Eurogrand Casino gaming experience report

PLEASE NOTE: As of 15.10.2020 Eurogrand no longer offers a casino area in Australia.

"We regret to inform you that due to the new regulations in Australia, we have decided to discontinue all our gaming services in Eurogrand for residents from Australia.
Please note that you can withdraw your funds at any time via "My Account" on the website. If you have any problems accessing your account or withdrawing your funds, you can contact us via email at Customer Service."

The changes do not affect players from Austria.

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In order to get a holistic picture of an online casino, it is of course essential to take a look at the gaming offer. As we have already mentioned several times, Eurogrand has deliberately chosen Playtech as a software partner software partner. This has not changed until today – even though many competitors are now combining more and more softwares.

The local portfolio may not be the biggest in the world, but it convinces through Solidity and quality. And just these are two of the most important aspects that make up reputable online casinos. The advantage for Eurogrand is that Playtech is really experienced on all levels.

Even live games have been developed by the provider in recent months. The range of slot machines is still one of the best, because especially with the jackpots it is possible to get richer by a lot of money without a big bet.

captain america
Unfortunately, the well-known Marvel heroes are no longer available at Eurogrand. Of course, the operator and developer have directly provided for a replacement. In this review, we want to show what other gaming options are available at Eurogrand Casino.

Huge selection for really every taste

Eurogrand could be loosely translated as "big European casino". The provider can hardly be described better than that, because in terms of game selection, you will not lack anything here. However, it must be said quite clearly that the company is not a bookmaker that only offers casino games as a second mainstay. Rather, you can expect here a traditional casino, which is completely without Sports betting gets alongbut you won't feel bored in this casino.

For years, the operator has remained true to the old familiar concept. What is changing, however, is the portfolio. This is namely becoming more extensive from month to month. To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, Eurogrand has sorted all the games on offer into categories.

The names are easy to understand. We start with the most popular slots and classics. Next to them you will find a link to the games that you have already tried personally. The main categories are "Slots", "Jackpots", "New", "Live Dealer", "Roulette", "Card", "Superheroes", "Macau" and Video Poker. If you click on "More Games", you will be offered even more choice.

Eurogrand game categories

Here it is above all skill games that will keep you happy. Here again, we want to devote ourselves in particular to the virtual game ideas that Playtech has created over a long period of time. A special highlight are of course the licensed slot machines.

Eurogrand Gladiator Jackpot Slot
Titles like Dirty Dancing, RoboCop or also Monty Python and the Holy Grail will surely be familiar to you.

To receive such licenses, Playtech can definitely be proud of that. With the portfolio offered, the developer clearly stands out from the crowd.

Large selection and fair chances

With its skillfully compiled portfolio, Eurogrand Casino manages to reach a wide target group – starting with roulette and Blackjack lovers up to the players who like movie slots and above all high jackpots prefer. Boredom certainly does not arise with this concept, especially since the range is constantly being expanded.

Resting on the previous successes, that comes neither for Eurogrand nor for Playtech in question. Both companies together manage to outshine the competition. When it comes to the odds, Eurogrand is also convincing all along the line. We have written a more detailed review on this topic.

plus icon
In fact, you will experience fair chances of winning and oddswhich immediately convince even critics – especially since the practical test confirms the operator's statements. The game selection as such was able to inspire us directly.

Nevertheless, there are of course other aspects that play an important role in the evaluation of the casino. Thus, it is of course once about the odds. In addition, there are the Eurogrand quality and loading times. After all, who wants to wait a long time to finally be able to start "his" game?

Since performance, loading times and website have already scored positivelywe now want to take a look at the individual categories. Playtech alone has managed to develop several hundred games in recent years.

Eurogrand Heart of the Jungle
It goes without saying that the slots category is particularly extensive. In this category, the designers can give free rein to their creativity. But also classics like Roulette Blackjack and Co. are not neglected in the virtual form. The company has added several variants to its portfolio. Thus, Eurogrand meets even the highest demands.

