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We have literally turned the entire VoodooDreams online casino upside down over the past few months. While potential customers are mainly interested in the game selection, the live casino and bonus offers, we also focused on other criteria as usual – including the website and its structure – directed.

In particular, we asked ourselves whether it is at all possible for less experienced players to find their way around without help. Of course, an appealing website design should not be neglected.

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VoodooDreams manages to convince in every respect. Although the operators on simple elegance and simplicity simplicity, the website is by no means boring. The most relevant areas are clearly arranged, so that one click is enough to get information or to start the preferred games right away.

Once you open the VoodooDreams Casino website, you will quickly see for yourself how easy entertainment can be. In most casinos, you are first shown various offers. Here, however, it's a bit different, because the creators get right to the point. You can defiantly take advantage of VoodooDreams bonus offers.

On the left, you will find the menu that will show you the way to the offers. Click on "Promotions", all the opportunities that are currently available will be listed. If you've been with us for a while, you'll get the news shown directly in your own profile. Of course, this makes it easier to participate in the promotions – if you want to.

Further down the VoodooDreams website will tell you a little about the company and its concept so far only in English, but fortunately there are free translators online. From the Terms and Conditions to the Privacy Policy you can read everything that makes a good casino. Simply call up the corresponding link and you will have the full picture. The VoodooDreams page can be displayed in multiple languages. So if you are not from Australia at all, for example, and understand English better, it is easy to make changes.

Simple design with a big impact

Most casino websites are almost a little too cluttered. The reason: advertisements, promotions and other info that are good for you as a player, but often distract from the essentials with too much animation. VoodooDreams has decided for a more simple and therefore easier to use website. decided.

At the very top you will not find offers, but the sections. The main menu has therefore been set up on the page so that the casino is also as easy as possible to handle on the move. You can register directly here or log in if necessary. Once you have done that, the part of the VoodooDreams website changes a bit, because now your customer information – including the account balance, possible promotions experience points and so on – is displayed on the top left. The page definitely couldn't have been designed in a clearer way.

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If you want to take a look behind the scenes, learn about the company, licenses, payment methods and other then you don't have to do anything but scroll down the website. Whichever subpage is accessed: One click on the VoodooDreams logo is enough to get back to the start.

Simple menu navigation – even for beginners

The big worry of many new customers is that you might not be able to find your way around the website at all. As far as VoodooDreams Casino is concerned, we can already take away your fear. As we said before, the designers get right to the point. Instead of showing you a thousand menu sections, the home page directly awaits you with an overview of the most important game sections.

On the left side, you'll find details about your account and can navigate from there to the duels or spells, for example. It really couldn't be simpler. And if you have any questions regarding the VoodoodDreams website, you can always contact the VoodooDreams Support you can rely on. He can point out where information pages are located that are of importance to you.

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The fact that the website appears so simple has several reasons. On the one hand, it is of course about the handling also in the VoodooDreams App with HTML5 as simple as possible. Especially on the smaller smartphone screen, said ads are just annoying and not exactly conducive.

On the other hand, VooodooDreams is aimed at beginners and experienced players. For those who have little experience with online casinos, the operation should be made as simple as possible. At the same time the structured and simple design At the same time, the structured and simple design has a positive effect on the performance, and even the loading times benefit from the fact that VoodooDreams does not use any form of animation on the website.

VoodooDreams performance & loading times – our experiences

Patience is a virtue – all the better if you don't have to exercise any in the first place. Because patience is not necessarily the strong point of players in online casinos, we naturally took a look at how good or bad the loading times are at VoodooDreams. Games usually start here within a few seconds. The prerequisite is that your own PC is not exactly from the 1990s.

If the low technical requirements are met, you can also look forward to the following at VoodooDreams Casino speed and a first-class performance look forward to. Probably for this very reason, a lot of frills are dispensed with. The company's website is simple, straightforward, and thus ideal for guaranteeing fast loading times even on mobile devices.

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As expected, VoodooDreams also works with high-performance servers. They are quasi the "main responsible persons" for the performance, which performance, which ensures a smooth gameplay despite the high despite the high number of visitors. Above all, you benefit from the quick changes of the pages, for example, if you want to inform yourself or learn more about bonus promotions. The time does not matter here thanks to the servers.

The best entertainment is always provided at VoodooDreams. Of course, this is mainly due to the fact that you are spared waiting times. We spent what felt like 1,000 hours in the casino. There were never any interruptions in the game – unless you play mobile and have a poor internet connection. However, the operator ultimately has no influence on that.

As already mentioned, you can definitely contribute to fast loading times and a very pleasant performance yourself. The PC or smartphone do not have to be brand-new, of course. It is more important to keep the operating system, drivers, Java and Flash, and the browser used should be updated regularly.. If you take this simple and effective tip to heart, you are guaranteed to enjoy the VoodooDreams Casino.

If, contrary to expectations, you still experience technical problems, this can have several reasons. The easiest thing to do is to contact customer support and go through all the possibilities. We are pretty sure that the trained staff will solve any problem promptly.

VoodooDreams Casino website – our conclusion

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One can certainly be divided when it comes to the design of the site. After all, it's no secret that tastes differ. We think that the simplicity simplicity makes it easy for players to find their way around the VoodooDreams website.

It only takes a few simple steps to play your favorite games, get an overview of your account, SP and XP, or even claim bonus offers. The structure ensures that there are no distractions – be it advertising banners or other things.

No matter what you think about the visual appearance, there are no two opinions about the structure of the website. Especially the simplicity makes it easy for new customers to decide for VoodooDreams. You don't have to think about it for a long time or even communicate with the support for hours, but you can start right away, if necessary. make a VoodooDreams deposit and in the best case secure your first winnings directly on the site.

If there are any technical problems, the VoodooDreams customer service will of course always help you. However, the requirements are manageable anyway, so VoodooDreams Casino should work without any problems on all common systems.

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You can't really ask for more than what VoodooDreams offers us in terms of loading times and performance. Qualitatively there is definitely no room for criticism. The good values show quite clearly that the operators spare neither costs nor efforts in order to guarantee you a guarantee a perfect gaming experience. At the same time, this testifies to seriousness, because only reliable companies invest so much energy in performance to satisfy customers in the long run.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent VoodooDreams odds
Game offer 90% excellent VoodooDreams game offer
Live Casino 94% excellent VoodooDreams Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 89% very good VoodooDreams deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 80% good VoodooDreams Customer Service
Website 89% very good VoodooDreams website
Gaming App 90% excellent VoodooDreams App
New customer bonus 89% very good VoodooDreams Bonus
Security 92% excellent VoodooDreams Security
Experience 92% excellent VoodooDreams Experience
Overall rating 90% excellent VoodooDreams Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: VoodooDreams websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%