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PLEASE NOTE: VoodooDreams Casino is withdrawing from the Australian market and closing its doors.

Unfortunately, VoodooDreams is no longer open for players from Australia. If you are looking for a good and reputable online casino, you will always find it on FindCasinoBonus.com, because we test and present the best providers in the industry.

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Of course, VoodooDreams also offers its customers magical winning opportunities on the go. The provider doesn't just sound like magic, but it manages to cast a spell over players from the very first moment, especially with the HTML5 web app.

Thereby the quality and fast loading times are in focus. More importantly, VoodooDreams Mobile is a thoroughly secure offer that benefits beginners and professionals alike.

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The 100$ VoodooDreams Casino Bonus, is of course also available on the go. Once the web app has been launched and your account has been set up, there are many more campaigns that players can take advantage of at will.

The best thing about the mobile app is that you don't have to download anything or miss out on your favorite games: Whatever the heart desires is made available to customers at Vodoodreams Mobile at any time. New slots and table games that the web app adds automatically.

Strengths and weaknesses of the VoodooDreams ap

The strengths:The weaknesses

  • Clearly arranged categories
  • Also mobile jackpots win
  • Attractive offers for everyone
  • Live games available on mobile
  • Little information about the app

Review of the mobile games of VoodooDreams

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We were particularly interested in whether VoodooDreams Mobile could possibly suffer any qualitative losses or whether you might even have to reckon with worse loading times. All these issues have kept us busy for months now.

In conclusion, we can say that VoodooDreams Mobile is in no way inferior to the offerings of older competitors. The Mobile App is of course open to players around the clock.. Thus, there are no closing times, so you will always experience the best entertainment even at night and on weekends.

The only prerequisite: the possession of a smartphone. Nowadays, about half of all online casino players use this option, because mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular, not only at VoodooDreams.

Mobile availability of VoodooDreams

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One of the big plus points is actually that the VoodooDreams app can be used on almost all devices – from smartphones to tablets. Customers also benefit from a particularly large variety of gamessince the app download is spared. A few more details about this in a moment. Basically, it can be said that the availability of VoodooDreams Mobile could not be better.

The operators focus on appealing to all target groups – from the die-hard slot player with Windows Phone, to the iPhone user whose passion is the game of roulette is. So, if you will, the VoodooDreams app perfectly adapts to the needs of its customers. This applies to the gaming options and compatibility as well as the selection of payment methods and limits.

VoodooDreams Mobile for Apple customers

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If you bet an iPhone or iPad, you don't have to download a VoodooDreams iOS app from the App Store and laboriously install it. Nevertheless, as an owner, you can of course rely on the fact that players will not miss out on top games or promotions.

You can simply use the pre-installed mobile browserwhich is usually compatible with HTML5. Provided that it is a device of the newer generations, nothing stands in the way of carefree gaming hours.

The portfolio of VoodooDreams for Apple is updated automatically. Updates are only required for the browser and the common drivers to enjoy the best performance.

Android App from VoodooDreams

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Also a VoodooDreams Android App was not specially developed. The game participation in the casino is therefore just as simple as on all other devices. A browser is basically already installed on the smartphone and tablet – usually Google Chrome. This offers players the ideal basis for playing at VoodooDreams Mobile.

Since no download is required, the game can be started within seconds. If you are already a customer, you can log in to the web app just as easily as at home. Thus, a new registration is not necessary.

VoodooDreams mobile website with HTML5

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In the recent past, more and more companies have started to do without a native app. VoodooDreams with HTML5 can be displayed by almost all browsers. Above all, however, it's the gameplay options that, compared to Android and iOS apps. significantly more extensive games.

Whenever the provider adds new games to the portfolio, they are directly available. Tedious manual updates are therefore not necessary at all. Updates take place fully automatically. Far more important, however, is that obviously no one has to do without the magical offer of VoodooDreams. The offer is open to customers as well as guests around the clock directly in the web browser.

Advantages of the VoodooDreams Casino website

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From experience, we know that there are very many players who are active in several casinos – and not least mobile. If you had to install all possible apps now, it would be mighty crowded on the smartphone at some point.

