LoftyVTR Casino Streamer

LoftyVTR Facts:
Streamer Name: LoftyVTR
Real Name: David Bailey

LoftyVTR avatar

Origin: UK/Australia
Residence: Malta
Year of birth: 1984
Followers: 91,000 (Twitch)
1.900 (Twitter)
117,000 (YouTube)
90,800 (TikTok)
51,100 (Instagram)
Favorite casino: Stake
Specialties: Was Hells Angels vice president, lived in Australia for a time, now lives in Malta, has put on huge YouTube events
Highest win: n/a
Highest Multiplier: n/a
Net worth: unknown

Since June 2022, there has been a new star in the casino streamer sky. David Bailey, as Lofty's real name is, has already gained some experience his Twitch streams focused primarily on sports, travel and outdoor activities until the middle of 2022. sports, travel and outdoor activities. The eventful past, including as Hells Angels vice president, on the other hand, gets little space on this channel.

LoftyVTR enjoys the attention of a huge community. huge communitybecause he is not only someone who stands out visually, but he also provides his fans with regular broadcasts about the computer game Fortnite. Young and old, he thus became a household name, not least because Bailey has repeatedly joined forces with the even more prominent gamer Stanni, also called Standart Skill, in front of the camera.

With the decision, for the Stake Casino Lofty is now addressing a new target group. The content is, of course, aimed at adults, which explains why a subscription to the subscription to the Twitch channel is absolutely necessary to be able to watch the Australian with British roots play. At the same time, of course, he benefits financially from the subscriptions.

His gaming debut LoftyVTR celebrated his gaming debut in April 2019 on YouTube. Hardly opened, the channel filled both with regular content and with more and more fans. It can be assumed that David Bailey will benefit here from the support of his buddy Standart Skill because it only took him 11 months to get the silver play button for the first 100,000 subscribers.

General information about David Bailey

LoftyVTR was born on February 17, 1982 as David Bailey. His name is explained by his British descentHowever, the gamer grew up in Australia, more precisely in Salzgitter. Several years ago, Bailey decided to turn his back on his homeland and emigrate to Malta. emigrate to Malta. Whether this is due to his passion for casino games, can not be clarified beyond doubt, Malta, however, is considered a country that gamblers significantly more freedoms than Australia.



Until about 2018, Bailey was associated with the Hells Angels Altmark where he was active as vice president. Today, however, he is no longer officially involved, it is unclear whether and to what extent his activity with the rocker group continues. His followers associate LoftyVTR much more strongly with computer games like Fortnite and GTA, and also as a casino streamer Lofty has been making more and more noise as a casino streamer for some time now.

The celebritythat LoftyVTR currently enjoys can be attributed in particular to his YouTube content. Within a short time he has managed to inspire people about himself. Always at his side was YouTuber and Influencer Standart Skill, the two have together a 1st Edition Pokémon Box worth 450,000 euros opened live, since then almost everyone in the community knows who LoftyVTR is. He seems to have money, at least, because the sum for the largest unboxing event to date David raised, even before he achieved today's notoriety.

Video: LoftyVTR & Standart Skill Open 1st Edition Pokemon Box.

Lofty's fast rise on YouTube

LoftyVTR Play button


How exactly LoftyVTR came up with the idea to leave behind his previous life and become a YouTuber, is unclear. A total of eleven months after setting up his YouTube channel on April 5, 2019 David received a package from the operator of the platform. Content was the silver play button, a special award that is presented to YouTubers when they reach 100,000 followers is awarded.

The reason for the growing interest is the content that Lofty uploaded regularly. He has worked tirelessly since day one to provide his viewers with exciting videos which at the time had nothing whatsoever to do with casino games. GTA, Mario Kart and Fortnite were in the foreground on the channel.

The Reaction Videos were also well received, for example on the question of whether Pepsi was possibly to blame for the civil war. Realtalks and game sessions alternate on the channel, so that LoftyVTR succeeds in attracting the attention of attention of various target groups attention to itself. Since mid-2022, fans of Stake Casino, where David regularly plays, have started following him more and more.

