Corinna Kopf Casino Streamer

Corinna Kopf Facts
Streamer Name: Corinna Kopf
Real Name: Corinna Kopf

Corinna Head Twitch Avatar

Origin: Illinois (USA)
Residence: Los Angeles
Year of birth: 1995
Followers: 923,000 (Twitch)
2.700.000 (Twitter)
1.760.000 (YouTube)
4.600.000 (TikTok)
6,800,000 (Instagram)
722,000 (Snapchat)
1,109,000 (Facebook)
Favorite casino: Stake Casino
Special features: Known for eventful love life, rumored affair with Adin Ross, active on social media since 2011, breakthrough on Instagram, runs successful fashion line, calls herself "Pouty Girl"
Highest gain: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown
Net worth: Approx. 10 million USD

From social media star to casino streamer? Corinna Kopf clearly has many talentsbut her greatest talent is still to entertain fans on Instagram with provocative pictures with provocative pictures.

Only since May 2022 the influencer has been playing at Stake Casino, although she actually already had some prior experience with online gaming, specifically with Fortnite as well as League of Legends, has been able to gather. And she was also active in the online casino before. For almost half a year – from March to May – she played at Duelbits.

With Kopf, the prominent and established Stake Casino gets female female support. In May, the pretty blonde switched there; she broadcasts her gaming sessions live for her Twitch community.

When she's not in front of the camera, the American native continues to work on her fashion collectionwhich ranges from lingerie to cell phone cases. Both with that and with her incredible social media presence achieved head long ago a handsome income.

How attractive gaming can be better than Corinna Kopf. However, her great fame stems above all from the fact that she is a relationships and sexuality, she she never misses an opportunity, scandals to provoke scandals.

General information about Corinna Kopf

With Corinna Kopf, the pouty girl, "Pouty Girl", the Twitch scene is getting arguably the hottest support since casino streaming has been around. The social media star was born in Illinois in 1995Today, Corinna lives on her own farm in Florida. in Florida which she bought only some time ago. Together with her lives a small adopted dogbut actually Kopf would have would like to have four children. What is missing to her happiness is the man for life.

Her love life is characterized by emotional ups and downs, interspersed with rumors and scandals and debauched bisexual experienceswhich Corinna makes no secret of. While the dream man is apparently still waiting, the Influencer career further steeply uphill. Now she finds her climax in a new task, the Twitch Casino Streaming which the experienced celebrity takes on.

The School Corinna is said to have dropped out of school in favor of in favor of her social media career in favor of her social media career. Initially she started on Twitterone year later, the influencer experienced her big breakthrough on her big breakthrough on Instagram. Her past was certainly not easy, because Kopf had only little contact with her fatherher own brother committed a few years ago Suicide. She dedicated one of her total of four tattoos to him.

Australia icon
Fun Fact: The blonde didn't grow up exclusively in the U.S., but spent a part of her life in the Palatinate. Since her mother was a single parent, Corinna regularly traveled on vacation to her grandparents and learned to speak Australian there. Her craziest action might have been a tattoo on the inside of her lip lip, where to this day her ex-boyfriend J. Nash is immortalized.

Switching from Twitch to Facebook Gaming – and back again

Some time ago, Corinna Kopf was by Facebook Gaming some time ago and turned her back on Twitch for this purpose. Moreover, she decided to do so after the switch, other streamers of the Facebook concept to convince. Whether this was allowed or not, poaching as such was anything but a fine move.

In the meantime, Corinna has announced, Stop Facebook Gaming. Neither the terms there nor the agreements made between her, Twitch and also her new gaming home Stake have leaked out yet. However, one can assume that there are definitely financial background for the decision to make a Twitch comeback to celebrate.

Corinna's favorite games

Corinna Kopf plays whatever comes to her mind at Stake. Even before she joined the crypto casino the influencer gained experience with online classics such as Lightning Roulette, where she even won 30,000 US dollars was able to. In her current live streams on Twitch her focus on Slots and blackjack.

Titles such as Hot Fiesta are on Corinna's gaming list. A certain preference style is actually not recognizable from the live streams that exist so far from Corinna Kopf. not recognizable. Also, in between she quite often falls back on classics like Blackjack back.

Video: Corinna Kopf plays Blackjack

Some of the games Corinna Kopf has already played in her streams:

When and where does Corinna Kopf stream?

The streaming times of the prominent American are different from vary from week to week. Sometimes Corinna Kopf takes six days to chat or show her skills in the Stake Casino casino. Sometimes there are weeks that the influencer apparently spends doing other things, like following the schedule of her Twitch channel can be seen.