In addition, native apps are clearly limited. Developers have a hard time deciding which games to make available to their fans. With the web alternative of VoodooDreams it is different. The games are almost identical to those on the desktop. The fact that you can save a lot of storage space on the mobile device is ultimately a nice side effect.

Are there any disadvantages with the VoodooDreams casino app?

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Some people describe the VoodooDreams app as spectacular. We for our part can only agree, because real disadvantages or even weaknesses cannot be identified in the expert test. Of course, VoodooDreams Mobile also has one or two games that you have to do without. However, there are far more than 1,000 alternativesand these are available to users at any time.

The makers of the Voodoo Dreams online casino have obviously consciously decided against a download app. Those, as they are offered by many competitors, are clearly limited in the game selection. That's exactly what they want to avoid here – with success, as became apparent after just a few minutes of testing in the casino.

And this is how the design of the VoodooDreams mobile app works

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Simplicity that inspires – with these words, the concept of the VoodooDreams app can be summed up in a nutshell. Right from the start, it offers a pleasant contrast to the black background. The operators directly show which bonus options are open to players. Whether one decides to deposit directly and claim the starting balance, this decision is made by every new customer for himself, as always.

The menu navigation is outstandingbecause this leaves nothing to be desired. Above the language can be selected, while further down all areas are transparent and clearly are listed. Those who would like to play mobile games at VoodooDreams can of course do so at any time – and above all without any effort. The mobile site makes a visually chic impression and particularly inspires with its very clear overall structure.

Voodoodreams Casino App Download

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The good thing about VoodooDreams is that you don't have to worry about anything else. Those who prefer to play on mobile devices can do so at any time and without a tedious download do. The operators have even deliberately decided against download apps. The reason: They want to welcome Android and iOS users as well as everyone else here – for example, those customers who use a Windows Phone or similar devices.

The only important thing for the VoodooDreams Web App with HTML5 is a reliable Internet connection. If everything runs stably, nothing stands in the way of carefree gaming hours with this provider as well.

Do I need to install the VoodooDreams app?

Since there is no download to be done, there is of course no need to install anything. The mobile website does not require any effort at all. However, that is only one of many reasons for its popularity. If anything, you should make sure that you have a reliable and HTML5 capable browser is installed. is installed. This must be subject to regular updates, because then it is ensured that everything runs smoothly during the magical gaming adventure at Voodoo Dreams online casino.

Voodoo Dreams Mobile App for Tablets

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Mobile is mobile – no matter whether you use a smartphone or a tablet to play with the VoodooDreams app. Of course the slots and classics are even better on the latter, because you benefit from the slightly larger screen. The usage works the same with all devices. Simply use the Call web address and get started. Those who have already set up an account can use it on the tablet and log in effortlessly.

VoodooDreams has designed the app for all common tablets and their screen sizes. So it doesn't matter at all which model you personally prefer. However, the condition is again the compatibility with HTML5.

The games offered by VoodooDreams Mobile

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The operators leave no stone unturned to offer their customers as much as much excitement, fun and variety to offer. Of course, it should not matter whether you try your luck on the go or at home. So there is much more to discover than just well-known slot machines from renowned manufacturers.

For those who like it more classic, the VoodooDreams mobile app offers Roulette, Blackjack and poker in the VoodooDreams mobile app. Even live tables are available, although you should always make sure you have a stable internet connection, especially with these.

To cut a long story short: players will not lack anything in the mobile variant. VoodooDreams is known for meeting every taste anyway. With the web app, it is no different than when you are at home and use the PC . While the VoodooDreams game offer has been thinned out minimally, but with several hundred game titles available on the go, that's really not noticeable.

VoodooDreams Spiele

Play with real money at VoodooDreams Mobile

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Whether you play with or without real money is up to you at VoodooDreams. At least it's good to know that you can get real winnings on the go. secure real winnings can. If a customer account has already been set up, any amount can be set up without any problems. Important to know: The created account is valid on the desktop as well as on VoodooDreams Mobile. It is therefore not necessary to register again.

As we point out in our FindCasinoBonus.com expert review, VoodooDreams also offers plenty of reliable payment options. Most of them can definitely be used on the go to replenish the customer account. Once this step is taken, there is nothing standing in the way of real money play.