David Bailey's favorite games

Megaways Slots
Slot machines of all of all kinds seem to be particularly appealing to LoftyVTR. In particular, it is noticeable that the streamer often uses the Big Time Gaming licensed Megaways slots dedicated. These have the advantage of offering particularly many chances to win per game round. per game round.

That they are profitable is also shown by the short sequences taken from the live streams, which Lofty regularly saves on his Twitch channel. Among other things, they feature the following game titles are shown:

The Dog House Megaways

Unlike well-known streamers like Adin Ross or also Monte LoftyVTR does not deal with does not deal with classicshis videos do not show table games like roulette and blackjack, nor the alternative crypto games which can be found on Stake in the Originals section.

When and where does Lofty VTR stream?

casino streamer
David Bailey streams under his pseudonym Lofty VTR usually several times a week. For a few hours, he takes time to play casino slots, which have a particularly high value in the industry, just like the ones mentioned above. Concrete information about planned live streams The Twitch schedule does not contain any specific information about planned live streams, but the platform is in fact the only one Lofty uses for his broadcasts.

Interestingly enough Stake is not the only casinoin which he plays live. He also repeatedly shows live streams from the similarly prominent Platin Casino. Both providers differ mainly with regard to their payment methods. In terms of game selection, however, they find a common denominator, which is due to the cooperation with established studios.

The time at which LoftyVTR plays also varies. It is not uncommon for gamers to be active in the lunchtime hoursbut David often satisfies night owls with his content as well. It's a bit of a shame that the streams are not completely Lofty provides at most only a few minutes of excerpts. minutes lasting excerptswhich show his great successes.

It is also noticeable that there is no streaming category with the designation "Slots" as is the case with many other casino streamers. Officially, Lofty streams content on the topics of Travel and Outdoor Activities, and Sports, the latter of which seems to refer to e-sports such as Fifa.

Here's where LoftyVTR plays


Visit Stake
  • Bonus: 500$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
  • License:
    • Curacao Gaming

  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • Gamomat
    • NetEnt
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Gameart
    • Betsoft Gaming
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Habanero
    • Wazdan
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Relax Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • iSoftBet
    • PlayNGo

LoftyVTR on social media

In fact, Davin Bailey has been active on social media for several years. From time to time he appeared as Hells Angels Vice President, but primarily he sees himself as a streamer, entertainer and collector of of high quality NFTs and cryptos. Lofty shares his passions with a growing community. According to the numbers, he cannot yet compete with the likes of Adin Ross but it looks like he is on the right track.

  1. LoftyVTR on Twitch
  2. Lofty on YouTube
  3. x6x.eth on Twitter
  4. LoftyVTR on Instagram
  5. LoftyVTR on TikTok

LoftyVTR on Twitch

twitch logo
It's unclear when Lofty started running his Twitch channel. However, with the start of his career as a casino streamer in June 2022, he is already close to his first milestone, the magic mark of 100,000 followers. David Bailey introduces his home country Malta to them when he is not playing in the online casino. The Unfortunately, the schedule does not provide any information about when its fans will be offered new content again, but the videos section offers the chance to watch a few short sequences.

In fact not all videos are freely accessible. Often there is a notice that you have to subscribe to LoftyVTR to get access. This is available at a price of 3,99 Euro per month Twitch gives its customers a 20% discount for the first subscription. Unlike videos, the live streamsif Lofty is active, without a subscription can be followed without a subscription. Subscribers can still enjoy customer benefits, for example in the form of exclusive emojis and special badges.

Lofty on YouTube

It was the channel that helped LoftyVTR achieve great reach within a few months. Bailey is justifiably proud of his first milestone; in the meantime, he even has well over over 100,000 subscribers, and the trend continues to rise. Videos showing Lofty playing GTA and Fortnite have already been viewed more than 7 million views.

