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Details about Monopoly Big Baller


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 16.000$
Payout Percentage: ~96,11%
Max. Win: 500.000$
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Probably the most famous board game character of all time, Mr. Monopoly, does the honors in Monopoly Big Baller. The casino game comes from Evolution Gaming and was, like its predecessor Monopoly Livelicensed and approved by Hasbro. As the inventor of the classic board game, the company holds the trademark rights.

Unlike its predecessor, Monopoly Big Baller does not use the wheel of fortune. Instead, in addition to the Monopoly board, the game board from the Evolution game is used. Mega Ball known draw as another important element in the game.

Variety and excitement are provided by bonus rounds, different bingo cards as well as the draw that takes place every few seconds. Thus, the live game relies on several different building blocks and can be described as complex in a certain way. Nevertheless, the rules are easy to learn.

The most important facts:

  • Two Evolution Gaming games in one
  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Vivid scenery
  • Winnings up to 500,000 euros per spin
  • Various betting options available
  • Playable from 10 cents

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Our list contains exclusively comprehensively tested providerswhich are officially licensed on top of that. All test reports on are updated regularly in order to provide our readers with the most accurate overview possible of aspects such as odds and, of course, bonus promotions.

Monopoly Big Baller – Mega Ball play with Mr. Monopoly

monopoly big baller spielen
For many years now, the name Evolution Gaming has stood for innovative live game showswhich are characteristically very different from traditional casino games. This time, the developer uses two hit games from his own company and merges them into a new game.

On the one hand there is, as the title already suggests, Mr. Monopoly from Monopoly Live. In the successor Monopoly Big Baller he wears a captain's a captain's capbecause the story is based on a ship's voyage. Also the Live Dealer is dressed dressed as a sailor.

On the other hand, elements from Mega Ball are added. The drum with balls reminds a little of Bingo or Keno. The aim is to correctly correctly predict the numbers.

Gameplay – Monopoly Big Baller Live Rules

Just like Mega Ball, Monopoly Big Baller is based on chance. The ball machine draws 20 ballsIdeally, the numbers on the drawn balls should match the numbers on the bingo card you bet on.

And this is how the rounds work in detail:

  1. Place bets
  2. Distribution of bonuses
  3. Draw

1.) Place bets

There are four bingo cards with 5×5 fields each (= space for 25 numbers) and two bonus cards to choose from. As a player you can bet on one, on several or on all of the bingo cardsThe stakes can be different.

Among the bingo cards you can risk cards (the cards with a question mark – see the screenshot below) or Free field cards (the cards with a house) can be played:

  • Risk cardThe number in the center of the card has a guaranteed multiplier. This provides for a higher win.
  • Free field card: Here the field in the center – the "free field" – is reserved for a joker. This can stand for any number and completes a winning line.

Once the bets are placed on the bingo cards, they are filled with numbers from 1 to 60 randomly.

Likewise, one of two bonus cards can be bet on "3 rolls" (= 3 throws) or "5 rolls" (= 5 throws). These cards allow the participation in the bonus game. More about this below.

There are different chips to choose from for betting. Note the betting limit per round and card. This is always displayed in the upper left corner. Allowed are bets from 10 cents up to a fabulous 16,000 euros.

2.) Distribution of bonuses

Once all players have placed their bets and the time limit has expired, it is time for Mr. Monopoly to start his work. He now pulls a lever, and then houses that represent free squares (jokers) but also multipliers are distributed. The bonuses are placed by the random generator on all cards selected by the participants.

Where which multipliers and free fields land, that can not be influenced. The factors are added to the winnings obtained, provided that the number occupied by the multiplier completes a winning line.

3.) Draw

Once Mr. Monopoly is done with his action, it's on to the actual game. In the drum there are 60 balls with numbers. 20 of them are drawn at random. The principle is similar to Bingo, Keno or also Lotto.

If the drawn number can be found on one of the cards activated by the participant, the corresponding field is automatically marked. Which numbers have already been drawn and how many are still missing will be displayed. If one of the displayed numbers is gray, it means that it does not appear on any of the personal cards. The goal is, as in bingo, to complete the numbers of a line.

Winning odds in Monopoly Big Baller

Winnings are given for complete lines. Provided that there are no multipliers in the payline, the triple the bet value is paid out. If there are two paylines, the bet is already x6. If there is a multiplier multiplier on the paylinethis multiplier is used instead. The prize is limited to 500,000 euros.

Payout RTP Value
Free Field Card 2 – 39 : 1 per line 96,10%
Risk card 2 – 199 : 1 per line 96,11%
3 rolls Bonus round 95,80%
5 throws Bonus round 95,20%

Monopoly Big Baller Live Features

The basics of the game seem almost a little unspectacular. The excitement grows mainly thanks to the different cards and the bonus round. In the following we would like to explain the difference between the two available variants of bingo cards and the bonus cards once again in detail. Of the bingo cards – there are four in total – two are designed as "free field cards", as already noted, and two as "risk cards". Bonus cards are also two; they activate – with a little luck – the bonus round.