Also specific times can hardly be named, since these vary just as much as the days of the week when Kopf takes time for her followers. In the early morning hours it's mainly Fortnite streamswith which she keeps her fans happy. For Stake Streaming Corinna, on the other hand preferred in the evenings and usually for several hours at a time.


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Corinna Kopf in the social media

Corinna Kopf experienced her big breakthrough back in 2011 with Twitter. She was sure to receive even greater media attention after she 2012 also on Instagram in 2012. She apparently even left school behind for this, which in no way puts her at a disadvantage. On the contrary: Social media has long since become something like her new home home for the American, where controversies about her relationships and her outed bisexuality provide plenty to talk about. provides plenty to talk about.

  1. Corinna Kopf on Twitch
  2. Corinna Kopf on YouTube
  3. Pouty Girl on Twitter
  4. Corinna Kopf on Instagram
  5. Corinna Kopf on TikTok
  6. Corinna Kopf on Facebook Gaming
  7. Corinna Kopf on OnlyFans

Corinna Kopf on Twitch

Despite the interim termination of her live streams, Corinna Kopf on Twitch continues to enjoy a large reach. Since she switched back from Facebook Gaming, she has been gathering more and more followers here, totaling over 922,000 there are currently. Every now and then Kopf spends a lot of time with chatsin which she answers questions from her followers. The Slots section section, on the other hand, is still quite young and waiting to be filled with exciting content from the casino.

Some videos have been saved for these categories and also for Fortnite. Unfortunately, many of the older streams are not really retrievable anymore. Which on the one hand is due to the fact that for a while they were only available by subscription. In the meantime, however, this is no longer the case. Every fan can also watch the older Stake streams. The older videos seem to be deleted. have been deleted. There are only any clips or excerpts left from it.

smiley-sad icon
The catch: There is a Twitch schedulebut this is always filled in afterwards. This makes it difficult to estimate when Corinna will next show herself live in front of the camera and demonstrate her skills in the casino. So if you don't want to miss these moments, you should check back regularly.

Corinna Kopf on YouTube

Influencer Corinna Kopf also has a following of over over 1.76 million subscribers strong fan base. So it's all the more surprising that she has been running her channel since 2020 with new content, i.e. videos, since 2020. Currently the account is idleHowever, this does not prevent followers from continuing to watch the releases of the past years. The videos are often clicked more than 5 million times, which in turn should result in small revenues.

With gaming the content generally has nothing to do. Corinna Kopf has in her active time on YouTube mainly on three playlists limited to: "Vlogs" „Me, Myself and I" and "Videos with Friends". The latter shows how much humor Corinna has, because together with her loved ones she recreates the craziest pictures and scenes.

Kopf and friends were too happy to dressed up as men, in order to be cleverly posed in photos. Boredom certainly did not arise during the shooting, and also for the audience there is still a lot to laugh.

Pouty Girl on Twitter

2011 The "pouty girl", as Corinna Kopf calls herself, achieved her big breakthrough thanks to Twitter. To this day, she has remained loyal to her channel, which has around 2.7 million fans follow, faithfully. The special thing is that visitors to the site learn a lot about the private life and the latest purchases of the influencer.

She has not only bought a housebut also regularly fills her car collection with new hot sleds. In addition, she has a farm, adopted several years ago a little dog is obviously has a special fondness for horses.

On horseback, Corinna almost cuts a covered figure, because in the picture she is wearing a T-shirt as well as shorts for a change. Otherwise stands Permissiveness also on Twitter in the first placeAs the reactions show, some of her followers obviously like it. When the influencer and streamer is not posing half-naked, she is always for a party to have. With her are her friends, including the mother of the baby, as whose aunt Corinna calls herself.

Corinna head on Instagram

Since Corinna 2012, still during her high school years, started with Insta she literally shows her fans naked facts. At the latest when you take a look at her Instagram channel, it becomes clear that Corinna Kopf has no no inhibitions to have and that she does not mind to be lightly dressed. lightly dressed whether in hot cars, diving or on the beach. Although it was the Twitter channel that brought Kopf her big breakthrough as an influencer, her fan base on Insta is significantly larger.

It is easy to see from the comments that among the 6.8 million followers are mainly men. are to be found. In response to a photo showing Corinna holding a baby and the caption "Oh, how I love you (OMG, someone give me one of those)", one man responded directly with "Your wish is my command". Presumably, many male fans share this thought, but the right one to give Corinna the hoped-for four children clearly hasn't been there yet.

Corinna Kopf on TikTok

She definitely knows how to, to play with her charms. This is supported by the fact that more than 4.6 million fans follow her TikTok channel. Although the selection of short videos is not particularly extensive, the existing content has been clicked on several million times. She often shows up in older posts alongside the alongside the influencer David Dobrick, who also works as an influencer.

