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If you are visiting VoodooDreams Casino for the first time, you are bound to ask yourself a few questions. Why Voodoo Magic of all things? What is the best way to make a deposit at VoodooDreams Casino? Are there any bonus features? All these and many more concerns need to be answered. VoodooDreams is certainly happy to do that, and in the usual way for providers in the industry. There are at least two waysto contact us directly. That should be enough for common concerns.

It seems that the employees speak Australian via mail and live chat. However, there is an automatic translation behind it. The at least works smoothlyso that there should not be any problems with communication as a rule. The only thing that can be criticized is the lack of a FAQ page. Terms and conditions and info on the payment methods, however, are naturally available on the VoodooDreams website.


Phone Hotline not available
Email [email protected]
Skype not available
Live Chat Yes, available

When you visit the VoodooDreams Casino website you will find a link on the left side of the menu called "Help". This will open the Live Chat will be opened. We ourselves had to search a little longer for the email address. Our experts found it at the very bottom of the page – under the item "About VoodooDreams". Surely not every player would come to look for contact information right there. We would like to see this option in the Help section in the future.

We have no doubt about the competence of the support team. The employees will also you in a friendly manner and have an open ear for everything that is on your mind.

The proverbial agony of choice is basically manageable. If you need quick help, the live chat at VoodooDreams is the best option. Emails, on the other hand, are only answered after a few hours – depending on how many concerns the support team has to deal with behind the scenes.

How can the VoodooDreams support team be reached?

Contact option at VoodooDreams on offer?
Online form
Live Chat
Service Hotline
Social networks
Other alternatives

We can only say again and again that you not much choice have. Especially young companies like VoodooDreams, which obviously pursue the firm goal of gaining a foothold in this country, should take it more precisely with the service. If you have any questions, you are not left behind – but options such as a hotline or the FAQ section are unfortunately completely missing.

Personally, we find this a shame, because in most respects, the VoodooDreams Casino actually a very good impression. It is especially annoying that no FAQ page has been set up. Accordingly, you have no choice but to always contact the support staff personally even for the smallest questions.

The good news is that you are spared long waiting times. Once you have written your request, it should take less than five minutes to get clarification via live chat. When it comes to speed, no one can beat VoodooDreams.

Email Support

email icon

Our team really went out of their way to track down an email address – with success. If you have a question, you can always access your own mailbox and conveniently send your message on topics such as payment methods, gaming options, bonuses and the like to [email protected] address.

As already indicated at the beginning, the answer should be not much longer than 24 hours to wait for a response. As a rule, the experienced team even responds significantly faster – especially with professional competence and in an easy-to-understand manner. Misunderstandings or questions should therefore be resolved quickly.

Live Chat

chat icon
You can chat with the customer service of VoodooDreams at any time. However: Strictly speaking, the company does not give any information about the service hours. After all, this function is offered even to guests. So, you do not have to set up an account directly in order to be allowed to contact the trained support team with questions.

As far as their competence is concerned, we have to take our hats off to VoodooDreams. Even though 95% of the answers are given in English, the know-how is still know-how is unmistakable even for less experienced players..

You should open a simple free translation program in parallel to make communication easier – at least if you don't understand English yourself. If you do, this measure is of course unnecessary.

VoodooDreams Hotline

phone icon
You prefer to phone than to write? Even then you will unfortunately be disappointed in terms of service. Sometimes there is still no hotline for players. Researching the operator does lead to a phone number, but this is actually not intended for customers and would be subject to charges anyway, as the company is based in Malta.

Thus this contact option is also omitted in the VoodooDreams Casino.. Only idea we have: Ask in the live chat if it would be possible to call you back. Most of the time, the support staff will respond. Once again, it makes sense to use the phone only if you understand English.

Social Networks

In fact, VoodooDreams Casino is also active in the social media sector. As expected, the fan page on Facebook is only available in English. The fact that the company has just about 2,000 followers clearly shows that it has not yet really arrived on the market.

VooodooDreams however – apart from the support – brings with it quite a good foundation. We are therefore firmly convinced that sooner or later an Australian-language site will also be set up. Until then, you have the opportunity to find out about news, promotions and exciting games on Facebook, Twitter & Co. Whenever new slots are available, you will be the first to know about it here.

Verification and contact by mail

As befits a reputable company in the industry, SuprPlay Ltd. naturally makes no secret about its location. All details about the company can be found on the VoodooDreams website.. However, the address listed there must be a branch office. We looked into it a bit more and were able to determine the headquarters, which is located in Malta, as expected. Here is the address for questions, praise & criticism:

letter icon
SuprPlay Ltd.
DSLR Notaries (Suite 759)
Fthie Street Birkirkare Bypass, BKR 2940, Malta

Our conclusion on VoodooDreams Casino customer support and service


If the casino has a lot of room for improvement in one aspect, it is definitely in terms of support. The employees know their job, but they can often only support you in English or with the help of translation programs – and that only via live chat and e-mail.

Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to the question why why, despite the positive response in Australia, a hotline has not yet been set up. has been set up. That would be half as bad if there was at least a FAQ section. But VoodooDreams even does without one. Let's hope that this will change within the next weeks. We will of course keep you up to date.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent VoodooDreams odds
Game offer 90% excellent VoodooDreams game offer
Live Casino 94% excellent VoodooDreams Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 89% very good VoodooDreams deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 80% good VoodooDreams Customer Service
Website 89% very good VoodooDreams website
Gaming App 90% excellent VoodooDreams App
New customer bonus 89% very good VoodooDreams Bonus
Security 92% excellent VoodooDreams Security
Experience 92% excellent VoodooDreams Experience
Overall rating 90% excellent VoodooDreams Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: VoodooDreams customer serviceAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 80%