The Bowery Boys 2024 – Hacksaw slot with nostalgia character

Details about The Bowery Boys


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 6
Rows: 5
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 92,19%
Max. Win: 10.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

With The Bowery Boys, the renowned developer Hacksaw Gaming unceremoniously turns back time and takes the players into the 19th century.

The title is based on the gang of the same name which caused fear and terror in New York City back then. This time, however, the brothers come with peaceful intentions and even have quite attractive profit prospects in the luggage.

Fittingly for the gang, there was also a district in New York that bore the name. The combination of both was perfectly staged by Hacksaw Gaming.

You get an impression of that time pretty quickly, but more importantly, the The Bowery Boys Slot has a lot of other attractions to offer, first and foremost various functions, multipliers, wild cards and of course also free spins.

The graphics are somewhat reminiscent of old movies, but the entire scenery could just as well have come from a comic book. Colorful images depicting fighting and smooching scenes form a wonderful contrast to the dark background, which takes us straight to the streets of the of former New York New York.

Play The Bowery Boys online – the best casinos in 2024

Since its inception in 2018. Hacksaw Gaming rapidly evolved and probably due to the innovative game ideas quickly found partners who do not want to deprive their customers of the brand's most popular slots. Accordingly selection of companies is correspondingly largewhere The Bowery Boys can be tested.

Aspects such as bonuses, payment methods, service and, of course, other gaming categories have been comprehensively reviewed by our team of experts. On this basis, it was possible to filter out some online casinos that have solid values in all points. deliver.

The Bowery Boys free demo

Our readers have the direct opportunity here to take a look at the Hacksaw Gaming release without any obligation.

The option to watch The Bowery Boys for free, is available at almost every reputable online casino, regardless of whether the deposit there is primarily made with real money or Cryptos is intended. Thanks to the The Bowery Boys Simulation this can be postponed to a later point in time and tested test it under realistic conditionsThe Bowery Boys simulation allows you to test the game under realistic conditions and see what the chances of winning are, as well as the functions offered.

Registration is not necessary, but the option to switch to real money or crypto play is only available with providers like the ones listed above..

How The Bowery Boys works

The 6×5 grid has become the standard for Hacksaw Gaming slot machines. The Bowery Boys also offers this basic structure, where players face the challenge of finding as many eight or more identical symbols. symbols. These are referred to as clusters, because, unlike traditional slot machines, there are no fixed no fixed paylines.

The type and number of symbols determine the win rate, which in turn is calculated from the bet amount set. For beginners, Hacksaw Gaming offers The Bowery Boys game the option to start with 20 cents per spin per round. If you like to take a risk, you can place a bet up to the up to the 100 Euro limit limit.

star icon
A special feature: Winnings are not credited immediately, but are collected above the reels. Only when no more clusters occur, after complete combinations have been removed and new ones have moved up, the total amount is paid out. This can be increased even further with the help of bonus features, especially the multipliers integrated by Hacksaw Gaming.

The Bowery Boys bonus features and specials

The 19th century was full of surprises. By that we don't just mean mean gangs like the Bowery Boys, but also many a beautiful moment. Hacksaw Gaming brings these moments to its fans whenever Features come into play features come into play – namely the following:

  1. Safes
  2. Explosive bombs multipliers
  3. Strongbox Storage Bonus
  4. Daisy's Dynamite Bonus
  5. Bowery Savings Bank Bonus
  6. Wild Cards
  7. Bonus Purchase


The Bowery Boys Tresor
As befits bandits, the protagonists of the Bowery Boys slot are always on the lookout for bulging safes. The provider offers them in three sizes three sizes and, depending on the size, winnings of between 5 and 5 and 250 times the stake are at stake.

In order to crack a safe, no matter what size it is, it has to be found together with the golden key occur. The advantage is that a single key is able to open not only one, but several safes. The contents of all the safes are added up, added to the added to the total winnings above the reels and, if multipliers occur, are added to them at the end of the winning streak.

Explosive Bombs Multipliers

The Bowery Boys Bomben
Bombs are known to fans of the Hacksaw Gaming brand from Joker Bombs. The developer has also given them a place in The Bowery Boys. If bombs occur, the combination winnings are multiplied by the displayed factor, which can be between between x2 and x100 can vary.

Provided several bombs are visible in one round their factor is addedto be added to the total winnings at the end of the game. It doesn't matter if two, three or even more bonus symbols appear.

Strongbox Storage Bonus

The Bowery Boys Bonus
Just one of the purple-gold symbols with the inscription "Bonus" is enough to open the open the Storage Box. Behind it are 10 free spins. While these are running, a maximum of 10 safes can be collected without a key and stored in the warehouse.

Now you have to wait for the all-important key. If the key appears before The Bowery Boys Free Spins are completed, players will receive the entire the entire contents of all the vaults.

arrow icon
AdvantageousBonus symbols can be used to win additional free spins while the free spins mode is running.

Daisy's Dynamite Bonus

To receive this bonus, two of the two of the described symbols are required. Again, The Bowery Boys Online awards 10 free game rounds. You can get dynamite multipliers at any time appear. However, the explosion as well as profit factors triggered by it do not occur until a detonator appears on the reels.

