The most popular operating systems for online casinos 2024

The operating system is the basis of every good online casino. Today, players are offered a wide variety of options, because the Windows PC has long had competition – and from several sides.

Mac or Apple computers were not as widespread back then as they are today. In the first casinos, however, it was necessary to download casino software. This ended up being Windows-only, leaving owners of other devices and operating systems out in the cold.

In the recent past, the industry has evolved rapidly. More than 50% of all gamblers now rely on mobile gaming. Accordingly, casino operators and software companies had to react quickly to cover this ever-growing target group.

All online casino operating systems in the test

We have taken a detailed look at all platforms and would like to show you here what the special features of these systems are. It should be common knowledge by now that people no longer play at home on a PC with Windows alone. So let's take a look at the alternatives that are available to you today.


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Android is one of the best-known and most widespread mobile software today. Mostly, the operating system is installed on devices from Samsung and other renowned manufacturers.

Since Android has long since caught up with iOS, it was natural for most casino operators to develop professional and individual Android casino apps. These have a clear advantage over the browser version: The playing is possible without loading problems and other hurdles, even if theeven if the Internet connection is not the most stable.


iPhone icon
Apple has made headlines with the iPhone. Just a few years ago it would have been unthinkable to have casinos on a small device like this one. like this. Today, iPhone casinos are part of the good tone in the industry.

Required apps can usually be installed via the well-known App Store, but a download via the website is also possible via QR code. The plus point: the corresponding apps are specially adapted to the iPhone's features. You therefore benefit from better performance and optimized loading times.


As a rule, iOS apps for iPhone and iPad are treated equally. Technically, there are actually no major differences. Accordingly, you may only find only find one single app in the online casinothat ultimately covers both devices optimally.

The iPad thus becomes your very own casino in just a few minutes, where you can not only have a lot of fun, but also win a whole lot of money. Whether the download has to be done in the casino itself or in the App Store, that can vary depending on the company. The best thing to do is to read our detailed review about it at your leisure.


Windows is still the best known and most widely used operating system – at least for local computers. In fact, Windows Phones have also been around for some time. The mobile devices are designed not require an app download.

So you can play here directly in the mobile browser without worrying about installing any software. The advantage is that almost all online casinos run on the Windows operating system without any effort.


apple icon
Mac is basically the same as Apple. Whether you have a Mac computer, an iPhone or but an iPad: The casino software is ultimately the same for all devices. Playing at the casino on the Mac PC without downloading, that should no longer be a problem today.

But also corresponding apps are now offered by many gambling companies. You have to be careful with the local casino software download. This works exclusively on Windows devices.


Apps icon
Today, there are hardly any companies in the industry that do not provide you with special casino apps – or at least a mobile websiteThanks to this, you don't have to download any software or apps. Most casino apps are optimized for either Android or iOS devices.

It makes sense to read through the advantages and disadvantages of such apps. Detailed explanations and reviews can of course be found on our site.

The best casinos for smartphone, tablet, Mac and PC in the test.

Mobile casinos – the trend of mobile entertainment is growing

mobile casinos
According to estimates, mobile casinos are now used at least as often as the PC variants, which can be used without download on a much larger screen. Mobile gaming is all the rageand this will certainly not change much in the coming decades.

On the contrary: Today, smartphones are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and a correspondingly large number of gamblers are equipped with a device that opens up the whole world of casinos to you on the go. Technologically, mobile casinos can easily keep up with their counterparts. Let's take a closer look at which cell phones and operating systems are currently suitable for enjoying mobile gaming.

Variety galore in modern Android casinos

Next to iOS, Android is one of the most popular operating systems. Anyone who wants to play in an Android casino must of course have an appropriate smartphone or tablet. The appropriate app is offered by the companies and can usually be installed free of charge within minutes.

In fact, it does not matter whether you want to play on the Android tablet or a smartphone. Common devices include those from the following manufacturers:

  • Samsung,
  • LG,
  • Huawei,
  • Sony or even
  • Google.

Most gamers are familiar with the Samsung Galaxy today. In terms of performance, Android casinos can easily keep up with their static counterparts, i.e. playing on the local PC. However, one has to be aware of the fact that that native apps are usually much more limited in the game selection. are. If you log in with your Android device via the browser, on the other hand, you can enjoy much more variety – but then you have to make sure you have a stable Internet connection.

Android casino apps are usually made available to you either via the casino's website, or you can search for them on Google Play, download them and install them on your smartphone or tablet with little effort. Reputable mobile casinos do not charge you anything. The App should therefore be provided free of charge. And the game itself is also possible for free in many cases.