Currently, it has become quite quiet around the YouTuber, LoftyVTR published the last content on his main channel in the middle of 2021. Why there are no new videos this question remains unanswered for the time being. Lofty only refers to his other channels in his info, first and foremost Twitch, where he is currently particularly active.

loftyVTR youtube channels
There are beside the channel two other accounts on YouTube, Lofty TV with around 3,000 subscribers and Lofty TCGwhich seems almost insignificant with just over 700 followers.

The focus of his videos are computer games and reaction to other influencers' videos. It remains to be seen whether he will also present the big Twitch moments to his fans in the future.

x6x.eth on Twitter

Several things are noticeable about the streamer's Twitter channel. On the one hand, Lofty's activity doesn't seem to have gotten around yet, for which the mere 1.900 followers speak for it. On the other hand, David offers more frequent tweets in English. In the center of his entries are again his favorite computer games.

loftyVTR twitter


Twitter is also the only channel so far that illustrates LoftyVTR's focus on collecting NFTs. collecting NFTs focused. Again and again he presents to the community his latest acquisitions and at the same time shows in which cryptocurrency he has purchased them. Lofty apparently owns not only Bitcoins and Ethereumas many influencers make him out to be. He has used his purchased NFT OkayBear with Solana as he himself reveals.

David Bailey reveals as little about his private life on Twitter as he does on the other channels. In the end, everything revolves around gaming here, too, although the area of casino has so far been left out left out, whereas GTA6, Fortnite and even Brawl Stars to some extent are the linchpin of his channel. Often there are on these topics interesting conversations With friend Standard skill.

LoftyVTR on Instagram

The gamer's Insta channel is followed by about 51,000 followersbut David hasn't shared too much content with them yet. not too much content presented. Among other things, Lofty proudly showed off his silver YouTube Playbuttonan award for 100,000 followers.

The special thing about the certificate is that LoftyVTR earned it after only 11 months of activity activity on YouTube. As it turns out, the streamer has produced a lot of content in a very short time and has managed to win over more and more subscribers. Some of them now follow Lofty on Instagram as well.

If you look at the images of the streamer and do not know who exactly LoftyVTR is, you would probably put him in the category of rapper. The entrepreneur would pass as such, at least visually, and indeed there are hints on his Insta channel that David has a preference for rap has. For example, he visited festivals that can be musically classified there, and he shows himself alongside the Musician 187Straßenbande. However, it is a bit of a shame that LoftyVTR has not yet no content on the subject of casino streaming on Instagram.

LoftyVTR on TikTok

loftyVTR tiktok


With TikTok, Lofty has apparently found the perfect platform to present himself and his and his passion for games. Short videos show the streamer in his still quite fresh role as a casino player. Older posts, on the other hand, make it clear that David has apparently long had a penchant for computer games such as Fortnite or Clash Royale.

LoftyVTR shares the latter passion not only with friend and YouTuber Standart Skill. David is also followed here alone by around 91,000 people from all over the world, including mainly from Australia, as the comments show.

A successful streaming session shared LoftyVTR directly with his TikTok community. Interspersed in the video are his statements, including "Monthly salary for in between". Apparently, things are going quite well for the British-born artist. It is amazing how David has remained calm winnings of 9,500 euros. Any casual gamer would have probably been completely freaked out at that moment.

Old Instagram channel proves Hells Angels connection

Under the pseudonym "Lofty81" David Bailey runs another Instagram channel, which, however, only contains older content provides. These are on top of that private, so fans are left with only the option of following him and waiting for confirmation to get insight into the past of the streamer.

arrow icon
At least in part, it is clear from the posts that Bailey belongs to the Hells Angels or at least did so in the past, he is even vice president of the biker Grouping in Altmark been. How he stands today to the gang, which is considered to be aggressive and violent and violent, could not be fully clarified.