As far as followers are concerned, Dobrick has a significantly larger community than Corinna Kopf, namely 26 million people. Between the two there was apparently a relationship that lasted until 2021 Today, no new information can be found about the connection, which suggests that the separation has also been completed here in the meantime.

The male fans should not be thrown off track by this news. In the current TikToks Corinna shows herself usual revealing and probably makes a large part of the audience sweat.

Corinna head on Facebook Gaming

In addition to Twitch, Facebook Gaming has also offered the option of presenting live streams for a few years now. Corinna Kopf decided to take this option at short notice and left Twitch. left Twitchafter she was made an offer on Facebook an offer was made to her.

Corinna Kopf Facebook Last Stream

© | That Corinna Kopf has finished with Facebook Gaming can be seen. Her most successful video is titled "my last facebook stream".

As a gaming creator, Kopf was able to gain almost 1.1 million followers published live streams for several months and made them available in parallel as videos. On March 1, 2022 Corinna made a decision that saddened her fans: In the last video, she declares to leave Facebook Gaming henceforth leave Facebook Gaming behind and to actively focus on her Twitch channel again.

Whether this decision has anything to do with the fact that Corinna Kopf has since been streaming for online casinos is unclear. However, we know from experience that casino streaming and Twitch have been dominating for a long time, Facebook Gaming, on the other hand, has never really established itself in the streaming scene. streamers scene, Facebook Gaming has never really against the competing portal has never been able to assert itself.

Corinna Kopf on OnlyFans

Corinna Kopf attracted a lot of attention when she opened her own channel on OnlyFans. There she provides her followers with erotic content. The hurdle of $19.99 for a monthly subscription (the cost is somewhat lower in the subscription package) doesn't seem to bother her fans. On the contrary, it should take just 48 hours for the influencer to earn her first first million US dollars with her account. In the meantime, there are several leaks that show that the earnings via the platform are already in the double-digit millions.

According to this, her OnlyFans profile is likely to contribute not insignificantly to the Corinna Kopf's fortune contribute. Are these estimates of her income largely based on speculation? largely based on speculationthere is also some first-hand information. In a video, for example, the influencer revealed that the first photo she posted on OnlyFans earned her photo contributed $165,000 to her earnings.

Own lingerie line apparently running successfully

When Corinna is not in front of the camera or filling her Insta channel with new content, she focuses on expanding her fashion label "Pouty Girl" by Corinna Kopf. Especially Lingerie of the influencer are sold via the trading platform and this has become quite successful in the meantime.

Corinna Kopf in underwear of her own label

© | Of course, Corinna Kopf doesn't miss the opportunity to pose in her own underwear on Instagram.

Besides underwear Corinna Kopf sells various other productssuch as hoodies and shirts, hair bands, headdresses and not to forget cell phone cases. All these items seem to be well received by fans, some of them are even sold out for sold out for quite some timewhich suggests a certain success lets assume.

The own label should already prove to be a solid source of income prove. The target group for the lingerie is primarily sporty ladies, but the line is also by no means stingy with charms. Her give up her career as a streamer and to limit herself completely to the field of fashion, however, Kopf apparently did not have the idea yet. So far the <> and, of course, on her Twitter channel, which paved the way to her success.

Has Kopf already played in other casinos as Stake?

In the past years Corinna was able to gain experience in live gaming and streaming, both on Twitch and on the Facebook Gamer channel, which the young American set up and at times preferred to use. In the focus of her broadcasts at the beginning were games like Fortnite Games like FortniteHanging Out and GeoGuessr, which generated a huge worldwide community.

But also casino experience can show Corinna head. Her casino streaming career started back in March 2022 at the Duelbits Casino. There she played exclusively until mid-May. Whether the contract had expired or whether Stake simply made her a better offer is hard to say. However, it's also clear that when the top dog calls, few streamers turn down the offer.

information icon
Interesting: A video posted by Drew on YouTube Video from the year 2020 shows Corinna Kopf playing at the Duelbits Casino, where she earned Lightning Roulette to win around 30,000 USD. with Lightning Roulette. The influencer does not seem to be completely inexperienced in the field of iGaming, but she has only been playing herself since the end of March 2022. since the end of March 2022 first for Duelbits, then for Stake. Before that she had guest appearances and conversions and conversions with streamers like 999sid or Willy (Niklas Wilson).

The video from 2020:

Average bets of the influencer.

When looking at the Corinna Kopf live streams on Twitch, there is no clear line in terms of round bets can be discerned. This, in turn, means that the American apparently lets her gut feeling decide and places bets spontaneously instead of following a particular strategy.

luck icon
Her solid fortune allows Corinna to place higher to place higher bets than casual than casual gamblers would do. The chance of making profits that can be profitable in the long term is correspondingly high. Just like every classic customer in the online casino, the Influencer of course also needs a portion of luck in addition to a willingness to take risks. However, there is no question of a strategy or any tricks.