Mobile Casinos for Windows Phones

Most computers are equipped with Windows software. It was a little different for smartphones until a few years ago. Today, the Windows Phone has actually prevailed, although it is still not as strongly represented as iPhones or even Android devices. Nevertheless, Windows Phones naturally offer you the opportunity, to play in the online casino on the move just as you can at home on your PC.

The advantage is that you do not have to perform any installation. Windows casinos run directly via the mobile browser, so there is no need for an app at all. The mobile casino is therefore ultimately a scaled-down version of the classic PC casinos.


positiv icon

You can really access all games that are also offered on the computer.

Apps, as they are offered for other operating systems, on the other hand, are much clearer, since only a small part of the games is available. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely take a look at the Windows Mobile Casino and experience for yourself how many options this variant offers.

Playing on the move in iPhone casinos

iPhones are perfect for playing in mobile casinos. The corresponding apps are offered to you today by many reputable companies in the industry. Of course, you should always keep a few things in mind. If you don't want to experience any unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you to opt exclusively for tested iPhone casinos. You can find many of them here on It is important that the provider has appropriate licenses and that the iPhone app is free to install.

As soon as you are confronted with costs, you better be careful. Technologically, iPhone casinos are now very well positioned. You are offered a wide range of mobile games that are perfectly adapted to the device – especially when it comes to menu navigation and resolution. Once installed, you can play with the iPhone casino app anytime and anywhere.

The advantage over mobile websites is,

positiv icon

that you don't have to pay as much attention to a stable internet connection. Otherwise, there are not many differences with Android apps and the website, which is also provided by more and more mobile casinos.

Blackberry Casinos – play mobile without download

Even if you own a Blackberry, you are no longer deprived of the top casino games from the most popular developers. However, we have to say right away that there are no special Blackberry apps. no special Blackberry apps. exist. Similar to Windows devices, these smartphones are also dependent on the selected casino providing you with a mobile website.

You will not be able to perform a download in the end, as Blackberry software works differently than iOS or even Android. If you decide to use a mobile website, it is usually designed for all devices – including the Blackberry.

Special programs have not been developed, if only because the smartphone meets with a much lower response than the iPhone or Samsung devices. Nevertheless, nobody has to do without their favorite games. On our pages we present you a lot of Mobile Casinos, which are available to you on the Blackberry just as they are on all other devices.

More stability and better loading times in download casinos.

download casinos
There are a few reasons to prefer download casinos over a mobile website. Basically, of course, a much larger selection of games is tied up on the site. However, if you're traveling in a region that doesn't offer good internet reception, you're unfortunately out of luck.

Loading inhibitions and poor performance are among the common problems. Therefore, it is sometimes the more sensible option, to opt for a download casino. However, this option is only available for some devices. Windows Phones are excluded from app installations as well as Blackberrys. Which devices opt for a download casino, we will explain in more detail below.

Download Casinos for Mac

mac finder icon
The category of Mac devices includes both iPhones and iPads. Computers with the operating system are also offered. Who is in possession of such a device, we can recommend, search specifically for download casinos. Mobile Mac apps are now commonplace. However, if you play on the computer, then this is usually only possible via a browser. A few years ago, it was almost a must in all casinos to install the software. However, this was only adapted to Windows devices.

Even today there is no PC download casinos for Mac, but only the option to start known browsers, enter the appropriate URL and play online without any installations. So you are spared the download on the Mac PC – which is not necessarily a disadvantage. In this day and age, there are hardly any gambling companies that require installation.

Mostly, all games can be started directly in the browser. Exceptions prove the rule, whereby even then a large majority of all slots and classics are available without without download. As a Mac user, you no longer have to do without anything, as was the case in the early days of online gambling.

Download Casinos for Windows

windows icon
There is still the possibility of a Windows download at least with some providers in the industry. The best example is certainly the 888 Casino. A part of all offered players is directly available to you, so that you do not need to installation of the devices specially designed for Windows computers. can be saved.

On the other hand, with the download you are offered an even larger selection. It makes sense to compare both variants. After all, as a rule, even without installation, the portfolio is large enough to keep you well entertained for hours, days and weeks. If you are looking for something special, you can find many a treasure in download casinos for Windows.

The direct comparison of both options should be possible without any problems. If you do not like the software, you can uninstall it at any time. Generally, you can get by without a Windows download today. By the way, this also applies to Windows smartphones.

Download Casinos for Linux

linux icon
As far as we know no download casinos for Linux computers offered. Of course, this does not mean that you as the owner of a computer with Linux software would have to do without your favorite games. As already noted, most slots and classics are available to you today without a download anyway.

Accordingly, it is easy to log in log in and start playing – no matter if you want to playIt doesn't matter whether you prefer slots, roulette or blackjack. Most downloads that still exist today are actually aimed at Windows users. And even as such, you will see the need to download less and less often.