More pictures that LoftyVTR as a Hells Angel are provided by the HAMC Altmark on Facebook. As tough as the guys look in the photos, the mood seems to be good during the rides. However, this is content from years past.

Lofty's friendship with Standart Skill & Pokemon Opening.

LoftyVTR default skill


Much more transparent is the close friendship that David Bailey aka LoftyVTR has with YouTuber Standart Skill cultivates. Lofty got to know him and also Syou, Amir and iCrimax while he was working on his career as a social media personality, event organizer and YouTuber. Event organizer because LoftyVTR together with Standart Skill organized a live event on Twitch that exceeded all expectations.

The two friends launched a Pokémon Unboxing Event. The content was worth a whopping 450,000 euros. Thus, the unboxing broke all previous records. With it were Numerous well-known YouTuberslike iCrimax, who accompanied the 1st edition unpacking.

Standard Skill's real name is Philipp Geissler. Since he is of age, the successful YouTuber has done nothing else than computer games to play. According to various sources, he experienced his breakthrough with Fortnite. The shooter in conjunction with YouTube videos is said to have made Geissler so rich that he could easily buy a Lamborghini.

In his mid-20s, the social media pro has achieved what others can only dream of. Even friend LoftyVTR certainly has some catching up to do in terms of follower numbers, because Standart Skill can boast almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube alone. nearly 3 million subscribers It's unclear exactly how the two know each other. At least we know that Lofty and Standart Skill share a fondness for computer games.

Is LoftyVTR a tattoo artist with his own studio?

Until 2020 David Bailey operated an online tattoo storebut the link is no longer available. As it seems, LoftyVTR at times even owned his own tattoo studio in Australia. He himself is a walking work of art.

A video on YouTubein which CrizzTV gets his butt tattooed suggests that this is exactly what happens in LoftyVTR's studio. The friends even thank at the end that they could realize their plan there.

Unfortunately, there are no other clues about the ownership, and it is also unclear whether Lofty is still active as a tattoo artist is still active as a tattoo artist after he left his home country and moved to Malta. Standartskill, at least, trusts Lofty, even saying in a video that he will get his next tattoo from him.

"Tattoo Fails" with Lofty and Standart Skill:

Does LoftyVTR speak Australian?

David Bailey is a native native of Great Britainbut his social media channels offer almost exclusively Australian-language content. Lofty is said to have spent a large part of his life in Salzgitter. In the meantime, Malta has become his new adopted home.

Since LoftyVTR speaks without an accentit can be assumed that the YouTuber grew up in Australia. Here he still maintains close connections to other gamersnot only to Standart Skill.

LoftyVTR is mostly considered as a Australian streamer with British origin British origin. So fans don't have to worry about communication during his Stake live streams, also communication in Twitch chat is possible without any problems.

LoftyVTR – great support from YouTubers.

As the first Pokémon Unboxing event showed, Lofty is not only a gamer with heart and soul, but also a true Organizational talent. In the planning and implementation he was actively supported by friend Standart Skill, but also by many other YouTubers and Influencers supported. The concept had almost a bit of Mini Gamescom.

information icon
The response was naturally great, because never before has a gamer purchased a Pokémon set for no less than 450,000 euros. Remarkable were the customs duties incurred. Lofty and Standart Skill had to pay thanks to them a total of 600,000 euros raised. The set is already over 20 years old, to the organized digital sales fair was attended by thousands and thousands of fans who had the chance to be there when the box was opened.

To break such records, it takes a strong team, and that's what LoftyVTR can blindly rely on in everything he does. The friendships with influencers have not only made him famous, but also help him organize and share his ideas with the community. In terms of organization, Lofty is not easily fooled, and the event ran smoothly despite the busy Twitch channel.

David's past as Hells Angels vice president

It was already a few years ago when LoftyVTR appeared as vice president of the Hells Angels in Altmark. Few pictures are to be found in the net, which show him in his function. In the meantime, however, it looks as if Davin Bailey has withdrawn from the circles. withdrawnCurrently, nothing is heard or seen that would connect him with the group.