What to do if the VoodooDreams app does not want to work?

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This is exactly what should usually happen rather rarely, because just technologically the founders of the popular VoodooDreams casinos are are very well positioned. If there are still problems, this can have various reasons, as always. First of all, it is recommended to simply Simply restart the website again. Of course, you have to pay attention to the Internet connection. If this is missing, the app will of course not work smoothly.

Restarting the VoodooDreams web app usually works wonders. And if that doesn't help either? Then there is always the option of contacting the company's competent technical support. VoodooDreams has also hired its own specialists for questions regarding web apps and mobile gaming.

VoodooDreams Mobile vs. Desktop – The advantages

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Especially when the weather is getting better again, hardly anyone feels like being stuck inside their own four walls. The VoodoDreams web app can also sweeten the way to work by train or the wait for an appointment. The advantage is, of course, that you don't have to make any effort to use it. It is available to players without download It is open to players without a download, whenever and wherever they are in the mood for top-class slots and realistic table games.

Since the operators have opted for the web variant with HTML5, VoodooDreams Mobile is just as well positioned in terms of game selection as the desktop alternative. There are also no deficits in terms of quality or graphics, as was shown in our test.

Conclusion about the VoodooDreams app

If you want to be enchanted far away from your own four walls, VoodooDreams Mobile is a good choice. The concept can be described as first-class. Players benefit here not only from the not only from the huge selection of games andbut also enjoy easy handling.

Navigation is a breeze, in our opinion. You can personally convince yourself at any time without having to invest a cent. After all, the free games are also available here day and night. If you have any questions about the VoodooDreams app, you are welcome to contact the VoodooDreams Support Apply.

As it turns out, there are many good reasons to try out the VoodooDreams app. Users can expect a solid selection of games of all kinds, for which no app download is required. is required. And the casino does not have to hide behind the competition in terms of quality either. On the contrary, when it comes to design and high quality, VoodooDreams Mobile has been leading by example since the very beginning.

FAQs about the VoodooDreams app

  1. How much does the VoodooDreams Casino app cost?
  2. How can I install VoodooDreams Mobile?
  3. Are there any free games in the VoodooDreams web app?
  4. How do I perform updates?

1.) How much does the VodooDreams Casino app cost?

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Nothing at all! Yes, you read that right: VoodooDreams offers its customers a web app that does not require a download and, of course, also without any costs works. So, if you want to play mobile, you can do that here completely free of charge. Of course, there is the opportunity to opt for the real money mode at will. There, after all, you not only invest, but in the best case also win a lot.

2.) How can I install VoodooDreams Mobile?

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This is exactly what you are spared. The operators have made a conscious decision to do so, not to provide download apps apps. Instead, every player can access the VoodooDreams web app without any effort. This works simply and conveniently via the already installed browser. As long as the browser is able to display the page correctly based on HTML5, you can start the fun without a tedious installation. fun can begin without tedious installation and other efforts can start directly.

3.) Are there any free games in the VoodooDreams web app?

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With few exceptions, all slots and classics are open to players for free on the go. Of course, this does not apply to the VoodooDreams Live offer which can be played far away from your own four walls. If you want to play like in a real casino, you should at least be prepared to deposit a few euros, deposit a few Euros.

4.) How do I carry out updates?

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The VoodooDreams Mobile App updates itself by itselfbecause, as already mentioned, it is not a download app. So that loading times and performance are convincing in the long term, regular system updates can of course not hurt. The browser should also be updated every now and then. As far as the casino as such is concerned, there is no need to make any effort at VoodooDreams either.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 92% excellent VoodooDreams odds
Game offer 90% excellent VoodooDreams game offer
Live Casino 94% excellent VoodooDreams Live Casino
Deposit/Withdrawal 89% very good VoodooDreams deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 80% good VoodooDreams Customer Service
Website 89% very good VoodooDreams website
Gaming App 90% excellent VoodooDreams App
New customer bonus 89% very good VoodooDreams Bonus
Security 92% excellent VoodooDreams Security
Experience 92% excellent VoodooDreams Experience
Overall rating 90% excellent VoodooDreams Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: VoodooDreams AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%