The Bowery Boys Daisy

The concept is similar to the bonus game shown before, as dynamite can also be collected in the box. Multipliers range up to x100, a chance for additional free spins arises as soon as more bonus symbols appear.

Bowery Savings Bank Bonus

Three bonus symbols are better than one or two, because when they appear the Bowery Bank Savings round is activated. This also consists of 10 free spinsbut has the special feature that every win can be won a second time. For each odds that results from cluster rows, the corresponding amount is credited to the score above on the one hand, on the other hand, the identical sum lands in the safe.

The Bowery Boys Bank

In order to open this bonus vault, during the game rounds a Dollar characters appear. But there is not only this. Dice can increase the vault winnings from 2 to 12 timeswhereas the police token is capable of triggering a rush of cops. The danger here is that up to 50% of the contents could be taken out of the safe by the police.

Wild Cards

The Bowery Boys Wild
A wine barrel takes over the function of the joker in The Bowery Boys online function of the joker.

Both in the base game and in the ongoing Free Spins mode, Wilds can Wilds can complement clusters of all kinds and, depending on the constellation, also expand them.

Bonus Purchase

The three mentioned bonus rounds can be buy in the quick mode. So in this case, you don't have to wait a long time for the special bonus symbol to appear. However, speed has its priceand this is the "catch" of the Bonus Buy Feature also already geberacht on the point.

If you want to play the Strongbox rounds would like to use immediately, pays the 80-fold of the adjusted basic use. If you are willing to increase the bet to 200 times times, you can use Daisy's Dynamite can be played without any detours. Last but not least Bowery Savings Bank is offered as a bonus purchase, for all those who want to 300 times bets are ready to invest.

These streamers play The Bowery Boys on Twitch

Apparently, word has gotten out that Hacksaw Gaming is throwing a "Revival Party" with The Bowery Boys. whether they mean the New York area or the gang. In fact, not only casual gamers are in gangster fever, but also many a familiar face of the Twitch scene has already made acquaintance with the release:

In March 2022 FossyGFX showed a lot of courage and in one of his live streams he played The Bowery Boys Slot and invests an insane 50,000 US dollarsto elicit high winnings from the machine. The good news is that while such live streams are impressive, no one is forced to emulate such high stakes.

Video shows: Roshtein wins record $2,000,000 on The Bowery Boys Slot

The Bowery Boys FAQs

  1. Who offers The Bowery Boys for free?
  2. Is The Bowery Boys a jackpot game?
  3. What is the cost of The Bowery Boys bonus purchase?
  4. Is there a The Bowery Boys mobile app available?

1.) Who offers The Bowery Boys for free?

Hacksaw Gaming has a demo version of the slot and makes it available to every partner casino. Accordingly, it is easy to take a free of charge and without obligation of The Bowery Boys. Sometimes providers require a registration to ensure that players have reached the age of 18.

It is advantageous that The Bowery Boys simulation real framework conditions which makes it easy to form your own opinion, especially about the winning probabilities. At we also offer a free demo version of free demo version of The Bowery Boys Slot. available.

2.) Is The Bowery Boys a jackpot game?

No, the creators have no progressive jackpots built into the slot machine. However, this fact does not make The Bowery Boys any less lucrative, because the win limit is only reached at 10,000 times the amount of the bet played. reached.

rich-people icon
So, assuming luck, multipliers and a high level of commitment, it is theoretically possible when playing The Bowery Boys online, winnings of up to one million to achieve. If the bet is regulated downwards, the upper limit for payouts is also reached more quickly, so the winnings are correspondingly lower.

3.) What does The Bowery Boys bonus purchase cost?

With the Bonus Buy button not simply activate free spins, but there are three different buy options, all of which relate to the bonus rounds on offer. The Strongbox round is 80 times the base bet, while the Savings Bank Bonus requires players to invest the stake 300 times.

Bowery Boys Bonus Button
Precisely because the costs are weighty, one should consider carefully whether the investment makes sense, whether it fits into thewhether it fits into the budget or whether it might be better to hope for chance. This can be the three bonus rounds at any time without a previous bonus purchase.

4.) Is there a The Bowery Boys mobile app available?

Although The Bowery Boys is not offered as a standalone game on mobile devices, the slot is part of various casino portfolios. Almost all providers in the industry that offer hacksaw gaming machines like this one can be used on the go just as easily and conveniently as on the desktop.

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It is enough to call up the web address via the mobile browser. If you are already a customer, you can log in on your smartphone or tablet without registering again and start your virtual time travel into the world of the Bowery Boys right away.

The Bowery Boys Slot Conclusion

Bonus features are nothing untypical for slot games, however, Hacksaw Gaming has come up with a really appealing concept concept, through which dynamic game rounds are possible.

luck icon
All three bonus rounds provide excitement and can generate huge wins due to their high volatility. enormous winnings due to their high volatility. cause. As always, this requires a little bit of luck. But not only from this perspective is The Bowery Boys Online an interesting release.

The game theme in particular clearly stands out. While the provider is not the first to travel in time, the 19th century New York is special and Hacksaw Gaming manages to stand out from the classic stand out from classic antique slots.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: The Bowery BoysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%