Eurogrand Live Casino Experience Report

webcam icon
Providers besides Playtech are out of the question for Eurogrand Casino. Accordingly, the operators have also relied on the developer in terms of live gaming. The result is something to be proud of, because you have a a huge selection of exciting live casino games games, which you can already use with a small stake.

At first glance, it is not obvious how much variety the still young Eurogrand Live Casino offers you. After all, there is only a small glimpse until you click on any live game. Only then does the whole world of Playtech real-time games open up.

Of course, we did not only check the offered variants, but also the betting options, the chances of winning and, above all, the live dealers. The ladies at the tables are not only pretty to look at, they have also been extensively trained and trained in such a way that their know-how is in no way inferior to that of the croupiers and dealers in the local casino.

Eurogrand Live offers you real casino atmosphere in your own four walls. Meanwhile, Playtech is quite experienced in this field. With Evolution Gaming the provider can't keep up yet, but there is still no lack of excitement and exclusivity here. After logging in, you simply click on Live Casino and select any game on the website.

live dealer icon
The dedicated live area with more than 20 tables will open up, giving you ample opportunity to have a look around at your leisure. The betting limits will now be shown to you in the preview. After all, the betting options in particular are an important decision criterion for many live players.

Game entry possible from as little as 10 cents – Eurogrand Live Casino in test

As a player, you basically have to bring along a certain degree of willingness to take risks if you are interested in live games. Also Eurogrand does not offer free variants. However, the risk is kept within limits, because depending on the chosen table 10 cents is already enough is enough to approach the very big winnings in real money mode.

At least some roulette variants are perfect for beginners. Those who are more interested in baccarat and blackjack should invest at least one euro per bet. The typical upper limit at Eurogrand Live Casino is 50 to 100$.. Only a few tables allow you to invest $1,000. Here it becomes apparent quite quickly that the live games are not necessarily designed for high rollers.

Eurogrand Live Casino

First and foremost, the operator wants to entertain his guests with roulette, blackjack and other real classics without demanding a fortune from them right away. Fun should therefore be the first priority for you as well. Once you have selected a table, there are of course many more betting options.

finger icon
First of all, however, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the "general conditions" of the Eurogrand live games – and that without having to deposit money right away. The transparency here clearly speaks for the provider.

The following headings have been set up by Playtech at Eurogrand Casino:

  1. Roulette – such as
    • Ultimate Power Roulette
    • Aphrodite Roulette
    • Speed Roulette
    • And others
  2. Blackjack – including
    • Pegasus Unlimited Blackjack
    • Royale Blackjack
    • Etc.
  3. Baccarat – among others
    • Mini Baccarat
    • Grand Baccarat
    • Cupid Baccarat
    • Etc.
  4. Poker – including
    • Ulysses Casino Hold'em
    • 3 Card Brag

It's fairly easy to see that the Playtech Live portfolio is quite different from what Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming have come up with in recent years. It's these unusual variations on well-known classics that will keep you entertained for hours at Eurogrand Live Casino. keep you entertained for hours. hours.

In addition, there are other games, such as Hi-Lo or the multiplayer tableswhich promise you exciting variety. Overall, the palette is colorful. Thanks to the structure of the website, there is a good overview that you will be able to cope with immediately, even without prior knowledge. Playtech has really done a great job here. Although a real bet is basically required, the risk can be described as manageable at this point.

dice icon
The game selection as well as the betting limits are of course only a part of the big picture. Our editors at got to work right away and tried out various games. In the practical test, it immediately crystallizes how it is about the quality and the odds of the live classics.

Play Eurogrand live games directly in the browser?

Technologically, Playtech is definitely not inferior to its competitors in the field of live gaming. There were no interruptions even at times of high customer traffic, the webcam transmission runs smoothly and in good quality. A big advantage is also that you are shown when the inactive tables are opened.