At the end of the day, the portfolio in most no-download casinos is now huge. Several hundred and sometimes even over a thousand games are part of the good tone of renowned providers. So boredom definitely doesn't stand a chance.

Playing on the tablet made easy – with the right tablet casinos.


Tablets are also available today with a wide variety of operating systems. They are now just as popular for mobile gaming as smartphones. The clear advantage is that you can use a much larger screen here – which ultimately makes for an even more pleasant gaming experience. As a player, you should therefore place all the more value on choosing optimized tablet casinos to opt for.

There are quite a few of them now, too, with app casino developers no longer making much of a distinction between tablet and smartphone. The following options are available if you own a tablet and feel like playing on the go.

Innovative iPad casinos – with special apps

Most mobile providers do not differentiate between iPhone and iPad. As a rule, a single app is offered, which is adapted to both devices. Exceptions can be found at least now and then, because of course there is a certain difference between the mobile devices. The iPad's screen is larger, so a different resolution can be used.

As far as menu navigation is concerned, however, iPhones are on a par with the iPad. Those who feel like playing at the iPad casino should take their time to look at the special features and then decide for themselves whether the concept suits their own tastes. Alternatively, there is increasingly the possibility, to play on the iPad without downloading.

Many casinos offer you a browser variant that works on really all devices. The operating system no longer plays a role here. You save storage space at the same time and, above all, can access a significantly larger portfolio. Special iPad casinos, on the other hand, are limited in their game selection. Still, several hundred slots and classics fit into modern apps today, so there is no question of boredom.

Playing on Android tablets

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab in particular are highly popular with players around the globe. Casino operators and software developers have come up with a lot to make playing on the Android tablet as pleasant as possible for you. The performance is a big plus point, because even Graphically complex slot machines and live tables can be perfectly displayed on the Android tablet.

In most cases, it is no longer necessary to download an app – although there are Android apps that can do a lot more than the mobile website. Whether you own a tablet or an Android smartphone does not really matter for these casino apps.

The developers do not differentiate between the devices, but usually provide you with an app for both devices, which you can install on your Android tablet with little effort. If you use a Samsung Galaxy Tab, for example, then it is just as possible to play directly in the Google browser. Most casinos today are designed in such a way that you can save yourself the app download altogether.

Windows tablets – play without download

Windows tablets are of course no longer a rarity today. However, there are no special apps for these devices. Of course, this does not mean that you have to miss out on mobile gaming at your favorite casino. Here you can play directly in the Windows tablet browser – and thus without any download.

The advantages can be summed up quite simply. Basically, if the casino is available without an app, then almost all games are available to you that are also offered on the PC. So you don't have to do without anything. In addition you save storage space, time and nerves.

These are all good reasons to turn your Windows tablet into a mobile casino. To get started, simply enter the URL of the casino and you can access all slots, classics and, of course, live games. Besides the games, bonus promotions are usually available as well. You can reach Mobile Casino Support on the road just as easily as at home.

Fire Tablets – the new generation from Amazon

Fire Tablets are devices developed and distributed by Amazon. As the owner of such a Fire tablet, the world of online gaming is also open to you. However, you actually do not have the option to opt for app casinos here. Special casino apps are still developed exclusively for Android and iOS systems.

So the only thing left to do is to opt for a provider that offers you a mobile casino website at your disposal. This is accessible on the Fire tablet just like on all other mobile devices. You are spared the app download and the installation of any additional software. It makes sense to regularly update the required additional programs, especially Java and Flash.

If you play in the Fire Tablet Casino, it is best to set automatic updates. Then the programs will be optimized immediately when there are new features. This is the only way to ensure that loading times and performance run smoothly.

Mobile gaming on Samsung Galaxy Tabs

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most sold tablets in the world. It is therefore all the less surprising that most casinos have developed special mobile apps for Samsung Tabs. As a rule, however only one app is offered for all Android deviceswhich includes Samsung tablets as well as Samsung smartphones.

In the end, the only important thing is that the mobile casino has been adapted to the corresponding operating system. Nowadays, mobile offers are usually even provided directly in the browser, so you can completely save the app download.

A corresponding browser is preinstalled on your Samsung Galaxy Tab – usually Google Chrome. Here you can easily enter the URL of your preferred mobile casino and directly start your favorite games.

Conclusion on mobile casino operating systems

The mobile gaming sector has developed at breakneck speed in recent years. Today, it hardly matters which operating system your smartphone or tablet is equipped with.

If you do not get a special casino app, there is always the option to play directly in the browser. This no longer works only with Android and iOS, but also with all other devices – starting with the Blackberry, to Windows Phones and Tabs.

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Be sure to check your software and the operating system on a regular basis. to be subjected to regular updates. This ensures the best possible performance, and loading times are thus also optimized to a maximum.

All casino operating systems tests at a glance

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