – no matter where you happen to be.

Like most innovative mobile providers, Sunmaker also relies on a variety of efficient payment methods. Most of them are perfectly suited for a mobile transaction. Online wallets are certainly a good example, as neither account data nor a debit card or the like are required for their use. The transaction itself works in real time at Sunmaker Mobile just like on the desktop and is also free of charge.

The Sunmaker app is not running – what to do?

There can always be loading problems or a connection failure. Sunmaker has no influence on any of these things. The most common problem is a poor Internet connection. This can be remedied by finding a new place to play or by setting up a Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, this is even available in many restaurants, on buses and on train rides. If that alone is not enough, it makes sense to perform possible Carry out software updates.

If the technical problem lies with the provider, it is usually sufficient to exercise patience. The trained support team takes care of such concerns very promptly. A short message is sufficient. Of course, this also works if the Sunmaker app is not running optimally. Contact details can be found effortlessly via common search engines on cell phones.

Sunmaker Mobile advantages over the desktop version

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Especially when the days are getting nicer again, you hardly want to spend hours inside your own four walls. The good thing about the Sunmaker app is that it can be taken anywhere. In that respect it offers customers significantly more flexibility – while maintaining the same quality, of course. Whenever you are in the mood for excitement, you can simply enjoy it without the hassle of firing up your PC.

As far as the game selection is concerned, Sunmaker Mobile is just as well positioned as at home. So there are actually only advantages – especially if it is important to you to be able to move around at will and still have fun.

Conclusion on the Sunmaker app

The high performance of the Sunmaker web app positively surprised even our editors. Such good loading times were hardly to be expected, because especially in this point, special Android and iPhone apps are actually better off.

Sunmaker has cleverly prevented problems in this area, so we can only rate the mobile website positively. Even if the connection should be interrupted while playing, the amounts wagered or the winnings just won are of course not lost. Especially when it comes to these, Sunmaker Mobile has secured everything protected in the best possible way. Of course, you should always make sure that everything works stably – and not only with live mobile gaming.

All in all, the concept of Sunmaker Mobile is impressive, as we as the editorial team can confirm in all points. Neither the selection nor the quality has been spared. In addition, there are numerous gaming options for beginners and professionals, which allow you to sweeten your free time a bit on the go.

Sunmaker Mobile FAQs

  1. How long does the Sunmaker app download take?
  2. Is there a charge for Sunmaker Mobile?
  3. What games does the Sunmaker app offer?
  4. Are Sunmaker app updates necessary?

1.) How long does the Sunmaker app download take?

The beauty of Sunmaker's mobile offer is that it is available to players without any download and at any time. For this, customers or interested guests need nothing more than a smartphone or tablet. The game is played based on HTML5 directly in the browser. This not only saves time, but also storage space. So there is no question of waiting times here. This is another reason why the established Sunmaker web app has enjoyed great popularity for years.

2.) Is Sunmaker Mobile subject to a fee?

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Although there is also the option in the Sunmaker app, make a deposit at Sunmaker and play for real winnings with real stakes. However, players do not have any obligations here. If you fancy a bit of variety on the go, you can simply access the web app and get stuck into your favorite games for free at any time. If there's one thing Sunmaker Mobile doesn't lack, it's a huge selection of slots, classics and even live games.

3.) What games does the app from Sunmaker offer?

As already mentioned, Sunmaker Mobile leaves nothing to be desired. Almost the entire desktop portfolio has been transferred 1:1 to mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. So if you have the time and the inclination, you can also play away from home. The creators focused in particular on very high qualitybecause this should not be neglected in mobile gaming.

4.) Are Sunmaker app updates necessary?

Games, bonuses and promotions are updated automatically in the web app. So you don't have to make any effort, at least as far as the mobile offer is concerned. For the best possible performance and fast loading times it is recommended, however, to at least update the operating system and the browser used whenever necessary.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
The odds 91% excellent Sunmaker odds
Game offer 93% excellent Sunmaker game offer
deposit/withdrawal 90% excellent Sunmaker deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 92% excellent Sunmaker Customer Service
The Website 90% excellent Sunmaker Website
Gaming App 89% very good Sunmaker App
New customer bonus 90% excellent Sunmaker Bonus
Security 90% excellent Sunmaker Security
Experience 80% good Sunmaker Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Sunmaker Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Sunmaker AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%