The group is considered disreputable and the name alone is apparently not allowed to be mentioned on Facebook. A sign of the rockers at a house was veiled on the picture, which published the HAMC Altmark in July 2018, speak made unrecognizable.

Violence, shootings, gang conflicts. – this is what the Hells Angels are known to make headlines with. It is all the more surprising that David Bailey, who prefers to appear on the Internet as LoftyVTR, has so far remained under the radar in this respect. under the radar has moved under the radar.

The image of the tough guy on Twitch, however, Lofty shows a humorous and balanced side. balanced side. Apart from his looks, you would hardly associate him with the Hells Angels because of his calmness.

LoftyVTR in the Jakob Gisik film – Experiences in front of the camera



From YouTuber to movie star? Well, at least David Bailey got to be part of the filming of a Jakob Gisik film film. In the crime thriller Hannoversch Münden LoftyVTR plays a biker in a supporting role. Biker. With his many tattoos, he fits perfectly into the picture and If Bailey can do one thing, it's ride a motorcycle. And that's exactly what he gets to do in a short film scene together with numerous other supporting actors.

Thriller Hann. Münden takes place in the town of the same name and was filmed there. Responsible is not only director and film producer Jakob Gisik, who specializes in thrillers and action films specialized. MANIJA GmbH and the fitness martial arts club based in the city are also behind the production.

arrow icon
In particular the association is to supported by this be supported. Those who donate can look forward to T-shirts, mugs and other goodies. First and foremost, however, the project is about, to finance anti-bullying campaigns and to strengthen children and young people so that they canso that they can live and grow up more safely in the future.

LoftyVTR estimated assets

Usually, as experts, we get at least an idea of how much money streamers earn and about their net worth. Things are different in the case of LoftyVTR, because he keeps all of these areas completely covered. Also, we know absolutely nothing about the Conditions that Stake and Platinum Casino have negotiated with LoftyVTR.

money icon
Although Lofty has not been active as a YouTuber and streamer for very long, it can be assumed that he has been doing financially well before well. This is supported by the fact that David often flies 1st class and mostly dresses in expensive clothes clothes. Even clearer is the 450,000 euro investment in the 1st Edition Pokémon Unboxing package. This was purchased when Lofty was just starting to gain a foothold on YouTube videos.

There are many clues that point to a solid fortune though not of the multi-million dollar income that Adin Ross and Monte are likely to generate. Because of the still small community one can also assume that the conditions for Lofty's stake deal are are significantly lower than those of more prominent streamers.

David Bailey private

With the exception of a few recordings made a long time ago, hardly any personal hardly any personal details about the streamer. Known is only his date of birth and the fact that Bailey has British roots has British roots. He himself lived in Salzgitter for many years, but today Malta is his new home.

Tracing David Bailey's background revealed that he served in the British Army army. At times he was apparently stationed in Iraqas he himself revealed. Today, however, David is no longer an active soldier, but has devoted himself entirely to the virtual world, whether as a streamer or e-sports player.

Various posts allow the assumption that LoftyVTR owns a own tattoo studio has owned. Whether he is still active as the owner today, there are doubts. Said studio is located in Australia, whereas David has settled in Malta. Malta has. No matter which of his social media channels you look at, nowhere can you draw conclusions about his personal life.

It is not known whether Lofty is in a committed relationship who his family is, or what he does when the cameras are turned off. A passion for travel and outdoor activities is clearly evident, however, it may well be that he only uses these too to provide interesting content for his community. Outside of social media, he maintains a close friendship with Standart Skill, who has a significantly larger reach than Lofty himself.

We have had the pleasure of meeting many streamers in the past, but hardly any other manages to do it like LoftyVTR, to separate private life and influencer career as strictly as LoftyVTR. Any attempt to catch a glimpse behind the scenes comes to nothing. With growing celebrity, the decision to hide personal details is certainly the best one a YouTuber can make.

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