Yassuo Casino Streamer

Yassuo Facts
Streamer Name: Yassuo
Real Name: Mohammad "Moe" Abdalrhman


Origin: New York (USA)
Residence: USA
Year of birth: 1999
Followers: 2,000,000 (Twitch)
419,700 (Twitter)
1,490,000 (YouTube)
117,400 (TikTok)
386,000 (Instagram)
22,400 (Discord)
Favorite provider: Stake
Specialties: Loses his temper quickly, has been an ambitious LoL player for years, but is also proficient in other computer games
Highest win: 480,250 USD (Wanted Dead or a Wild).
Highest multiplier: 10.000x
Net worth: Estimated 1-2 million USD

The Twitch and gaming career of Mohammad (Moe for short), as. streamer and League of Legends pro Yassuo is actually called, can be traced all the way back to the year 2014 back to the year 2014. It wasn't long before he dropped out of his studies to devote himself exclusively to his activity on Twitchbut also on other social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Even before Mohammad Abdalrhman joined Stake, he was already playing live for the also well-known Rollbit Casino. The fans followed the call of their idolThrough the affiliate link, which Yassuo used to send his followers directly to the casino, they quickly wagered around 15 million US dollars playing in a very short time. Since the fans registered via Yassuo's link, the latter received Rewards total value of about 25,000 dollars.

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Originally, Yassuo gained notoriety as a gamer, preferably of League of Legends. Today Yassuo devotes himself primarily casino gamesbut is also part of the 100 Thieves teamwhich specializes in the computer game Valorant has specialized. In this, Moe demonstrates great skill and has already recorded many a success.

However, he is also known for his outbursts of rage which has already been his his undoing to him. He is said to have missed out on a victory bonus of USD 100,000 because of this.

General information about Yassuo

League of Legends
Mohammad "Yassuo" Abdalrhman has been a full-time streamer since 2017 as a full-time streamer his nickname is based on the champion Yasuo. on the champion Yasuo on Twitch is not only known to casino fans. The computer game LoL which gave Abdalrhman his breakthrough. the breakthroughToday he still plays League of Legends with passion, but also Valorant.

Moe, as the streamer calls himself, played casino games for the first time in 2018 for himself, which he also presents on Twitch. Since beginning of 2022 he has been officially for Stake and is thus similarly successful as in his career as a LoL legend. His so far highest win was just under half a half a million US dollars. He achieved this with Wanted Dead or a Wild.

Yassuo was born 1999 the son of Palestinian immigrants born in New York. Quite early he got a taste for live streaming. His decision has obviously paid off, because whether it's League of Legends or Stake Casino games: the response to his live broadcasts is huge.

Streamer with animal support

yassuo and mellow

©instagram.com/mellowwoof | Yassuo's dog Mellow on his own Instagram channel.

Yassuo has a big heart for dogsespecially for his Maltese Mellowwhose Insta Channel Mellowwoof currently has around 39,000 followers.

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The little white four-legged friend also enchants Yassuo's fans and we assume that the animal companions will definitely make a contribution to the success of social media greats like Yassuo.

Mellow puts his cute stamp on the American's social media channels. cute stamp on the American's social media channels. It is precisely with this that Yassuo repeatedly captures the attention of his fans. attention of his fans. Some pictures even suggest that Moe owns more than just a dog, but this assumption cannot be verified.

Mellow was introduced to the YouTube audience in March 2020at that time the Maltese puppy was the Topic number 1 among the Yassuo fans. It's fair to say that the little white "ball of fluff" is a great addition to many a live stream. In any case, he provides for good mood at the side of his master.

In this casino Yassuo plays


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Moe's favorite games at Stake

Yassuo plays the whole range of the Stake Casino, be it slots from Pragmatic Play Provably Fair Mini Games or Roulette and Blackjack. Boredom is not likely to arise, because Yassuo offers its spectators plenty of variety.

At the same time, followers have the opportunity to gain an insight insight into the stake portfolio and last but not least to find out which release meets the personal taste. Here are some of the games Moe's favorite games:

The tendency is Slot games on top on the popularity scale, which is certainly due to the large selection offered in the online casino. In between Yassuo switches to the live casino to play Blackjack but also for roulette the gamer seems to have a knack for.

When and where does Yassuo stream?

As expected Twitch is the first choice for streamer and gamer Yassuo when it comes to live broadcasts. Currently, the channel streams on two topics slots and valorant. Interestingly, Moe streams preferably streams Slotsalthough these always alternate with his second passion, League of Legends..

Although Moe at times claimed to have turned his back on the computer game, he never completely got away from it, even rising 2019 even became the first LoL content creator for the 100 Thieves organization organization. The fact that he does not dedicate a separate section to the game may surprise one or the other follower, but Yassuo handles it similarly to many others streamers on Twitch by combining content in a clever way.

At least five days a week Yassuo is active on his channel, mostly for four to seven hours. The duration of the streams can vary a bit for the American, as well as the start of his transmissions, which is usually between 5 and 8 p.m. Central European Time.