Eurogrand closed live casino table
After all, not all games are necessarily active at the same time. Usually, at least two to three of the live games are opened at set times.

How good that Eurogrand offers you enough alternatives during this time. Considering that Playtech has only been developing live games for a short time, the selection is already impressive – and not only quantitatively.

We are sure that we will see many surprises at Eurogrand Live Casino in the future. After all, the developers are permanently active and are working flat out on new game ideas.

You can play all Eurogrand Live games directly in the browser. Some of them are even available in the mobile version of the Eurogrand Casino available. The software download is still offered as an option, but it is not necessary, at least for this section.

All you need is an account and a certain real money balance. The latter can be deposited once the registration has been completed and you have logged in with the credentials you have chosen yourself.

support icon
As a new customer, you may have trouble finding your way around the generously laid out Live Casino. Some game variants are certainly unknown to you. In all these cases, the competent and friendly Eurogrand support will assist you.

The top 5 Playtech games at Eurogrand Casino are:

  • Exclusive Live Roulette
  • Unlimited Blackjack
  • Casino Hold'em
  • Hi-Lo
  • Multiplayer Tables

register icon
As explained at the beginning, the Eurogrand live games also only work once you have registered. Registration as such has been subjected to a practical test. Fortunately, you do not have to invest more than five minutes of your valuable time to complete the registration process.

Right after that, you have the option to log in and choose one of the offered deposit methods. Of course, these have also been checked by us. The Live games require a stake of 10 cents or more, depending on the variant.Many tables can be used from one euro. There are limits upwards, but these should be sufficient for the typical mid-roller.

Trust in the real chance

information icon
Unlike in a virtual casino, the winning odds are not determined by any random generators. Here you can experience real chance in action – just as it is usual in land-based casinos.

Eurogrand can therefore not influence the outcome of the game rounds in the live area. We have experienced many a black sheep in our long work with online casinos. That is exactly why we were very precise in checking the technology in this case as well. Interruptions, within which fraud would be possible, do not exist during the live transmission of Eurogrand games.

arrow icon
You can also follow the action from all perspectives. This rules out any abuse of trust on the part of the provider. With good reason, the company has enjoyed a first-class reputation in the industry for years now.

Of course, you yourself have no influence on how the game will turn out for you. But what can be steered at least a little bit are the winning amounts. After all, you yourself decide how high the stake should be. The more you invest and the more targeted you place your bets, the higher the odds..

A really pleasant atmosphere

The Eurogrand Live Casino is characterized by its pleasant ambience distinguishes itself. Already in the first minutes of play, an atmosphere is created here that is in no way inferior to that of real casinos. Above all, the croupiers employed by Playtech manage to inspire players in the long run and to increase the atmosphere with every round.

The only thing missing is the good food, as we know it from top-class casino restaurants. You will have to do without that, but Eurogrand Live will let you in even if you sit down in front of your screen in a casual T-shirt and sweatpants. The advantages that a live online casino like this brings with it clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Especially with the betting options, you will quickly become aware of the advantages, because you do not have to deposit more than a few eurosto be able to play here extensively – regardless of whether you prefer roulette, baccarat or blackjack.

mobile icon
You should definitely check out the mobile Eurogrand Live Casino if you own a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to HTML5 technology you are spared the app download. With just a few clicks, you can start your favorite live games on the go and maybe even score a top win or two.

Eurogrand usable with and without download

download icon
Eurogrand is clearly one of the traditional houses in Europe. It is still possible for users to opt for the free software download. The performance is then of course a little better.

Today, however, you can basically do without this step without any problems. On the one hand, the browser alone offers a huge selection of game options in the browser alone, on the other hand, the quality in the browser version absolutely convinced us. If you enter as a Mac user, then you only have the one option anyway. The downloadable software is ultimately aimed at Windows users alone.

flash icon
With the Flash alternative, the Eurogrand Casino gaming offer is now finally open to all those who have installed a different operating system. We could not find any major qualitative and technical differences in the test.

