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PLEASE NOTE: As of 15.10.2020, Eurogrand no longer offers a casino section in Australia.

"We regret to inform you that due to the new regulations in Australia, we have decided to discontinue all our gaming services in Eurogrand for residents from Australia.
Please note that you can withdraw your funds at any time via "My Account" on the website. If you have any problems accessing your account or withdrawing your funds, you can contact us via email at Customer Service."

The changes do not affect players from Austria.

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Eurogrand is an online casino that has enjoyed a good reputation for many years – and not without reason, of course. We have already dealt with many different areas and criteria.

At this point, we now want to take a targeted look at the Eurogrand website. After all, the best gaming offer is only of any use if the structure of the site is right. The provider can be recommended to beginners in particular. All game sections are clearly subdividedYou can find information on payment methods, bonus regulations and the like directly on the homepage without having to search for a long time.

The more details you need, the it makes more sense to register first.. Then you will exploit the full potential of the Eurogrand website and, of course, you will also immediately enjoy various games that can be tested both with and without a betting risk. In the following sections, our editors will specifically go into different areas of the site and show you the advantages and disadvantages.

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First of all, we would like to positively highlight the simple design. The timeless elegance comes from the black background, which Eurogrand Casino has not deviated from to this day.

The advantage of this: All relevant links and thumbnails come out particularly well! Let's best start at the top. Provided you are already logged in, you can enter your user data and log in with one click. In the bar below, Eurogrand provides you with various information and links. Here you can find the way to the software download, learn all about special promotions and even get support with the "First Steps" section. This makes it much easier for you to get started.

Europa Casino Rubriken

Payment methods, the VIP Club and other areas are also shown here. This way, you will have a first overview right away and can inform yourself before you start with the actual game. Quick support is guaranteed when you click on "Help & Support". The team at Eurogrand Casino will be happy to help you find your way around the website – although this is actually rarely necessary.

In order to deliver a perfect structure, the operators deliberately avoid too much color in the background. For Eurogrand, it is far more important to showcase the relevant areas as well as the current jackpots and promotions. Accordingly, the design of the website moves a bit into the background.

The Eurogrand game sections in focus

Once you have informed yourself at the top of the page, it is a good idea to take a take a look at the animated previews animated previews. Here, Eurogrand will tell you which jackpots are most worthwhile and which welcome bonus is currently on offer. After all we are talking about 100$ for new players. Directly under the most important "benefits", the provider shows you all the game sections.

Eurogrand Spielkategorien

The pleasant structure of the Eurogrand website is not least due to the deliberate sole cooperation with Playtech. This makes it easier to arrange the sections and also to keep track of the different categories. Popular games, slots, jackpots, new releases as well as various other sections have been deliberately separated from each other. This makes it easy for you to locate preferred gaming options.

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As it should be for a reputable provider, Eurogrand has of course also set up a search function. With a click on the magnifying glass, you can specifically look for your favorite games. You may already be familiar with some of the top Playtech titles.

Under the headings, an overview of the games to be found in the category awaits you. The small pictures are attractively designed and tell you before you even start playing what the theme behind titles like "Dirty Dancing" or even "Jackpot Giant" is.

Transparent provider

An online casino website is not only characterized by its design. Also the transparency plays a major role. The more details a company reveals, the more likely it is that it is reputable. Eurogrand tells you everything you need to know about operators, licenses and software at the end of the website. In addition, you will directly get an overview of all relevant payment methods.

Eurogrand Webseite Footer

After all, they are precisely a kind of guarantee for safe play in the casino. Since all information is really provided, it can be assumed that Eurogrand definitely acts fairly and securely. You certainly do not have to worry about data protection, deposited funds and the like here. Despite the extensive flow of information the website remains clear. For this alone, we give Eurogrand Online Casino high praise. After all, it is not self-evident that even a layman can easily cope with so many games and further links.

Eurogrand performance & loading times – our experiences

Patience is not necessarily the strength of casino guests. Accordingly, top-class online casinos like. Eurogrand besides the large game selection also offer a convincing performance. That is exactly the case here. All slots and classics are at your disposal after registration. They are launched in the new window, so you will no disturbances on the website. experience.

Of course, the loading times are always a bit dependent on the performance of your computer. However, more than 15 seconds rarely pass before a game is completely loaded. Playtech as a provider is known for high quality and first-class performance. responsible. To ensure that Eurogrand Casino can deliver good values even during peak hours, the operators have stable servers in use, whose maintenance is carried out at regular intervals.

The references clearly speak for themselves. In the end, there is not much more to add to them. Our editors placed special emphasis on the fact that the games run smoothly even in the middle of the action. The performance is just as flawless in the desktop variant as it is after the free software download – which Eurogrand still offers you as an option.

Eurogrand Casino Software Download
For you, the question may arise to what extent you can benefit from the download. After our extensive test, we personally see hardly any reason to perform the installation. Today, almost all Playtech games are open to you in perfect quality in the browser anyway.

Eurogrand Casino website – our conclusion

The operators of Eurogrand Casino clearly focus on simplicity in their website. In short: There are certainly online providers whose website is fancier and perhaps more innovative. Eurogrand is just practical, and that seems to go down well with thousands of players.

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Far more important than the looks are the structures anyway. In this respect, the company has won our FindCasinoBonus clearly passed. You don't have to search for game rubrics for a long time, nor are you deprived of any relevant information. Finding your way around here is easy for complete laymen.

All links on the page are self-explanatory. If you have any questions about the Eurogrand website, you always have the option to contact the contact the customer service. Overall, the website gives a solid impression, to which there is actually not much to add. Sure, a little more "design" would be nice, but at the end of the day, playing at the casino is less about the look of the site and more about the games being varied and lucrative – and you benefiting from top-notch Eurogrand performance.

At times, Eurogrand has done well with the site, and that won't change much in the future. Finally, the provider convinces in all other points, which are much more important than just a fancy look alone.

idea icon has tested the performance as well as loading times at different times to achieve a representative result. Even with heavy visitor traffic, you will not experience any qualitative or technical losses here, but enjoy a pleasant game flow without interruptions. This is especially important in the live gaming sector, where serious online casinos can really not afford any disruptions.

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Should maintenance work be necessary, you will of course be informed in good time. Your game is by no means interrupted without warning. All in all, Eurogrand performs very well. There is no reason for criticism, so we can unreservedly recommend the provider with regard to this test area.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 91% excellent Eurogrand odds
Game offer 92% excellent Eurogrand game offer
Live Casino 91% excellent Eurogrand Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 94% excellent Eurogrand deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 90% excellent Eurogrand Customer Service
Website 94% excellent Eurogrand Website
Gaming App 85% very good Eurogrand App
New customer bonus 91% excellent Eurogrand Bonus
Security 93% excellent Eurogrand Security
Experience 93% excellent Eurogrand Experience
Overall rating 91% excellent Eurogrand Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Eurogrand websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%