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Important Notice: We are not currently conducting any ongoing quality tests at Sunmaker and therefore cannot present the brand in question to our readers in more detail at the moment, nor can we recommend it.

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When it comes to game rules, bonus conditions and co., good advice is expensive – unless you are a Sunmaker customer. Here you are offered a very well positioned customer service, which is available at any time. The team behind the scenes shows itself from its a competent side. We have examined the support with all its advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

You can select the individual subpages of the provider as you wish. What always remains are the important contact options, which are available to you at Sunmaker in the right margin. On the left, in turn, you will find the "Information" section, which, among other things, includes a page with all the common questions and answers on various topics.

As a rule, the FAQ should clear up any ambiguities. If it is about more specific questions, then it is possible for you to contact support even without an existing player account.

E-mail [email protected]
Live Chat Yes, available
Sunmaker phone Not available

How can I reach the Sunmaker Support?

Contact option on offer at Sunmaker
Online form
E-mail support
Live Chat
Service Hotline
Social networks
Other alternatives

We were a little surprised in the editorial office, because Sunmaker completely renounces a hotline. The personal conversation is still possible for you, because the employees provide you with various other ways to establish contact quickly and without long waiting times.

E-mail support

Sunmaker makes it easy for you to send an email to the support. You don't have to go to your mailbox separately, but you can conveniently fill out the form on the company's website. A few minutes later, you will receive a reply.

This, in turn, will be sent to your email address. So you have the option, for example, to send a copy of the ID. Verification of the account is required anyway at the latest before the first payout required. In fact, this form of contact is the one that takes the longest. Fortunately, for those who hope for faster answers, there are a few alternatives.

In order for a response to be possible, you must enter your e-mail address in the field of the contact form. Your name also helps the staff to address you personally. The fact that this form of help exists is of course good.

Nevertheless, methods such as live chat have proven their worth here above all else. Ultimately, every form of contact has advantages and disadvantages. In the course of verification, the e-mail is received much faster than a letter that you "fill" with copies of your ID and the like. Otherwise, we recommend the contact options below.

Live Chat

A good slot provider like Sunmaker can hardly do without live chat. The operators have already set up such a chat a long time ago in order to make it as easy as possible for their customers to contact them. First, however, you have to wait for an employee. If the chat is not active at certain times, it is recommended to send an email to the team. Otherwise, it only takes a few minutes for the live chat support to show a reaction.

Sunmaker Live Chat

Detail shows the live chat window at Sunmaker.

It is important to remember that many hundreds of thousands of players are

are active. To avoid waiting times, you should first read the questions and answers in the section "Information" at your leisure. Most of the time, asking the support will then be unnecessary by itself. If not, the employees are personally available for you in the morning at the latest.

It is helpful that interested parties do not have to register first in order to contact customer service. It is good to have a competent partner at your side, especially for questions about registration.

It seems logical that most customers make use of the live chat. Hardly any contact option works faster. Even lengthy conversations and topics that you want to question several times can be brought to the point in an uncomplicated way here.

By the way, every now and then there are even special bonus offers in the chat. Wait and see what surprises the employees have in store for you!

Service Hotline

Especially the older generation of players prefers personal contact on the phone. But this is exactly what you will look for in vain at Sunmaker, because the operators have not set up a hotline. Unfortunately, we cannot say with certainty why they decide against this. Ultimately, however, the alternative contact options are perfectly sufficient.


Sunmaker is obviously a very modern provider for slot machines and sports betting . Thus, not too long ago the Whatsapp function set up. If you give the provider your mobile phone number, this has several advantages. On the one hand, thanks to the service, you can easily contact the support team even when you are on the road. Secondly, special bonus promotions are communicated in this way, which are aimed at selected customers. So it's worth taking a look at your smartphone every now and then.

Social networks

For younger players, social networks are nowadays an integral part of society. Of course, the operators of Sunmaker are also aware of this fact. Information and promotions are passed on to customers via Twitter and YouTube. This also offers a lot of space to exchange information with other players and to share one's own experiences.

Nothing works at Sunmaker without Facebook. There is the information in several languages, and of course Facebook in Australia has enough space to offer Sunmaker social integration. Here is an exchange with other players just as easily possible. Those who subscribe to the page will not miss any promotions and new launches in the future.

Data transfer by mail

A look at the imprint is enough to find out the address of Play Cherry Ltd. If you have any concerns, suggestions or anything else that is on your mind, please feel free to write a letter and send it to the following address:

8th Floor, Tagliaferro Business Centre
14 Gaiety Lane, c/w High Street
Sliema, SLM1551, Malta

The postal service, of course, takes the longest. Nevertheless, there are certainly one or two issues that can be resolved most easily this way. Moreover, good corporations like Sunmaker are always happy about positive feedback. And suggestions as well as criticism are also accepted on the part of the operators.

Our conclusion on Sunmaker customer support and service

The lack of a hotline is noticeable in the Sunmaker test does not carry too much weight. As a rule, the other contact options are perfectly sufficient to satisfy all customers and interested parties. That there is no 24/7 support via live chat is a bit of a shame, but ultimately such a service would not be profitable, at least in this country. In Australia, many players are only active from midday, while not too much happens in the morning.

Provided you are not proficient in English, you can draw the team's attention to this. They will do their best to find you a English-speaking employee to your side. The entire team behind the scenes was able to convince us in the test, because friendliness as well as absolute competence prevail.


Another plus point: With the exception of the stamp costs, all contact channels offered by Sunmaker are free of charge. You do not have to fear horrendous costs for a phone call, since there is no hotline anyway. And: in urgent cases, you will even be called back by the staff.

Service is clearly written in capital letters here. Thanks to the FAQs, it is rarely necessary to contact the employees anyway. If you do need to contact them, you'll get competent support right away and don't have to worry about long waiting times. Basically, you can also find out everything important on the social networks. Connected is Sunmaker at YouTube, Facebook and even a Twitter page is available.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
The odds 91% excellent Sunmaker odds
Game offer 93% excellent Sunmaker game offer
deposit/withdrawal 90% excellent Sunmaker deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 92% excellent Sunmaker Customer Service
The Website 90% excellent Sunmaker Website
Gaming App 89% very good Sunmaker App
New customer bonus 90% excellent Sunmaker Bonus
Security 90% excellent Sunmaker Security
Experience 80% good Sunmaker Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Sunmaker Test

Author: William BrownRated: Sunmaker customer serviceAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%