Yassuo in social media

Gamers like Moe, who decide against traditional jobs and decide to use the Internet as a source of income, need to be present. Yassuo covers all the channels that are relevant at the moment. One or the other account may be less frequented, but the American is still the American has a presence and usually meets with a positive resonance.

  1. Yassuo on Twitch
  2. Yassuo on YouTube
  3. Moe on Twitter
  4. Yassuo on Instagram
  5. Yassuoisme on TikTok
  6. Yassuo on Discord

Yassuo on Twitch

One can definitely state that on Twitch the daily business of Yassuo takes place. The American invests several hours in streaming, and many of his great moments can be viewed as as videos afterwards viewed as videos. Ideal for all those who can't be there live when Moe proves himself once again in League of Legends, Valorant and, of course, casino games.

Currently there are around 2 million followersAbdalrhman regularly provides them with new content, and during his live streams there is a lively exchange of ideas. lively exchange takes place. Thanks to live chat, it is possible for a fan to react to the game and react to what is happening in the game and on the other hand give tipswhich the streamer actually follows from time to time.

He describes himself as a "Challenger"which obviously means that Yassuo accepts every challenge. challenge. Of course, this applies not only to bonus slots, but basically to all forms of games to which the young man devotes himself.

Yassuo on YouTube

Just under 1.5 million subscribers Yassuo has almost 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which has been running since since May 2016 exists. The main channel is one of a total of seventhat Moe fills with content on a more or less regular basis. As Yassuo he doesn't stream casino games, but offers the community exciting moments in League of Legends moments.

Yassuo Gambling
If you are interested in Moe as a casino player, you should have a look at the much younger channel "Yassuo Gambling". channel "Yassuo Gambling channel. With 13,500 subscribers the community is comparatively small. In addition, the content is no longer no longer up to date is no longer up to date. Videos were last added at the end of 2021.

On its Life of Moe" channel Yassuo shared his private life until 2019 with his fans, with around 150,000 people watching him enjoy his lifestyle, go shopping or visit a fast food joint. He always had a pinch of humor in his luggage, all the sadder that this channel has also been fallow for a long time.

A few shorts, short clips of successful gaming moments in the casino, the streamer also delivered, in addition, there are three channels in Spanish as well as in other languages, specifically focused on fans from his native Palestine and the USA.

Moe on Twitter

Yassuo Twitter


Since Yassuo has been streaming for Stake, he prefers to dedicate his tweets to upcoming live streams and announcements related to events and raffles he has created. events and raffles related. Just under 420,000 followers he can reach with the content that rarely reveal private reveal. In a July 2019 post, he shows himself as a 100 Thieves partner in the finest Gucci clothing.

Twitter is also used by Moe to share his passions. Obviously, the gamer not only has a penchant for slots and live tables, but he also showcases his placed sports bets.

Advantageously, Stake has a wide range of betting options to offer in addition to casino games, which Moe seems to appreciate a lot in the tweets. In particular, for the UFC he stirs the Advertising drum on his channel.

Undoubtedly, the Twitter channel is designed to help Moe move up the professional ladder and achieve the reach as possible. reach. He rarely posts tweets that reveal private information, apart from the cheerful "good morning" that he sends to the community every now and then.

Yassuo on Instagram

Yassuo Instagram


His 366,000 followers Moe presents himself as a true quick-change artist. In one of his older posts, he shows how quickly he can go from a grown man to a 12-year-old, with just one shave.

He doesn't shy away from it either, pictures from his childhood to post pictures from his childhood. Instagram users and especially his fans experience Yassuo as a likeable young manwho, for a change, does not focus on casino and computer games, but simply shows his private side. private side.

Subscribers were able to be present when Moe celebrated his celebrated his 18th birthdayAnd even otherwise, thanks to the published snapshots, he seems approachable, with no trace of airs and graces. Ever since Insta, fans have known that the streamer has a preference for fast food has.

But he loves his Maltese Maltese Mellowwho has already become an Instagram star with his own with his own channel. In addition, there is a second dog, a Spitz, but its name is not mentioned anywhere.

On the channel Moe reveals that he has three siblings siblings. The gamer seems to have a close close bond with his family. The family should be very proud of what the American has achieved in recent years.

Seeing Moe from a completely different side is definitely a hit with the fans. fans well.

Yassuoisme on TikTok

TikTok Logo
Moe has on his TikTok channel not only 117,400 followersbut also his Like numbers can be seen. Almost 2 million people likewhat the League of Legends gamer has to show. In May 2021, the posts were about casino games several times, with the deal with Stake coming later.

Only rarely are personal contributions are shown, with the exception of a short video in which Moe's youngest sister can be seen. In it, she spoons from a glass instead of just picking it up and drinking.

When Moe isn't sitting in front of the camera playing and uploading clips for TikTok, he's showing off his sporting. Doing push-ups with closed hands or with only one arm, that's how Yassuo entertains his fans.

Yassuo on Discord

Yassuo Discord


On Discord Moe presents his hobbies and interests. Fans can follow him via the invitation link. The active participation in chats is only possible after the verification of their own account. At the top, Yassuo has fixed all the important information.