Accordingly, we also conducted our further tests exclusively in the browser. Thanks to the clever sorting of the different game types, it is certainly no hurdle for you to determine a few personal favorites. The links are clearly defined and the portfolio is structured in such a way that it is immediately comprehensible for everyone what is hidden behind "Cards", "Roulette" and Co.

register icon
In order to be able to start a few game rounds at all, you first have to register free of charge at the Eurogrand Casino and then log in. Almost all games are offered for free, but this only works to a limited extent in guest mode.

The sooner you complete the registration, the sooner the whole world of Playtech games is open to you – and of course with real money wagering, if you want. In this point, there are certainly providers that make it a little easier for you. Here you make the decision for a customer account, before you even take a non-binding look at top games such as Tiki Paradise and the like.

arrow icon
The good news: If, contrary to expectations, Eurogrand is not for you, you can of course unsubscribe at any time. A There is no obligation to make a deposit. With the exception of the live casino, the entire range of games is open to you for free.

Conclusion & experience report on the Eurogrand Casino game offer

thumb up icon
The right thing for every taste – this is probably the best way to sum up the range of games at Eurogrand Casino. Playtech has initially specialized in slot machines, but always cuts a good figure in all other categories as well.

The betting options and odds are just as convincing just like the selection that is offered to you at Eurogrand Casino Online. The only drawback may be that you unfortunately won't learn much about the games without registering. Only a preview is shown to you as a guest.

However, the registration does not obligate you to anything, so that you can still decide afterwards whether you want to continue playing or whether you would rather unsubscribe again. By the way, the range of games is not only very varied.

The odds are also convincing. In addition, as a new customer you have the chance to receive a Eurogrand welcome bonus in the amount of 100$.. With this, you should be able to get by for a while, and maybe you'll even hit one of the Playtech progressive jackpots soon.

support icon
If you have any questions about the games, the depositing at Eurogrand Casino or have any other request, you can contact us around the clock to the Eurogrand Support around the clock. Here you will receive competent support, so that nothing stands in the way of carefree hours at Eurogrand Casino.

As we find, the game offer is very excitingly designed and really offers a wide range of possibilities for every taste. We would not have thought that Playtech has such a high potential as a live developer. Most casinos sometimes rely on Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming. Eurogrand is different, because this provider has remained faithful to the software until today.

plus icon
The portfolio may be manageablebut nevertheless covers all tastes. You can play poker to your heart's content, try your hand at roulette or beat the dealer at the blackjack tables.

If you want to win with little effort and a good intuition, Hi-Low is the perfect live game at Eurogrand Casino. We also rate positively the fact that the 100$ welcome bonus at Eurogrand can also be wagered in the live casino. Although the crediting of the stakes is not 100%, you still have the opportunity to reach the goal set by the provider within a short time.

thumb up icon
Overall, Eurogrand Live cuts a good figure. The company really does not have to hide behind the competition. Since Playtech has just started with the division, we can already assume that the game selection at Eurogrand will increase significantly in the near future.

For practicing, you have several options. Either you play live for small amounts, or you use the virtual alternatives. These are still available to you for free. Overall, we can give Eurogrand Live a positive rating, because both the selection and the betting opportunities and oddsn were convincing in the test.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 91% excellent Eurogrand odds
Game offer 92% excellent Eurogrand game offer
Live Casino 91% excellent Eurogrand Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 94% excellent Eurogrand deposit/withdrawal
Customer service 90% excellent Eurogrand Customer Service
Website 94% excellent Eurogrand Website
Gaming App 85% very good Eurogrand App
New customer bonus 91% excellent Eurogrand Bonus
Security 93% excellent Eurogrand Security
Experience 93% excellent Eurogrand Experience
Overall rating 91% excellent Eurogrand Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Eurogrand game offerAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%