  1. Free field card
  2. Risk card
  3. Bonus round

Free Field Card

monopoly big baller karte
If you bet on a free field card, you will receive a kind of a kind of Joker. The joker is placed in the form of a house in the middle of the card. The free field is identical to a drawn number and can complete a winning line. complete a winning line.

The advantage of these cards is that increase the chance of generating a complete line or row on the card. The Free Field card is only one of two options, alternatively the Risk card is available. It too certainly has advantages, but as its name suggests, it is more for risk takers.

Risk card

monopoly big baller chance
The second betting option lives up to its name. Instead of betting on a wild card, which can be used to increase the probability of winning, players in this choice focus on a guaranteed multiplier.

The probability of forming a complete line on the playing card is significantly lower than in the free field variant. However, if the hoped-for line is completed, the multiplier will apply.

There are three types of multipliers: classic multipliers, those that apply per line and global multipliers that are applied to all hits. Which one is applied in the end depends on Mr. Monopoly (read: chance), who pulls the lever on the board and distributes the multipliers on the cards.

Bonus round

monopoly big baller bonusspiel
If you like, you can play on the bonus cards, with the inscription "3 rolls" or "5 rolls", bet. If the numbers shown there are drawn from the reel, the bonus game starts. the bonus gamewhich takes place on the typical Monopoly board.

The game is played with two dice, and depending on the chosen bonus card, you can roll three or five times, depending on the five times. On the playing field are multipliers are distributedwhich you can collect if you are lucky enough to stand on them. Winnings up to 500 times the are possible.

However, as with the classic board game, caution is advised with certain fields in the game (e.g. income tax and prison).

Is there a Monopoly Big Baller game strategy?

It is important to consider Monopoly Big Baller in its entirety. Because: Provided that the bonus round is played, it calculates Evolution Gaming all bonus winnings, from "go" to collecting the plots and other rewards, to the total winnings of the previous bingo round.

gut zu wissen
The game itself does not require a tactical approachand yet it can make sense to be strategically adept at the game. And as always, if you are willing to take risks, you can expect much more attractive winnings – but also higher potential losses.

In the end, the only thing left to do is one (or more) cards to decide. Thanks to low minimum stakes, there is nothing to stop you from betting on several cards at once and at the same time trying out different weighting the stakes differently. The advantage is that decisions can be made anew in every round and therefore all options can be tried out one after the other. Thus, it should become apparent quite quickly which approach is personally considered sensible.

Regardless of the style of play chance alone decideswhether a profit is made. The amount can be influenced at least a little by the betting options.

Video: the streamer Xposed play Monopoly Big Baller

Play Monopoly Big Baller mobile

Evolution Gaming has also thought of mobile users. If you want to play Monopoly Big Baller Live on the go, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection. stable internet connection. Most online casinos rely on HTML5 technology, which allows access via the mobile browser takes place. A download is therefore not necessary.

To play on the go, you need a suitable casino, just like on the desktop. The selection in our expert test is of course not only valid for the PC. The tested sites are also suitable for all mobile users. Once created, the Use account on all devices without restrictions.

Can I play Monopoly Big Baller for free?

The possibility to have a first look at the game without any obligation and above all to see Mr. Monopoly himself in action is definitely available without prior deposit. All you have to do is call it up and you can watch how other casino customers play.

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However, like all live games, Monopoly Big Baller can only be played with real money. can only be played with real money played with real money. After all, the costs for live dealers, studios, equipment and in this case for the special technological implementation of the great Mr. Monopoly as well as its special board game world have to be met.

With 10 cents, the minimum stake is very manageable. Of course, there are also attractive options for high rollers. The upper limit per game round is reached at 16,000 euros.

Our conclusion on Monopoly Big Baller Live

monopoly big baller spiel
Once again, Evolution Gaming has managed to bring one of the most famous board game classics to the casino. This time, the developer has even gone one step further than with Monopoly Live. The successor Monopoly Big Baller combines the popular parlor game with classic bingo..

At combination of Monopoly and Mega Ball a completely new live game is created. Besides the betting level – the range goes from 10 cents to 16,000 euros – Evolution Gaming puts other decisions in the hands of the players: which bingo card should it be, and do you want a chance at the bonus round?

A little skill can certainly be an advantage when making decisions. Nevertheless, Monopoly Big Baller is not a strategy game in the classical sense, but rather an adventurein which every game round holds a new surprise.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Monopoly Big BallerAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%