From funny memesdiscussions about Valorant and League of Legends, up to the preference for preference for coffee and fast cars, everything can be shared on this channel. Also there are a lot of animal photosbecause not only Moe himself has a heart for animals, his fans seem to feel the same way.

Other sections are Fitness and Arttwo areas in which there is also a lively exchange between the Yassuo community. Who likes, can parallel discussions to the music discussions, whereby altogether a quite friendly friendly tone is maintained in the chats. In the background act seven admins besides Moe and eleven eleven moderators, who pay attention to the observance of the community rules.

Video: Summary "Best of Moe

Moe invests in NFTs

In April 2021, Mohammad, using the pseudonym 0xYassuo at Opensea.io registered. The American uses this platform for trade of his personal NFTS, which belongs to the Baby Llama Club" collection come from. Whether Moe likes llamas in general or he just came across this collection by chance, could not be clarified.

His most recently collected specimen is Alien Llama number 682, in addition he sold various Baby Llama NFTs with different designswhich mostly sold for few ETH are listed. While they are not high-quality non-fungible tokens, Moe seems to have come to his passion for collecting via the droll animals.

He currently has no offers to make to owners of additional Llama NFTs, and as of mid-June 2022, he has no requests on the few tokens he owns himself. At least Moe is not alone with NFTs, because many other streamers are like him in collecting feveramong them OrangeMorange who, in addition to tokens, specializes in rare console games has specialized.

Turmoil over breakup with ex-girlfriend Bella

Yassuo is rarely in the headlines, the streamer is not known for scandals. Nevertheless, private matters are picked apart from every conceivable angle. So also his separation from girlfriend Bella in 2021.

As Moe himself announced, there was a rift between the two, but they are said to have separated amicably. amicably separated have. He gave the information to his fans only after ex-girlfriend Bella had already moved out of their shared apartment. Which reasons reasons for this decision were never discussed publicly, Yassuo only explained that he had enough time to process the breakup.

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At first it seemed that the separation would not be without drama. not without drama drama, as Moe was apparently served with a cease-and-desist Injunction but he soon found out that it was a fake. as a fake unmasked.

Cooperation with 100 Thieves since 2019

Moe "Yassuo" Abdalrhman has been successfully streaming League of Legends since 2015 and has made a name for himself in the US. So it is not surprising that the 100 Thieves organization took notice of him, and that already in 2019. This has specialized in eSports competitions on computer games such as. Valorant, LoL or Call of Duty specialized.

Interestingly, Yassuo does not act as a gamer and streamer at 100 Thieves, but he is the official content creator of the organization. Hardly any other person has been so participated in LoL e-sports events as as he has. He still indulges his passion for League of Legends, preferably during ongoing slot streams.

Mortal Kombat: An outburst of rage cost Moe the victory

Yassuo photo


You can see Yassuo mainly in a good mood and with a broad smile in the face. That he can also be different, Moe proved in April 2020. Although he usually plays LoL when he's not busy with the Stake Portfolio, the gamer decided to play for 100 Thieves on an Mortal Kombat Tournament.

At the announced tournament 20 streamers compete, five games were scheduled, the prize money with 100,000 US dollars was set. It came as it had to come: After Yassuo entered the duel against Cetrion with Ninja Scorpion, he lost the decisive round and with it his control. Out of sheer rage he threw the keyboard on the floor. The result was that several keys fell out at once, you can hear Moe grumbling.

As soon as the keyboard was down, the otherwise professional gamer apparently realized what he had done. Without the keyboard he could he could not continue to playHe was thus depriving himself of what was supposed to be a good chance to win the prize money.

Yassuo loses his temper: outbursts of rage in the montage

Yassuo estimated net worth

Many streamers are speculating wildly about speculated wildly. Even with Yassuo no concrete figures He himself is silent when it comes to his finances. His income is probably mainly based on his huge YouTube and Twitch community and his contract with 100 Thieves contract.

It is estimated that his current net worth is 1.2 to 2 million US dollarsSome celebrity websites believe that it is around one million dollars. It is clear that Yassuo is doing well financially since he decided to fully concentrate on streaming.

Also from the Stake Cooperation the American should financially from the Stake cooperationHowever, it is not known what Yassuo receives monthly for his casino live streams.

Mohammad Abdalrhman in private

Yassuo, who goes by Moe (short for Mohammad), was born on June 15, 1999 in New York and grew up there. His parents are originally from Palestine and have chosen the United States as their adopted country. Mohammad has two sisterswhose names are unknown, and a brotherabout whom little information can be found on social media.

Yassuo is a full-time streamer Yassuo is a full-time streamer in the public, about his private life he rarely gives details. The focus shifted to his ex-girlfriend Bellawho many fans thought was an invention of the streamer. In fact, the relationship of the two lasted for a while, until it 2021 came to the break. Currently, Abdalrhman does not seem to be in any new partnership.

When he got to high school, he quite soon became famous as a famous as a gamer and streamer. When time allowed, the American devoted himself to other hobbies, including Playing soccer and table tennis. After just one semester at university in New York, he left and has since focused on furthering his social media career.

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