Corinna's love life – from bisexuality to on-off relationship

She is pretty as a picture and extremely successful. Nevertheless there is currently no partner at Corinna's side. Years ago, the young woman her bisexuality years ago and makes no secret of the fact that she enjoys enjoying her sex life. Permissiveness is as much a part of her character as the fact that it seems to be quite difficult with men.

For about two years Corinna was with Fortnite streamer "Tfue", whose real name iswhose real name is Turner Tenney. The relationship was, however, from various separations in the meantime and ended after some back and forth in 2020. In addition, there were several rumors that Kopf was having an affair with Twitch streamer Adin Ross, but this connection was never officially confirmed.

From 2017 to 2018 Kopf was in a relationship with Toddy Smith, who is also very successful on social media. However, it quickly became clear that this relationship had no future and they soon separated.

How successful is Corinna Kopf as a streamer?

Especially with her Insta channel, "Pouty Girl" Corinna Kopf has made a name for herself in the influencer scene. name in the influencer scene scene. In the meantime, however, her Twitch channel is also running solidly, as evidenced in particular by her more than 922,000 subscribers.

Only time will tell how Corinna does as a stake streamer. The prominent social media girl is still at the very at the beginning of her casino careerShe has only published a few videos on Twitch. Kopf owes her success in the media mainly to the fact that she joined forces quite early with well-known YouTubers such as Elle Mills and Liza Koshy. allied themselves. These have made their contribution to increasing the reach of Corinna Kopf significantly increase.

Corinna Kopf estimated net worth

Corinna Kopfs Lamborghini

© | Financially, the casino streamer should be in a good position. As she herself shared on Twitter, this Lamborghine is just one of her vehicles.

The tabloid press and various celebrity portals regularly speculate about Corinna Kopf's fortune. The estimates range estimates range from 2 to 10 million US dollars. She herself keeps a rather low profile about it.

However, there exists a video of her or a photo from her cell phone, originally published by her boyfriend David Dobrik, in which the earnings made up to that point from her OnlyFans account at over 11 million US dollars are recognizable. The shot shows her earnings from May 2021 to February 2022, along with a video from presumably May 2021 stating that she earned four million from OnlyFans, as well as other references to very, very lucrative earnings on the platform.

Since both her celebrity and follower numbers are steadily increasing, it is safe to assume that her wealth is also growing steadily.

The video in which Corinna Kopf talks about her success on OnlyFans.:

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Def Noodles (@defnoodles).

Deciding at a young age, like Kopf, not to go to school and pursue a career in social media was a bold move. In the end, it takes luck and a special presenceto be successful in this to be successful in this industry. For Corinna, the decision was spot on, because the American certainly doesn't have to worry too much about money anymore. Also, her new engagement as a Stake Live streamer will surely have a positive impact on her fortune.

Are there any details about Stake's bonuses?

It is safe to assume that Corinna Kopf not just on a whim on a whim alone, Stake Slots, crypto games and various classics of the provider to stream on Twitch. The assumption that there is a clear contract between the influencer and the crypto casino is quite reasonable. However, neither Corinna Kopf nor the company have commented on the exact terms.

money icon
According to experience the premiums are solid between streamers and casino operators are generally very individual. individual contracts can be concluded between streamers and casino operators. Their secrecy might possibly be part of the contract terms, Kopf is most likely not earning badly with her added task.

Corinna Kopf private

Corinna was born on December 1, 1995, in Palatinea small town northwest of Chicago in the US state of Illinois. Already 2011 decided to pursue a career in social social media careerwhere she shares her private life with an ever-growing community. According to rumors, Kopf dropped out of high school after her first successes on Twitter, and a year later on Instagram.

The influencer knows how to stand out. Purely visually beats the pretty, petite blonde with her four tattoos and eight piercings out of the kind. Particularly striking is a tattoo on the foot, because here is the quote "You are strong I love you". This shall head dedicated to her brother who took his own life a few years ago.

What's amazing is that the streamer herself… knows little about her family. For example, she could not remember whether her father used to work for UPS or FedEx. What is known, on the other hand, is that she herself spent a lot of time in Australia, more precisely in the Palatinate region, with her grandparents both on vacation and for extended periods of time. This explains why Kopf speaks not only English, but Australian as well.

Her own family planning is already set for the young woman. If she has her way, she will have later have four childrenEven the names Carter, Hudson, Everest and Sadie are already clear. The only thing missing is a suitable husband, but Kopf is still having a hard time finding one.

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